Microscopic Biting Bugs

Help us find an answer to these microscopic biting bugs!

Microscopic biting bugs make me really itchy!

I am starting this blog to record my experiences of the microscopic biting bugs which have been attacking me and my family since December 2006.  I first experienced my symptoms about a week or two after collecting my mother from Brisbane (Australia) Airport after she returned from an overseas trip throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Where ever the problem came from, there appears to be no evidence of anything like this before.  My research shows that many sufferers report (as I found) that doctors have no idea about how to assist suffers other than to provide relief through the prescription of some soothing creams.  Numerous visits to all types of specialists have resulted in no evidence of any illness.

The odd thing about these bugs is that even when looking directly at the skin when a bite occurs, I can’t see any visible evidence of a biting insect.  However when I rub the spot where the bite occurred, sometimes it is possible to see something, but I can’t identify it.

The other odd thing about these bugs is that they move from me to other people quite quickly, but not all people.  For example, my mother and I are both infected as are my partner and her daughter, but my younger brother is not. However his partner complains about a biting and itching sensation whenever she sits next to us.

Additionally, whenever I sit near electronic equipment which has been switched on for more than an hour, I notice far more activity and can actually feel the intensity of my problem increase dramatically. A good example here is my laptop computer, whenever I use it,  the itchiness increases significantly as does the likelihood of being able to see red welts where bites have occurred.

It seems that there are two main types of bites. These are different from the itchy symptoms I experience.  A major bite results in a small red welt around 5-10mm in diameter. A minor bite result in a small red spot around 1-2mm in diameter.  These bites are usually quite itchy before I notice them and remain so for several hours.

The itchiness is a different feeling again.  It feels like an itchy burning sensation – almost like a midge bite.  However when the itchiness occurs, large areas of the skin become red and quite warm.  The surface area of the itchiness can range from a small area of say 15cm on a good day to really bad days where my entire arms and legs looks like a bad case of sunburn.

From here I hope to encourage people to share their experiences.  I don’t want input from users who are experiencing known medical problems. This blog is strictly for the unknown problems similar to the ones that I am describing.  By the way this is not Morgellons disease.  I have closely checked my symptoms against the detailed list on their website.

So please feel free to post your experiences, in particular what country you are from, and if possible leave me a way to contact you in the future.  Many thanks.  BB.