Microscopic Biting Bugs

Help us find an answer to these microscopic biting bugs!

Microscopic biting bugs make me really itchy!

on May 20, 2008

I am starting this blog to record my experiences of the microscopic biting bugs which have been attacking me and my family since December 2006.  I first experienced my symptoms about a week or two after collecting my mother from Brisbane (Australia) Airport after she returned from an overseas trip throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Where ever the problem came from, there appears to be no evidence of anything like this before.  My research shows that many sufferers report (as I found) that doctors have no idea about how to assist suffers other than to provide relief through the prescription of some soothing creams.  Numerous visits to all types of specialists have resulted in no evidence of any illness.

The odd thing about these bugs is that even when looking directly at the skin when a bite occurs, I can’t see any visible evidence of a biting insect.  However when I rub the spot where the bite occurred, sometimes it is possible to see something, but I can’t identify it.

The other odd thing about these bugs is that they move from me to other people quite quickly, but not all people.  For example, my mother and I are both infected as are my partner and her daughter, but my younger brother is not. However his partner complains about a biting and itching sensation whenever she sits next to us.

Additionally, whenever I sit near electronic equipment which has been switched on for more than an hour, I notice far more activity and can actually feel the intensity of my problem increase dramatically. A good example here is my laptop computer, whenever I use it,  the itchiness increases significantly as does the likelihood of being able to see red welts where bites have occurred.

It seems that there are two main types of bites. These are different from the itchy symptoms I experience.  A major bite results in a small red welt around 5-10mm in diameter. A minor bite result in a small red spot around 1-2mm in diameter.  These bites are usually quite itchy before I notice them and remain so for several hours.

The itchiness is a different feeling again.  It feels like an itchy burning sensation – almost like a midge bite.  However when the itchiness occurs, large areas of the skin become red and quite warm.  The surface area of the itchiness can range from a small area of say 15cm on a good day to really bad days where my entire arms and legs looks like a bad case of sunburn.

From here I hope to encourage people to share their experiences.  I don’t want input from users who are experiencing known medical problems. This blog is strictly for the unknown problems similar to the ones that I am describing.  By the way this is not Morgellons disease.  I have closely checked my symptoms against the detailed list on their website.

So please feel free to post your experiences, in particular what country you are from, and if possible leave me a way to contact you in the future.  Many thanks.  BB.


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  1. mac says:

    hello my name is mac I have lived in spain for the past 4 years and me and my family have experienced similar problems to what you have described. We find that when the weather turns hot and we start to sweat in bed at night we suffer from small bites approx1-2mm in diameter which itch.there are no visible signs of biting insects. at first we cleaned the bed and bedding thoughly but after a few days the bites reoccurred.After speaking to people who have lived in spain for many years I found they had experienced similar problems. they referer to these creatures as flying teeth and recommended spraying the bed 10 mins before going to bed with a good fly spray.this does work. last night was a hot sicky night and I experienced the problem for the first time this year.I believe body moisture and hot conditions attract these creatures. we have also found that some people are more suceptable than others.I get bit alot my partner dosn´t even though we sleep in the same bed.hope this is of interest to you.

    • Vonnie says:

      Hi All- Have had the black specks, finally saw when I realized to wipe my neck and back with alcohol in the morning. They were all over the paper towel, at least 25 or 30 of them. Then, we have flea-like things that are now everywhere, seemed to get rid of the black specks, or else they’ve grown up into these flea-like things..; called an exterminator & they said they weren’t fleas, but like them. Three months ago we moved here in the desert in a nice neighborhood, but we’re at the edge of this small town where lots of lots are just covered with sagebrush clumps and other weeds, all around here to the south – and there are acres and acres of them. We have dead crickets (speckled ones) at the front door constantly, and tons have come inside. Husband didn’t believe me at first until he started getting bitten, mostly by the flea-like bugs. You have to get the expensive vacuum cleaner bags that trap allergens, and Norwex products make a mattress spray that kills bedbugs, which I’m about to buy and try, and it’s totally environmentally safe, it has some enzyme in it that kills them. Don’t let anybody tell you any differently everyone, you have minute (tiny) organisms, probably NOT bedbugs, but some type of mites so small like what these crickets are bringing in, they may even be microscopic. They are everywhere in these weeds outside. Dawn was said to kill mites by my bird veternarian, and I mixed a concoction of warm water, Dawn, and that hand-sanitizer for my poor birds. The hand sanitizer is great, because it also has oils in it that help to keep it from evaporating quickly like most alcohol products will, and it’s cheap. Then, I sprayed the poor parrot and parakeets with this and they had relief for one evening. For myself, when I have time, I prepare a nice bubble bath with lots of Dawn, and put about 1/8 cup of chlorox in it, not too much, be careful with it, then added baby oil and soaked a while, even washed and rinsed my hair out and was finally bug-free until I sat on the couch and used a pillow later – no place to lay my head… But what I hate, every single night I get more, even though I use clean linens and vacuum around everywhere. They’re taken over my leather couch, they must be in the material that holds it together, that’s my favorite place to sleep not counting the bed. Going to also try the apple vinegar somebody mentioned, the garlic, and am getting the County Extension Agent involved. Another thing, if your problem’s really bad, be sure and wash down your front entry with Dawn and a little chlorox every few days. I have to do that to keep the crickets away, but I’m disabled and after I finally get the energy to do all this washing and vacuuming and stuff, it’s so taxing that I want to rest a day or two, and here they come again. Plus I have long hair and don’t want to cut it all off to get rid of these pests! It’s an immense problem, and takes tremendous hard work to get under control. Next step will be to rent the carpet shampooer, add a little Chlorox to the mix, and then I’ll spray inside with insecticide and the Norwex mattress spray. A tip to help with do it yourself insecticide spraying is add a tablespoon or two of dish soap before you use your home insecticide sprayer – it makes it ‘stick’ and not evaporate, just like that hand sanitizer has oils that do the same. But I’m very sensitive to insecticides, my glands are all now swollen from all these bites, and am feeling my RA symptoms and aching joints so much worse too, it’s affecting our quality of life, and nobody even should come and visit us here until we get it under control. I also rarely go out any more either and am getting cabin fever, and hate to even go outside any more. Will spray off my shoes and feet and ankles when I go outside then come back in to keep from tracking in any more, we have way too many things in here now. Everybody who has this, pray to Heaven for help, this is like a silent epidemic and is apparently running rampant – and ruining so many lives..I don’t believe it’s natural and was purposely inflicted to cause human misery, and it’s sure doing that! In this case, I will share my beloved prayer of protection I learned when learning about healing, to keep from acquiring the symptoms to be cured – it is very effective, must be said with great faith and all your heart – and it works! It’s a great blessing and helps with everything; I share it freely with great love to All (remember, the CIRCLE is divine!)
      It goes:
      ” We are all children of God, and as such, we live in the healing CIRCLE of God’s healing love and light.
      The LOVE of God surrounds us…… the LIGHT of God enfolds us…… the POWER of God protects us….
      the PRESENCE of God watches over us. Wherever I am, GOD IS…..and I am grateful.”
      Love conquers all…God Bless!

      • Terence Lyons says:

        Check your roof, trees or rocks for a fungi called lichen. parasitic spores from fungi land everywhere. when on your skin it excretes a combo of chemicals giving it access into your skin. I have tried everything to stop it from reproducing under my skin for over a year. #1 keep skin intake (no cuts) or cover cuts with bacitracin. #2 wash hair with zinc dandruff shampoo and rinse while bent over to avoid dirt particles from getting on your body. #3 use shampoo also as a body wash, can wash body again with your regular soap. #4 Use skin moisturizer from head to toe. #5 vacuum with hepa filter. and mop with strong lysol mix. #6 Let laundry soak in washer 1 hour. #7 get a mattress that protects against microorganisms. Don’t feel discouraged, my older children and brother put me in psych ward cause they thought I was seeing imaginary bugs under my skin, and when in the pych ward the doctors will not entertain you by performing proper tests. Anyway good luck, God Bless and I hope this helps. If anything your not the only one suffering. P.S. how severely anyone gets infected is determined by there health and immunity and there age.

      • S. Wells says:

        I went to the dermatologist many times and they did not know, one thought we were imagining it. As you know this is serious. I got rid of them through trial and error, since the Doctors were unable to diagnose. I even had tissue taken from my are and tested. I hope this information will save you the time, expense and suffering, that we went through. You need to use bug defoggers and bomb your house at least every two weeks about 3 to 4 times to kill all of them. You will need to do the same thing to your cars. Mark your calendars. You can get the medicine from the doctor used for scabies, even though that is not what this is. Under your fingernails and all over your body. Do this after you have bombed your house, furniture, car, shoes, office. You have to do your body as soon as you get back in your house, or at a hotel. So that everything is taken care of.
        if you can get plastic bags big enough for your furniture, including your mattresses you will have to do the same with them. Seal the plastic bag air tight with tape. I would leave it sealed for two weeks and repeat at least one more time in two weeks, then leave them sealed for a month. I would also spray the inside of shoes with a lice spray killer. Lather up with a soap, I used what I had, Oil Of Olay, and leave it on for five minutes at least in the shower (including your hair). Then lather up again and let it dry on your body and leave it on overnight. Shower in the morning and you may want to do the same thing for the day until you get rid of them. If you feel an itch after that, lather that spot with the soap and leave it on. You have to wipe down everything with bleach. I threw away good mattresses, rugs, furniture, pillows, some clothing. It is worth it in the end, otherwise you will continue to suffer. You have to put your shoes in a plastic bag and spray the bug bomb in there and leave them there for a few weeks. Seal all plastic bags completely or they can get out. You have to wash everything and bleach it, colored clothing use non-chlorine bleach. You should clean your carpets too adding non-chlorine bleach in the water. I rented a machine from the Safeway. It is an unbelieavable amount of work. I learned through trial and error, but finally have relief. We even ripped out the carpet in a bedroom. I am switching out my rooms to wood, or tile as I can out of fear of them returning. But it is actually healthier anyway. Think of what can be living in your carpet and what people carry in on their feet. We don’t wear shoes in our house and were extremely clean even before this happened. I still only wear things once and wash out of the fear they will return. I don’t know where they came from. I got rid of my one year old new cloth furniture at the dump, and all of jearly new mattresses and when I bought the new ones I keep them covered in plastic zipper cases. Pillows too. Some may think this is extreme, but if you have experienced it, you will do anything to get rid and ensure not getting them again. Wipe down the bedframe. I had to spray my chair at work. I bombed my office. It was an awful experience I would not wish on anyone. No shortcuts and you can’t be lazy. You have to bomb everything. They even live in paper. I got them back when we were looking through some save papers in boxes. So you have to do it all to ensure you get them. Showers morning and night. But lathering and leaving the soap on the skin is what stopped them. Even if you feel a little bite after you do all this, I recommend taking off the clothes washing them and lathering and leaving it on the site overnight or throughout the day. So make sure you do your workspace as well. or you will get them back. I wore clothing I could wash and dry in a hot dryer to kill them. Even after washing some comforters, I finally threw them away as it seemed I couldn’t get rid of them in some fabrics. Dry clean whatever clothes that require that. I washed everything in the drawers, and even clean clothes in my closet, as I don’t know if they move everywhere. It’s better to do everything once and be safe than have to do EVERYTHING over again. Keep wiping things down and washing your clothes after one wear until you know they are gone. You can get a natural soap from a Health Store if you don’t want to use regular soap for health reasons, and especially on children. But I know that is what finally helped to get rid and keep them away. I had to do it even after all of the other things I did. Whenever I felt an itch I would lather that spot and leave it for hours. Best of luck to you.

      • Chacha says:

        have you used the cream permetherin? I was given it when I broke out terribly, told I had scabies. I used it four times, went to 6 dermatologists, they kept saying I had nothing but dry skin, or foliculitis. They gave me other creams, by that time -6 months it was worse. I finally went to a dermatologist who gave me Prednison, a steroid, it took those critters away, but I still give itchiness and some sores, but it’s different, much different.They are not alive anymore, no more black specks and the other colored ones either. So be patient, have your Doctors give you this.

      • Isa says:

        This is the best adviced I have seen on this post. I just went to the Doctor, and he prescribed this two meds.. I still have some itch, but nothing like it was before. I have to do a second treatment in 7 days..

      • Chacha says:

        What did he give you? Let me know how this turns out…I’ll also let you know. my critters are gone, but I have dried critters under my skin which hasn’t gone away yet, it takes a long time they say. They give me steroid cream with a skin cream I use it still. And the prednisone worked like a miracle. You can’t take prednisone for more than a month at a time.

      • Isa says:

        Permethrin cream to apply all over the body and leave on overnight. Plus Triamcinolone acetonide cream to apply for the rash and Alegra to help with the itch. So far so good. Still have the occasional itch, but nothing like before. Good Luck hope this helps others too.

      • Chacha says:

        Keep me informed. How long did you have the sores and itching? I had it for almost a year, that’s the reason I needed four treatments of the permetherin. These other people seem to go crazy with their treatments and getting rid of furniture and belongings when the upmost care is changing your sheets and blankets each day and not wearing the same clothes each day. I bought pet rollers and rolled them off my sheets and pillow cases because i didn’t have enough money to keep up with washing clothes. This disease sure did make me crazy though, I cried alot and was obsessed with it. Now not so much..but I’m ever so clean and inspect my body every day. I no longer have to wash the sheets and clothes daily. I will be seeing my dermatologist again Monday, to see if he wants me to use more prednasone and keep using the steroid cream.

      • h. hernandez says:

        thank you very much for your letter. have always believed that this thing that I suffer with and that my family refuses to believe was a thing meant to break us apart & to tear down my mental & physical capacities. it has been so long since I was first bitten by this microorganism that it was hard to even explain how it evolves and how it would stick to just about any surface with a cutting action that was fast & if got on my skin the bite site was very painful, what ive seen when this thing has grown or maybe its it waiste im looking at look like black specs to slivers or brown A& red (resembles wood sliver) or their is a round like red spot in my blood that is not part of the blood . the rugs have it and the dogs that I have had left with me now have it on their bodies. I know I feel run down my muscles in shoulder and my knee & leg swell up so bad its hard towalk lie down.
        my knee is the worse site of my pain & it keeps getting worse My back well it felt
        like something under myskin was growing and it had a weird sensation like you know something is under your skin & tis growing & itchy…..now my back has constant long scratches from the sites where I apply a bacterial cream, my back is constantly itchy & some sites on my back are sore to the touch jbut rubbing it makes it feel better. stranger yet when I take a shower or batch (niore of these black specs are now larger and have changed in size. kook more like a bug, now.
        my grandchildren complain of muscle aches and their eye
        sight is very poor . they enter every place on the body , even my gums I have gone to many dr.s to try to find out what this is & to help my grandchildren too, I get sent to the mental facility , so now I take anti depressents. my mom half believes me no one else can understand or grasp the idea of that black smeary stuff of the rug on your towel is bacteria, & its a moving mirco agent is also on your bed,, floor wall all over how did it multiply when all hosts have it well it spreads easy…..im tired and weary and sometimes I just want to end it all but cant because im to scared when I stop being scared ( also shift in moods to become very sensitive & irrrability ) I am mad at my family for their lack of support and I am still seeing mental professionals because sometimes I want to just allow myself to believe nothing is wrong with me,,,id rather be crazy sometimes than to be this well informed …..I have read anything I could get my hands on like biology books my encyclopedias and the internet has provided some of the answers…knowing the government of this country & what it is capable of suppressing & oppressing the people… if a doctor is ignorant of a condition, if you try to explain what you are experiencing and seem to make more sense than he is …..you get sent to the mental agencies. I don’t care who believes me now I know what it is …..also it appears that this little wonder can wrap itself around fibers (hair too) and stick to it for as long as it needs, it is pretty well adapted for all types of surfaces but it loves the human host most of all. I hope your prayers will inspire me to pray more instead of on my bad days asking God why, doesn’t he love me, cant he hear me begging him to stop this thing, why my family leave them alone, & the final thing I ask on those bad days is why he just doesn’t take me….im in tears now this is a very hard thing to live with you wonder who you will infect if you continue to have contact with, I left my job because some days I know that stuff was falling off my clothes or hair and wherever my associates went where I had been they would start to complain about itching & a sting bite I worked in the pharmacy and I loved my job but couldn’t risk hurting anybody anymore so I quit or say applied for disability & said I was mentally incapable of working……that’s how I live now.

      • Chacha says:

        Has this gone away for you now? If so what did Doctors do to get rid of it? I had the same symptoms, the dermatologists didn’t know what it was, I was given Prednocine orally first, within a month it was mostly gone, then given a shot of prednocin. Try that…since then I’m free of the worse, but have bad scars from scratching.

      • princess says:

        Ive been suffering for 3 years with these bugs that i now know with lots of research to be demotrix mites,they burrow and lay eggs in the skin,hair,face and eye lashes and they only bite me,other people come to my house and they are nowhere to be seen,until visitors leave and im attacked all night,as well as day,ive lost so much sleep,that ive actually stood up sleeping and when i can’t take anymore,i start screaming and smashing things in the house and is taken to the mental hospital,where psychiatrist don’t believe me and say i have psychosis,social housing are in no hurry to move me neither,i’m constantly washing,drying clothes,hoovering,steaming and mopping,but seem tro get nowhere,they come through the floor tiles and the wooden flooring,ive been in the same house for 13 years and this is the first time ive experienced this,i use rubbing alcohol for my face and baby wipes works as well,im amased at how many are in my face and eyebrows and they also suck the moisture from your tear ducts,so you may find lots of them there first thing in the morning and reappear durinag the day,i use tea tree oil shampoo and oil for the hair and skin,but they just jump back in again,they also can jump from the floor straight to my bottom and thats where i get bitten the most and my private parts and they have manged to eat one side of my long hair

      • Chacha says:

        I can’t believe you don’t get The treatment..it’s like you have grown o be used to them and also the fight…Go to a dermatlogist, prendnesone…GOD!! I’ve had this all of it in my hair, eyes, nose,ears..and the white fat critters and …get some help Lady!! You are wasting your time and money on your alcohol, and stuff…

      • Jann says:

        Hi Vonnie,
        Sorry you are going through all this. I have the same problem but bought a vacuum iRobot and use it every second day and its made a huge difference. I don’t have to move heavy furniture – it just goes everywhere and I immediately empty the dirt out into a bag when it docks to recharge and seal the bag and it goes out.I have wooden floors and wear crocs in the house (my outdoors shoes are on a double tape slat by the door). I spray my crocs with a mild bleach solution when showering and then rinse them and dry with paper towels – really helps. I also wash my whites (bedding and socks etc) with bleach and my clothes with oxi-clean and if very dirty with some pinesol and extra rinse and always a hot wash and good amount of tumble drying.This should gradually help. Things that are hostile to our bodies are bacteria, fungi, parasites, micro-organisms, and viruses – if you approach it with this in mind you should successfully get rid of what is ailing you. Good luck JB

      • Stella says:

        Thankyou for the prayer. Im so tired of suffering.

      • vicki prop says:

        Sorry to say, the signs & symptoms you describe ape my own. My problem began in 2006 and continues to this day. With much reading, writing, visiting every emergency room in my area….my conclusion is: I suffer with morgellons disease. Torture is the most appropriate description I use. This disease starts with seeing tiny pencil dot sized dots! Please ask Google for morgellons or fiber disease & get as much info as you can. It also begins with a fungus, mold or other nano technological genetic laboratory created organisms. This most definitely is a conspiracy. & a crime against man kind. Fight, Fight, Fight all the people who think they are the powers in charge because most of them we elected. We also can unelect them too. March on!

      • tammie tate says:

        My dearest sweet friend im so sorry for your life journey I too have suffer and felt with the how the f–k can this be me ? I am the style one and the classes even with pts I push everyday yet this is sullen to a soul but Thiers light .……sea water spary it every where Except eyes OK tell the world ..but it does not cure however its free and helps ….truly I’m not at all web/internet/email / knowledge so here a # 13475663876 if we can put together 300 hundred people at the same time at the same hospital its an epidemic.!!!!!! For sure it is help to help u
        Let’s do this w need yo talk or u make it happen u tell me and 299 more to !ert at NYC best name/ date /address /suffer its a go 😄

      • TONYA says:

        I loved your prayer and thankyou..I have noticed I’m itchy and have clear like granuals after bathing with soap and bleach..I have an old trailer and chalked it up to mites..I feel like tickeling on my skin and I have totally freaked myself out..I don’t see anything but see and feel the clear granules..I use bed bug, dust mite spray and it works for a couple days..I believe it’s a pestilence from the dark side to irritate me and make me suffer I am so glad I read your blog and,I pray also for the protection for all of us sufferers and for peace and comfort In God’s grace is sufficient and immense..I pray for a cure and have faith to recover through Jesus Christ Mighty name Amen

      • Shelly West says:

        Oak Tree mites. I am currently experiencing what you have described! They have pinchers that inject neurotoxins into your skin causing the skin to liquify so they can drink it. They are only eating me! I found your mention of electronics especially interesting because I am the computer nerd and always have my laptop or camera or tablet or cell found. My partner came in from outside early and touched me on both arms, shoulder, neck and face, immediately I received bites and took a bath. The venom gives me a headache and makes me nauseated. My skin burns and itches. I as scared to go outside and my partner gets angry because I won’t let him touch me. Please notify me if you can help. 409-221-1635
        Shelly West

      • carl says:

        they are springtails pass this on seven concentrate insecticide works to kill them but you also need a dehumidifier to dry out your home because these things thrive on moisture !

      • Linda Medlen says:

        Awe, thank you so much for shareing your beautiful prayer with all of us!!! I am also suffering these and many more symptoms of which the source seems to be unidentifiable! And I also agree that whatever this illness is that is afflicting so many of us, that it’s not natural. I think it’s been man made, and might have something to do with the Chemtrails being sprayed into the air we breathe. People have been going to Drs.,Specialists,hospitals,drug stores, notifying CDC, and to know avail, have we gotten to the bottom of this! This has been affecting people all over the world for several years now. Not to mention how completely devastating some of the symptoms are to some people, to the point of some people being suicidal! To have a physician look you in the eyes and tell you that your delusional is totally and utmost asinine! I think somebody is keeping this a huge secret as to not accept blame and I don’t believe there is a cure for whatever this is that so many of us have. What can we do to bring this problem to the light of day? Who will get to the bottom of this on behalf of all of us who suffer daily and have depleted all of our resources just trying to eradicate this situation from our lives and those of our loved ones? Even babies and pets are affected by this! Come on, won’t anyone please help us? Drs.? Specialists? CDC?

      • Alicia annis says:

        Hair falucal mites get fungal cream cover body head to toe leave on one hour wash off in shower repeat for three days. Fungal cream for athletes foot…

      • Look into molds and fungus and a site that called ask the bugman he even goes on to explain how foods can cause these symptoms and things …what have you got to lose. God bless

      • Lorna Gardiner says:

        Hi i too suffer from this silent biters…but i think that they are actually mites that invade the home and body of humans…they spread like wild fire…but i am a very clean person..i scrub from head to toe so i don’t understand after washing my clothes and sheet almost every day…i even take them to work with me although i steam ironed my clothing…then i’m worried about my co workers who begin to itch as soon as i enter the room…i feel ashamed because they are suspecting that its me causing the itch…and i am going crazy looking for a solution…like home ridding chemicals for the house and shampoo for my body and hair…i mop and spray but to no avail..it won’t stop…i’m going crazy here as i cannot maintain a normal lifestyle…

    • J says:

      WALKING DANDRUFF!!!!!! FROM PETS!!! Cheyletiellosis!!!!!!!! OMG I FINALLY FOUND IT!

      • Suzy says:

        Addendum to my post above (S. Wells)
        Re-visit the site you posted on and look at the comment S.Wells left. This will help you, but you have to follow this to the letter. I forgot to add I washed my bedding everyday. I just used a cotton comforter that I could bleach and dry quickly and a warm blanket that I alternated. That way you don’t have to wear yourself out by having to make your bed everyday until you get rid of them.

      • princess says:

        I also have walking dandruff in my house as well,but the ones they are talking about here are demodrix mites,which are little black dots that can jump as high as your waist,cause hairloss,burrow in the skin,hair,eyebrows/lashes and lay eggs,their bites leave welts and sting and itch and once in your house they are impossible to get rid of,the cheyletiellosis is a lot more easier to spot and get rid of,even though they can just as much make life a misery,ive had ongoing problems for 3 years and im ready to blow at any time,i can’t take it no more

      • Clara Jones says:


    • Mary says:

      One thing that I have found is they don’t bite through terry-cloth. One night I fell aslepp after showering, still in my bathrobe– NO BITES. I now have 3-4 bathrobes and sleep comfortably, since they only (at least for me in my home) come out at night.

    • I know what your describing and you actually might want to look at mold and mold spores yes I know it sounds crazy but I read a very interesting article in online and it describes symptoms that sound exactly like invisible bugs or tiny bugs and this person went on and explained what they were experiencing just to actually come to find that their humidifier / dehumidifier had mold and those spores were being put into the air now I can’t remember which site it was but another interesting site is called ask the bugman and he explained things pretty awesomely and also how preservatives in food can actually give you fungus from the inside out it’s very interesting on how he explains it and I suggest you look them up it might help you trust me man I’ve dealt with mice , rats , cockroaches , lice and twice bedbugs so yeah I was reading everything I could find especially on bedbugs and I’m just a regular joe I hope I could help you somehow God bless and good luck .

  2. niko says:

    It has been happening to me for the last couple of days. I feel something bug like crawling on me and I’ve been bitten at least 12 times. The bite usually looks like a mosquito bite but is itchy with a center bump that looks like a pimple. The bites are much itchier and last longer than normal mosquitoes bites do!

    I just did some internet research and I believe the cause might be mites. There are several types that will attack humans. Scabbies, Fowl mites, Rodent mites ( tropical rodent mite and house mite). There are also dog mites, cat mites, rabbits mites.
    My best guess is house mite.

    The house mouse mite is medically important because it is the vector of rickettsial pox (Rickettsia akari) in humans. It is distributed worldwide and it normally inhabits the nests of rodents. However, in the absence of rodents, or when rodent populations are very large, these mites will attack people. In habitats where rodents have been killed, the mites will leave their dead hosts, congregate around heat sources, such as hot pipes and stoves and seek alternative food sources, including people. Similarly, the tropical rat mite occasionally feeds on humans causing painful bites, but this species is not known to transmit any diseases to humans. This species has a much wider distribution than the tropics and it has also is known from temperate regions. The spiny rat mite commonly parasitizes Norway rats and roof rats. Although the spiny rat mite also will bite people in the absence of their natural hosts, this species is not a known vector of disease pathogens that can affect people.

    • Chacha says:

      Have your Doctor give you Prednison tablets, it’s a steroid, took away my missery, although I still have itching..they said I should continue using a steroid cream also mixed with a moisturizing cream, because the effects getting rid of the debris after they die can last months. But I have no more critters, thank God.

    • princess says:

      They are demodrix mites look it up and see how much damage they can do,my life is a nightmare and have been for the past 3 years

    • Ryan says:


      • Sue27 says:

        Christine, it horrible – yes but you can find relief by eliminating processed food and sugar. No sugar whatsoever. This feeds on sugar. The more you eat the increased itching and crawling. Follow cave man diet. Wash up with sulfur soap, selsum blue, do Epsom salt baths – detox, detox, detox! Look on FB for morgellons support groups. Google the Charles Holman Foundation. You are not alone. Keep fighting!

      • Shelly West says:

        Your number is not working

  3. CONNIE says:


    • margie says:

      when you do the lindane treatment it needs to be left on over night and RID carpet and bed spray works really well at killing those critters in your bed, on your furniture, and in your carpet. lots of luck…..

    • princess says:

      They are demodrix mites,ive had them for 3 years,they are coming from outside and can get through the walls,floor tiles and wooden flooring,ive tried all that you have listed and nothing seems to work,a steam cleaner at least 100 degrees kills them and they stay back for a while,but they breed fast and believe me thde young ones are the ones you want to worry about,they can jump up to your waist,bite you everywhere and their bites sting bad,look them up and see what you might get to work for you and they also suck the moisture from your tear ducts,this had made my eyesight sometimes blurry,baby wipes are good to clean the eyebrow/lashes and around the eyes,as well as face,they burrow in the face as well,and are responsible for blackheads and acne

      • Like I said look into molds and fugus I read a great story that describes a lot of what you people go through yes other things than insects can cause these symptoms and read a site called ask the bugman he’s really good at explaining how processed foods can actually do things also .

  4. Mark says:

    I get bitten all the time when I am in my house in summer, not so in winter I can not see what it is but i feel some thing on my skin hairs I get very itchy and redness, when i am out side nothing, i only get bitten in the house it is summer now so i am being attached consistently but not my wife.

  5. Bobbie says:

    I live in Fort Myers, Florida and experience these bites but when you look it is not visible to the eye. They feel like a burning bite that itches immediately! My husband, and dog are experiencing the same thing. I spray flea & tick all around the house 3 times a day and give the dog a bath in a flea & tick shampoo. This seems to help until they are gone. We have noticed that if you wash towels, rugs, and clothes frequently they seem to be less active. It is driving us absolutely crazy! I have spoke to the Veterinary about this tiny bug and they have no explanation. I have done research on it as well and we believe it is some kind of mite, weather a house mite or some animal mite. I keep our house very very clean, and I know house mites can also be in the cleanest of cleanest homes, etc… if anyone has a better solution to this tiny bug please please email me at bbulyar@comcast.net…..

    • Jeff says:

      Hi Bobby, my name is Jeff and I’m living in Clearwater Fl. I’m having the same problem. I used Black flag, Hot shot, and Ortho to no avail. I’ve been reading up on mites and I think thats what the problem is. Not sure what type, but from what I’ve read, they are hard to kill with conventional insecticides.

      I’ve read that cedar oil kills them by eating through their tough exo-skeletons. I found it to be quite expensive in quart or gallon jugs though. There is a product I found at Home Depot called Eco-Smart which is organic but is somewhat effective if you can stand the smell! I’m trying to find a fogger that kills mites to do my attic, but haven’t had much luck.

      Please let me know if you’ve heard anything in regard to these bugs and how to get rid of them! Thanks a lot and I wish you success in your quest to destroy them!

      • Gail says:

        Spoke to Lyle at the University of FL. He says people are contacting the entimology dept several times a month with these symptoms. They have no idea either. I’m in Royal Palm Beach FL and will be moving to the Intracoastal. I find the problem is worse near the forest. I shower every time I come in the house and throw clothes in the dryer to kill what I bring in. Bedding is done every other day. There must be a way to find someone out there to investigate this. Lyle at UF says he gets calls and emails from all over the South from California through Florida. Seems like something that is becoming an epidemic.

      • NEO1959 says:

        I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it because I’ve been through it and did my own investigating. Please check out Morgellon’s Disease. These invisible things love fabric. I bought a microscope and have many pictures and videos but the CDC won’t acknowledge it. We have thrown out all of our furniture, matresses, rugs, curtains etc. It has definitely helped but we still have to keep on top of things because they are in the fabric in the cars.The CDC knows they exist, but don’t know what they are so they dismissed the study.

      • Mary says:

        I really don’t thin it’s Morgellen’s, as symptomes of that go beyond bug bites, such as tendrils or rope-like fibers coming or growing out of one’s skin. i find that the bugs biting me can be anywhere, not just at home– in the car, at the library, on public transport and most of the time condined to either mt left or right side. Also, the bites vary from tiny pin pricks to a few that meke me yell out in pain and feel like tiney teeth, then leave a bloody spot the size of a dime. Thus, it seem to me, since noone else around me gets them, that I have developed some time lost immunity to everyday microbes– those that hav alwasy been there, and we all ae immune to/from their bites– I’ve lost that.

      • NEO1959 says:

        Hi Mary –

        Of course, it’s very possible that you have something else. The reason I say it could be Morgellons is because even though some people have them under their skin, that is not our case. I believe when we initially felt them, we reacted quickly enough before they got that far. However, they will stay in your clothes, if this is what it is. Do you feel them “crawling” as in your pant legs or socks? That would be my key. What I did, was when I felt a crawl or a “bite”, I immediately took a wet Q-Tip and swabbed the area. I had purchased a really good magnifying glass (lighted) and I would find what looked like a black thread or even just a black dot on the Q-Tip. Once that was consistent, I purchased a microscope that records pictures and videos. Once again, when I felt movement, I would swab it and put it under the microscope. There they were! What we do now is take a pet roller (we don’t have pets) and roll our clothes, floors, walls, cars, everything. It’s a lot of work and we threw so much furniture out, but they are ALMOST nonexistent now. And I agree, those “bites” can hurt. They get more aggressive if you don’t get rid of them. Anyway, best of luck to you. If this is not what you have, you might actually be better off that those who do have this if you can figure it out. If this post doesn’t pertain to you, hopefully it will help someone else. Keep fighting!

      • Mary says:

        Believe me, I am NOT better off, as I’ve been dealing with hese bites for over a year and a half. I have tiny, mdeisum and large scars and try everything, so I can get a good night’s sleep. The lates that seems to be working is terry cloth– yes that’s right. For some reasons, (and I discovered this quite accidently), if I wrap myself in my floor-lenght bath-robe during the night– they don’t get me.
        Regradless of what anyone has, it appears that you were offended because I disagreed with you!. There has been research done on Morgellen’s disease, so there is reliable information, and it is very rare, so it would seem unlikely that the hundreds of people writing in this blog have a rare disesae. If you think you have it good luck to you, becuase there ARE doctors looking at Morellen’s.

      • NEO1959 says:

        Oh no, Mary. I wasn’t offended at all. Sorry it came across like that. I was hoping to help. Your condition sounds terrible. Hopefully you’ll get to the bottom of this. All the best.


        Cedar code oil and you can use a fogger it kills all of them in your environment you can find cedarcide oil

    • ann says:

      i live in lehigh fl and goung thru the same thing i have sprayed for everything and cleaned my carpets i have no idea what to do now nothing works thanks ann

      • Gail says:

        I just sent scotch tape samples to the Univ of GA entomology dept and nothing has shown up. I’m very disappointed but I won’t give up. It isn’t something that I carry around under my skin all the time because I can go to Colorado or Virginia and not itch. It seems to be outside near trees for me. I bring it into my car where they live and bite me for days. I have no IgA, Immunoglobulin A. This compromises my immune system and this could be the link we all have. Microscopic bird mites? I’d love to collect a data base of people with my symptoms and were they live and other health issues. I can shower with Dial soap and get rid of the itching. Throwing my clothes in the dryer kills them also. There are many of us affected and I’d love to find a commonality. Thanks.

      • princess says:

        Ive done the same thing and brought samples to pest conrol 3 times and they say nothing has come up,don’t believe them,cause they training are very basic and they don’t know nothing beyond mice,ive done a lot of research and found they are demodrix mites,black dots,that can jump waist high,eat your hair,burrow in your skin,lay eggs on you and you’re clothes,ive tried everything known to man and my only solution after 3 years of this,is to move,but im travelling very light,cause they even get in your washing machine and tumble dyer and breed there,nothing is safe,look it up and see what will work for you

      • cardinal says:

        I was also put in a psych ward for having a staph infection on my scalp a hole the size of a pencil eraser and went to er for throwing up clear stuff with specks in it and bites on me. I was so mad! I was diagnosed shingles, impetigo, staff, bacterial infections in the last year and a half. My dog itches and is an inside dog and has never had fleas and took him to vet 2 and asked them to please check for mites. I have my gums receding, stomach pain, gaining weight. skin around fingers look like all splinters under skin, breasts leaking and see things and put on tape. Had my place checked for bed bugs,and none. Set off bombs for bugs in condo and terrible insomnia. Pick the white stringy stuff out of corners of my eyes and eyes twitch. I think we need to be taken seriously and start a group and every doctor just thinks fluid under my scalp is normal?? Loosing hair and tried all kinds of home remedies and scabies cream and no help. We have lots of birds around here and the worst part is not wanting to tell anyone b/c they would be afraid to be around you. I live alone and am going insane b/c they are scaring my face and arms now.

      • Cassie says:

        Okay so we beat it… Agree with gg above. Go to the local feed store and get Pymethrin 10% solution.. It $10for small and $19 for large. This is spayed around farm and military uses it all the time and is waterproof if you saturate and let dry. I sprayed everywhere in the house, the car seats, coats, hats, and all sides of beds or furniture. I used a rug cleaner and put it in the water places so it penetrates into the rug and pulls out excess, plus the rug cleaner heats the water and that also kills the live ones immediately. Do NOT use if you have really bad allergies to ragweed. After everything dries I put ditomous earth food grade and put a thin layer of it throughout your house. I also put it on our beds then cover the bed with protective plastic cover then follow up with a pillowed washable bed cover, sheets and bedding (which I washed or through in dryer every day). Also bacterial infections thrive with mites on skin all the time for everybody…. But when one gets out of wack by lowering immune system everything can start to cascade. We increase our immune system by using a great cold probiotic, Airborne in morning and packets of Vit C in evening and keep doing this because the body is under stress and humans do not produce Vit C naturally like other animals produce high amounts when sick or under high stress. Pymethrin is good BUT over time it will severely dry skin & start to cause adverse effects with immune, hormone, and body… Switched to using Sea Breeze liquid to clean skin itchy areas and then top with creams with 10% benzo peroxide for a few days… And here is the kicker… after that get an Antibacterial LOTION or use antibacterial gel then top with Eucerin because that will keep killing things like staph (again they live on everyone’s skin but when your immune system is weakened ouch)…kills bacteria and moisturizes the itchy skin… Apply eucerin (thick petroleum based cream) and start living a normal life. Just want some to know that Pymethrin kills bugs but can also affect you too…if it kills a bug it will eventually hurt you as you build it up in your system and will cause other sickness as your body reacts so you have to treat everything including the fact that the body was weak and attracted so you have to build up your body… Not just kill the micro bugs. All in my heart and so hope and wish the best for you all.

    • Jessica Cummings says:

      i looked up cheyletiellosis which is a cat dandraff mite. They were starting to bit me agian today and i could feel them jumping on and off of me so i grab the hartz ultra guard flea and tick powder for cats. It kills lice ticks and fleas and has a 7 day protection. I sprinkled that all over my couches and the floor the computer chair all over my bed and pretty much everywhere and i couldnt feel them anymore they also stopped biting me for the moment

      • h. hernandez says:

        Jessica thank s for your honest post, I too have used the pet products on things I sleep and wear and on myself because I wanted relief from being bittern. sometimes after washing my hair that can be a really bad time for me because I will have intense itching and usually one very bad bite that will swell on my skin like a hard blackhead that cant be popped I don’t know what else to do, I helped a friend out & gave him & his two golden retreevers a place to stay, he left those beautiful dogs behind, and says he wants them but has no money to sent them overseas where he is, I think these dogs have given me a new strain of
        bacteria because the black specs have turned into a lighter shade of black and they look more like a bug. I know its going to come down to me getting rid of these beautiful dogs, I am being very cold to them and do not let them come near me or on certain areas of the house but I feel bad after a few days and will again pet them and ask god for help…thank you for your honesty.

      • princess says:

        Demodrix mites are responsible for blackheads and acne and they do go for dogs and humans,so long as they can make someone life a misery,use rubbing alcohol mixed with tea tree oil on your skin,put it in a spray bottle to spray all over including your head,cause every bite they take,it will kill them,cause its poisonous to them and baby wipes for your eye lashes,brows and face,cause they also burrow in your face and you will be amazed to see them on the wipes,and they suck the liquids from your tear ducts,so wipes are best for cleaning them,tiny black dots,which are the parasite babies,the adults you can see ok,as for getting them out the house,ive found no solution and 3 admissions to the mental hospital and 3 years later,im still struggling,look them up and see what will work for you

      • Rebecca brown says:

        Please don’t use hartz flea products. Vets are trying to get it taken off store shelves, we lost our 4 year old Black Persian from using harts during slim times. The vet told me it destroyed his liver, and kidneys. My son had recently moved back, so the vet had not seen him yet. The last thing he said too me was. At least he had a long life, by whispered through tears, Duke was barely 4 years old. I know flea spot meds can be high. I order the Revolution Vet pack for my cats. You dose by their weight with a small, needless syringe, they include 2. My babies get back only the amount needed. I bought 2, 6 month kits. We have 7 cats and 5 strays that adopted us. I don’t always get to treat the strays. 1, 6 month kit successfully treated at least my 7, for 3 months or 4, since. Much less than what is in the individual ampules, ( which is the amount for the highest weight listed in the weight range it’s recommended for, printed on packaging. I have been trying to solve A microscopic bug issue for over 10 years, I hope 1 of these suggestions give me my life back. Thanks to all that have shared

    • princess says:

      They are demodrix mites,ive done a lot of reseach on it and have been having this problem in all the rooms in my house and its driving me crazy,look it up and see what will work for you

      • Cain says:

        I believe that is what we have. Our Doctor thinks it’s a mental illness and won’t help us. First started itching after we got a rescued cat. That was in 2009. It seems like they are everywhere because they are in our skin.

  6. Bob says:

    I have the same symptoms. It started when I worked at a local hospital. They seemed to live in the soft furnishings in the waiting room. Once they’re home, they seem to be able to exist without a host for some time (having worn jackets that started to itch soon after putting them on)I think the worst bite, mentioned above, is when a mite hasn’t been with a host for a long time, they might live on detritus on the floor, which would explain the redder bite.
    Having looked on the internet for stories about this problem, Ive never came across anyone who has seen or captured one. I think I came close once, I bought a x200 microscope and captured ‘something’ in a piece of sellotape . It was translucent, and it must have been feeding when I caught it, as the gut could be seen to be full of a red substance, blood I think.
    Ive found flea powder in the cracks of furniture works, or if you can, use a plastic cover after application , throw it over the sofa ,so you cant get re bitten( I think the bite helps with egg laying) A heat trap works ok, but wont kill them as soon as its turned off ,they return. Hoovering is good, but don’t leave the hoover inside the home after use.
    Also, a foam pillow worked well for me, I kept getting allot of bites around my shoulders, this was due to my pillow being hollow fibre. I have a foam mattress,but this inst as good as they tend to live in the duvet quite happily.
    Hope this helps someone.

    PS went to the doctor too and he had no explanation for it either, though he did mention it as becoming more prevalent

    • anne says:

      encase your mattress and pillows in zippy covers the same as you use for bed bugs Protectabed is a good make.. Also wash your duvet in the washing machine at 90c with washing powder and a glug of bleach, then dry in the dryer, Or freeze items whilst wet for 4 days in a freezer this should help a lot. Smoke bomb your house and car at 2 week intervals 3 times. They are in your clothes and everything you own so either seal everything you don,t use in plastic bags or chuck it away so you have less to deal with. We spray with perethryn sprays same as for fleas.They also live on your dogs and cats and fleas drops don’t seem to work I have used them all, what works is flea shampoo and hot wash the bedding or freeze.

  7. TOM says:

    Im on long island NY and I first noticed an itching after surfing in the south bay area it was from the beach that the itch occured first. It moved into my car and then into my house. I think that it is a mite but it is also an allergic reaction to somthing they secreat. Only one friend is affected by them other than me after all standard attempts of a cure and doctors knowing nothing. my conclusion is that they are som form of bug and you need to bleach as many of your clothes as you can and dont let them touch anything in your extermination process. people who are not susecptable will spread them like crazy so you have to be diligent. i clean every thing and bomb my car and house with a fogging insectacide that works it kills them and they stay away for a long time usually months or years but as soon as you feel them you have to kill them fast. the fogger i found works well is raid roach and flee fogger. This does work good luck!

  8. Simon says:

    I’m having something similar. I think it started witha 2nd hand couch I put in. When I first noticed it I shampoo vacuumed the carpet and sofa and it worked for a few weeks but now whatever it is is back in full force. as soon as I walk in the room I get itchy. I think I get tiny brown spots where I’ve been bitten though I cant be sure if they are just freckles. My mum and my girlfriend both got red marks where they got bitten. I’ve tried flea spray and it did nothing whatsoevert to help and as I can’t see the blighters I dont know what to do!

    • Sonia says:

      Hi Simon,

      I am having the same problem right now. It started out with a sofa that I sat on and now it seems to be the case even if I walk into the room. I can’t see anything biting me, but I can sometimes microscopic things floating in the air. I was wondering if you have resolve your problems since then?

      • princess says:

        They are demodrix mites and as you said as soon as you walk into the room the itching starts from head to toe,ive suffered for 3 years now and ive tried everything known to man,look it up and see what will work for you

  9. Michelle says:

    I have been getting bites for about 4 weeks now. They have a red center and are very itchy. They are on my ankles, arms, hands and now my neck. These are the only parts of my body that I keep exposed in my apartment. While an exterminator was doing a mass spraying of my apartment last week, my building manager came in to inspect my apartment for 10 minutes and his legs and arm got covered in bites in such a short period of time and he felt nothing at the time. After the spraying, I got 5 new bites on my neck while sitting on my couch. A second exterminator came today and could not find anything either. It is not scabies, I was treated. It’s very weird. I have been offered a move into another apartment in my building, but I’m worried about bringing whatever it is with me. Also, it’s definitely not fleas. Do I just give up my couch and move??

    • princess says:

      Thet are demodrix mites,you will need to inspect your clothes,especially the black ones,they are more attracted to them and lay eggs in them,if your couch is old,i would advise you to get rid of them and travel light otherwise you will have the same problems,even your washing machine and especially your tumble dryer is a breeding den for them,use rubbing alcohol all over your body,even your hair,cause when they bite,it is poisonous to them and will kill them

  10. Karen says:

    I’ve had the same problem. I live in eastern MA, my husband and I went camping in the woods three weeks ago, and I think we brought back with us what appear to be chiggers. I recall getting bit while camping but I also remember I never could see anything. They’re also known as no see ums. But this has been absolute hell. Unfortunately, most people in this area don’t know much about chiggers and they are apparently difficult to exterminate. Because they are more known in the south, I phoned an exterminator in San Antonio, TX and he said the chemical of choice is bifenthrin, but he also said it really shouldn’t be used indoors. These things aren’t supposed to live indoors, and they’re not actually bugs, they are larvae, but they look like bugs. They’re extremely small red bugs not seen with the naked eye, they do not burrow into the skin, they inject a substance that converts to a feeding tube, and they inject a substance that liquifies our skin, which is what causes the itch, and they live off that until they get to the nymph stage, when they no longer remain on us, their “host.” But they don’t like humans, apparently they prefer reptiles and other such animals, but the more we destroy habitats the more they settle for us. I feel like they are more tenacious because it’s only me and my husband here, in this city apartment, and even with 98% DEET and Chigg Away, which ordinarily work fine, layers of clothing, sleeping with the air conditioner on (now that it’s not so hot) and with gloves, scarf and hoodie, they STILL bite. We have used various methods, bombed the place using 3 bombs containing permethrin (which one exterminator said worked) two days in a row. Washed the floors and clothes with pine sol over and over, vacuumed endlessly, sprayed various cans of raid everywhere, but they’re still here. I contacted exterminators but I’m afraid they really don’t know how to kill these things.

    • Mary says:

      What about the tiny prick that get you when you are at your computer? Has anyone had that? These appear in large quantity, and continue biting/burnng/ithcing for hours after moving away from the computer. Aanybod experience these computer bugs?

      • YES says:

        yes – we get pricked when sitting at the computer, but the sensation does not last more than a few seconds. In general, after the initial “bite” we feel or see nothing. “They” do not leave marks or sores, which seems to be different from what other people experience. I find it is cyclic. It’s bad for a few days to a week, then goes away. I do wash my body with Selsun Blue medicated shampoo & use a de-mite laundry additive, but I don’t know if it’s really helping. I also sprayed an organic disinfectant cleaner up into our bathroom fan/vent & almost right away noticed an improvement. So I do that regularly. I’m still convinced it’s some kind of mite (rodent, bird…) that just goes through life cycles that affects us. Because we did not have a freezing winter, we were bothered during months when we usually are not. Will be interesting to see how it is in May/June, which has always been the worst time of year.

      • Ava says:

        Hi Mary

        Yes, I do get pricked when at the computer. I am convinced my problem is larvae in my scalp as I was bitten on the beach while sleeping and now cannot get rid of the biting and movement in my scalp.

      • Regina says:

        I have the same problem while I am on my home computer. I also notice it when I am in my kitchen. I have a itching and burning feeling on my feet and ankles. I have redness but I don’t see anything that looks like an insect bite. My husband and daughter aren’t experiencing this. I started having this problem more than a month ago. I live in Dallas and the heat could be contributing to the problem.

      • Carla says:

        I have had this problem for 6 months. After i have been sitting by my computer i feel biting and dont see anything. My son doesnt get bites like i do when he is at the computer Dont have any pets but do have lots of birds right outside my windows. Also had mice in my apt. Exterminator was useless arguing with me abt what it could be. I can feel bumps on my skin but dont see anything. Can scratch sum of these bumps off. These bumps cud b eggs they lay. Some bites are small and go away quickly and other bites take a month to heal. They dont seem to bother me any other time only after i have sat at the computer. So i think i shud just get rid of my computer chair and hope that gets rid of them.

      • Chacha says:

        Have you seen a dermatologist? If so what did he tell you? If you want to find out what is wrong you must visit Doctors. I was going to suggest it might be what i experienced but if it only happens while your’e at your computer, unless your’e there all day and night, I can’t help. need more information from you. I had a skin problem, it’s been solved recently after months of suffering.

      • PAL says:

        I am relieved to find this site & find that I am not alone. I have been to a doctor & dermatologist who thought I was crazy as they couldn’t find any bugs on me. I have battled these tiny insects for about 3 years now, off & on. The dermatologist suggested buying Cetaphil soap & applying it generously to my scalp & letting it dry & harden overnight, in order to suffocate whatever may be there, but that didn’t work at all. I bath twice daily but by noon, I’m already going crazy again with the itching. When I take a bath, there are black & dark brown teeny tiny dots in the tub and when I clean it, they streak on the porceline. I use a lice comb frequently now over the sink & each time I do, I see the little dots in the sink. It’s now the worst that it has ever been & I am going crazy changing sheets daily, vacuuming, bagging items, etc. I find they are particularly active when I am at my computer (what’s that about?!), in bed at night (especially at my feet & head), & in my car. I have used products such as Nix/Rid & that has provided temporary relief, but within hours they come back. I use Nix spray on my desk chair & furniture, shoes, car & sometimes on my bedding when I am too exhausted to wash it every day. I have an exterminator who comes 4 times/yr. He said I do not have bed bugs & he thought it was Springtails (who like moist environments) & also treated for these. It took 2 times of him treating, but I did get rid of them, along with washing & drying clothes & linens daily on high antibacterial heat….but they came back!! They always come back!! The last time the exterminator was here, he said he has sprayed the maximum he can to still be safe & I got the feeling he thought it was in my head. I threw out my old mattress & within 1 night of me sleeping on a new one, the itching was back. In the summer, I have found relief at the beach by spending long days in the sea water and sleeping in a hotel but they return when I come home. I have tried to replicate ‘sea water’ at home by bathing in epson salts, but was not afforded the same relief. If I just go to a hotel, they find me there…or in the car. Its interesting because my oldest daughter does not seem to be affected. My youngest daughter is effectected somewhat, but not to the extent that I am. Last night I used WitchHazel on a cotton ball & swabbed the back of my neck & found a couple of the teeny black/brown spots on the cotton ball…and that was after I had taken a shower & washed my hair! I have read most of these posts find the ‘chemicals’ idea interesting. I just purchased Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo & conditioner & Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps, which has organic oils & salts (Trader Joe’s) I bought organic garlic this morning, peeled it & ate a clove. I had an immediate reaction & nearly threw up, but my stomach calmed down after a few minutes.

      • Mary says:

        Reply to PAL: Yes, they are all over the computer and worse, they are invisible– wherever theya are, in the car, in the library, on the sofa, bed, etc. My husband wouldnot believe me, until he saw the red marks they leave, scars or blood dot immediately after they prick. I found that clothing, when you are sleeping helps, layers and layers, pairs of socks, pjs, etc., but you have to cover every inch of your body beause they then hunt and get to any uncovered part– neck, ears, face. Terry cloth helps, whihc I discovered by accident when I fell asleep in my bathrobe once. Also, someone posted this solton to spray and it work, but you need lots and often. This one works around the computer and spray it on a cloth to wipe around the desk. It is 2 cups water, 1 cup vinegar and 2-4 table spoons of Borax– in the laundy section of your grocery store. In the summer, when layers would be too hot, I use a safe bug spray, of the kind made for outdoors.

      • Chacha says:

        I find so many people here going crazy with these microscopic mites, when you try to use your own remedies..must have alot of money to waste. Go to a dermatologist!! You most likely have scabies. And then problems from using the permethrin too much as I did.
        Don’t keep giving this to other people…by not going for cures…that’s why we are all getting this!! Makes me sick how you people think…and live with it, do nothing…

      • Rhonda says:

        OH Good GOD YES and just like everyone else I have read about nothing that I do has worked it been months now I am going crazy. This unseen bug REALLY REALLY Likes computers. At first my husband and children thought I was going loopy then I went to the doctor about it and she said that I probably had bed bugs but I kept telling her that this bug is biting me all day long and I have done everything for mites, bed bugs, fleas, it slows them but it don’t stop them. and now my grown children are getting bitten but not my husband. I don’t seem to feel them in my car some nights I have thought about sleeping out in my car. I will continue to watch this blog and pray someone will find something that will work.

      • Chacha says:

        Please read my comments under Chacha…I was given prednisone and am now mite free. This was after more than a years suffering. The dermatologist doesn’t know or won’t tell me what it was I had, he did say you (might )have had scabies…

      • princess says:

        They are demodrix mites they are attracted to laptops and black clothing,towels,anything black and they crawl up your back,sometimes biting you,sometimes not and move around in your hair burrowing and feeding on your blood,im sure your hair is either getting thin or falling out,like mine,cause they eat hair as well,actually burrowing head first in your hair follicles,they are responsible for blackheads and acne,i use a blow dryer on hot temperature to et them out of my hair,but they come back,so i spray rubing alcohol mixed with tea tree oil and spray it on the scalp,that will kill them,cause each bite is a mouthful of poisonous rubbing alcohol,its ok for us,so lomg as you don’t drink it,as im writing bthis,im being bitten to shreds on my bottom and in my hair and when you brush/comb hair,lean over a sink of hot water to catch them in otherwise,you reinfest by brushing anywhere else,the eggs will drop on the floor and put the brush in the freezer in a plastic bag,you can also put your clothes in the freezer to kill any eggs that is on it

      • azriel says:

        Demodex, you’re telling everyone to look this and spelling it wrong…repeatedly!

    • Ava says:

      Hi Karen – Are you still following this blog? I am wondering if you have had any success. I am looking for anyone who has had any success at getting rid of this problem. Please let me know how you are doing

    • Jessica Cummings says:

      i have been experinceing all the same symptoms except when i look at my arm at an angle in the light i can see little black sometimes red speck hanging on my arm air and its like there either coming out of my skin or embedding into my skin. all of a sudden a pimp like bump will follow right next to the small red sore. I can feel them jumping around off and on me like you can feel fleas. has anyone tried a frogger bomb make for fleas ants spiders etc. well i have 4 of them i think i will see what happens im in california

      • Chacha says:

        Again!! See the dermatologist, don’t keep passing this on to other people…you most likely have scabies. use permetherin to get rid of it, then prednisone, only from a Dermatologist though..it’s a steroid, and can’t be fooled with, must be taken exactly as prescribed.

      • friend says:

        Hello. I will be posting my study in the near future pertaining to what everyone is going through, about the invisible bugs.

        Since the year 2008, I have been very sick with what everyone on this posting site has been through. Then I did some research and I found answers…however a lot must be done to control this situation. This is not something that can be cured by prermethrin, or bleach, or vacuuming, or cleaning every part of your house so that there’s nothing there. This is going to take lots of action by not only our government, but of scientists that have extensive knowledge in the areas that I mention in my study. I am sure everyone would love to hear my findings.

        Everybody please have patience in the waiting for my finalization of the study. I know what you are going through at times may seem like the end of the world because of all of the pain. But you must hang in there.

        I will say one word and that is Branchworm. and the rest pertaining to this will be in my study.

        Take care please, and thank you.

    • princess says:

      They are demodrix mites,not chiggers and pest control have no training on these things,so have no idea,ive tried everything myself,at first i thought they were midges/mosquitoes,but much research has lead me to these things,cause i wanted to find out what can jump so high,bite constantly and cause hair loss and i came to these thing,look them up and see what will work for you

    • lavinia says:

      Hi…just wanting to let you know that scabies love the cold and if you don’t wash down your shower after every use,they will multiply…let me know if that helps

    • Chantal Clearwater says:

      Hi Karen, Did you ever get rid of the chiggers? I think that’s what I have had for 18 months.

  11. Karen says:

    By the way, the minute you brush them off, they are gone, and they supposedly die. So I don’t know what could still be here now!

  12. Mabel Douglas says:

    I am in Windsor Mill Maryland, and my sister was hospitalized a month ago with this same sympton…..she got bit….started scratching and it was all over her legs, ankles, knees, arms, back, stomach and not her face…..we live next to each other in an apartment building. They are trying to say it is the cat. So now I have the cat. I made a solution of Frebreeze, bleach, alcohol, flea bed bug and ant spray, and cologne…..shake it up….in a febreeze bottle and spray it all over the place. I spend a lot of time on the computer, ZI am a musician, I have carpet throughout my apartment, and so far I have been bitten on my fingers, or hands….nothing else. I get the red circular area of a bump with a little bump in the center, which seams as though it has a little bit of some sort of liquied in it….I spray the bump directly with the flea, bed bug spray, even though I know its not that, what it is, is like all of you said, INVISIBLE, but you know its there because it has an itch and burn that is rediculous. If you want to see the pictures my father took of my sister which is EXTROADINARY please call me at 443-744-0601. I believe that this is everywhere and people are ashamed to bring it out in the open because they think they are dirty.


    • Chacha says:

      See a dermatologist. If they tell you you have scabies, take the medication as directwed, with cleaning insrtuctions. If you continue with problems see a dermatologist, he can give you predisone and creams to heal, that healed mine, i still have some problems with dryness of my skin now. keep me informed only if you seek medical help, you won’t get rid of it yourself with any of these so called remedies people shout out. it will just get worse. mine got worse because Doctors didn’t believe me, and gave me meds for other infections I didn’t have. (they didn’t know what they were doing, should have their licenses removed!!)

  13. Karen says:

    As it turns out, my husband and I had some kind of parasite living on us, not sure exactly what or how we got it. Many possibilities. The solution was to remove ALL CHEMICALS from us, and we ate raw organic garlic and other alkalizing foods (google alkalizing foods) only. Try it, and if you have the same problem we did, it should go away and relatively quickly.

    • princess says:

      They are demodrix mites,they live on the human body,but only become a problem,when a person health or immune system is down,it can also be passed on in public places,especailly where there is upholstry chairs,but galic does seem to work,but its getting them out of the house that is the problem,i have them in every room and im going stir crazy from lack of sleep

  14. David says:

    My wife and I have experienced the same symptoms. The reason you seem to never get rid of these bugs is because they are coming from your body.

    We control the symptoms by doing the following:
    Vacuum the entire house regularly

    Wash our clothes in liquid bleach with Sun laundry detergent with bleach

    New bedding every night

    We steam the bedding after it is fitted to the bed (use only a high quality steamer)

    I shower twice daily and wash my hair and body with the laundry detergent with bleach

    I place a thick layer of clear liquid hand soap on my head for 1 hour then cover it with a disposable shower cap. After the first 10 minutes you feel thousands of these bugs crawling all over your head.

    Wear disposable shower caps to bed.

    • Ava says:

      HI David

      I am looking for an up date..How are you and your family doing? I have been dealing with this since March of this year. I am at a loss as to what to do. Please tell me if you have found anything that helped

      • princess says:

        Demodrix mites share it !!!!

      • anne says:

        I am going to try 3% peroxide in water 50/50 mix rate,( half peroxide and half water) and spray on the inside of my clothes if I’m itchy and on the bed if I need to. It is supposed to kill the mites in your clothes if you add 1/2 a cup to your washing with washing powder and wash as normal.

  15. cheryl says:

    we have been dealing with these bugs for 2 years now we have tried everything but what helped the most is to fog ours house cider oil and to start taking parasite medication these things what every they are are internal. this helped a lot but not 100%

  16. Dave says:

    I am from the United Kingdom and have been living with a mite problem for the last 15yrs. It started when I had two cats and I found that I started to itch whenever they were near me. I initially thought that I might have developed an allergy to them, so a friend decided to have them for a few weeks but I still continued to itch without them in the house. Over time the problem got worse as I found as soon as I walked into the house I would itch all over including in my hair. I get the sensation that something is moving across my skin, but there is nothing visible to see. It appears to be worse at night and when the house is warm. I clean the house regularly, bedding is washed every few days and the mattress vacuumed before new sheets are put on. Clothes are washed on a hot wash and then put away, but I find once they have not been worn for a long time, as soon as you put them on, you start to itch. I initially thought it might be fleas and then decided it must be some sort of mite that the cats have brought into the house from outside. I had the entire house sprayed by a professional despite the fact he said he could see no evidence of fleas and a further treatment done a month later. I even used flea powders and flea and roach sprays myself, but it didn’t seem to help. I then decided to take drastic measures and put my house up for sale. I moved into my new house and within a day of my furniture being returned, as soon as you entered the new house, I started to itch all over again. When friends come to visit you could see them having the odd scratch to the head or body and it was very embarrassing for me to see them do this as I knew it was because of the problem in the house. I moved house again and this time replaced the bed and soft furnishings, but as soon as the rest of my stuff was moved into the house like clothes and household goods, the itching started again. There is never anything to see when the itching starts, very occasionally you get a bite type lump, but usually you just get red patches where you have scratched the skin. Sometimes when you scratch so much you break the skin, the itching seems to get worse as though something has then got out from under the skin. I went to see my doctor about the itching and he referred me to a dermatologist consultant. I explained to him what I was experiencing and said I thought it was mites under the skin. He explained that humans only get scabbie mites and affecting examining me he said I had no evidence of the scabbie mite. He came to the conclusion that it must just be eczema and gave me some cream for it. The cream helps to get rid of the red patches caused with scratching the skin, but it does not stop the itching and why would eczema make you itch all over and make other who come into the house itch as well. I have tried using a fogger in the house, but that just seems to make the itching worse. Just out of interest I tried to use a solution on my skin that gets rid of scabbies, and although that seemed to stop the crawling sensation on my skin, it did not solve the problem and I still continued to itch. Clothes that have been in a drawer or wardrobe for a long time still seem to make me itch as soon as I put them on, and any clothes that have been put away in a suitcase, as soon as the suitcase is opened you start to itch. It is as though by opening the suitcase it has released the microscopic mites into the air. In between one of my house moves I went to stay with a friend for a few weeks. While I stayed there I still continued to itch and also noticed the same problem that as soon as I entered the house I would start to itch in my hair and would itch in bed etc. When I eventually moved into my own house and went back to my friends to visit, I found I no longer itched when I went through the door or while in my friends house. It is as though wherever I go, the microscopic mites follow, like I am the host that they have attached themselves to. I have lived with this problem for a long time now and it causes me a great deal of anxiety. I just want to be able to have an itch free body and home and go about my day to day life without anymore itching. If would be very interested to hear from anyone who might have a solution to my problem that they have used, or anyone else in the UK who has come across this as I can’t be the only one in the UK experiencing this.

    • excalibur2 says:

      Hi Dave, I also live in the UK and believe that I was first infected with this in 1997 – when two brothers came over from the Gambia in west Africa and got some part time work in our offices.

      (They were shaking hands with everybody and pretended to be asylum seeker journalists from Liberia – fleeing a free speech oppression problem! In fact they were on the run from the authorites in the Gambia for the murder and rape of a white tourist! – or so we found out later from the special branch who were after them).

      My problem started when other staff pointed out to me that we all had ‘scabies’ on our hands caught from these two characters. We cleared the problem with Malathion (Derbac M lotion) and thought that was the end of it. Little did we know that it was just the start of the nightmare and soon the bites on the legs started. Obviously I did not associate the two things at first – but now I do.

      Anyway – I can completely associate with everything that you say in your long fight against this horrorific parasite. I have been there and have got the t-shirt, the book and the video!

      At the moment I have some samples off with micro-biology – and so I am very interested to see what comes back from them. Ironically I think that I was infected by a bird parasite while working on the garden – and it is the investigation into this which is throwing up the other one as well. Bizarrely the long term infection with this tiny biting bug (that does not like tea tree oil in baby oil – about 8 drops per 10mls of oil) may also be responsible for a GOUT/ARTHRITUS type problem I have been suffering. Nobody in my family ever had gout or arthritus – but this might be something called a REACTIVE ARTHRITUS caused by the bug. All parasites try to affect their hosts in such a way as to render them more vulnerable to the parasite. It may be related to this.

      The authorities are still sceptical about this bug – but that is just the way that the establishment works. I want to take it to the London school of Tropical medicine for identification and analysis. Hopefully they will not accuse me of delusional parasitosis! I am a retired Fellow of the Institute of Directors and have never taken illegal drugs or drunk meths!

      I think that delusional parasitosis is a genuine condition suffered by rough sleeping meths drinkers and drug addicts/former drug addicts. The sad thing with modern science is that as soon as it cannot identify an already established parasite with a known life-cycle and treatment routine – it starts down the route of disbelieving the patient and assuming a psychiatric condition. Anyway I will report back as soon as I get any good feedback.

      Things that are good in the fight against these creatures:

      Borax powder in with washing on a HOT wash: clothes, towels, bedclothes.

      Hot tumble drying.

      Steam ironing clothes inside out.

      Spraying a borax solution in water on carpets, walls doors, handles etc.

      They do not like raw garlic in your diet.

      They do not like proper colloidal silver – (UK colloidal silver is a good one in Torquay)

      They are not attracted to everybody BUT be extra careful when you are blitzing them from your body as they are tempted then to look around elsewhere.

      They do not like tea tree oil all over your body and hair. (remember 8/10 drops of tea tree oil to every 10ml of baby oil – not raw!) Some will accumulcate in between your fingers when you do this.

      Use a hoover a lot on carpets – then use a steam cleaner on the carpets and around the house.

      DON’T FORGET THE CAR! I thought that I had cleared myself recently then was bitten all over again in the damn car!!

      They do not like 100% deet insect repellant sprayed on your shoes/boots/slippers/coats/gloves/garden clothes.

      The o3 ozone idea for clearing rooms of bacteria, germs and insect life sounds a promising avenue of investigation.

      REMEMBER EVERYBODY – STAY POSITIVE – and we will identify and beat these b*stards in the end. Hopefully we can erradicate them from the earth. Biodiversity can go and hang in this instance! Best wishes and best of British luck!

      • sally says:

        So happy to read yours and Dave’s posts as I am in the UK also and have the same problem as you both. If either of you find a cure please post it here!

    • Janice b says:

      experiencing similar symptoms for just three days now. read an entry here that said they like electronics like laptops. using this now atnight they are attacking. i tried putting computer on the floor in corner away from bed…works like electronic bug zapper/ attractor. i think an old laptop or electronic and light device can act as decoy/guard like described. whether it concentrates them and they can then be fumigated more easily..yet to try. atleast it provides some relief. they are bugs so i guess they are insane for lights and electricity. good luck

      • Almost a crazy lady says:

        i was originally looking for anyone else suffering from burning red skin after being on their computer for 30-45 min. or so. No bites or itching. I can sit in this same place eat, watch TV, read etc. no burning. Only on computer. Then it led me to this, which I’m thankful for (sort of). If anyone else has a burning sensation w/red skin only while on computer please let me know. I also have lots of bug info.

      • George C. Baker says:

        Hi, I’m George from middletown, oh
        yes this started happening a few years back when my family got a new computer,
        certain computer makers have switched ingrediants in there plastics and wire coverings (fire retardents),
        saying it is safer. but like everything else it is not safe for everyone. I have five children
        the three that are above puberty age are majorly affected by the computer and the cell phones they use. the younger two 7 and 10 are not.
        so started sitting at the level they sat, and it has helped an awful lot.i also stopped useing
        newer cell phoneS, there are differancEs from say window 95 to now. And that is the CHEMICALS USED and the new ones are completely DIGITAL. and possibley the RADIATION OUTPUT, because of the thinness of the monitors.
        try not sitting straight on with the monitor. tilt the screen upward.

    • my whole four family building are having the same exact problems as the first post explains. dermatologist dont know what they are. i have the health department coming tomorrow but he thinks im crazy! what can i do my kids are getting eatin alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ava says:

        HI Antoinette

        I am so sorry to hear that. I have three kids and I am worried they will develop what I have as so far they have been ok. How are you doing? I didn’t see your first post. Which symptoms do you have?

      • Missy says:

        My family has been dealing with the cheylietella mite for 11 weeks now. For the first 5-6 weeks we didn’t know what they were. I felt invisible crawling sensations and pinch like bites. And then started to get pimples that were pustule blisters with a reddened area about the size of a quarter around the bite mark. What I did to get it diagnosed was I took a piece of scotch tape when I would feel the crawling on my lower legs and stuck the tape to that area and caught a couple. Took the sample to the vet and that’s how they diagnosed it. Too kill these things on my animals we are using Ivermectin and bathing them in selsun blue. To kill them on the majority of the family permethrin cream will work, but on me they still get on me. So I had to build up my immune system. I take one garlic pill a day, one zinc pill, one vitamin C 500 mg, and I take one MSM capsule 1000 mg. The garlic and the MSM will kill them from the inside out of your body. These mites get into your nasal area, eyes and ears. They were making me sick and had a terrible cough. My cough has now went away and I feel a lot better.
        For bathing and helping my skin, I use sea salt in a bath and soak before washing. I use sulfer soap and wash my hair once a week with selsun blue, and the rest of the week use Organix Tea Tree oil Mint shampoo and conditioner.
        I bought some Neem oil to mix with body lotion to apply after bathing, it helps tremendously, NO ITCHING, and if there is any crawling they go away because the Neem oil makes the mites forget to eat or mate, so they will eventually die if you keep using it for 3-4 weeks. You mix about 2 dropper fulls of the Neem to your body lotion. I have used coconut or Vasoline with Aloe. These type of mites hate eucolyptus and I believe clove oil kills them too. I mixed 20 drops of eucolyptus oil and 20 drops of clove oil added to 26 ounces of water put in a spray bottle and spray on you for a repellent works great.
        For your laundry, these mites stay in your clothes, even thru the dryer heat. I got them out of our laundry using 1/2 cup Borax, 3/4 Clorox bleach with chlorine and the powdered detergent ALL with Oxi. It makes a world of difference once they are out of your clothes that you put back on. All of our clothes are bagged at all times clean or dirty. And we DO NOT keep dirty bags from dirty clothes, they are thrown out right away so no mites can stay inside the house. We bagged up several things in our home, curtains, wall hangings, paper items, because these mites are surface mites and do float thru the air like dust mites we didn’t want to give them anything to cling to that could not be easily sanitized. We also ventilate our home as much as possible when temps are around 70-75 with low humidity to dry them out. And we run air purifiers with ionizers with the windows open so the ozone will not hurt us or the pets and that has helped too. The mites love high humidity and high temps around 80. And the mites love dark damp places so if you have closets open them open and treat those areas too.
        For treating your house, I have had the best success with vacuuming every day and taking the bag from the vacuum outside to the trash right away when done. When I vacuum I also vacuum my hard floors too. I mop every 2-3 days with Pinesol. And I use Kleen Green to spray on my carpets to kill them. It is a natural enzyme killer that breaks down their exoskeletons so they cannot breathe. But it has to be sprayed every day for about 3-4 weeks because of new ones that will hatch every 7-10 days. The life cycle of this type of mite is 21-35 days. And the mite will get off of the host but gets back on within 3-5 days to mate and lay eggs. The eggs hatch from the host which is either us or our pets. For the first 2 weeks when I sprayed Kleen Green I sprayed or washed my walls up to the ceiling with a swiffer mop. I sprayed our beds and all furniture. I sprayed door trim and windows and the trim. And I spray anywhere I see my pets laying around on the carpet and their bedding. I also sprayed register vents for heating and ac. You can also use organic Diamataceous earth power to lightly sprinkle on carpets, but I did this and it ruined my vacuum so I had to buy a new one. And it caused allergic reactions to my family and my pets, so I now only use that outside to treat the yard where the pets frequent.
        I have tried steaming carpets, that doesn’t work it makes them worse, they multiply faster. I also shampooed carpets with regular shampoo keeps them quiet for a week, but them they came back even worse. The humidity makes them multiply faster.
        You can try diluting dawn dishsoap in spray bottle to spray every where if you cannot afford Kleen green. You can also try spraying Pinesol in a bottle too. Vet kennels use Pinesol to kill them.
        For your car, vacuum once a week every where including your ceiling. I sprayed Kleen green in my car every day for 2 weeks and they are just about gone, so going to keep spraying another week. My car keeps getting re-exposed because I have to take the pets to the vet once a week for the Ivermectin injections, but it’s worth it to get them off of my pets and out of my house, so I’ll keep treating my car until they are gone. And it only takes about 5 mins to spray the whole car no big deal. My vet at first put my pets on Revolution to kill the mites. Well, it does not work on cheylietella mites, so don’t even waste your time on Revolution. It just kept them at bay for us, and the mites went to their ears, eyes and nose areas instead.
        I make sure to wash their bedding every other day and on days I don’t wash it I spray it with Kleen green. The pets have been bathed once a week with pyrethrin shampoo, didn’t work….dips…didn’t work….so now going to try selsun blue on them too.
        For our beds I bought bed bug proof mattress and box spring covers and pillow covers. And I washed the linens and blankets every 2 days. While sheets were off beds I sprayed the mattress cover and pillows and headboard and foot board with either Kleen green or windex and let them dry before remaking the beds. On days I didn’t wash bedding, I made sure to make the bed right away after waking and then just sprayed the top blanket a couple of hours before bed so it would dry. I also keep pets out of bedrooms and keep the doors closed at all times so no mites can float in there. It took about 2 weeks and the mites are no longer in our bedrooms. But I still vacuum in the bedrooms every day because we do walk in there and mites could get onto our shoes and get on the carpet that way. I also have the beds pulled out away from walls so they are not touching it and nothing is stored under the beds. I also bought carpet tape and put that on the legs of the beds so none can crawl up the legs without getting stuck. I did this originally for the bed bugs but it has worked with the mites too. The idea is to starve them to death just like the bed bugs. And we destroyed the bed bugs so we will get rid of these mites too.
        We were exposed to these mites from a friend of a friend who also had bed bugs that we were lucky enough to get from their house because they let a relative sleep there 10 times and they were too ashamed to share it with that relative to warn them. The proper and adult thing to do, would of been to share that information, and quarantine the house, and not let anyone inside of that house until the infestations were eliminated, which is what we are doing. We have been living a pretty isolated life for the past 2 months but that is to protect others until we got it under control.
        It has taken about 5 weeks but now the mites are about 95% gone. And with a couple more weeks of treatment should be totally gone. The bed bugs were eliminated thru bagging clothes and protecting our beds, and we had an exterminator spray temprid sc 4 times. We did have the exterminator try spraying flea spray to kill the mites but that didn’t work. The other remedies I have listed have worked the best so far for us. I wish there was an easier and quicker cure than this, but a little hard work and the items listed and patience is what has worked the best for us so far.
        If any of you decide to try these things, make sure you do them all together at the same time too, or you’ll just keep re-infesting yourself. House, laundry, animals, bagging clothes and other items, and yourselves, and yard, and car need to be treated all at the same time to kill them off.
        Good luck to all of you and God Bless!

      • Ruby says:

        Excellent advice!
        Thanks, Missy

      • Gail says:

        Which Kleen Green product do you use? I see four different ones on their website. Thanks.

      • keith says:

        Hey Missy. the advice you gave is spot on. iv been living with these critters for many years now. I believe I got them from my from a stray cat that I took in. Ive tried many, many different remedies to get rid of these little demons. the thing that ive found to work best is the things you’ve outlined. my problem has been laziness. id spray and dust everything I own but fail to keep up a regimen like you, mostly due to work schedule. Ive found that everything seems to work that you’ve said but cant keep it up. ive found clothes and shoes and my vehicle to be the hardest to get a handle on. ive been through many cycles of clothes, throwing away many of dollars on them. I now have a modest amount of clothes and shoes in the attempt to get a handle on this. I recently started using laundry detergent with oxy along with borax and this seemed to really work. Use tea tree oil in my shampoo and body wash which also seen to work. haven’t tried neem oil yet but will probable add it too. ive tried diatomaceous earth covering my living space as well my vehicle with it, and have found the clean up to be quite labor intensive and just seemed like it gave these critters an easier way to travel around on the dust particles. I work in an environment in which I come in contact with many, many individuals on a daily basis. to see people itching their face and head really is quite disheartening to me because I know I am the reason and the thought of them bringing this home with them gives me a feeling of guilt. my main focus is on my work clothes and my vehicle so I don’t spread to anyone else. haven’t tried kleen green yet but will try it, especially in my vehicle. sound like no clean-up is needed. i keep clothes in plastic storage containers as well as keeping clothes bagged which seems to reduce the spread. all I can do is just keep plugging along and put forth more effort to finally eradicate these little buggers. thx for your post. it gives me motivation and a clear-cut path toward peace of mind and body. I see posts of people saying they just want to die rather than deal with these intruders. id rather sell everything I own and start over than do something as drastic as that. stay positive people. I believe if their spread can be slowed down they can be beat…

    • Chacha says:

      One would think you enjoyed this insane suffering buddy…go to a dermatologist, ask for Prednisone, and creams until it goes away, you might have scabies and have to get that medication first, then the Predisone. You might have to go through much more treatment than I did, as you ave neglected the very problem. You are the host…

    • h. hernandez says:

      kindest regards to you I have suffered for many years over 20 with this ongoing problem, I quit my job because I could see others itching as soon as I had left my work station & they took over for my lunch or breaks, even if I helped out in another section of the pharmacy the employees would start with their itching…..all to embarrassing & too horrible of a person am I to work with this condition….so I left my job and live on a poverty level that has me wanting to just give up the man I mention in other posts is in the uk now im sure he will be transporting as many of those buggers he left here & some he picked up here I just want to die.

    • princess says:

      I am in th Uk and im experiencing it,they are called demodrix mites,all the things you talked about,ive gone through it,especially the part where they only seem to target me,when you visit someone,they are in your clothes,they lay eggs in your clothes.towels,especially the black ones,i reluctantly went to my friends house,i was scared to infest her house,i did but she also had her own set of parasites,that ive never seen in my life before,some looked like sewing cotton were coming out of her carpet and what looked like sunburn on her,were the eggs that were being layed in her body,pest control are a waste of time,they have basic training,they told me i need to see a doctor,ive lived with this for 3 years now and before i commit suicide,im hanging up my hat and move from there,but travelling very light,cause they breed in the washing machine and tumble dryer,nothing is safe in your home,use rubbing alcohol mixed with tea tree oil and spray it all over your body and in your hair,scalp,cause everybite will kill them,cause its a poison to them,get a good steamer,a jet carpet steamer 100 degrees and that will keep them at bay,but i hav’nt fully removed them,as for the itching the alcohol will relieve it and if you wear shorts indoors you will find them jumping at your legs all the time,if you wear long trousers,they just climb up and bite you,especially on the bottom,lot them up and find out what will work for you

      • Chacha says:

        By the way..do you find tiny fibers that are burgandy in color? I still see them…what’s happening to me now after two years is the dead mites, some as large as a piece of rice, but smaller come out of my skin, first I feel itchy…then yes I scratch..so I believe they are the dead residue, and the dead eggs. My skin before the prednesone looked like I was dying…my hands, my fingernails, arms and legs, it was a living nightmare . Now still dealing with the residue is not hard. Just want it out…of my skin!! More than that i want to help and assist others who have this.

      • Chacha says:

        You still have these…go to the Dermatologist..get the prednesone tablets or shot, then use the Triamcinolone cream…girl I’m telling you how I got rid of them…Don’t suffer any longer.

    • A.Nadukkandy says:

      Ivermectin tab ,five mg.for every five kg.of yr body at.ivermectin shampoo is also available.you can dilute it,can be used as a body lotion.but any way you should consult yr doctor before using it

      • Dave says:

        You cannot get ivermectin in the UK from a doctor as it’s not an approved drug. I did manage to buy some on the internet and it had no effect for me. I have been living with this problem now for 20yrs, have tried everything that has been mentioned on this site with no success. It is definitely a mite as you can feel it moving on the skin. I would be interested to hear from the person who originally posted this problem to see if they ever found a solution. Would also like to hear from anyone else in the UK who is dealing with the same problem.

  17. Robin says:

    I live in Tucson, Arizona and have the same type of situation. In November of 2009, my daughter and her boyfriend came to visit us for Thanksgiving. A day after they left, I had some red bumps with intense itching. I figured them to be spider bites so I sprayed everything. That didn’t help a thing. Still had the red bumps which turned into scabs and also new red bumps. My daughter called me after a couple of days and told me she and her boyfriend had both broken out with the same thing a few weeks earlier. I was thinking that maybe it was scabies after some quick research on the web, so I went to m doctor and was treated with Permetherin twice to no avail! They bothe went to the docter and were treated for what their docter thought were scabies twice, also. Didn’t work. Then about a week later, my brother who lives in Missouri and hasn’t been here in Arizona for a number of years, called and told me he has the same thing. My daughter’s best friend called her and said she has the same thing and she lives in California.
    I have done everything that I can think of and this thing cannot be erradicated. I have another appointment with my doctor this week. Maybe with persistance we will eventually get to the bottom of this. The one thing I found that has helped a lot is Tea Tree Oil baths, if you can stand smelling a bit like turpentine! And then also apply the tea tree oil full strength to the affected area. I think at this point, there should be someone out there who knows about this thing. Who knows? Maybe it’s a form of bio-terrorism. All I know is that I’m very depressed about this whole thing. I don’t leave the house anymore except to go to the doctor. I agree with Dave in the previous post. Someone knows. A lot more people have this but aren’t coming out and saying so. I’d sure like to know.

    • christi says:

      I live in Missouri, and what you are describing is exactly what my family is experiencing. Just started about 1 week ago, first me then my daughter and now my son. In all different rooms, we have washed all bedding, we have pets and we have treated all of them, this is miserable!!! I am actually a vet assistant, and never have experienced snything like this.

    • Sandi says:

      Oh I believe something is going on and it got started and now no one knows how to stop it…or if they do they are not sharing the cure because then they would have to admit some big mistake they made!!!!! Deny deny deny funny but not for the true sufferers….Isn’t it crazy how it effect some people and not others though in the same household? I have it but not my husband and we slepp side by side everynight and live with the same pets and sit on the same furniture….I can sit side by side on the same couch and in five minutes stand up and have about 10 whelps on the backs of my legs and he can sit there and watch several footballs games and get nothing…Also one of my daughters is sensitive to them and one is not??? and my grandaughter gets them on one side of her body and not the other…is it because she sits by me?? I seriously question that…Am I crazy?? The bad thing is too that I am diabetic so when I break out and scratch I get horrible ugly sores that don’t heal..so I feel like a leper and am ashamed to go without a sweater and we are talking about 95 degree humid weather (am also living in Missouri now) so am miserable with the heat but look diseased without it.. I have been using Argan oil though for healing and scars and that helps for anyone who wants to try it! I just found this blog so must keep reading our horrible nightmare started in 2010 so glad to see this but sad that so many are affected with no help!

      • princess says:

        Its funny but my symtoms started in 2010,im the only one that gets bitten,there could be 10 people in the house and its just me,these things have sent me to the mental hospital 3 times,cause doctors think im pychotic,pest control a waste of time,after much research they are demotrix mites,they live and breed in your hair and eat it too,your face,pubic hair,ears,nose,eye lashes/brows and tend to pick on someone whose either ill or immune system is down,ive never had this before and ive lived in the same house for 13 years,use alcohol and tea tree oil mixed toggether in a spray bottle from head to toe,it will relieve the itching and kill the parasites,cause its a poison to them,to get them out of my home completely,im still working on it,i suspect that these things are either imported or some modified thing that the government knows about,cause this could cause people to kill themselves if they feel that they are alone

    • ED says:


      • princess says:

        That is horrendous what they done to you,they are demodrix mites and ive been where you are,being sectioned in a mental hospital,escorted by police,cause they said i was psychotic,i showed them what i had caught!!,i feel the government know something,it could be an experiment or something imported,but its funny how,as soon as you tell them what you know and see,you’re off to the mental ward,look them up and see what works for you

  18. Karen says:

    I can’t say what everyone here has is what my husband and I had but we got rid of it, finally. We kept thinking it was an external mite that we couldn’t see, so we kept spraying our home with chemicals and spraying ourselves with alcohol and listerine and who knows what else. The amount of chemicals we used was ridiculous. I eventually came to the conclusion we might have this colembolla bug, but I will never know for sure. But what I did start doing was getting rid of all the chemicals we were using (Colembolla live on them!) and went out and bought all organic soaps, shampoos, moisturizers, organic garlic, almonds, vegetables, etc. and got rid of the chemicals entirely.

    Believe it or not, this “thing” that drove us insane for 3 months was gone within 24 hours. I now take food grade diatomaceous earth everyday just in case. It may even be worthwhile to take a bath in it. Google food grade diatomaceous earth, but it, it’s quite cheap. I bought mine here but I’m sure you can get it elsewhere: http://www.earthworkshealth.com

    Realize, the problem stopped before I began using this diatomaceous earth but I do wonder if it would have worked to have taken a bath in it, it destroys the insides of insects. If they’re on you, and especially living on you, which I believe ours were, this ought to kill them. Try it, and also try what I suggested above. Raw organic garlic is what did it for us, and NO chemicals.

  19. Bob says:

    Ok here’s what I’ve found.

    1, Tumble driers are you friends.

    Tumble your pillows regularly. Clothes that have been worn already, tumble.

    2, We have leather furnishings.

    Hoovering the crevices and putting flea powder down the creases. This will only work over a week or two, leave it down there and the colony will subside.

    3, We have wooden flooring.

    If you have the same, mop it regularly, they live on the floor surface too.

    4,They like heat.

    So if you have a very cold snap, open windows,shut doors and isolate rooms to let as much cold in (as comfortable) whilst your asleep.Also, turn off PC’s and heat generating items.

    5, Flea spray just makes them mad.

    Which means they’re not of the flea family. Maybe a new spider mite? I don’t know

    6, I’ve put heat traps down to no avail.

    Didn’t catch one using conventional methods. May try to use heat mats with glue traps on top.

    7, Affects some more than others.

    Women seem to be less prone to these things. My theory is women have two layers of fat, therefore male hosts are easier to bite.

    Im still struggling with these on a daily basis. As far as I can find, no-one is aware of these at all. Pest control haunt a clue.
    My partner is unaffected, the kids are to a certain extent. Mopping and tumbling have had a massive effect on local populations, the still are just prevalent around the house, but its a start.

    All the best


    • Sandi says:

      well my husband is unaffected and I am a very “fat””woman” although beautiful…haha so maybe I can contest that theory….hang in there!

      • princess Braithwiate says:

        I realise neem oil works the best,you put some in shampoo,shower gels,body lotion and put some with rubbing alcohol and tea tree oil to spray around the house and on the body,the neem oil will stop these parasites from eating and breeding and will die within a matter of weeks,spray the mixture on the beds,sofas,carpets,floor tiles and you will start to see the results,steaming does not help,as i thought earlier,but they are demodrix mites

  20. alicia says:

    Hi I’m a little relieved to have stumbled upon this site after months of questioning whether or not I’m crazy like my docs & close acquaintences believe.So as you can guess nobody close to me admits to have what I do but I think a few of them are in denial.
    I live in Albuquerque,NM and always have. I did wonder at one point if this new “parasite” which I believe is ecto- and endo-parasitic. As odd as this sounds I think it is a living organism that begins worm-like.I & my brother (whom doesn’t have this problem) watched as one of these pests wiggled into one of my fingers.It was clear and somewhat resembled a tiny polyester fiber.
    I’ve been to numerous docs with no relief. So I’m left to research my daily battle alone while all around me say I need a psych.I’m well educated & although I look healthy I’m not. This damn pest I see everywhere in my home,the stores & outside.I have become more capable of handling daily tasks without the anxiety I had several months ago.I couldn’t touch my laundry dirty nor clean

  21. alicia says:

    I would feel as if I were bitten or some kind of electrical shock.I have been treated for Hydradenitis Suppravtiva (acne inversa) for 2 years now but questions if I really have it due to the similarity in scars from my new pest.I have also been treated for ring worm and sebaccoous dandruff.I began this determined quest to name & find a treatment asap since my kids are now showing signs of this illness & I’m loosing my hair.No this isn’t Morgellon’s either yet there are similarites.Whatever it is wraps itself around objects & as I said in my last blog it is transparent.I have reason to suspect it is a microorganism having a helix shape & they can unite to form a larger macro organism making various shapes.They also seem to use dust lint skin particles hairs & threads their way of cloaking themselves.I Think mold may have some connection but I may not be correct.The emense surges I feel throughout my central nervous system frighten me at times & these things have caused electrical damage also.PLEASE HELP

  22. Karen says:

    Alicia – because you have actually seen this thing wiggle its way into your finger, it sounds very much like you have what is now loosly called Morgellon’s.

    I wonder if anyone here has ever tried food grade diatomaceous earth. I’ve been ingesting it with water now for several months, although the problem I had was gone by the time I got my order in the mail. But since its very good at destroying bugs and parasites, I wondered for those suffering from Morgellon’s if it would be worth taking a bath in it. I bought mine here because it seems the cheapest: http://www.earthworkshealth.com/products.php?gclid=CJ-JkZjP-aACFcN05QodzCoQvg

    You should also work to increase your immune system, raise the pH levels. That’s one of the biggest problems we have in Western society, causes just about every ailment we get.

  23. Lisa says:

    I thought my family was alone in this one. We have experienced much of the same symptoms with microscopic bitig bugs. It started with my mother: She suffered for nearly a year before anyone else was affected.We thought it was her imagination until the tiny bite marks were visible on her wrists,arms, back and buttocks, then i got occasional bites, then regular onslaughts. Putting bedding in the dryer, frequent vaccuming, a spray mixture with lemon scented ammonia, baby shampoo and a menthol mouth wash does wonders to get rid of them–for awhile. Spray on carpet, clothing, bedding and skin at bedtime to get some relief. Also, spreading “eliminator”- a lawn and garden product in the yard helps. They do come back if not kept up on a regular basis. Its a stinging itching sensation,and can be quite painful at times, but you cant see whatever they are. I also notice they dont like cold, or direct sunlight so keep the curtains open as much as possible until the weather cools off. I hope this helps someone.

  24. Karen says:

    These are more than likely not mites, they’re probably parasites living on you, so no amount of vacuuming or washing of linens will make a difference. They are apparently transferable to others, and is why others gradually become afflicted.

    The solution? Raw organic garlic. Try it. At the very least, it cannot hurt. My husband and I suffered for over two months, it was a complete nightmare. And raw organic garlic solved the problem within a day.

    • princess Braithwiate says:

      neem oil will kill them,put it in shampoo,shower gel and body lotion,it will relieve the itching,plus confuse them into not eating and breeding and will die within weeks,also mix neem oil,tea tree oil and rubbing alcohol with water in a spray bottle,spray the carpets,beds,sofas,floors and on yourself,its a repellant and will confuse them and kill them,garlic alone won’t do it

  25. Anti says:

    Well I’m glad some people got together here to help. About to try the garlic, do i eat it or wear it around my neck lol. In fact the cleaning, the bombing etc. didn’t work and does seem to make them more angry.

    Was covered head to toe, except face, most of my stomach/chest, and my private. The first attack both feet and hands blew up and could barely walk. Extremely annoying to your nerves, as well as you friends may think your nuts. But the empirical proof is your swollen body.

    What i did is i thought they were flees and then learned about no see ums etc. I jumped in the pond with everything on shoes and all. Kept my self soaked for a while, as we’d fish after i jumped in. This did seem to stop em for a bit or get some sort of relief for a while, so you can heal. The longer you stay in with everything on the better it works. Next after going to get the garlic and the earth substance i might make a trip to the ocean.

    WARNING- do not attempt to do risky actions such swimming in deep waters. I tried to swim out to an island that is not far, for the rope swing. As i mentioned jumping in the water brought me a lot of relief. Now I’m in good shape and can swim a lot further but…the swelling made my muscles give out or seemed to drain me more. If there wasn’t someone on the island with a little floating boat i would’ve drowned. My muscles were subdued or overwhelmed.

    Wanna laugh? Right now I’m armed with a roll of strong clear box tape. After realizing i cant see em but you can catch them in you fingers if you grab at where you think they are biting you. Caught two with my fingers, and just now got one that was near my bottom with the tape. Figure might through a laugh in there, as everyone here has experienced this. Literally feel for you.

    The doctor i seen had no clue as she was looking to the med student for answers. She probably did not want to come near me.

    Going to try the garlic and the diatomaceous earth and will let everyone know if it worked. Thanks for forming this forum.


    • Sandi says:

      Great to see you still have your humor!! Cause what are we going to do just give up and cry!!?? Some of these have been called vampire bugs… so hmmm wearing it around your neck…could work :)…. But get this when we were kids in south Texas my grandma’ cure for the itchies or bed bugs or scabs was to go to the beach and get in down to our necks…we squatted so we didn’t drown and stay under for a solid 15 to 20 min… always worked like a charm and guess where my daughter went to weeks ago when she broke out again here in missouri??? down to Texas to squat in the water and two days later…..no more bites she is still down there and enjoying being itch and bite free… I will plan a trip soon! So hop on a train,plane, or plan a long drive and get to the beach…oh and one more thing that med student probably can tell you more than your doctor won’t treat you like a number or a physco they don’t have time to see all the while billing us and smiling like a airline steward once we exit the building knowing we will be back for another soothing cream or antibiotic cause we have scratched ourselves silly and are bleeding and knowing we will listen to well let’s try this one more time!! because we are sad desperate souls who itch in the wee hours of morning and chase our “imagination” with tape! :@

  26. Karen says:

    Try staying away from all chemicals, eat raw organic garlic (it has to be organic; the regular kind has pesticides on it). The key is to get completely way from any or all chemicals as it seems this thing thrives on chemicals or anything toxic. So no more bombing, they’re not angry, they’re thriving off it!

    • tormented says:

      today is aug 14, 2010. since april 2009 i have been almost continuously attacked all day and night in my home and at work and other places indoors and outdoors around salt lake city by something invisible (microscopic?) to my not-so-great eyes, that i apparently, exclusively, attract. the bite starts as a slight touch, turns to a slight itch and grows quickly to a real itch. sometimes it feels like something is grappling to get ahold. it is never painful. they go under clothing that is unsealed. when they fly into my ears and nose it is clear as day that it is flying. slapping or rubbing it stops it. it rarely itches afterward. never any mark. i get bit about every 5 seconds. it is a flying thing because i have been able to protect myself with a very fine mesh cloth bag (bridal veil material) to sleep in at night and full clothing along with a hood made of same, with googles cut into it, during the day at my desk. they like my computer area. however, lately, i have been awakened at night to the bites INSIDE MY BAG. i guess i brought them in on my body or there are even smaller ones that can get thru this material. i tried a bag made of tight muslin – did not work. zipping myself into a sleeping bag works if i seal it around my neck but my head needs to be out to breathe so im attacked there. ecosmart flying insect killer (home depot) works for an hour or so but covers everything in oils and dissapates quickly. bug bombs work but after the bomb is gone the bugs outside come in during the airing of the bomb out of the house. i cant really seal my house anyway. after a shower they don’t bother me at all, for maybe 1/2 hour. if i sleep at a friend’s house in my fine mesh bag im good for the 1st night but they seem to find me after that. they seem to live everywhere outside, along with living inside my house during the winter. that’s when the bomb works best. i will be able to leave this area in a month and need to make sure i kill any that want a ride. im hoping i can endure existence in my body until then. the noseeums (biting midge) flying around my computer monitor screen never bother me and i can see those very well. there’s lots of dust floating around, seen in flashlight beam at night. im not sure if the bugs look like dust or not. i cant tell what im seeing.

      please help me understand this plague if you have any clue what it is.

      • princess says:

        They are demodrix mites and they don’t fly,they can jump very,very high and sometimes they could be on a worktop you may pass and jump on you so you think that they fly,they are very cunning,i would call them top predators,cause they are small to the eye and one comes in the front and the back of you,i know cause i have and still am suffering with these parasites for 3 years and have been studying their movements,they also lay eggs in you and your clothes,carpets,sofas,nothing is safe and they tend to pray on someone who is either ill or immune system is gone down,look them up and see what will work for you

    • Penny says:

      How many cloves of garlic a day do you take or did you take?

  27. tormented says:

    2010.08.16 – i discovered my my screen bag had developed small holes where the threads shifted. im sure that let them get at me. so for the last 2 nights i slept (GOD i love sleep) fully clothed in military fatigues, tight-weave turtle neck shirt, thick socks and a piece of new bridal veil fabric (screen) over my head and cinched at the neck with a strap. i finally did it – it is the 100% bite blocker. i shower just before getting into the clothing so i dont blindly escort anything into my system, and then i go right to bed. i have outside air blowing onto my face so i can breathe. i need to sew some hefty fabric socks and gloves now. they’ve gotten thru all socks while i work during the day if i dont spray the area with flying insect killer. they rarely bite my hands. ecosmart flying insect killer works great for a couple hours if i semi-seal the building and only works for about 10 minutes if i blow air in from outside.

    • Sandi says:

      oh tormented read your post three times to youself it is unblievable what we all are having to do just to get rest or to live a life…I am so sad right now and distracted from my sadness by itching because I am sitting here typing …please please someone find a ‘cure’ we should not have to live struggling everyday to extroudinary links just to live and sleep and eat a normal life…feeling your pain …hope you get relief Sandi in MO

      • Isa says:

        Soak in epson salt and baking soda, and add baking soda to your lotion as you apply it. This is so great! I did this last night and was able to sleep all night itch free…

      • princess says:

        You’rre right no one should live like this and at times,ive slept in my house like a soldier and once these demodrix mites get in your house your not safe anymore,i have sometimes been up for 2 nights in a row,cause of the constant biting and have slept standing up,chemicals don’t work,but hot steam does,like a jet steamer 100 degrees,but saying that i have washed the vaccum cylinder under the hottest water temp in my sink and ive seen some crawling out,so i spray around the sink,some disinfectant or bleach in a spray bottle to get them when they crawl out,they are relentless

  28. endtheodds says:

    Tormented – you should try to determine if this is an external bug or possibly something living on you like a parasite. That’s what our problem turned out to be. The only solution was to get away from all chemicals especially bombs, bug sprays and other pesticides. We did the same as you, tried wearing paint suits, gloves, and covering myself with vaseline, to no avail. It made no sense that they could still get to my skin, so sure enough, these things were living on/in us. They thrive on chemicals, even those that are in soaps, shampoos, etc. Buy ORGANIC raw garlic, eat it (I know it’s strong tasting but it’s amazing stuff), and buy organic soap and shampoo, etc. Do not use any chemicals AT ALL. You may even consider buying food grade diatomaceous earth and taking it every day. I was able to get rid of these things in one day just by eating the garlic and removing ALL chemicals/pesticides from my home.

    Try it, it cannot hurt. I never honestly knew what I had but I knew it was living in me and I believe it may have been related to the Candida Albicans I’ve had for over a year now. Apparently, it can cause this to happen. Try it and report back.

  29. tormented says:

    like i said, i have determined it is airborn/external since i can shield myself from it with a screen, with clothing and the flying insect killer spray stops them for a coule hours. it is clear, as i 1st thought, they are external.

  30. tormented says:

    im eating garlic now, jic. ive always used only organic things. i eat organically already. these are way smaller than noseeums. noseeums are here in my place but leave me alone, they just fly into my monitor. at least ive got a way to sleep again.

  31. Yvonne says:

    I’m new coming into this discussion. I live in NJ. This has been a bad bug year for us, but these “invisible” tormentors are really really bad. I think we had the same bugs, if they are bugs, last summer, and after the first frost they seemed to disappear. They do seem to like the heat & humidity best. Both my husband & I are affected. We do no get a welt or have any itching after the bite. It can start out more like a “crawlie” feeling & sometimes is followed by a sharp sting. But that’s it. I’ve gone nuts trying to find one or trap one so I can take a look at it under a microscope. No one else I know seems to be suffering from this or at least they’re not saying so. Everyone around here is complaining about the biting noseeums that mostly plague us outside. Normally I’d be rational about this as being a normal part of nature, but the eco or bio terror theory scares the heck out of me. And why don’t the pest experts or dermatologists know anything about this? Very very odd. I’m not sure staying away from chemicals is the answer. Being from a biochemistry background, as far as I know, no organisms thrive on chemicals and nothing else. We are made up of chemicals anyway and even so called “natural” soaps & detergents are chemicals. But I do believe that insecticides don’t work. Maybe the garlic ingestion works simply because it diffuses through the pores and maybe they hate the taste of garlic. I’d try it, but I am allergic to garlic. Go figure! I’m hoping they’ll just go away like last year, when the cold weather starts.

    • princess says:

      WRONG cold weather doesnt stop them,cause they are in your warm house,they bite even more in the winter,ive had 3 years experience and ongoing unpleasant experience,they are demodrix mites,pass it on,look it up and see what will work

  32. tormented says:

    yvonne! you didnt say anyhting abouit it being “flying”. is it flying? if so, you and i need to talk!

  33. tormented says:

    yvonne! you didnt say anyhting abouit it being “flying”. is it flying? if so, you and i need to talk!

  34. Yvonne says:

    I can’t tell if they are flying. I’m just not sure. I see other things flying (like fruit flies, small mosquitoes, some kind of gnat), but these are not the culprits. They also don’t seem to do their thing on our scalp. Unlike other people, they don’t seem to follow me whever I go, leading me to believe that they are in my house. But they don’t bother me in bed, which doesn’t make sense since that seems to be a big part of other people’s experience with them.

    I’m going to try taking a scraping off my arm or leg when I’m feeling the pinch & take it to the lab & see if I can actually see anything under the microscope. Humans do have a host of microscopic lifeforms living on their skin. But these are totally non-invasive. They sort of clean up our dead skin cells. They don’t bite or crawl, etc. This is something different.

  35. tormented says:

    ive determined 100% my attackers are flying. they cant get thru the bridal veil material i cover my head with at night. i sleep fully clothed with a fan blowing on me to get fresh air onto my face. my pants are military greens tied at the ankle. im very curious to know if you can shield yourself with denim, this bridal veil screen, etc. garlic and any insect repellant have no affect. they are biting my nose and inside my ears as i type right now. they go down the neck of my shirt. cannot see anything.

    • Yvonne says:

      Your problem is way worse than mine. Where are you located? Since they don’t bother me in bed I haven’t gone to your extremes. Right now temps are in the high 90’s. I would drop dead of heat exhaustion if I had to cover every inch of my body in heavy materials. I’ve never been bitten in nose or ears. I really feel for you. I am determined to try and find one for microscopic evaluation.

    • princess says:

      The laptop/computers seem to send them into a frenzy,they can get through anything they want,cause they’re microscopic,they come through the walls,wooden flooring,floor tiles and will definately get through screens,these are invasive parasites,cause they lay eggs and burrow all over your body DEMODRIX MITES

      • Cain says:

        Anything with at least 25 percent Deet in it seems to make them stop biting me.
        It is Deet! and has been known to kill people so, be careful if you try it. I’m crazy according to the hospital that can’t help but will run tests that have cost me over four grand thus far.If you have cats, get rid of them!

  36. tormented says:

    ah….sounds like you have someone living on you. that might be a simple solution. i live in salt lake. almost no one knows what im talking about (just a couple do). im leaving here in a few weeks, poisoning everything i own once im away from here and NEVER COMING BACK TO UTAH. EVER.

  37. Yvonne says:

    But this doesn’t sound endemic to Utah. What about the guy in Spain ^ people in Maine, etc. Well, I hope the problem stays in Utah & disappears when you leave. It’s just very strange that no one has found a bug expert or medical person who knows what this is.

    • Secala says:

      Hello Yvonne! Where are you located? I would say that our bug situation is about the same. I dont get bit at night and they dont fllow me around. I thought maybe it was mites from birds or something but that doesnt seem the case after going wild with bug spray. I have a almost constant feeling of something crawling around from my head to my toes. My bites are mainly red dots but there are some black dots as well. Ive noticed within the last few weeks that i am getting little “moles” or “freckles” all over. I actually have a Dermatology appt coming up soon. They pop up almost over night and start out (by the time i notice a new one) as a very slight brown dot more oblong than round. Very small!
      I finally stopped rubbing where I could feel the crawling, pinch, sting, bite,or even a almost cool rain drop mist feeling. I know odd lol. I have overly sensitive skin and its irritating to even feel my arm hair dry after showing. So the bug thing is making me CRAZY!! Any who, I did find the BUG !!! It is a very very very small flesh color bug (I’m slightly tanned/beige) and it does fly. Its wings you can not see even when it flies away, it almost looks like its wings could be on its head. Yes I know odd, but this whole thing is. After watching a few and killing a few I realized that my little new mole/freckles look like the bug 😦 That is either really freaky or just a coincidence , I dont know. But, I do have a few of the bugs. Thank god, people were starting to wonder if I was crazy !!! I’ll be happy to take a picture and send it to whoever if you would like. First I will have to find the USB microscope….fingers crossed XX !!
      Another thing, I noticed after they bite it leaves a black dot and sometimes a red dot and it also hurts in a burning tightness kind of way when i get goose bumps. Am I alone on that one?

      • Jan says:

        Secala, could you please send me a picture of the bugger? I have noticed when i get goose bumps I get that same feeling of a burning tightness. My symptoms are the same as yours, I have caught the black and red dots on clear tape. the vet and my doctors say they are just specks of dried blood. Thanks for shairing, JAn

  38. tormented says:

    i can drive around to different parts of town and the mountains and escape them. i can also find them, rarely. but if i stay anyplace long enough, they find me. every time. right now im covered in clothing and a hood of bridal veil screen with goggles cut into it and im protected. im about to take a shower, get into fresh clothing, and crash. workd great if i do it perfectly.

    • excalibur2 says:

      Tormented – you and I have the same problem. I noticed that tiny flies were flying up my nose and thought nothing of it at first. Sometimes they would go right back into my lungs and eventually it was happening too often to be a coincidence. Then later I would get the larvae up my nose and in my ears driving me to distraction.

      I tried wearing a carpenters dust mask around the house after a while and it cut down their numbers. The problem is I am sure that they mainly target you while you are asleep. So, like you, I have been going to sleep wearing a mosquito head net – which is easier to breathe through than a dust mask.

      In the morning I was horrified to see about a dozen tiny holes forced through the mesh of the mosquito head net! I showed my doctor – who looked at me as though I had taken leave of my senses! I am losing faith with the medical fraternity in dealing with this issue. They seem to be a very closed mind lot and not very keen to help.

      I then erected a proper mosquito net to cover the bed AND wore two mosqito head nets under that – because it is a horrible feeling going to bed at night knowing that they will be targeting you as soon as you are asleep.

      I am glad to say that this slowly worked over a couple of weeks – along with eating raw garlic – it must have broken their life-cycle somehow. Today I am really annoyed because a tiny fly has just flown straight back into the back of my lungs while I was sat at the table in broad daylight. I had just stopped wearing the damn dust masks as well – and the bites on my legs had stopped.

      I immediately inhaled some tea tree oil on a plate of hot water – but I am afraid that if this was a pregnant female fly, which I suppose it always is, then the process of larvae crawling around in my nose, mouth and ears will start all over again. It is really difficult to sleep then of course – which may even be deliberate on the part of the parasite – so that when you eventually do get an hours sleep you are are virtually in a coma and easier to re-infest.

      This is enough to drive the sanest person crazy and of course I suppose doctors just see a person who has had no sleep for weeks who is obviously in distress – complaining about a problem that they have never come across – making it easier for them to think that you are just delusional!

      • princess says:

        I was told i was pychotic and carted off to the mental hospital,but yes these demodrix mites are cunning parasites,i notice that a vent i sealed off outside had 2 perfect slashes in them and i couldn’t figure it out,anyway 3 years later im still dealing with them,i had stress,like you would never believe,they bite me everywhere,doctors dont care,pest control don’t care,they said it was all in my head,even after seeing 3 samples,they eat your hair,get in your nose,eyelashes/brows,burrow in every part of your body,they are responsible for blackheads/acne and as you said they make sure that you are in a very deep sleep so they can do what they want to you,i call them the demon critters and the real name is not far from demon

      • Chacha says:

        I know..I went through it..Dr. finally gave me Prednesone tablets, in a month i was free of them, but had bad scarring, and still some sores only but the black dots, and silver slivers, the white critters, beige and red dots, were gone. Then Doctor gave me another shot of prednesone, it took away more…no more fright, but had to use a cream still, aTriamcinolone cream. It’s two years later, I still am using the cream, but have my life back…gained weight, but not all of that,,didn’t need it back anyway…Are you critter free now? Write me back…okay?

    • excalibur2 says:

      By the way tormented – this has nothing to do with the black specks and the original problem talked about on this website. For me it is just an additional problem to that.

      Some people are saying that these things happen to people that have a reduced immune system for some reason. I don’t know about you but I have always been very healthy.

      There has got to be an explanation – where either INSECTS have changed – and are now aggressively targeting humans in parasitic type behaviour. This is possible I suppose because of all the chemical attempts to control them – and now even DNA changing solutions being applied to them to stop them parasitising certain cash crop plants.

      Alternatively something has happened to (or been done to) us as individuals – in order to make these creatures target us. It all sounds rather fantastic – but then – does not his whole issue of strange, previously unrecorded and incurable parasites also sound just as fantastic already? Take it easy my friend.

      • Jill Adame says:

        What if someone has released these insects to drive us crazy!! I’m talking about terrorists! And I’m not talking crazy…I have what I think, the Doctor says scabies. And I’m going crazy!! Had it for more than 6 months I think. I went to three Doctors, two, dermatologist, they told me I don’t have scabies, so i believed them, because they are dermatologists, the Doctor who said I have scabies is a general practicioner who guides me to other Doctors. One told me I have folliculitus, athe other said Seborrheic Keratoses, and not scabies. So I bought a good magnifying glass,and a child’s microscope. Found bugs. They don’t fly but after so many months ignoring the scabie thingy I’ve wasted precious time, and am much worse. I have taken two treatments of Peremtherin now with a cream that follows for the itching so I don’t scratch, well i didn’t have enough cream and end up scratching. I have found many mites dead, yes, but small ones now and making my life a torment. More than that I do go grocery shopping, I have to I do go to the doctor, I have to. But I haven’t gone visiting or worked since September of 2011. I have five children with 15 grandchildren I don’t see. They have come here very little times since then, because I was told and have two dermatologists who wrote me notes I’m not contagious. I have taken back a boyfriend I’ve had for 18 years and broke up with him a year ago. I told him what i have and told him he shouldn’t come by, but call me. He wanted to come anyway. So I talked it over with him again, he definetly wanted to be back with me, stating I’m using meds anyway. Well I was certainly going to take him back, look how much he cares. Now I showed him sores and he hasn’t called for three days. Love went out the window heh? Or he might have convinced himself I was lieing so he couldn’t see me.
        I’m just saying perhaps we all have different things going on here that have been planted here and the doctors don’t understand. I’ll bet they would learn fast if they don’t get paid unless they cure us heh? By the way now my kids are not calling either, just a few times.

      • princess says:

        Jill this is not no crazy talk,i was saying the same thing,that its either an experiment or something imported that the government and as you said terrorist know about,cause it will drive people crazy and probably to commit suicide,ive thought of it myself,after 3 years of non stop stress

      • Chacha says:

        I felt your pain..I also considered suicide…it was that bad and I lost 61 pounds during that year of HELL!!

  39. Patti says:

    My son has a problem when he has his every other weekend visitation with his father. We live in PA. I have a very contentious relationship with his father so asking him to help figure out what is biting our son is out of the question. I would be seen as interfering with visitation. It takes 2 weeks for my son to get better then he has his visitation and he is reinfected. It started with bites around his ankles. I started using deep woods off towlettes which he was not consistantly using, but when he did the bites were less. Just last weekend he had a visit, and used the off towelettes, but he concentrated on his lower legs and ankles, where he usually gets bit, and they just moved up his legs to his thighs and stomach. He is afraid that the bites will move to his privates (he is 8) the whole house over there is filled with dogs and cats, indoor and outdoor, and apparently no one else over there gets bit. My son gets these bumps like mosquito bites which are very itchy. He scratches them and has many scars on his lower legs from scratching them. The father so far has done nothing to help, again, the situation is critical, but he considers me as interfering with the relationshp with our son so I can’t say anything to him. My son says they tell him that its because he has “baby skin” and that is why he gets bit and they don’t. The extreme itching drives him crazy, and he just woke me up at 4:30 to ask for some relief. What I have been using is hydrocortisone cream and an anti itch cream as well. He cries when he has to go over there for a visit because they do nothing to help him. I am thinking of getting Off spray and let him use that when he is over there. Has anyone tried citronella and does it help? it appears that the people posting on this blog have different issues so I am sure the bugs vary. I just wish I could do something for my son as he is very upset about it. We don’t have a problem at my house and I am hoping to keep it that way. We had a house cat but he is now only an outdoor cat because I am afraid he will bring something in to our house. So far my home is my sons refuge because he is only bitten over there at his fathers. Thank God we don’t have 50-50 custody. Sounds mean but like I said it takes 2 weeks for him to heal then he has his next visit and we are back to square one.

    • j says:

      this seems like it would be cause to revisit visitation. a court would not let you send a child into that torture. but you would need to document, document, document and prove the cause and effect. have your son write down his experience, take pictures when he gets home,etc. poor thing!

      • marisa l says:

        My heart breaks reading this. Me & my 7 year old have been going crazy for 3 weeks not knowing whats attacking us. i live in apts that has pets but i dnt own any. i also stayed in a hotel in vegas about 3 weeks ago? dr’s, dermotologist & er’s are no help. they dont examine you & say its scabies.

        I’ve been using D.E. DIATOMACEOUS EARTH poured it everywhere carpet, wood floor, beds, blankets, pillows. Take 2-3 baths/showers a day in vinagar, dawn, use zest soap, leave head&shoulders with vinagar in hair for 15 mins than wash. put the powder on entire body & dry hair. it helped a lot but not enough because my son and i were getting ill from the bugs. So we started to drink it as well.

        we get sore throats, fatigue, dry tongue, stomach pains, bowel problems. i even experienced problems with my gums. They pray on the weak immune system gotta stay healthy. i’ve been taking “the cleaner” a 7 day parasite cleanser. dr prescribed pednisdone & it didnt help.

        i feel as though they are about 90% gone from our body. My home, clothes, blankets, couch, bed are about 70% rid of bugs. Cleaned everything with clorox, mop left floor wet soaked & carpet soaked in clorox. do a lot of vaccuming, moping, & washing. Gotta throw away certain shoes, clothes blankets &pillows bcuz impossible to get out. Certain people are not affected but i believe it’s def a bug that can get on others.

        Fogged car & home for flees prob gotta do this 3-4 times til there gone. Thinking it’s something called human fleas, body lice, walking dangdruff?

    • Emily says:

      The absolute worst to see your child suffering. I really hope some of these tips help. Lint roll all his clothes (don’t get him to wear clothes they provide), and before he goes puff a mixture of DE, non-GM baby powder and 5% borax into his clothes and shoes. Perhaps also spray the outside of the clothes with insect repelling, natural products. Don’t forget coats. When he gets back, comb his hair with a lice comb – put conditioner on first. If you can also cover hair with a solution of water boiled with quassia bark (kills adult lice and possibly eggs).

      Here’s what’s helped my family. Saying a prayer for your dear son.

      Hi Derek So sorry to hear of your suffering. I remember the nights of the “swarm” coming over me. Absolute hell.

      I think the bugman is wrong that this is purely a chemical reaction. The vast majority of people seem to have been exposed to mould / fungus in a significant quantity and / or birds / rodents. The former then gets in your body, and the body has real trouble removing the mycotxins, causing your immune system to start collapsing / overreacting. The mites do bite and can not only have their own parasitic insects but quite likely are vectors for other infections. Plus, if you are bitten, then the chance of developing a yeast or staph infection is reasonably high.

      Moreover, many suffering from so-called morgellons have been identified as carrying Lyme bacteria – which is usually caused by an insect / tick bite.

      Then you attract the mould-loving bugs swarming you. There is of course also a chance that your body is suffering from other parasites already (ie you eat organic food but don’t wash veg properly).

      This may all sound overwhelming but things that have helped my family (we all got it).

      1) Lint roll all material that comes into contact with your skin – buy the jumbo rolls in bulk.

      2) Put dirty and clean clothes in sealed bags. Throw away dirty bags. Use borax, bleach / oxyaction, washing powder with vinegar rinse. Iron clothes / sheets with steam iron: then lint roll. My son, who was badly affected at one point, went from being v troubled including in day and out of our house to being virtually symptom free with almost no change in diet.

      3) Bed: Throw out any material that does not respond to this treatment. Do not use down duvets or pillows. Cover your mattress in plastic.

      4) Put borax granules mixed with dia earth 50 / 50 in your carpet (liberally), mop wood floors with borax and put powder along base boards / doors / windows

      5) Make sure there is no mould anywhere in your home or any bird nests

      6) Get air purifier, preferably with mould-killing UV

      7) if you feel itch / bite crawling on skin lint roll, then rub if 50 /50 borax

      8) Follow an anti-fungal diet. No sugar, etc and get your alkaline levels up.

      9) Hair – use coconut oil or conditioner, comb with lice comb, if itching v bad use hair straighteners (heat kills eggs), solution of quassia bark over heady and body

      My partner and son would feel they were symptom free if they had never had this (any itch now makes you paranoid!) We just opened some old boxes and I’ve had bites all round my ankles and going up my legs again but since I put borax / dia earth down (I also have it in my sheets and clothes) biting feelings have gone down a lot and v little crawling (tough wood)

      • Sandy Mad says:

        This is wonderful tips. I’m going to try ASAP. Can you please share how things are going now? Any updates on other things that worked? I have little ones and am so sad that my two teens have started to scratch their head. My whole family and kids have. Ages range 1-17. I can bear my own pain but not theirs!

  40. Patti says:

    I wanted to add my son is 8 years old (eight) when I tried to say that above,the 8 was replaced with a smily. but he is eight years old.

  41. Steve Perry says:

    I’m being eaten alive. Large, painful itchy welts appear from nowhere. If I scratch the spot it gets larger more itchy and painful,almost feeling like burned skin covering a bruise “no lie”.

    Sometimes the initial bite will grow from 1/2″ to 6″ or 7″. A spot will last for about 24 hours and visibility deminishes with time. The critters migrate. They may be on your feet the morning in and work their way up you butt, back durig the day and hit your face, ear, neck at night. They do bite the face but not their skin of choice.
    You can get relief for a moment with a shower. The second you feel the sting or itch go wash the area with hot soapy water. This keeps them somewhat in check but shower as soon as you can and as often as possiable. Always wash your hair. Tomorrow I will look for an organic shampoo and body wash. Also do a bunch or raw – organice garlic. Cut back on chemicals. The bugs are most active in the afternoon so shower as soon as the biting starts, I will let you know more. The same thing happened to me several years ago. I just kept washing – cleaning etc. Then they just went a way until a month ago.

    • princess Braithwiate says:

      neem oil will help you,put it in shampoos,conditoniers,body lotion or use it pure for itching,scabies or whatever mess they have made to your skin,this is a repellant and will confuse them and stop them eating,breeding and laying eggs and kill them,you can also use neem oil,tea tree oil,rubbing alcohol with water,put it in a spray bottle,spray,beds,carpets,rugs,flooring,sofas and on yourself,it will kill them within 2 weeks the max

  42. Anti says:


    A couple weeks ago i had made a post describing what (symptoms) felt like biting bugs. IT WAS NOT BUGS. Now after spending over a thousand on bug bombs etc. I finally realized what it was. This made me feel as dumb as ever considering i own a small computer business and completed an original book in theoretical physics. Under the impression it was bugs, i used 7x the bug killer normally needed for the square feet. Nothing on this planet would of survived it, especially when i repeated this several times. I also never found any evedence of bugs on the traps or the clear tape i used to try and catch them when i feel em on my skin. I seen pictures of the same skin irritation from other what seemed to be bugs, so it put me on that train of thought.

    MY PROBLEM: In the beginning of last winter I had a slow leak coming from the steam heater above where my desk is now. Cathedral ceilings. My brilliant idea was to ring up a shirt and tie it around the leaky valve. This made MOLD or some sort of FUNGUS / FUNGI. On Monday i sat in my chair and less that 4 minutes i had bumps on my head and working its way down my neck to shoulders then into my waist band etc. I’m getting attacked from above!! No one else was ALLERGIC to this. I sent the kid up the latter to put a bag around it and remove it. Even with the bag around it when he move it instantly i felt it barraging me. I had to foot the latter as it was old and it was over a lot of computer equipment.

    When i got rid of the SOURCE this force of nature died down a lot. I would only get some small patches, but thank got i wasn’t swollen head to toe anymore. Eventually last week my father and I remove the whole heater unit and capped off the pipes. It died down even more, but i noticed that my father was ALLERGIC also. His arms turned red within a few minutes and he says “get me the hell out of here, it got my eye and bit me is the ass” I knew he wasn’t joking cause he even left latter here in the computer shop.

    WHAT WORKS: Try to test some of these IDEAS I give to you to try. Locate an area that may develop MOLD / FUNGUS / FUNGI etc. PURE BLEACH the whole area and wipe or spray everything. Lots or AIR CIRCULATION or DEHUMIDIFIER. In my case i brought it on my self, in your case it could be in your WALLS. And it does get into your clothes and other material. Just over dry your clothes even if it cost you a bit more, and get them into a plastic bag instantly when you take em off. So to separate them from the environment that your affected in.

    YOUR BODY: ALCOHOL and the SUN is going to be your friend in this situation. I started to notice that the patches and BUG FEELING would go away in the sun. I still use ALCOHOL every day. When you get out of the shower, before you put you clothes on wiped down the affected areas with alcohol. Use a lot, soak your shoes with it and put your shoes in the sun to dry. I did this after i figured out it was an ALLERGY. ALCOHOL is and ANTIMICROBIAL, it will dissolve most microscopic entities. Every time you see a bump or patch put some alcohol on it, ISOPROPYL evaporates rapidly. If the patch starts on you shoulder then soak that part of your shirt with alcohol also. Same for your pants or waist band etc. Now i have a little spay bottle that i fill and I’ll just spray my shoes inside and on the outside before i put them on. The spray bottle is small enough to fit in my pocket, in the pharmacy near the hand sanatizer or at the counter. After a few days THIS WORKED. Instantly after i soaked my shoes i would not travel into my shoes.

    WHAT IT IS: My father made a smart statement and said you have a TRAVELING ALLERGY. It made sense, so it have to be an ORGANISM I’m allergic to. The source was over my head and not to mention just above a fan that blew it around everywhere. If you don’t get rid of the source you always going to suffer even if you use the alcohol. At this moment I’m in my chair where this all started, and by the end of the day i may have a few bumps. There is still some bouncing around, but i can tolerate it to work, after a while i will get some crawling sensations. So I’ll go stand outside in the WIND / SUN for a few and sort of brush it off me. This also helps. I would spray my whole desk down, keyboard, mouse, chair etc also with alcohol and this would keep it from my hands. I also have a couple of UV GERMICIDAL LIGHT bulbs in my desk lamps. They are meant specifically to kill MOLD and BACTERIA. In the next couple days i will be using a real sprayer and spraying everything down with BLEACH, walls everything.

    BEST OF LUCK: Some of you out there have had this for years. If you have no empirical evidence that it is in fact BUGS. Then try the IDEAS I’ve listed above. If you are routine and militant about finding the SOURCE and doing the things I’ve listed above you will find RELIEF.

    feel free to contact me. logician79@hotmail.com

    Hope this helped,


    • Jill Adame says:

      You guys have scabies..just like I. Because i never heard of them before and misdiagnoses from Dermatologists, medications I didn’t need, now i have scabies out of control and Norweigan scaboes also, where there are an abundance of them there. I will write to you an E-mail, to see if you discovered it’s scabies, you can’t see them but under a microscope, and a real good Magnifying glass, one with a light I heard woeks better.
      Good luck to you, My tormenting started in September of 2011, I’m still raging, and mad!! When I se a Doctor I am under the distnct impression he knows what he’s doing…NOT!!

      • Invisible says:

        A person can see scabies on themselves because of the track marks. It isn’t an invisible bug. So “you guys have scabies..just like I” is quite an insensitive comment especially if you had read even a of these posts. It’s fairly clear most everyone here has heard of scabies and knocked that off our list. Sorry you got scabies. Use the cream & feel better.

  43. Anti says:


    Possibly use Alcohol in your pre-wash cycle.

    Alcohol definitely works. Had a patch on my right side near my waist band this morning. I soaked the area of the waste band and the part of the shirt that touches and it’s almost gone. It go no bigger than 1.5″ and 3.5 hours or less for swelling to go.

    Lots or air circulation and sun where your affected.

    I took a common box fan and sealed a industrial filter from lowes to the back. They have different grades. The cheaper low grade one worked good. After a few days i could see the filter turn dark black. Seal all holes in the fan with tape. I also fixed a black light to the back of the filter in the center. A 20″ x 20″ filter fits the box fan great. So for 35.00 us dollars you can built a germicidal air purifier that works better than one for 300.00 us dollars.

    This mold or fungus / fungi definitely felt like bugs and exactly what everyone describes for symptoms. It goes right through and will reside in your clothes. The little STING or PINCH is it getting into a pore in you skin, then it proceeds to migrate. The alcohol will nip it so it stops spreading and starts healing.

    At this very moment i feel a bit in my hair so I’m going outside to brush it off, so to speak…without the source in here it seems to be that easy now.

    Getting the part of your clothing soaked with alcohol where the patch starts is very important. It will kill it in that area of clothing as well. You can wash your clothes and find that you put on a shirt and end up with bumps on your neck. So soak the collar. A few times i put on a shirt and it would feel like hair in my mouth bad. I’m wearing that shirt now and its been washed twice since then but. I did have that small patch this morning on my waist, couple on my forearms. Since soaking that part of my waist band, pants, and the shirt it has gone away.

    It doesn’t go into my shoes anymore since i soaked em in alcohol. But will be in my socks and likes your ankles. As the skin under your sock on your ankles or waist etc, is more tender. So i soak that part of the sock with alcohol an it goes away.

    The LOGIC here is SURVIVAL. Your instinctively not going to put yourself in an environment that will kill you. Neither will and organism.

    I built this computer store from scratch with my income tax return. This is the most successful accomplishment i have employment wise. So either I’m out on my ass or this entity is going to die.

    When the source of the fungi or mold was still here, it seemed as though it would follow me. The reason for this is its in your clothes or already in a pore of your skin. Taking a shower helps alot for a bit but may not get it out of the porse of your skin. Remember moisture is where this entity thrives.

    I use antibacterial soap…dial worked good. Then when i get out of shower i spray my shoes first inside and out. 4 or 5 sprays inside, I only had to soak em once. I cup my hand and fill it with alcohol and rub down my legs and feet, making sure they get good and wet. Also apply generous amount to any affected area. Then proceed to dress up. Rub the alcohol on my forearms and wrists. After i’m dressed i go out on the porch and stand in the sun and wind for a while.

    THIS WORKS for me. There is still some in my clothes and bouncing around the shop but, I have the doors open and the dry air is helping.

    The landlord came by earlier and we had to move the heater where the source is…I ran right to the alcohol and soaked my hands and arms and i’m still ok. Although the heater has been outside in the sun for many days.

    Thats the problem in this shop, there is no windows to let in sunlight. Only the front has big display window…hence the UV Germicidal lights i bought on ebay.

    Again this could be in your walls and not visible to you. There has been some stories about people buying a home with it in the walls, getting sick, brain damage, and death.

    Now the mold man came and tested for mold but never gave a conclusion that it was mold. This brought me to fungi or bacteria. The mold guy still tried to pull one over on us and do the job with no result of mold.

    I really do feel for those of you suffering with this. It swelled me head to toe, i couldn’t walk for a few days, one day my eyes swelled shut, my lips once. It also has a tremendous impact on you PSYCHE. Not to mention how much money i wasted on this.

    I will continue to post ideas as i get them.

  44. Anti says:


    I looked at some pictures of bugs as no see ums, midges, springtales etc. Every picture I’ve seen is different. What i started to think is that springtales have to spring to move around. They also have antennas. Again the logic here is survival.

    SOUND just may be a big help. It may sound strange but…Now bass or LOW FREQUENCY through the floors, walls, air etc. will make the environment extremely difficult for them to navigate or move around. Enough of the low frequency will also ripple the air if they are flying insects.

    Would you stay living in an earth quake?

    HIGH FREQUENCY: There is a story above where someone took one of these bugs to the local college for microscopic confirmation. Now they have antennas, just as your TV did some years ago. This next idea would be tough. If you were crafty you could build extremely high frequency sound generator that would drive them away.

    As signals / wavelengths are captured by antenna. If you could have the local college give you and estimate of the distance between their antennas then you’d have a good start. The frequency of sound you need will correlates with the distance between the antennas. With the right frequency this would torture them from the inside of whatever brain they have.

    Example: If their antennas \/ were roughly a millimeter apart in one area then the sound wave /\/\/\/\/\/\ frequency from amplitude to amplitude (tip to tip) would be a millimeter in distance.

    This would rattle the inside of their head. If i had the time i would sit figure it out and make one and see if that frequency is obtainable. Unfortunately i still have my work cut out for me with my problem.

    As for the physics this method works on televisions. I’m unsure of the specifics although would be higher than a dog whistle so you wouldn’t actually hear anything. You would have to ardent in your own research on sound generators etc.

    It may sound like a strange idea but if you’ve been suffering for years, you have nothing left to loose trying it.

    Best wishes,


    • Jeff says:

      I believe there is a device already on the market that uses high frequency sound to rid pests Anti. Its one of those “as seen on TV” products.

  45. rick rotter says:

    Oh my God, I can’t believe what I’m reading & experiencing. Mine started 1 month ago. Raised red whelts, rash, intense itching alleviated by virtually nothing, not even the strongest RX steroid creams. I can feel the skin tingle before whelts appear but see nothing. Have 2 indoor cats, had them checked…not mites or fleas. Dermatologist even took a biopsy & determined they’re bug bites, origin unknown. Put me on prednisone which is helping tremendously though bites continue. Had my exterminator come out..it’s not bedrugs either. The whelts take 3-4 wks. to heal. Wanted to try foggers but have a terrified cat whom I can’t coax out of the house. Exterminator suggested I fog & if continue to get bitten, he’ll come back out here with an entomologist. Most effective treatment yet found for intolerable itching is ORIGINAL Sarna ($12) available at any pharmacy. Need help & advice. This is a major mystery!! Just what the heck is going on here?

  46. Yvonne says:


    What area of the country are you located? We are in NJ & now that the weather is cooling down the “mystery bugs” seem to be mysteriously going away. I’m hardly affected at all, my husband still having some symptoms but mostly when outside. We never did see any “fibers” emerging, but he did have bumps which produced hard sand like grains if picked. No doctor around here has a clue & if I even utter the word Morgellon’s I get the hairy eyeball.

    • Jill Adame says:

      Your sand like grains are eggs and scabies, look at them under a magnifying glass. I’m still going through treatment, and going crazy!! This is horrible. I haven’t seen my family, five children and 15 grandchildren since November of 2011. Not for the Holidays nor visiting, my son came here twice for a little bit…But I was misdiagnosed and in the pit of my mind, i suspected so, so I won’t go until I am cured. I’ve almost gone after my first two treatments, but that pit in my mind told me don’t you go, and I just cried many days.
      I would like to know if you are healed and how long it took, what you used to cure them. I’m going into third treatment of peretherin..yes it kills the mites, but more hatch, therefore i keep getting more, but smaller. I have gone to two dermatologists who told me I didn’t have scabies, and he treated me for months for Folliculitis, which i don’t have…The other Dermatologist told me I have Seborrheic Keratoses…they both gave me notes stating I was not contagious. I called one Dermatologist back today complaining finally, they told me they will see me free of charge. So I’m waiting back for their Doctor to call, the one I saw no longer works there..Hum I wonder why not? Write me at jchacha512@sbcglobal.net. Thanks and good luck to you …

      • Mary says:

        Jill, It’s sad to hear that your loved ones are distancing themselves from you because, as many people have mentioned in their post, it does not appear to be contagious. My husbant (the lucky one) is totally not bothered by the teeny pests that have made my life miserable for almost 2 years now. He has been sleeping on a couch becasue what keeps him awake is my tossing and turning, moaning in pain and sometimes a loud yell when a single bite feels like s chunk of my flesh is being pulled out. (yes once in while a bit eis that bad). Sometimes I’ll even go sleep on HIS couch and the teenie weenie monsters do not follow me there and I can get some restful sleep. Also and in fact, when I am away from home on visits, it’s like a respite because I am free for a few nights.

        On the other hand, I have not told anyone of this probelm precisely because I know how they would react– never come over and never let me in their house, especially for overnights.

        Take care.


  47. Dave says:

    I am drawn to the conclusion that these mites definitely live on your body. As I said in an earlier post, I believe I caught this quite a few years ago from my cats, who must have caught them outside and brought them into the home. I have lived in a number of houses and the problem always seems to move with me. If I go away for a few weeks with work and stay in hotels, I still get the sensation something is moving on my body, this suggests that the mite is living on me. It tends to be more active in the afternoons and evenings. Showering does seem to relieve it for a while and I have noticed that if I am working on my laptop, this seems to make the problem worse. They also seem to be able to survive for long periods in clothes that have not been worn for a while or within furnishings. They seem to select certain people as a HOST, which is why some people are affected in the home and others are not. I am about to try the alcohol wipes to see if that works, even though I have tried Derbac lotion for Scabies which had no effect. I am not a lover of garlic but will also give the Raw Organic Garlic a try as some people have said that works and I have been looking at Ultrasonic High Frequency devices that you plug in to your home, so may give that a try as I have read reviews which say they make the environment that the bug lives in too noisey, so this may get them to leave the home.

    I notice most of the comments on here are from the US, so would be keen to see if anyone in the UK is suffering from this problem and and suggestions they might have.

    Would also be interested to see if others have had any success with the high frequency plugs or the alcohol wipes.

    Has anyone had a skin scrape done and this looked at under a microscope to see what it reveals?


    • Steve says:

      I live in the UK and have found this site after suffering from itching and the feeling of them crawling. I’m looking for solutions myself, have had the symptoms for the last 2 weeks. Thought they were mosquito bites at first, then fleas (we had a infestation of cat fleas last year which was sorted by a professional.) Used some flea spray but nothing. I checked the internet and found quite a few posts and forums (mostly US) and realised it could be mites. Recently started feeling pin like bites, quite sore, every now and then. Following more reading of various blogs etc I checked my arms this afternoon and saw (by luck more than judgement!) a very tiny, white/beige flea like thing. It must have only been a millimetre in size. It was on one of my arm hairs and hopped onto my finger and back onto my arm, impossible to keep a hold but will try some scotch tape to see if I can get some stuck on that.
      Reading that some people have had this for month, even years, is worrying. I’m only 2 weeks in and it’s driving me mad! My wife has not been effected. The bites and crawling seem to be worse at work, I work at an office with a computer and I notice a few people have mentioned this has made it worse for them. At home it’s not as bad and I havent got a computer at home.
      I don’t seem to be getting the mosquito type bites I did in the beginning, now it’s more the crawling and biting, tiny pin prick spots appear that itch for a little while.
      I’ve made a list of a few things people on here have mentioned, tea tree oil, organic garlic, alcohol. I’ve seen on a few other forums, various products, but being American sites I’m not sure what the products are!!! Windex is mentioned which is a vinegar based window cleaner!
      Whatever things I try and what works I will post back.
      Any help from anyone gratefully received

      • YES says:

        Steve – I’ve come to believe they are bird mites, as this only started a few years ago with us when I began putting out bird feeders. It goes away once a really cold season sets in & starts up again in Spring. For sure it’s worse when it is very hot AND humid. My husband & I are both affected – sharp sting or crawling feeling & it can be anywhere on the body but a lot on legs, waist, upper arms. I only think some of the remedies have worked for us when they’re active. Since both of us are sensitive/allergic to garlic, we dont’ do that. I wash all laundry in a product called De-Mite (you can find it on the internet). It’s marketed for dust mites, but I figure a mite is a mite. Then I bought an ultrasound machine also meant for dust mites, that I move every couple of days from room to room. This is supposed to interfere with the reproductive cycle. When we are really bothered we both wash ourselves all over with Selsun Blue original antidandruff shampoo. It’s the sulphur in it that works. I also dust my skin with Gold Bond Medicated body talc.

        We have never been able to “catch” one, eventhough I tried with scotch tape the minute I felt the prick. I even took these tapes that I put on my skin to a dermatologist to look at under a scope. She thought I was kookoo. On us, at least, they never leave marks & the itching & stinging is momentary. From what I’ve read on bird mites, they really cannot feed on humans, our skin it too thick, but they try & thus the sensations.

      • Chacha says:

        It’s best to see your Doctor, and good luck…I’ve had no luck with Doctors here in the US. The people here that are using anything they can think of to get rid of their microscopic mites, crawling and itching and the bites, don’t have insurance and they are using dangerous products, it’s not tried and true. i know I listened last year to someone who used the Permetherin on their scalp, my Doctor told me not to use it, and I did and I was sorry I did. Just a warning.

  48. tormented says:

    has anyone tried “cedarcide” (www.cedarcide.com)? these bugs now seem to be living on me rather than in the air around me.

  49. tormented says:

    i also found applying olive oil works as a temporary relief.


  51. Yvonne says:

    I am now convinced this is a bug, not some weirdo filament or protein. Once the weather got colder (in NJ), the itching, biting & crawlies stopped. And I mean stopped. Nothing, nada. When it was bad, I found washing body & hair with regular medicated Selsan Blue helped. Also used big doses of Borax in every wash.

  52. megan says:

    hay i am getting thesame thing but much worse to the point that my young children are getting affected and because i made a bad choice and when i noticed my two kids suffing know one wants to help not even a docotor its to the point that i can feel them in my neurs really bad in my last two toes can you help us i also live in QLD

  53. Anti says:

    What i assumed was bugs is really and most definately a BLACK MOLD ALLERGY. If your family breaks out may be because you share an allergy.

    One week after my last post this allergy got into my lungs and blew up my face…ended up in the hospital. This allergy really felt like bugs, and i would rapidly grow patches and swell etc…read above. Due to the way this plant grows and it was overhead, making for is to glide about the air. Getting into my clothes and worse at the more dense parts…waistline etc. After the last time i was in the hospital they prescribed me steroids to amp over it. I used this week to bleach everything and the walls…its a shop so…only ruining some computer parts…pure bleach…The source my father and i removed and he started to break out…After some air out time and lots of mold killing Lysol…I’m ALMOST FREE….threw out my clothes because trying to wash this out is more money then just getting new…my suits were in plastics phew…Anything i wanted to keep i soaked in alcohol…new bedding…

    Now this machine i would assume should work for mites…………OZONE GENERATOR !! They create O3 which is oxygen in purest form…NOTHING can live in this… They come in different sizes…I’m buying a 7000mg/h OZONE generator. I had someone on my birthday actually break one out of his closet…was great cause this is my small computer business, if i cant work in here…i cannot make money…this has BEEN working…Your better off spending the 200-300$ usd on it…Possibly you could run this machine for a few hours in your closet with your clothes hanging…i wasnt able to try it.

    What they call it is SHOCKING a room, leaving the machine running in each sealed off room for a few hours…overnight if you feel the rooms is worse than others. YOU MUST WAIT 20 to 30 minutes for the 03 to turn back into O2 after turning the machine off. (WARNING) 7000mg/h is quite powerful, i have cathedral ceilings in this shop so i need the best. They also make 3500mg/h but…better off safe then sorry in this case. This machine kills everything from cold, flu, mold, viruses, and such…natures remedy. If it moves through the air it will definitely kill it. The rooms and most everything in it will smell like a waterfall or new. You may have to throw things out like clothes, office chairs with cushion, possibly you parlor set, and boxes. It stinks but…I’m personally sick of this and my clothes and office chairs not worth my life…I can itch again without blowing up like a balloon…and it doesn’t feel like bugs are eating me alive anymore…what did help is if i soaked the area of clothing in the Lysol that kills source of mold allergy. This was long after the actual source was gone, and it just floated around for a while. I’ve also soaked alot of objects etc with it repeatedly.

    Search eBay ( ozone 7000 ) one comes up for about 175.00 plus shipping…beige in color and they have only one bad feedback…

    Get some Benedryl for allergies…if you take like 4 or 5 a day for a few days and your conditions improves then you have an allergy…

    best of luck,

  54. Anti says:

    Forgot one thing…If the air carries this into your clothes…Wind should carry a lot out of your clothes…I would go for walks and let the air get through my clothes and it would really help. When i close the shop i walk to go out to eat etc…giving it a couple hours to work out of my clothes, because i dragged some to the house. I sat on a chair here and went right home and sat on the bed…eh…

    again best of luck…

  55. Anti says:

    OZONE GENERATORS in shock levels do in fact kill MOLD, MITES, BED BUGS, and most likely NO SEEUMS.

    Every time i post on here i end up in the hospital. eh

  56. CAROLYN RABON says:

    my mother and brother who lives with her are having the same problems…they have spent 1000 s of dollars on exterminators and bombs spray and powders….nothing works…i live in a camper on her property and i have got bitten a few times but not as severe as them….they have both resorted to keeping EVERYTHING in bags…..my mom says they are everywhere….they havent been out of the s.e. united states but my brother did work in the carpentry business when it started several years ago….it started with him….i watch them both suffer and i know people think they are losing their mind, but i have gotton bit several times myself…a sharp sting , then itch….i thought we were the only ones who dealt with this problem….next question is what to do about them….nothing works….nothing

  57. J Walters says:

    Its bird mites, that’s what they are. The test to make sure is taking boiling water and pour in a flat pan. Place the pan on carpet with a candle or small flash light by it, turn off all lights and wait for about 30 minutes. Then place the pan under a bright light, where the light reflects the top of the water, look at the top of the water only. if there are little stars like indentions floating on top of the water, you are infested with bird mites. They are worse in the spring and fall. Your spraying and remedies are killing them, but the thousands you kill, hundred of thousands are in eggs waiting to be born. And that happens every 16 days, that’s their life cycle. They can’t feed on humans, our skins are too thick, but nature provides them life enough to reproduce. They live in every crack, in walls where they lay their eggs, cushions of furniture, deep in carpet. etc. They can travel on air currents going from room to room. If you got about 3,000 dollars you can pay to have your entire house tented and fumigated. So far I had two fumigations the biting has stopped for 4 months now(finger crossed). Two years prior, we discovered that one of the eaves of my house had a knot hole big enough for sparrows to get in and nest. We cleaned out the nests and covered the hole. Two years later we were being eaten alive. I did develope a spray that seemed to help chase them away for a short period, that gave us a little relief. 1 1/2 cup of amonia, 1 1/2 cup of alcohol one gallon of water, which is actually homemade windex, Spray that have Nylar in them kills eggs and cuts down on breeding breeding.

  58. Anti says:

    My condition black mold, but i’ve heard of bird mites that infest a home when a bird makes a nest in you roof, etc.

    The same thing applies…an OZONE Generator will kill bugs. 7000mgs/hr in a sealed room for 4 to 6 hours kills everything. Its called shocking a room. Seal the room off and let your clothes hang with closet door open. OZONE KILLS EVERYTHING!! As for getting em off your body, you would have to try what others explain above.

    So room by room you would shock the house. You’ll smell a chlorine type of smell when its working. YOU MUST WAIT 30 MINUTES before occupying the room again. They also kill any bad odors etc.

    This will work if you buy 7000mgs/hr rated! And because they work…their not so cheap..

    Any questions feel free to email me…. logician79@hotmail.com


  59. YES says:

    Question about the bird mites: if our skin is too thick for them to get through, why would you feel a bite? We have been bite free since the weather dropped in late fall. Eventhough it is still pretty cold in NJ, the biting has started again.

  60. Dianne Trenkle says:

    I too have had many of the same symptons only I find all these little black things in my clothing and on my skin . when I put these under a magnetfing glass they look lik blueish green and red and some black type of threads all twined or rapped together! I find them in my bedding when they seem to bite me in my sleep , leaving little red marks that have intense itching! no matter what I do they don’t go away I got Kwell lotion from my doctor many years ago for scabies , and that never worked , sprayed for bedbugs , that nevr was the case even thought maybe kids were bringing fleas into my home . But none of those things was the case . you can never see anything move except a hair on your arm or leg or feel something crawling! I have tried everything! April 14 2011

  61. YES says:

    They’re back!! Whatever I am getting bitten by, they cannot be seen at all. No little black specs, no red marks. Just a pinching bite that itches for only a few seconds. But it is now constant, so it must be something seasonal (at least in NJ). I am looking into the ozone machine remedy. Right now, washing skin with Selsun Blue original medicated shampoo works for a few hours.

    • Vonnie says:

      Hi All- Have had the black specks, finally saw when I realized to wipe my neck and back with alcohol in the morning. They were all over the paper towel, at least 25 or 30 of them. Then, we have flea-like things that are now everywhere, seemed to get rid of the black specks, or else they’ve grown up into these flea-like things..; called an exterminator & they said they weren’t fleas, but like them. Three months ago we moved here in the desert in a nice neighborhood, but we’re at the edge of this small town where lots of lots are just covered with sagebrush clumps and other weeds, all around here to the south – and there are acres and acres of them. We have dead crickets (speckled ones) at the front door constantly, and tons have come inside. Husband didn’t believe me at first until he started getting bitten, mostly by the flea-like bugs. You have to get the expensive vacuum cleaner bags that trap allergens, and Norwex products make a mattress spray that kills bedbugs, which I’m about to buy and try, and it’s totally environmentally safe, it has some enzyme in it that kills them. Don’t let anybody tell you any differently everyone, you have minute (tiny) organisms, probably NOT bedbugs, but some type of mites so small like what these crickets are bringing in, they may even be microscopic. They are everywhere in these weeds outside. Dawn was said to kill mites by my bird veternarian, and I mixed a concoction of warm water, Dawn, and that hand-sanitizer for my poor birds. The hand sanitizer is great, because it also has oils in it that help to keep it from evaporating quickly like most alcohol products will, and it’s cheap. Then, I sprayed the poor parrot and parakeets with this and they had relief for one evening. For myself, when I have time, I prepare a nice bubble bath with lots of Dawn, and put about 1/8 cup of chlorox in it, not too much, be careful with it, then added baby oil and soaked a while, even washed and rinsed my hair out and was finally bug-free until I sat on the couch and used a pillow later – no place to lay my head… But what I hate, every single night I get more, even though I use clean linens and vacuum around everywhere. They’re taken over my leather couch, they must be in the material that holds it together, that’s my favorite place to sleep not counting the bed. Going to also try the apple vinegar somebody mentioned, the garlic, and am getting the County Extension Agent involved. Another thing, if your problem’s really bad, be sure and wash down your front entry with Dawn and a little chlorox every few days. I have to do that to keep the crickets away, but I’m disabled and after I finally get the energy to do all this washing and vacuuming and stuff, it’s so taxing that I want to rest a day or two, and here they come again. Plus I have long hair and don’t want to cut it all off to get rid of these pests! It’s an immense problem, and takes tremendous hard work to get under control. Next step will be to rent the carpet shampooer, add a little Chlorox to the mix, and then I’ll spray inside with insecticide and the Norwex mattress spray. A tip to help with do it yourself insecticide spraying is add a tablespoon or two of dish soap before you use your home insecticide sprayer – it makes it ‘stick’ and not evaporate, just like that hand sanitizer has oils that do the same. But I’m very sensitive to insecticides, my glands are all now swollen from all these bites, and am feeling my RA symptoms and aching joints so much worse too, it’s affecting our quality of life, and nobody even should come and visit us here until we get it under control. I also rarely go out any more either and am getting cabin fever, and hate to even go outside any more. Will spray off my shoes and feet and ankles when I go outside then come back in to keep from tracking in any more, we have way too many things in here now. Everybody who has this, pray to Heaven for help, this is like a silent epidemic and is apparently running rampant – and ruining so many lives..I don’t believe it’s natural and was purposely inflicted to cause human misery, and it’s sure doing that! In this case, I will share my beloved prayer of protection I learned when learning about healing, to keep from acquiring the symptoms to be cured – it is very effective, must be said with great faith and all your heart – and it works! It’s a great blessing and helps with everything; I share it freely with great love to All (remember, the CIRCLE is divine!)
      It goes:
      ” We are all children of God, and as such, we live in the healing CIRCLE of God’s healing love and light.
      The LOVE of God surrounds us…… the LIGHT of God enfolds us…… the POWER of God protects us….
      the PRESENCE of God watches over us. Wherever I am, GOD IS…..and I am grateful.”
      Love conquers all…God Bless!

    • Chrissy says:

      I am originally from PA but my husband got transferred to Florida quite a few years ago. Florida has to be one of the worst states to live in. I have only known PA until here and let me tell you that between the humidity and constant hot weather the bugs here are uncontrollable. i do get bit from bugs that I can’t see but have the same symptoms that you described. i Do not see any black specs, but do get an occassional red mark from getting bit. The pinching that I get from these unseen bugs is horrible, it really hurts. I have tried a very warm shower with lots of soap, washed my sheets, sprayed everything with Allercare by S.C. Johnson Co.used for dust mite allergens. Now I have read that it is not safe to use in some cases. I have kids and pets, i am very clean but can’t seem to control these bugs. My husband doesn’t get bit at all and when I complain of this, he just looks at me like I am crazy. Living in FL you always have to have constant bug control outside in the yard and in the house and it is a rough climate for any pets. I can really use some help but I am not sure which way to treat this problem. If you or anyone can give me some better ideas please let me know.
      Thanks, Sincerely MISSING THE COLD

  62. PattI champagne says:

    I just had my house sprayed for fleas and the exterminator said he didn’t see any. For the last two weeks something is drving me crazy with pin prick bite and itching for a short period. I also feel something crawling on me but can’t see a thing. I’m vaccuuming constantly and washing clothes but nothing seems to help.

    When I thought the problem was fleas I read this online. Put a Christmas candle on the floor with a pan of water behind it. The insect will jump to the light and drown in the water. It won’t solve the problem but you get a sample. I’m having my extermiator check it out.

  63. YES says:

    Dear Pattl keep us posted on what you catch. This is definitely something to do with the season. Where are you located?

  64. Ray says:

    I just started getting bitten about 10 days ago after sleeping on a floor rug in someone’s house. I travel a lot for work and everywhere I have been they have been traveling with me, biting me particularly at night when I get in to bed. I have never seen any bug and my symptoms mirror everything that people have been saying. I’m going to go the organic garlic and diatomaceous earth route first and see if I can get them to stop biting me.. once they stop biting and I become an untenable host I will start the cleaning process. I’m not even going to bother going to a doctor because I can already see it is going to be a complete waste of time. Will update on progress after a week of ingesting the remedy..

  65. fullofmites says:

    I found a stray cat, but it must have had something on it. Everytime I got near it, or touched it, I itched. Now my house is infested with something, and am I too. I itch all the time and can see absolutely nothing! My clothes are itchy unless I bleach them, but the minute I sit down on some furniture, I start feeling the sensation of “things” crawling on me again. I have lots of bites and some serious skin-burning sensations and rashes at times, too. Another possiblilty for my itch is the mice that I just heard in my walls today. Great!)
    I’ve been to 6 pest control companies, 2 entomologists, 3 vets, and called the environmental health dept about the “bugs”. They all say that they cannot SEE anything and I need a dermatologist. But I feel something alive on me, so it’s more than just my skin! Something is on me, especially at night, and mites are very active at night I’ve learned.
    Anyway, I think that I either have Cheyletiella mites or rodent mites. I put my 2 cats on Revolution and their sores cleared up, but they are still surrounded by this “itch forcefield”. I think its because my house is still infested. I bought the electronic pest repeller you can plug into the wall for the mice. It sends impulses on the electrical wiring in the house. The other types of repellers signals won’t go through the walls, but the mice are IN THE WALLS, so this brand is what I need ($25, Pest Offense). I’m hoping that with the mice gone, the mites will be easier to deal with.

    The only thing that kept the mites off and healed my sores was a turpentine mix (made with pine tree resin, not petroleum). DON’T use mineral spirits or white sprits, just regular turpentine. Sounds dangerous, but really if you research it, they use it for scabies now and it has ALWAYS been used through time for external parasites. Google: turpentine/mites or just turpentine on wikipedia and read it’s medicinal information. I mix it with either olive oil or lotion (80/20). I don’t use it on my cats since their livers CANNOT metabolize pine products. It would kill them. I know some people use it in their rabbit’s ears sometimes, too, for mites. Since I’m not a big fan of the smell of turpentine, I try to only use it when I am going to bed, so I can sleep (after bleaching my sheets nightly). It cleared up my sores in 3 days when I started using it. Since some of my sores were RAW, it stung for 90 seconds, but I just pulled out my hair dryer and put it on cold air and blew myself down until the stinging passed. It only stung for a 90 seconds the first day, because the sores and rash healed in 3 days. It was amazing!! I put that lotion mixture on like water that first day, but it helped A LOT.
    I haven’t gotten the mice out yet, but I’m working on it. The say it could take a couple weeks. There is a field behind my house which doesn’t help. One day at a time, one problem at a time, right? Anyway, I have hope that soon this nightmare will finally end. I feel like God is really helping me out with this and he’ll deliver me from this plague. Don’t discount the turpentine if you have really bad sores and bites, it works. Check into it. (Don’t light any matches though,it’s flammable,remember?) The way I see it, permethrin cream is much worse with less historical data and a lot less support from the scabies victims, and it does nothing to heal the skin anyway. I’ve had this for several months and have spent thousands, but I have a good idea of what works. Birdmites.org is a good site, too, for ideas that is. Sorta depressing though, too. Gotta go.

    • fullofmites says:

      If the turpentine stings too much, either wash it off, or I’ve found that the 2 to 1 mixture with Borax: two parts water, one part vinegar (apple or white vinegar) and Borax stops the sting quickly. I’d dab it on with a cotton ball at first to check. It is explained my my post lower down on Sept. 22, 2011. Anyway, the turpentine hurts when you have bites.

      I think that turpentine kills the mites and heals the skin. The vinegar mixture seems to soothe the sting of the turpentine and heal the skin. (The vinegar mixture seems to kill the mites, too, but slower.)

  66. YES says:

    Don’t bother going to a dermatologist. I just did & it was a total waste of time & money. I had even put scotch tape over crawly itchy areas the day I went. Although the doctor said it was a good idea, I had not used clear tape so she couldn’t see much under the microscope. Net, net, because there was nothing to SEE on me (no creatures, no marks, no sores, no redness) she suggested it could be a pre-diabetic neuropathy. Yeah, I’m only pre-diabetic in summer & coincidently, my husband is too. She was worthless. The only sensible thing she suggested was seeing an allergist. I also bought two machines – one specifically for mites. The waves disrupt their reproductive cycle. I move it from room to room. And a larger pest one for rodents, crickets, etc. See only slight improvement. But this is interesting..last week I caught a cold. I had a fairly high fever. The two days I had the fever, the “bugs” deserted me, but my husband was itching more. So they must not like to be on a sick person! I am just amazed that doctors are not swamped with patients complaining about this mystery ailment.

    • fullofmites says:

      There was nothing, no bites, marks, bugs, on me for a long time, but now I get bites, usually about 3-6 per week. I received the worst bites ever, and I mean like swarming bites, after I sprayed the mattress and put some drops in my cat’s ears. WOW! I must have totally ticked those little suckers off! I was covered with hundreds of bites and swelling from head to belly button. I looked like a burn victim. Like I said, the turpentine mix worked to alleviate the problem. Thank God!

      As far as getting sick, I don’t know. These little guys just feast on my older cat, the weak one. Sometimes when the bugs don’t “choose” a person, its because of something like the lotion they use, or the medicine they take, their shampoo, what they eat, etc. It’s mysterious. Mites hate benzyl benzoate which is HARD to find out there because they don’t manufacture it in the USA anymore. It’s a fairly common ingredient though in lotions, etc,in very small amounts. It’s also in the laundry additive: De-mite, which I’ve used for washing fabrics that can’t handle bleach or hot water. One of the ingredients in it, Methyl Salicylate,is really toxic, so you should only use De-mite in the laundry, as directed. There is a benzyl benzoate treatment that can be purchased from Happy Jacks called SardexII for mange on horses or pets. It’s an aerosal spray. A lot of kids buy it for their scabies. I don’t have scabies at all.

      I’m NOT going to go to a dermatologist for this. The few I’ve seen in the past love to mask the symptoms of your ailments with creams, and I’ve never found one who likes to get to the bottom of things anyway. I’m pinning my hope on God leading me to the answer in due time, not some dermatologist who doesn’t care about it.

      I’m amazed too, that there is not more discussion anywhere about this problem with doctors, on TV, or something. Since DDT, rotenone, benzyl benzoate, and other effective pesticides have been banned in the USA, bugs have gone wild. The pesticides nows dont’t address the problem of mites, etc. I’m just glad that someone invented REVOLUTION for animals, because ivermectin only works in larger doses, and cats cannot take large doses of it. There liver is a real touchy organ. Anyway, gotta go.
      P.S. Another good website is Earthclinic.com for all kinds of remedies. Some work well. Don’t believe them all though.

  67. fullofmites says:

    My brother is insisting that I try Dustmitex or a Disodium Octoborate Tetrahydrate powder to mix myself. Says there are many studies that it kills dust mites (as well as mange supposedly). Well hey, if it kills a dust mite and mange, why not? Can be applied to wood, carpet, upholstery, floors, and carpets, as directed. Non-toxic and no known pest resistance yet. Quick results (< 2 weeks). Wish me luck. Can be purchased at Do it yourself pest control places and allergy stores online. Cheap. The pest control people may say it's not for mites, but the animal people say that it is.

  68. Lauren says:

    I got my problem at a fine hotel and have the same symptoms as almost all here have noted. I will try the food grade diatomacious earth, raw organic garlic, almonds, keep the house cold and get an ozone generator. I’ve had this for about 16 days, had Terminix in and they found nothing at all.

    If any of you have found that something works, please let me know and I will do the same. I live near Annapolis MD tbut got this thing in Austin Texas where the weather has been hot and dry, as it has been here. It began attacking me in my bed the third night and started just yesterday, 4 days after the first attack in bed at home, to attack my uncovered legs and arms. At night, I’ve slept in another room for 3 days and wonder if the same biting will occur tonight? This is hell.

    Anybody that has an answer, please let me know at lifecoaching4life@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  69. Anti says:

    EVERYONE TRY TO TAKE AN ALLERGY MEDICINE FOR A WEEK PLEASE….This will narrow it down for you. Start with 2 benedryl then 1 every 3 to 4 hours up to about 5 a day…. Remember EVEN IF IT IS BUGS, you may still be allergic. You can find some bottles as low as 2 dollars or a small bottle from the dollar store.

    I RECOMMENDED THE OZONE because it worked!! My shop is now free of BLACK MOLD and any other bug pests as well. I’m really off the benedryl and I would’ve SWORN IT WAS BUGS… IT WAS NOT… I did have to THROW OUT my whole wardrobe 3x and the bedding 4x but…. IT HAD TO BE DONE. As the BLACK MOLD spawns millions of spores per hour and they embed and grow in moist clothing / cotton. I’m sitting here now without a shirt and no patches or even an itch. BEFORE the spores were moving about the air and running over my skin and felt like bugs eating me alive until it settled in my clothing and found itself a permanent home. Washing the clothes only moved the spores to another part.

    BLACK MOLD AFFECTS EVERYONE! An allergy in general affects everyone different. My father just turned red when he helped me get the source out…I do keep mentioning this mold because it is different from any other mold. BLACK MOLD has no evidence that it originated on our planet and grows as if a ROCK that could grow. Two people around here recently died from it because they were not allergic and so it got into their blood stream without them knowing.

    Why suffer when a guy like me can replace a weeks worth of clothes for well under 200.00 new bedding 60.00 for something nice…. The other alternative it to run the 7000mg/hr OZONE MACHINE in a closet with all your clothes in it.. This will work but i decided that enough was enough and so bought new clothes…I’m not that picky.. My boots are expensive so i flushed em with Alcohol 90% isopropyl a few times. Hanging clothing in the sun helped.

    Anyhow i ran the Ozone Generator in here for days and other rooms as well, even the closet in here. At my sweethearts house i replaced the bedding several times but had to run it for a small flees problem and what else i tracked in there. I normal sized rooms that are sealed it should take 4 hrs to decimate everything in there. The longer you run it, the more it will get into every little nook. 7000mg/hr is industrial strength and should have no problem taking care of a double parlor sealed off, it just needs more time. NO MATTER WHAT IT IS: IT CANNOT SURVIVE IN O3 PERIOD.

    Also what i used in the main part affected were 2ct 9watt UV LIGHT BULBS. (VERY STRONG< DO NOT EXPOSE YOUR EYES/HEAD ETC FOR MORE THAN 30 SECONDS!!) While i ran the Ozone. I ran the ozone every night and all weekend. OZONE SHOCKED ROOMS ARE NOT SAFE TO INHABBIT UNTIL 40 MINUTE AFTER THE MACHINE IS OFF. Unless you have windows to open, my shop only has doors so….

    If you do this under the assumption that it is mites then do the same, but try to take dips in a chlorine pool ect it you have access to one. No matter what it is it has to come off your skin!!

    CONS TO USING OZONE MACHINE: They are expensive because the know what you NEED it for. And i'd advise buying a better one than i did. I had to rebuild mine due to a 4 hour safety timer, and inferior electronics. The better ones come in a stainless steel/aluminum box and have CORONA PLATES, 7000mg/hr or more. After several days of running i noticed that it does oxidize/rust items made of cheap metals. For instance my mic stand is cheap chrome and now has some blue oxidation on it. Lastly you have to run in and turn it off then run back out of the room holding your breath…not so hard. If you have a window then quickly open it..

    PROS TO USING OZONE MACHINE: IT really WORKED!! 9 months to a year of HELL and its finally OVER…thank god! I have my computer repair store / lab back. It also kills any odor and leaves a strong clean odor in everything for many days. If you buy a new on in a nice aluminum or stainless steel case @ 7000mg/hr you will HAVE IT FOR LIFE. You or your children may need it in the future. Also lastly, IT WILL KILL EVERYTHING KNOWN TO MANKIND. So if you get flees etc.

    Hope this helps. I know I've gone to far to give up and i do not deserve to suffer…..email me if you have questions subject OZONE. logician79@hotmail.com

    http://cgi.ebay.com/7000-mg-h-NEW-Air-Ozone-Machine-Odor-Remover-Ozonnizer-/320725160311?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4aacb59177 124.00…..thats cheap.

    This is the ozone machine i bought from eBay, i paid 154.00 and shipping but had to rebuild it due to a 4 hour timer and my store ceilings are 16ft or higher…They put better ones on eBay but this is all I'm finding now.

    ttp://cgi.ebay.com/3-5g-h-ozone-generator-ceramic-plate-Free-shipping-/200629117764?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2eb66d6344 50.00….for one 3500mg/hr plate and ballast.

    This is if you or your husband could build it yourself…2 of those above, an enclosure, and a small fan. Again if you needed help my Email is above. It's not hard to build.


    This is a 36watt UV Germicidal bulb. I had two lamps already so i used 2 9watt ones and tried to be cheap. Again these bulbs are really strong and will put a hurting on your eyes or head for several hours. We all encountered this on our eyes and we were basically blind for 5 hours or more.lol. So no more than a minute strictly and do not directly look right at it. It will make hurt and make your eyes water so intense that they force themselves to close….

  70. Ang Bosil says:

    This lady here said that she got rid of them with Bifen (bifenthrin,sold at pest control sites online, <$30), some good cleaning, and a deep freeze. Here is the site: http://www.e-bug.net/forum/messages/21105.shtml I don't know about the bifenthrin, because mites (I think that you have mites) develop a resistance to all pest control pesticides over time, but she says that the bugs are gone now. I tried all kinds of pesticides and frankly, they just seem to aggrevate and irritate the bugs. The days that I sprayed were always 3-fold worse! And then the results were less than effective. I've tried everything and unfortunately, I still have my bugs, too.

    The dustmitex didn't work either on these particular mites (older post).

    Some bad news is that each new batch of hatchlings can live without a meal for up to 40 days, and some types for even longer. Eventually I would think that there will be no "well-fed" female mites to lay eggs anymore.

    At a veterinarian, only 20% of the time does a skin scraping show the mite, so don't waste your time or money. Just treat. I think that most doctors don't seem to find much either. The pest control companies are predominately uneducated about mites. They say to see a veterinarian, the veterinarians say to see a doctor, and the beat goes on.

    Gold Bond Foot Powder, the extra strength, blue bottle, really repels them well. The other Gold Bonds don't work at all. It has to have menthol in large amounts in it to work and this strength level does. It will not, will not, repel them from a mattress though. I have found nothing that will. I sleep on a cot with a egg crate cushion for now because they can't hide in it. I wash everything I wear with 1 cup bleach added. Of course,I have ruined some things, but at least I don't itch at the waistband, etc. I like Vicks vapor rub, too, for around my nose. Some people swear that Windex works, or listerine. I haven't tried listerine, but regular old windex does work to kill them. I just don't use it a lot because I don't know how good it is to use on oneself a lot like that. Remember that windex has ammonia and so don't use the bleach around it. Lemon juice (2 lemons, 2 cups of water, boiled for 5 minutes, let sit overnight) seems to repel the mites temporarily. Its a great spray/spritz for cats/dogs when used with Revolution, since Revolution doesn't repel them, just kills them if they bite the animal. I've used lemon juice on myself as a quick fix, too.

    If you have any animals, any, even snakes or birds, the mites will attack them mercilessly. I'd put my cats/dogs on Revolution right away. (Snakes take ivermectin.) Unfortunately, it is expensive, but it is the only thing that works. You will have to keep treating the cats/dogs, at least once a month or every 15 days if you can afford it, until the bugs are gone from the house. You'd also have to keep treating the other animals too until the situation changed. Otherwise they will just get reinfested again and thereby, aggrevate your life exponentially, too, as they reinfest you. With birds, I would just wipe the stand(s) that they sit on with "pine tree-resin" turpentine, sold at Lowe's for $6.00. Do it every day or so, to keep the bugs off. It helps. They used to use it in chicken coops in the old days if they discovered mites.

  71. Anti says:

    You guys have animals too…oooof that makes things harder. Did they itch a lot before treating them??

    It’s strange cause everything you all say in your stories I’ve encountered. I spent hundreds on pest bombs for the store and still under the assumption it was bugs, bombing only seemed to piss them off. But, I blew off 9 at a time, you couldn’t see into the store, lol. After that i figured if every time i got a biting feeling i would use high end clear tape and try to trap one of these bugs. I’m in my computer store/lab so i have some tools to see this mite…..I tried this many times an hour and even under magnifiers there were no bugs present…. I called the local pest control company and one of my good friends from high school showed up. He put down several expensive traps etc. and after 2 weeks nothing. He mentioned “man i don’t think you have mites..” well any dangerous ones. There is some strange centipede looking thing in here that has big arms and head that uhhhh stand up. Scared the hell out of me one day, fast too. The back of the shop is in the ground almost 2 stories so…. Anyway he didn’t even think twice about saying it. Them some others mentioned allergy..

    Mentioning your waistband is a strange coincidence. This mold i had would attach to my waistband first. ?? I’m assuming that its thicker and the spores can settle in there easier. As it would make a home in the thicker parts of my clothing. I’d track it back to my sweethearts house and it would settle in the bedding. That’s why i tossed the bedding out so much. It flows about the air and cannot seem to settle directly on your skin, so it’s bouncing off it. When it made contact i would start to patch, as i put it. The patches would grow to consume my whole arm, leg, foot, hands, but mainly would stick to the waistband, wristband, socks. Mostly the patches would start in my waistband. I’m deadly allergic to this, not mildly. It put me into many of seizures and i went off a big cliff in my car so….that is gone. Looked like pig man some weeks and others i couldn’t walk or even hold things, my hands and feet swelled to be softballs.


    In the general i put one picture of it going away on my leg, that originated on my waist. I would jump in the pond with all my clothes on and swim. Then i would stand in the sun for a couple hours to dry. This works for a guy in RI summer. I will put a new section for this allergy to show it also looking like bug bites… I just didn’t want to put too many fowl pictures on there.

    Any how, the ozone machine killed every little bug in here. They were everywhere, dried out. The O3 sticks to the bug, brings them or holds them down, and eventually oxidizes them to death. It seems to dry them out from the inside. What the sun does to them after a bug dies in your window. Except this machine did it in 8 hours in this shop. I found everything from lady bugs, spiders, those strange centipedes, mosquito’s, flies, bees, and the list goes on. I didn’t think so many were in here to your cleaning em up everywhere. In retrospect the O3 machine worked better on the bugs and it took longer for the mold, mold spores being microscopic. The black mold is also stronger than any bugs etc..

    Trust me, I would not bother to waste my time to write all this if it didn’t work, i could be working on my research. It is a solution to any allergy ailment, infestation, and infecting organisms. The worst that could happen is that you’ll waste a fraction of the money and time that you already have with toxic chemicals, and insane living arrangements. IT WORKS. Bugs can allude chemicals, they cannot escape O3.

    ALSO, if the bleach is working, than it is more of a mold indicator. Once i got rid of the source i soaked everything in bleach, the walls, ceiling, desks, floor, and it prevented the mold from spreading into the walls thank god. It also ruined thousands in equipment as i was freaking out and forgot about how powerful and oxidizer it is.

    Best of Luck,

    (Author with 3 int copyrights on a complete union in theoretical physics, owner and complete builder of PC Matter Computers) Theory of Balanced Inversions (r).

  72. fullofmites says:

    Yes, my animals itched a pretty much before treating them, but unfortunately I thought it was fleas or something. I had a sales job and couldn’t be bothered. I was too tired at the end of a 15 hour day. I hired some guy to spray for fleas and just forgot about it. However, one night about 6 months later when an army of things marched across my face at midnight, it got my attention! WOW, did it ever. That was the longest shower I ever took in my life. I washed more clothes/towels/sheets that night than I ever had before, too. That was the beginning of my nighmare and story. Someday I hope to sell this story to some sci-fi director in Hollywood and make a lot of my lost money back. Just kidding.

    Anyway, I put my cats on Revolution for almost 2 months and a vet, bless his heart, took them off for some Heartguard pills. That really derailed my whole timeline, too. He just wanted EVERY animal on Heartguard which has ivermectin in it, but in such small doses that it wouldn’t kill a mite if it took the pill itself. Anyway, after 6 weeks on Heartguard, my cats looked like typical mange victims: loss of hair around eyes, ears, forehead, and back, not to mention the dandruff and flakey skin. They wouldn’t even lick themselves. Much to my veterinarian’s dismay, I put the Heartguard away and got out the Revolution again. Within 2 days they began to recover.

    You seem like a thoughtful author, owner, builder of computers kind of guy. Really. I’m glad that you don’t get those patches anymore and I haven’t had the guts to look at your fowl pictures yet. That did sound like a horrible kind of mold. I don’t know if I have mold though. It moves. Jumps. Feels like it has legs on it. And it responds to topical stuff like the Revolution. It goes to the waistband because mites typically hide during the day and what a better place to hide than seams and waistbands? I guess this is a more common problem in the midwest, because apparently the waistband symptom is very typical of a mite problem like chiggers, itch mites, harvest mites, and red mites. (I just write what I’ve read because I’ve never been around chiggers or the others. I’m from San Diego.) I think bleach kills them because its so caustic, harsh and liquid. I don’t even use hot water anymore. It still works though.

    Mold is terrible too, and I’m glad that I don’t have it, for sure. Believe me, all this stuff just freaks me out!! But curling up on the sofa is not an option, because I have to DO something about it, of course. That and a lot of trust and faith in my loving, wonderful God who will lead me eventually out of this mess.

    That O3 machine sounds interesting. I can’t say that I even know what one is or does, but I plan to learn more about it soon. The bugs that I think I have are .3 microns big on average, so they are microscopic, too, which could be one reason to use that O3 machine. However, mites do climb the walls, so I hope the heavier “air” still gets to them. That’s why I don’t think DE works, they just walk around it. It didn’t work when I used it. I guess that might be a case by case kind of thing though. Some people say it works, though I saw nothing change.

    Anyway, I’m looking for answers so I appreciate your suggestion and the time you took to post all this info. It could be everything.

    • Kay says:

      Did you ever find out if it was cheyletiella mites? Are you cured of it? Thanks.

      • M in SF says:

        Thanks for Sharing your story about this godforsaken mess. There are too many ‘out there’ suffering quietly and I believe something went awry. No one wants to hear about bugs and people are fearful yet judgmental as well.
        I am glad you found some remedies that work for you. Keep us posted, thank you.;

        The thing is, I SEE mine all the time, the are quick moving and quite airborne stringy spider like things, the visual ,constantly is enough to drive one insane, then to realize they live, breed and feed off a person, for whatever reason that happened is the most grueling experience.

        Some of my patients notice them since I spend so much time with them one on one, however, they can not make the whole connection, to me, that there are thousands gzillions of these and if they would mention it to their care professionals it is immediatly dismissed as being dillusional or steroid induced psychosis/halluzinations etc.

        I would like to draw someones attention, undivided attention and they would notice too, I can describe them by now in details, they behave truly parasitic, lice like, in clusters, their color or lack of it, transparent almost unless in bright light and wisp like structure makes them ‘dissappear’ into everything, they blend in just nicely, they leave their marks though on the skin, they harbor themselves into every body orifice, they land in the eyes, eyelashes, mouth, nose of course the hair and scalp. From the multi point blood vessel pulsations at non arterial sites I can deduct that they go for the blood as well but not swept into the stream otherwise there would be an embolus event and I would have been a goner a long time ago.

        There is whole industry geared to treat such conditions for live stock, pets etc but not for humans.I have visited the feed stores and pet stores in my desperation amongst gzillion other things I tried. It is a manipulated mutation and not accepted from the gate by the so called professionals as there is no money in parasites, it does not exist in their text book and they are pre programmed to dismiss any ‘crazy’ person talking nonsense about some infestation.

      • Jill Adame says:

        What are Cheyletiella mites, I haven’t heard of those? I also am having horrible adventures with some kind of mite, and the Five Dermatologists I’ve seen just are horrible and stupid…say I don’t have anything but dry skin…they should come to live with me and one day, they’ll know…It’s not as bad as it was though, but my fingernails are in ruins,and hurt from me having to do surgery on myself. Also the sores, but that’s different as well.

  73. fullofmites says:

    A NOTE OF CAUTION: Vicks vapor rub is for AROUND the outside of the nose, not in it. I do not think that it is safe used in the nose, because it is TOO THICK and can clog up your nose and impede your breathing. I only rub it AROUND the outside of my nose.

  74. bug immune deficit girl says:

    I live in ca in the desert I’m not sure if they fly but I know they get inside you and grow inside you.things started off just lik the rest of your stories then one day I noticed a whole in my sons foot I put a little proxiid to clean his fot and what loked like a splinter came out he cried for a second scared so I put some on my foot to show him it was ok and wouldn’t hurt theybegam comming out o My foot as well and yes like somebody said differnt shapes and sizes. I alwaus thought the sever itch that gets worse at night or by electricity ws bed bugs then scabies nody lice impontago and yes mongellons but the bites got. Worse spread over more area of my nody and could start to feel them in more areas of. My house at all times of. The day and night and tried, proxide whereever I coud see t and they came out amywhere I put it as works with selcin blue they staryed, on the outside of my skin bitting amd bitting over time got inside amd our now livong on my skin I’m not dilutional or have morgellons try it urself and se also noticed if I strech my skin where the swelling from the, nits seem to be seems to suffocate tjem bringing. Then out try pouring poroxide amd tighting the skin youl se the internal aswell as exturmal and you’ll see them or put it on your feet then walked around bare foot seems to crushed them brawing them out then grad the trape from there its not a cure or a name nut. Atleast gives some answere to help. ….ps. don’t mind my spelling writting from phone don’t like computer to many alien bug bites

    • Jill Adame says:

      Your’e the first person on this site that has your mites exactly like mine. And the glitter, lots of glitter, and small ones and large ones, silver in color. Also I have tan mites too, and red. The black and red one.s jump around when I capture them, I have to fight with them. They get under my fingernails and are like stuck like glue, when I clean my nails, a hundred times a day, then wash with soap also, they bite like hell, and as quickly as I can I have pain until I can get them out!! I’m going nuts, and I’d like to know if you’re cured by now and how? I’ve had this since September of last year,2011. I’ve been to one Doctor and five dermatologists, I have three letters from the Dermatologists staing I don’t have scabies. Then what are they in their profession for, one told me I had folliculitis,which can be apart of this scabies business, or critter business. But he and the other three say I don’t have scabies they can swear by it. And everyone gives me a different medication.The last one said I just have dry skin, very dry skin. I showed him my specimens, he went through them fast and says,”I don’t see any live things, this is just debris. I almost dropped my teeth…I wrote a full history for him to help him understand. I asked him to read it, then call me if he knows what it is. Please help I begged him, I’m so tired, haven’t seen my kids, didn’t let my boyfriend come oevr, but now since BF begged to come over, I’m letting him. he was thinking I was using this as an excuse not to see him. So, oh well, we’re going to share something else now. This was this month in May 0f 2012. I called him asked him if he read my History, he says, I read through it briefly but it’s really too long. I could have killed him. He gave me medication for extremely dry skin, it’s a steroid, and Prednisone, also a steroid, but tablets. I have had three treatments of Permetherin, this is what you need as well. I had pictures to show him also but he wouldn’t look, I offered to open a sore in front of him and show him what’s inside, he said, “No, that’s alright.” Now my cuticles and fingernails are being eaten up, I do surgery on them myself, just like i do with the sores. He doesn’t care. I have to wait a month until my next appointment with him. I called his associate, he said, as far as the History is concerned, we treat you accordlinly to what we see now, not in the past. Professsional idiots!! So I’ve been on here this site seeking answers also. I also don’t have alot of money, I’m on a social security, and not much, so laundrymat are expensive washing every day. That’s the reason I may still have them. I wash once a week. My boyfriend came again today, he has sores on his face just like mine, and his face is redened. Could have been from the sun also, he’s aways had a mole on the side of his nose, it looks like it’s being attacked, and I told him so, he shakes his head and says, you are just going through bug fear…Next I’m going to a Lawyer soon, I’ll give him another appointment because now i have pictures and film, it’s used alot of my time. I take the pictures through the Magnifying glass, and some of the movies too. We’ll see what this intelligent man thinks then…Heh? Keep in contact with me please.

    • azriel says:

      HELP!!! Does anyone experience any other syptoms besides the bite etc? Naseua, hot flashes…I have more…I caught a bug today very tiny, skinny and black after a sharp pinching bite…I was hospitalized about 9 mos ago…temporary paralysis, weakness fatigue and have been diagnosed with everything from Guillian Barre’ syndrome, to fibromyalgia, and IBS! I haven’t been able to work or barely function some days. I thought the “pin prick” feelings were neuropathy bc I wasn’t finding anything until today!!! Any help would be muh appreciated!!! I’m going to try the peroxide thing but am scared! I just got all my hair cut today and am terrified now that I couldve passed this on 😦

      • Jill Adame says:

        You need a doctor’s care, this can’t be solved by the wits. Permetherin, or and Ivermetrin at the same time, and clean your heart out, I’m so exhausted over this I can’t tell you. I’ve been battling them since Sept. 2011, still can’t get relief. It goes in stages too. So the sooner you get the treatments the better. And after your shower make sure your not wet before you apply the treatment. Dry off for at least 20 minutes. Don’t leave the treatment on more than told. And I’m tired of the bites, everything. I’ve been a recluse except for shopping, have noone else to do it for me,and my biggest problem is the Doctor’s they don’t carem, don’t want to deal with it, love it if you don’t return to them.(In my case). I’ve gone through six Doctor’s already, I help them all I can to see what’s going on,they simply diagnose me as not having scabies. I have three letters from three of them stupid freaks,stating I’m not contagious, but I know I am. Another Dr. told me I need a Psycatrist!! Can you believe that? I even consulted a Community Lawyer, he says I have to pay a Lawyer to fight all six of them. They don’t want to deal with this either. Don’t give it to other people it’s not fair. I did make a mistake and took my boyfriend back, because he begged, let him get it also then, we’ll fight it together. but as I’ve read, some people don’t get them. I also saw my kids a few times, after i thought it went away, or believed the doctor and was under other treatments for what they told me i have. They keep telling me I don’t have scabies, that I’m illusionating. They are such fools, and don’t deserve their prodfessions, and I’m going to fight them yet, I’m just being silent for now. Tooo much on my plate.

  75. bug immune deficit girl says:

    I live in ca in the desert I’m not sure if they fly but I know they get inside you and grow inside you.things started off just lik the rest of your stories then one day I noticed a whole in my sons foot I put a little proxiid to clean his fot and what loked like a splinter came out he cried for a second scared so I put some on my foot to show him it was ok and wouldn’t hurt theybegam comming out o My foot as well and yes like somebody said differnt shapes and sizes. I alwaus thought the sever itch that gets worse at night or by electricity ws bed bugs then scabies nody lice impontago and yes mongellons but the bites got. Worse spread over more area of my nody and could start to feel them in more areas of. My house at all times of. The day and night and tried, proxide whereever I coud see t and they came out amywhere I put it as works with selcin blue they staryed, on the outside of my skin bitting amd bitting over time got inside amd our now livong on my skin I’m not dilutional or have morgellons try it urself and se also noticed if I strech my skin where the swelling from the, nits seem to be seems to suffocate tjem bringing. Then out try pouring poroxide amd tighting the skin youl se the internal aswell as exturmal and you’ll see them or put it on your feet then walked around bare foot seems to crushed them brawing them out then grad the trape from there its not a cure or a name nut. Atleast gives some answere to help. ….ps. don’t mind my spelling writting from phone don’t like computer to many alien bug bites ……….also more bugs the regular kind seem to be more attracted to those of us who are affected and I’m pretty sure mold fungus or both either have some part in the making of these alien bugs attract them or bread more

  76. bug immune deficit girl says:

    And dust I sware thats what they drive to be mobile les,s dust seems to bring less bites

  77. bug immune deficit girl says:

    o here’s where my heads at today I’m ganna try to figure out more about these alien bugs through us. Today I put selsun blue on the new itchy rash blister like spots and patches and almost instantly. Lil things start popping out all over my body not just the area I put the shampoo so I wounder if I put it where these things are most fpund if it woll kill them or drive them away from the spots around the house I put it I also notice once I scratch at or rib the ones that I there if I touch my body anywhere else the next day there’s a new spot where the wasn’t before so I before bed starting yesturday take ducl tape sometimes the, clear kind isn’t as sticky so the duck tape seems to work better then put the clear kind over so your still abel to see through I take piroxied pore on the spots then if something comes out usually looking like one of three things a tiny black speck bearly visable to the naked eye black head looking, a white speck a lil bigger then the black that’s soft a lilttle moist resembling the tiniest booger I’ve ever seem, and then a red one resembling closely to a bed bug or a tiny picked off scab. The things always on my skin I see mostly at night are like glitter or tiny tiny pieces of glass and rarely but I have recently had little things come out of my feet that are part red and part white there the bigest they hurt sometimes pop out full force flying onto the floor the texture of these arethe weirdest like a dried out spounge closet thing I can think of it a dried out start fish hard as a peice of tooth the size of a grain of white rice but not really that shape more of a popcorn celing look to it. Then I get a peice of tape taking any particels I see on the bed just before changing everything and last my face so scared really to death it will effect my face and I won’t be able to hide whatever this Is anymore I wash it with selsun blue anti bactireal soap anyway then take tape put it on parts of my face just incase I can’t see it there but really is. I take a magnifing glass look at them putting what it looks like where it came from any changes I notice from the day before then wipe my body down in alcohol just before I lay down to go to bed. I just would like if any of you please could answer some questions maybe we can find the connection ourself if you don’t want to answer all of them don’t if you want more info from me or would rather answer the question where the world can’t see email me at lexismoma@yahoo.com. 1.how many people live in your home. 2.do you have any pets if so how many and what kind. 3.have you or anybody living in your home taken medication,illigealdrugs,or drank. 4.age,sex,race 5.normal weather conditions where you live 6.food habits. 7.any medical problems. 8.do you have a septic tank. And that’s it So far and just so nobody thinks this is a joke orget scared to answeri will answer my own questions first 1.eight.2yr boy,5yr girl,21yr girl,22yr girl,23yr boy,24yr boy,41yr girl, and 67 boy. 2.one cat one dog. 3.people in my home have done illegal drugs before drink sometimes and have been prescribed meds. 4.22 female white 5. Hot and dry 90% of the year. 6.a lot of fast food due to a large family. 7.none other then what I belive to be normal to everybody with or without this problem. 8. Yes we have a septic mold around a pipe out back and have no idea about fungus. Thank you to those of you who answer this post and if anybody has questions that might help us ask me ill be the first to answer honestly to get ride of these things that seem to be becomming part of me.I hate them.

  78. Andie says:

    i noticed them the past month when I sit near my lap top or go out in the direct sunlight. I thought it was just a weird skin crawly from out doors. But now I feel them when I am inside. I grabbed clear packing tape and actually caught on. I also showed my boyfriend my arm and he saw it. I am not sure what to do or how to stop it. I’m freaking out. they are small microscopic long little brownish orangish things.

    • excalibur2 says:

      Secala – good work. It is possible that this is the second parasitic infection that affected me recently. It is NOT the bug that is being described by so many on this blog. The main culprit that we are all after is like a tiny black razor blade. Many of the comments above talk about ‘the tiny black bits’ everywhere when you look closely at bedding or bath water. Not knowing what they are, how they reproduce or what the LIFE-CYCLE IS – is the most frustrating aspect of this. I am not an entomologist but if I were I might suspect some link to the ‘assassin bug’ family. I have seen them not only trying to burrow into my skin – but also I have seen them carrying fluff fibres around in what looks like an attempt to ‘disguise’ themselves.

      They are definately insect as they are killed by Malathion and they can’t stand tea tree oil.

      I hasten to add that his has nothing to do with the ‘Morgellans’ fibres that people talk about. I believe that these things sometimes hide in tiny fluff balls on bedding or clothing. Mine always carry black fluff – but then I nearly always wear black socks which may be relevant. I also suspect that this is why everyone agrees that tumble dryers are very effective at combating the numbers.

      Going back to your photos – it is ironic really that the only reason I have given up trying to self medicate and gone to my doctor is because of the SECOND parasite that I probably picked up in the garden! That just made life intolerable. Now I have black specks AND white specks! Unfortunately for me there seem to be some people more prone to insect attack than others.

      If somebody can identify the black speck beasty and find a way to eliminate it I will be a very happy man. I suspect that most such parasites die in winter and eventually get cleared from the human body but the biting black specks just keep going year in and year out. Best wishes.

  79. John says:

    Hello all, I am re eaves to here I am not alone although sad to see so many others are in this heck. So I have read all the post and have started a hi alkaline diet, eating garlic, apple cider vinegar (1tbsp every 3 hours), tea tree oil in rubbing alcohol wipe downs 3 X day, 3 showers/day, washed everything in hot hot water with rubbing alcohol and used peroxide with water to demoed my bathroom (the shower was worse than I knew) my couch and carpets are to be steam cleaned with a professional 200F steam cleaner on Sat and fogging my place Sun. So far the bites are down to 20% of what they were before I started this program. I will let you know next week if this changes. I picked up this thing (bug, larva, etc) in south Florida 8 months ago and I have made the same mistakes that everyone else made such as Deet, Nix cream, raid, and 3 doctors gave me creams to stop the itch but no help in identifying the cause. Anyway the visual bite marks on my face are now all but gone and my shoulders and chest are much better. Still getting bit 4 or 5 X a day but not the serious bites just the small ones. So in short I am using every recommended solution here without the ozone or sound system. Take care all

    • excalibur2 says:

      Hi John – best of luck with that. If you don’t change your bed sheets every day then check them for fluff balls and black specks before you get in them. We have now bought a little domestic steamer to use any time.

      I am starting to think that the only way to rid them from the body will be ivermectin – which is an insecticide medicine that works from the inside out – so there is nowhere for them to hide. With that will need to go anti-biotics and anti-fungals. Eating proper garlic cloves is better than garlic tablets. I have also recently found that regularly taking multi-vitimins and cod liver oil makes you feel better too. I think that the bugs take some minerals out of you. I wish you every success.

    • Emily says:

      Hi John Hope you are better. Also try lint rolling your clothes and sheets, and put a mix of dia earth and borax in sheets, socks and shoes, as well as along baseboards. all the best

  80. excalibur2 says:

    I have noticed that some people have commented on various products like insect foggers and insecticide just ‘makes them mad’ or makes it worse. I would urge people to stay positive and keep fighting these creatures – even if it does become quite a tiring and something of a Spartan regime.

    I have a theory why some products ‘make them mad’. I do not think that it is necessarily a bad thing when you get a few extra bites – because what I think is happening is they are dying or becoming extremely uncomfortable – such that all they can do is try to burrow into the skin to hide.

    Ideally they would want to travel around the body to find their best location to implant themselves. Sometimes when you use a treatment they can no longer do that and their only route to survival is to burrow in where they are. Those sites don’t always last very long.

    If like me you apply a layer of tea tree oil and baby oil (or something similar) to your body – I would advise that afterwards you check in between your toes and in between your fingers. The black ‘specks’ tend to find their way there after a while – and it is a good opportunity to carefully remove them all. Make sure the swabs you use are burned or placed in a secure, plastic bag lined bin with a lid.

    After you have wiped them out – don’t forget to put tea tree oil back in between your toes and fingers again – so that if any more turn up they will probably die there. You might want to gradually increase the amount of tea tree oil ratio in the oil as time goes by.

    Wash your socks and undergarments inside out with borax – some use bleach but be careful not to stain. Then hot tumble dry them inside out to remove all fluff balls. Have alook at the inside of your trousers and check for fluff balls – removing any with scotch tape/selotape. Wash and tumble dry all clothes inside out – and remember to clean out the dryer’s filter each time – placing the fluff safely in the bin wearing rubber gloves.

    I know that it can be depressing – but keep your chin up boys and girls – we will identify this thing in the end – and its life cycle(s). Once that is done we can find a way to break the chain in the lifecycle and eradicate it! In the mean time pooling our information on how to make life easier will help. Even when there is a cure I suspect that we will still need to carry out many of the routines listed here anyway to clear our environments.

    It is rather ironic that Victorian doctors, always searching for new cures, would probably have been more open minded about these bugs than modern ones – that are hopelessly trapped in their medical dogma matrix! Keep up the good fight!

    • SandyMas says:

      Hi. Wanted to see how you were doing. I’ve recently been aflicted and found your advise super helpful. Have things improved for you?

  81. YES says:

    I use borax & de-mite laundry additive & things seem better. Can’t do the garlic thing – I’m allergic to it. Not one single doctor I’ve mentioned this to takes me seriously. At best they ignore me, at worst they suggest it is psychological. Yeah, both my husband & me are kookoo & only in the summertime, as these “things” go away totally after it gets cold.

    But surely, if we are all suffering from this, some doctor, somewhere, is also personally affected. They are, afterall, people just like us!

  82. Anti says:

    OZONE GENERATOR!!!!! 7000mg/hr or 7grams per hour. It will work fully and get everything in any room but your body. I HAVE BEAT MY CASE. It was black mold that felt exactly like bugs, even more nasty then bugs. I WON, 10month of pure torture, full body patches, pig-man look, couldn’t walk or hold things due to swelling, went off a cliff in my car having seizure and lived, almost lost my business i spent years building/everything and now that’s it. I did have to throw out anything cotton / clothing bedding a few times over but I WON. I’m walking but hey, i have my computer shop / physics lab up and running again. And finally off the life leaching benedryl, again I BEAT IT. I have everything setup so i can walk to memeas’ to get the shop inventory etc, so…

    To those who actually have critters, this machine works better and faster on them because bugs are not on the cell level… The machine kills them over night in a huge room and within 4-6 hours in small room. IT KILLS ANYTHING BIOLOGICAL END OF STORY!! It’s called SHOCK TREATMENT.

    When i did the treatments there were so many DEAD BUGS all over everything. It works by the O3 generated sticks to the bugs and holds them. It dries them out as if they were in your car window in the sun for days. CHEMICALS CANNOT DO WHAT THIS MACHINE DOES!! The machine cycles the air until the room becomes as the OZONE LAYER of pure O3. This OZONE is responsible for many things, one being that we are not over riding by germs and bugs.

    I may have read it hear or through other various hundreds of articles. THEY OUTLAWED ANY CHEMICALS THAT WORK MANY YEARS AGO! I’ve read this in numerous places. There only going to get aggravated and burrow away from it. MOISTURE is not good for things either….

    UV LIGHT, not black light!! This will help as UV light cleanses the air. 9 watts or more preferably. KEEP OUT OF THE UV LIGHT AND THE OZONE GENERATOR WHILE THEY ARE ON !! The sealed room that you shock treat will have to air out for 30 to 40 minutes after the machine is turned off, to be safe. Open a window after your done.

    THIS WORKS!! They are used in schools, hospitals, and government buildings ALL THE TIME. Right next door to my shop is a small high school. When the kids go on summer vacation the maintenance guy shocks most every room, he said. After telling him he said they have to rent huge ozone machines or the school would be over run with everything, makes sense!

    You will have to do this to each room multiple times and spreading out your clothes etc so that the 03 can get around and into everything. I threw everything out cause black mold breeds in cotton so….pfffff…i had enough. You can shut the machine in your closet for a few hours to ensure it kills whats in your clothes
    . I’m sure the bugs or whatever they may be move around as easy as the mold was floating around the air so. Yes you would have to do each room a few times, or just makes rounds. If you go off to work then just leave it on all day in the main areas of your home.

    This machine amazed me. I also had a lot of different critters in my shop due to the age of the building and it is set into a hill also. One of these bugs did startle me because it was like a 5 inch centipede with a big head/pincher and 4 arms under the head. This dam thing stood up!! I stomped the first one cause i have never seen them before in my life! Then i seen others run into the stack of boxes i have with computer parts in.Looked like a warrior centipede! It doesn’t matter, i haven’t seen anything like it since the ozone shock treatments. I picked up a bunch of dead ones. It just came to my attention that those bugs may have been the reason a business will not stay in the shop i have, LOL. They were mean looking, almost a half foot some were more, huge pincher head, eyes, amazing dexterity, and extremely fast. They would come out of one of hiding, stand up and look around. As soon as i thought to move, it would screw into somewhere else. By the looks of it it would chase off most people.

    The machine also killed off all the flees in house we got from someones cat. It got em out of the 5th set of bedding i bought getting rid of the black mold. Right after we had some flees from somewhere. Also kills every odor you have anywhere and leave everything smelling new for a week.

    WARNINGS: DO NOT stay in the room with the ozone generator or until you have turned the machine off and let it air out. DO NOT stay exposed to UV light as it will give you a massive headache and it will really hurt your eyes. Makes them blurry, stay shut, and cry for up to 8 hours if your exposed too long. Also if there is any electronics that have a rubber belt, cover with a plastic bag. Meaning your DVD player, CD player, x box, printer, play station, wii, or your laptop. The OZONE eats away at anything thin rubber. It did break a couple x boxes i fixed, and 3 DVD burners i know of. Rubber is biological. impure metal may oxidize after many treatments. Example my mic stand is iron base with a chrome stand and it was in the path of the machine. After a while it did oxidize.

    So i leave you with this….after reading so many stories of people suffering with this type of affliction for upwards of 15 years or more. USE THE OZONE GENERATOR OR KEEP SUFFERING!

    ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL, FEEL FREE! logician79@hotmail.com


  83. Anthony says:

    This is the on i bought, but i paid 260.00, problem was i had to rebuild it to stay on more than 4hours. The shop is One huge room. A normal home you can section off and the ceilings are much lower.

    http://cgi.ebay.com/7000-mg-h-Air-Ozone-Generator-Odor-Neutralizer-Ozonator-/220832466628?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item336aa406c4 147.15 cheap

    If you want something that stays on and will be more durable and without the dummy electronics then…..

    http://cgi.ebay.com/Room-Car-Air-Purifier-OZONE-Generator-7000mg-h-ELP-7000-/250851252779?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3a67e65a2b 397.00

    Keep in mind i bought the top OZONE GENERATOR and i had to rebuild it to stay on overnight without having to reset the machine every 4 hours.

    If you have small rooms in the average house the top one would cut it. The link on the bottom is to one that will stay on overnight and ANNIHILATE EVERYTHING !

    When i treated the shop, that is one huge room with 20ft ceiling. I would put the machine facing a different way each night. Main about 6 ft from the wall on a upward angle. This was to ensure that the air kept recycling quickly.


  84. excalibur2 says:

    I suspect that there will be some relief for people as the winter approaches and insect activity decreases. No doubt this is confirmation to the learned elders of the medical world that as the winter and cold weather approaches – we all rather strangely lose most of our delusions and become SANE again…..

    It has come to my notice that there may be a good reason why the medical authorites are taking such a peculiar and unhelpful line with sufferers – that is frankly an insult to the intelligence. The fact is all the world’s top microbiologists (those with any brains) – seem to be dying like flies! Have a look at this:


    One would have thought that microbiology was a rather safe career to enrole in! It seems not!

  85. Anthony says:

    I beat this black mold and after two months of it being abolished, I still freak when i get an itch. I’m looking and monitoring to make sure it’s not a patch that will swallow most of my skin.

    Yeah the psychological toll was fierce. After 4 or 5 months i could not take it anymore, I took my main tower and body slammed it into my monitor in which made the desk break at the cornier. It all fell into the desk and to the floor. Then i proceeded to pick up my metal chair and hammer it all down for a few. Imagine this is server tower that weigh 50 to 60 pounds, on top of a particle board L desk. The MOLD was right over my head, and makes you itch everywhere. It was in everything. So everything i touched or wore made me swell up head to toe. Like millions of super flees eating me up. I could actually sit and watch the patches grow exponentially. Surprisingly all 3 grand worth of equipment and parts on the desk survived. Made me feel better and it is my property.

    Well its gone and i’m finally off the benedryl, but there is still a lingering affect from this dismay of my constitution. If i’m even still alive after how i grew up, then I was certain i would push through this.


  86. Fullofmites says:

    Black mold is a killer. It is a fungus. If it happens to land on someone or something moist, it grows. Then it grows some more, and lets go of some more spores (like seeds) which float around in the air and hope to land on something or someone moist, and grow even more… I’m very glad to know that O3 kills it! Everything has to die, its great to know what makes that happen.

    I have mites. Stubborn, relentless, evasive, irritating little mites. Frankly, I’ve never seen them, but there’s no denying their presence here. Although I was unaware of them for the first several months,
    they have been my little roommates for almost 2 years now.

    I have spent LOTS OF MONEY trying to take command of this situation, and the many veterinarians, pest control people, entomologists, and various internet sites have gladly accepted all of the money I was willing to bestow on them with little consequence. I’ve learned one thing from this: slow down and think things through more.

    I’ve written in a couple prior posts about the few things that help to alleviate the major symptoms that can make your life unbearable while living with these itch-producing, night-walking machines. Here is another one which is “golden” to stop the itch and heal the skin:

    It works on people, cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, goats, and the list goes on. I DON’T know about birds or snakes. It is cheap and easy to make, and best of all, it can destroy the mite eggs living under the skin if the skin is drenched in it for several minutes. I’ve used it and it works.

    Hydrogen peroxide (3%) or vinegar (white or apple cider)
    Borax (20 mule team laundry additive)

    2 cups of vinegar or hydrogen peroxide
    4 cups water
    2-3 tablespoons of Borax
    Stir it up until it dissolves, Use it aggressively.

    As simple as this seems, it works. The ratio of the ingredients is very important, so don’t just throw some of it together, but you can cut the recipe in half or double it, etc. I prefer vinegar because I do not want bleached hair. Beware of the hydrogen peroxide or you and your pets could have orange hair in record time!! It will bleach your eyebrows and any hair you wipe it on. Vinegar does not do that.

    Spray it in your hair to the scalp, comb it in, and you’ll sleep. Spray it on your feet, and they won’t itch. Spray it anywhere you have hair and you won’t itch. Spray it on your skin anywhere many times, over and over if you like. It will leave a sandy feeling residue, the borax residue, but that is good. The mites hate it. Lately, I’ve been carrying a little spray bottle around with me everywhere and I feel good.
    Treat your animals, too.

    I use the vinegar mixture and I’ve had it in my eyes on accident and it slightly stings for 1-2 seconds at most. If you use too much vinegar it would sting more, I think. (Stick to the correct ratio.) Because I use the vinegar rather than the hydrogen peroxide, I frequently use a moistened cotton ball to wipe over my closed eyes with no problem. You’d have to be much more careful with hydrogen peroxide.

    I got this at this website. You can’t trust everything on it, but a lot of it is good information.

    P.S. I think the borax mixture could be used for mopping, spraying carpets, etc, to treat the environment. I just spray the floor, and swipe the mop, spray the floor and swipe the mop rather than make a huge batch of mixture. I found that Disodium Octoborate Tetrahydrate powder does not kill the mites (earlier post). And for Revolution to really work on an animal, I shave the hair where I intend to apply it so that it is more readily absorbed by the skin.

    • Fullofmites says:

      It’s better to use 3 tablespoons of Borax, heaping tablespoons, in the mixture. Two tablespoons is not enough. Read the website above to confirm.

    • excalibur2 says:

      Hi Fullofmites – well done – I tried that one last night and it was very effective. A bit of a blow for me though as I thought that I had been clearing them.

      I recently seemed to clear my problem completely with a prescription of anti-biotics and an anti-parasitics taken together – it worked for a few weeks. There is no doubt that the only way to fully treat this problem is from the inside out – as opposed to just putting things on your skin. The medication that I used worked for me 99.9% – but I get the feeling that either a second dose is required at a specific interval a couple of weeks later – or a more powerful anti-parasitic is needed to tackle this one completely in one go.

      The anti-biotics appeared to simulate ‘replacing’ the body’s normal immunity to such things – and these mites/larvae that we see relentlessly attacking the body just drop away as though they are no longer interested. Addressing lesions and cleansing the skin is still very important though of course – and your idea is brilliant. Unfortunately for me it showed that they are on the attack again.

      I often wonder whether the actual bug or insect that attacks us is largely irrelevant. Obviously different bugs create slightly different symptoms and effects on the human body as they parasitize it – but more important is to find out what causes the underlying condition that brings about this strange ‘vulnerabiliy’. Your recipe is definately another good tool in fighting this peculiar problem – and as you say – they don’t like it!

  87. Fullofmites says:

    Borax is laundry additive. Do not use boric acid which is different. Repeat, DO NOT USE boric acid for this mixture! Only use Borax, 20 mule team borax. Anything else could hurt you.

  88. Fullofmites says:

    ANOTHER NOTE: Your cat may lick themselves, of course. One on my cats routinely throws up once or twice after that, while the other one does not at all. This will not hurt the cats (or dogs) and you don’t need a cone or lampshade for their heads. They do just fine and their coats look sandy, but they feel better afterwards, and you can brush it out if you like. I put it in everyday, liberally. There isn’t enough soap to hurt them, but it hurts the bugs. Thank God!

  89. Allen Lough says:

    I have just started experiencing these invisible biters. They started on us about 2 weeks ago. I have no idea where they came from initially, but my wife and I are both getting bitten numerous times every night while on the sofa and in the bed. I am very thankful to have found this forum, as I simply could not believe we could sustain so many bites and NEVER see what was biting us! I never would have thought of microscopic mites attacking us. I am looking for a source for organically grown garlic, and I will be ordering some food grade diatomaceous earth as well. This is really an interesting, and very frustrating, new parasite which seems to be reaching epidemic proportions. Yet, I have heard absolutely NOTHING about it on the news or even on the internet without doing a specific search.
    We will also be running two ozone generators full blast every time we leave the house for a few hours. These things have got to GO!

    • Nancy says:

      We’re going through the same thing. Have had the house professionally fumigated twice, vacuum & wash linens everyday. Have used oils, Diatomaceus Earth, Borax, Ortho, doctors, entomologists (but I can’t get a good sample of the living thing, only the black specks) . . . . Seems like you can do this forever and not beat them. I can’t imagine what this house would be like if we just let it go. Kids aren’t getting bitten yet, just my husband and I (my husband much more than me). This SHOULD be on the news. No professional seems to believe us.

  90. Anthony says:

    OZONE NEEDS MORE THAN 3 HOURS. Even at 7000mg/hr its not even enough in one room…..

    I got rid of the black mold and had some kinda small bugs and it worked.

    + 7000mg/hr or more in a SEALED ROOM
    + in a small bedroom 6 to 8 hours
    + big parlor SEALED overnight and possibly 24 hours.
    + It take the machine time to turn the whole room into O3
    + It may smell strong like O3 after a few hours but its not getting pottent enough to push into all fabric or the little spaces, nooks etc.
    + I had rebuild mine into a computer case because it had a 4 hour timer wich defeated the purpose of a 7000mg/hr machine
    + I ran mine every and all night after closing the shop for the day
    + Sometimes ran it for two or 3 days Saturday and Sunday
    + The longer you keep it on the more potent and area you cover
    + I had some critters here and at home, could’t see em either, and this machine worked.
    + So basicaly the air is always trying to convert back to 02…..this is why IT TAKES TIME.
    + MAKE sure the room is clean, no piles of clothes, hang them and leave space in between them also.


    WARNING: THE SHOCK TREATMENTS DID RUIN SOME OF MY GEAR. Cover your tv, dvd, player etc with trash back…I did’nt realize it accelerates oxidation. So i lost a couple xboxes, my mic stand and drums have oxidation on them now but….I needed the killer mold, then the critters out of here. I did also threw out everything cloth and bought new.


    It definately worked for me …..this machine saved my life….the mold would’ve eventually killed me. The doctor also said he did’nt understand how i was even pushing through it all.

    I’ve written a book physics and i repair computers,cars etc and most electronics since I was 5. So maybe easier for me to visualize the process….

    IF YOU NEED ANY HELP OR QUESTIONS logician79@hotmail.com

    You could send me pictures or room sizes, and i’ll help with suggestions.


    Facebook Anthony Giguere RI
    Facebook PC Matter Computers RI

  91. Anthony says:

    Forgot…. The ozone machine will ruin anything with a rubber band in it. Wich can also tell you its working….

    Just thought of this…. Place a rubber band on the opposite end of the room your shocking… When that rubber band breaks up and starts deteriorating then you know its working…


  92. Nancy says:

    I haven’t read all of the posts so this may already have been answered, but it seems that the “mites” themselves are microscopic, but the “pepper” that is left on the bedding is bigger than the things that are doing the biting. Does anyone else have this experience? I have brought the stuff left on the bedding to a pest control specialist and an entomologist, and they say it looks like regular dirt or whatever, but not an insect. It’s definitely not anything we bring from the outside, we have all white sheets and wash them everyday and change our clothes before going to bed. This is coming from these biting things.

    • excalibur2 says:

      Nancy – it is important to keep your spirits up and stay positive. It is normal for there to be some setbacks in this dilemma – mainly because most people do not have any knowledge of entomology and the medical world are particularly unhelpful in this case. In fact the medical world has got a terrible and embarassing shock coming to it shortly when this thing gets out of hand. Then we will be proved right and they will have egg on their faces.

      The most helpful website that I have found so far to explain all this is http://www.morgellonsuk.org.uk – and also the term ‘micro myiasis’ which you can google.

      At first I dismissed the idea that this might be morgellons disease – because I have never seen any ‘fibres’ or flourecent items under my skin. I now realise that the symptoms suffered are merely dependant on WHICH INSECT is doing the parasitizing. I believe that this disease is caused by an underlying ‘vulnerability’ to being parasitized by tiny flies that normally do not bother people. Have a look at the site – it has lots of good advice. I also believe that we need to treat ourselves from the ‘inside out’ rather than just potions on the skin – although of course it is important to clean our environments and skin at the same time. Try to keep your chin up and good luck.

      • Nancy says:

        Thank you so much. I appreciate your encouragement. I will look at the site. Any bit of information helps.

      • Ruby says:

        Concerning to Morgellons, I think that it is GM casemaking clothes moth larva, whose genetic modification has made them microscopic.

  93. YES says:

    There must be one single medical professional who has also sufferend. Or else, we really are all crazy. Newest theory is an alien bacteria or virus (as in from outer space) that got here by way of a meteorite or just space debris. Who knows, may not be too far from the truth.

    • excalibur2 says:

      Yes – apparently the largest number of sufferers of this disease are nurses – followed closely by teachers. So there are many professional sufferers. Interestingly there are Professors and Doctors (scientists) who are surmising that this problem may well be the result of genetically modified experiments on crops. The companies that carried out the experiments used GENE TRANSFER applications on crops thinking that they would only work on plants. Their concern was whether it would spread to other plants. It now seems that not only does it also spread to other plants but also insects, animals and people too. The gene transfer applications may make exposed people and animals ‘attractive’ to insects that would not normally parasitize humans or even animals. This also would explain why most of the micro-biological world is terrified to investigate this issue – for fear of losing grants and exposing a MASSIVE risk to human health that has been engineered by those who pay their wages. It is easier it seems to denounce sufferers as ‘delusional’ – just like something out of Soviet Russia. Most of the research, academic names and scientific detail for this is on www. morgellonsuk.org.uk The facts are that we do not know why this is happening yet – but they won’t be able to hide it forever all the same!

      • Emily says:

        Excellent comment – the agrobacterium and viruses that are used to forcibly alter plant DNA have been shown to modify the gut flora of human beings after only one meal of GM “food”. It’s conceivable that the now unstable plant DNA could somehow be altering our own DNA, thus confusing insects that would not normally parasitise mammals.

        Hope you are on the mend.

      • SandyMad says:

        Oh my god this is so so scary! Makes so much sense why so many people are afflicted by different insects/critters! This is so depressing and makes me lose all hope 😦 what about our children. I can’t fathom the idea that they will live like this forever

  94. Nancy says:

    Your comment is funny, but true. Some professional must have suffered, but I guess not ours . You’d have to be in the right place to go to the right office to find the right doctor who has suffered.

  95. Nancy says:

    I just found this website. If it works, that’s great. I’m giving it a shot.

  96. Jan says:

    Buggie In Ok.Having this problem for about 8 weeks and dong lots of research on the internet. I am single, unemployed, and live alone, looking for a job, broke, and now this nightmare. Have had the house treated, taken my puppy to two vets, myself to two doctors who want me to take Zanex. My house has had a history of mold problems and I have become very allergic to mold. I do a lot of volunteering and I am exposed to a lot of different people and my puppy has been to to two kennels. recently the Joplin tornado, not sure where I got this is. Maybe just developed in the house, I did leave my air con. off while on vacation for two weeks in 114 temp.This what I have done:
    To catch some samples of this mystery bug that is a heat seeking missile and likes to be active in the night between 2 & 4 a.m. I took the cover off of the heating pad and laid a sticky mouse trap that is opened and flat, place it in an active area turned to a medium heat, I have caught some in various stages,

    I think the black specks are the eggs, hatch ( popping open like popcorn)to a larvae long and skinny first they are whtie turning dark, ( look like a microscopic scorpion) larvae, last stage is like a spider that can jumps. I feel like I have spider webs around my face, it may also ball up with little lint balls and that is how it can rehatch in the spring.

    I have hardwood floors and at first I followed the directions of the pest control guy as if I had fleas in the house and vacuumed everyday throwing away the bag. That seemed to make it worse. Now I mix 50/50 borax and D earth and sprinkle all over the floors and all over the my furniture and even my matteress. Using the broom I make sure it goes deep into all the surfaces. i leave this powder on the floor and all over the house, I do sweep it up about every five days and put that on my garage floor and around the outside of the house and water it into the ground. I vacuum the furniture and the mattress but I then reapply a new fresh layer, it seems to kill the news bugs as they hatch and new eggs are not laid. Now I just fight to keep them off my body, clothes, and hair and pray for the first freeze. Did you know the d earth is what is put in flour to keep the bugs from laying eggs, so always make sure you use food grade and you can put it in your dog beds and on their fur. I also soak in the bath tub with it and borax, I also put this on my skin before I go to bed. Always rinse off with the shower if you soak in the tub and suds up so you don’t leave the buggers on your skin. I never walk around barefoot; from bath to bed i always step into lace up boots or cowboy boots, they sense your body heat and will jump on you. So stay covered up, spray your clothes with Windex with Amonia or the vinegar borax solution. If you know your hair is clean cover you hair with a scarf tied tight around your hair.

    I have always had a problem with bugs when I am outside, You need to make sure your system is not very acid, make sure your PH is Alkaline. That is why taking doses of apple cider vinegar helps and I drink the juice of three fresh lemons every day. You can get PH strips to check your saliva and urine to make sure your PH is good. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, garlic keeps those little devils away.

    Use the hottest water, I leave the lid up on my washer to let the clothes sit about one hour at least and use hot in first cycle, add borax, wash with Dawn, I also use a little amonia. I keep my clean clothes in trash bags tied up, and wash my sheets everyday.Thank God I can talk about this with my daughter or I would I have lost it. WE have had parasites on our lakes all summer, the temperature is abnormally hot, we have lots of flooding in some areas they are going to have lots of mold and bugs, remember parasites almost wiped out the bees, are food is genetically altered, we are destined to some some reprocussions. It sure feels very biblical remember the swarms of the locusts. We need to get organized and speak out. I feel better just sharing.

    • Jill Adame says:

      You need Permetherin cream. Some times more than three treatments because of the cycle of eggs-adults. Read my answer to the lady from the dessert in California, she has exactly what i have, i can’t get rid of them, my Doctors say I need a psychiatrist, then”What don’t you clean?” My main Doctor, and he gave up on me. he’s the only one who told me I had scabies, but I didn’t believe him, thought i was smart and went to five different dermatologist who are STUPID!! Heck, maybe not so stupid, they still get paid…Let me know if you found a cure by now.

  97. Terri says:

    Around the beginning of September,2011 ,My boyfriend started getting itchy bumps and soon after I started getting the same thing.At first we thought it was flees but we had flees befor and they did’nt do that. So we got calamine lotion, cortazone cream and that didnt help.My boyfriend even used pure bleach,but he continued itching so bad it would bleed. He finally went to the doctor that said it was probably scabies and had him use cream for scabies.I called my doctor and got the same cream.He went through two tubes and me one.Still didnt help. I even used tea tree oil,didnt help.We went to skin doctor and was given more cream. they also did a biopsy on his arm and are waiting for the results,but his seem to be clearing up,Im like the others on here,it feels like something is crawling on some places on my body and then there is a flesh colored welt, that comes up and starts itching but I dont see anything. Its like there is something in the air that can’t be seen thats biting me.We do have two cats,but this has never happened before. I can just be sitting not touching anything and it will happen. We live in West Virginia.Their are times that I have been biten under my clothes.

    • excalibur2 says:

      Terri – I would suggest reading all the posts on this blog and then google ‘micro myiasis’. It will save you a lot of time and give you lots of information on how to cope with this by looking at http://www.morgellonsuk.co.uk

      I expect that there is a link or a US website for the same thing. In short the problem for most people seems to be infestation by tiny fies and their microscopic larvae. Not everyone seems to be affected by this and some research by academics suggests that the trigger is connected to accidental exposure to genetically modified plant experiments. Have a look what they say here:


  98. Terri says:

    I didnt mean to say it felt like something crawling on my skin,like someone else said its like i can feel something lightly touch the hair on my arms or legs,then the welts and itching.Sometimes it’s one medium welt on different places and other times a line of smaller welts.

  99. Roger says:

    Got the little white buggers practically invisible, can feel the crawl and itch.
    Considering a 03 machine any suggestions re supply, price for a household unit?

  100. Fullofmites says:

    It may be that we have different types of mites, because I have never seen the black specks that people are describing. Frankly, it’s difficult to listen to the descriptions, and I’m GLAD that I can’t see these things, since that would be far too much horror for me to overlook.

    It is important to keep our spirits up as Excalibur2 mentioned. During this long ordeal I have found that my prayers for grace and comfort from God have been answered, and although He has not freed me from this “prison”, I am totally convinced that He will, one way or another.

    Not much has happened since my last post, except one more comforting suggestion to those who may need it. If the “buggies” are attacking your privates, and believe me they might at some point, try these two ideas for comfort if you have no others:
    1. Wear synthetic clothing (Sports gear is good, when possible),not Levis or cotton, etc., which they thrive in.
    2. Lightly Smear VICKS around the areas that they attack.

    The VICKS is cool at first, as you can imagine, but it won’t last long. I like it because it stays put through the night, etc. (I don’t see why you couldn’t mix it with Vaseline, but I never have done that.)

    That, or shaking Gold Bond Foot powder (blue container) in the area, will usually keep everything away from sensitive areas for several hours, although each person seems to be unique in what works.

  101. Steve says:

    What most of you are experiencing is either some type of rodent /bird mite or probably less likely, Demodex mites.

    They definitely infect the body–as all parasites do—and are very hard to get rid of. They are on the top layer of the skin or inside the minute pours in the face and other porous areas of the body..

    When they are on the top layer of the skin they are usually attached and or near the hair/hair follicle.

    You can take a shower, soap down and thoroughly wash your entire body, then take the flat of your hand and tips of your fingers and gently massage in a circular motion an area like the inside of your thighs/legs where there is more hairs, and you with feel the mites attached to the little hairs. You can also take a razor and shave a small section of the hairy area where you feel the mites and when you shave it – you look at the razor and many times you will see the balled-up little opaque/white-colored mite. Yes they are very very small.

    The problem most folks have in getting rid of them is that by now both their residence and their cars are both infested with these mites. So when you move someplace new but bring your old, infested car – you re-infest your new place/new surroundings.

    If you have a serious infestation of these mites at your home or residence, the only solution is to have it ”TENTED” by a specialist and go with 10-15xxx of Vikane gas. The other thing you can do is cure your rat/bird problem with a professional exterminator, and then move out and let the house sit vacant for six months to a year. Then you can come back if you don’t wish to spend the dollars to have your home tented.

    As far as getting the mites permanently. off your body… you have to get rid of your infested car, stay in a hotel for about a week to 10 days, take a doctor-prescribed oral combination of invermectin and very high-potency garlic compound like Alicin-C or others on the market. And then bath/shower two to three times a day with your partner washing your back. Soak in chlorinated, dense sea-salt baths. Soak in Borax. Use soaps with tea-tree, neem and Seabuckthorn oil. You might even have to shave your head if your scalp is badly infested.

    I don’t want to scare anyone but I spent 5 years infected with these mites and I know how to get rid of them.

    • excalibur2 says:

      Hi Steve – that is a very interesting and informative comment. I also tend to agree with your ideas for eradicating the problem. Where I might disagree is the cause of it. Dermodex mites, as I understand it, are harmless and live on more or less everybody – and they are basically a permenant part of our natural skin surface. They survive on the oils that our skin and pores produce. I am not sure if they give us anything in return. There have been studies speculating that too many of them can increase baldness in men but not that they are large enough to cause huge lesions through the skin. Perhaps I am wrong (?)

      Also bird and rat mites are outside of their natural environment living on human skin. They only infest humans as a last ditch resort in the absence of their proper hosts being available for long periods of time. While they are a terrible problem I am told that they cannot live for very long on humans – and are unable to complete their lifecycles effectively without the host carrying out the toilet routines and habits of birds and rats.

      With the frequent use of chemicals and the many potions that people now apply to their skin – it is of course entirely possible that the problem described on this blog is the result of a mutated version of these or other mites/larvae.

      Some people are definately more vulnerable to this problem than others – and I believe that it is a new phenomena. Have a look at this:


      This is the best explanation that I have seen so far. The research on that site also includes a theory by two professors that the ‘vulnerability’ in some people to this problem is the result of an infection that victims may have picked up years beforehand – by accidental exposure to GM crop experimentation going on in rural areas and open countryside. Here is the link for that:


      I must admit that it is rather frightening but wholly plausible. There is now some hesitation by doctors and scientists to research this strange affliction further. If it is true then the GM companies are liable for huge damages for what would be a massive health and safety disaster – along with possible prison sentences. Many scientists salaries and grants are of course paid by GM companies and they plan to eventually control the food for most of the people on the planet of course. In short GM substances were not thought to cause gene transfer in anything other than the target crop plant. To their horror – the microbiologists and gene transfer scientists have discovered that not only does it transfer to other plants in the vacinity – but also insects, birds, animals and humans, slightly changing their very DNA! This explains why insects (and certain flies in particular) that only normally parasitize plants are suddenly motivated to make their homes on certain humans. Ever since the wholesale bullying and threatening of scientists that followed the ‘AGW’ Human and CO2 global warming scam – they have all been a bit jittery. Most bizarrely of all – many of the top people and scientists in the world who should be working on this problem have been mysteriously murdered following the invention of a biological weapon that can target racial groups or even individuals! :


      This is a shame because the world needs scientists to say what they find without fear of the consequences. There will be no short term answer to this I fear.

      (PS – re-reading this comment if the facts of it were not true and supplied mainly by scientists it would be very difficult to make it up!!)

    • YES says:

      Move out of your house for 6 months..get rid of your car…Get real – who the heck can do that! Just ozone the shit out of everything.

  102. Steve says:

    Remember — you cans rid your house and body of these mites, but if your car is still infested you will re-infest both your body and new residence. This is where most folks have a problem understanding.

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  104. Darlane says:

    For the past sis months my bf and I have been turning up with all these bites. I’m almost positive they’re spider bites, because of the nature. Not like bed bugs or mites. But we’ve never even seen a spider and we’ve been living here almost a year. We’ve got raid spray and sprayed our apartment down, to no avail. Still being bitten. These bites have a single point entry and range from 1-15cm in diameter. Itchy. The bite starts out white with a red puncture mark and redness around. Sometimes there are 3 or 4 in a row, characteristics of spider bites. but like I’ve said, I’ve never even seen a spider here. I need to figure out what’s going on! Please help!

  105. I used to be recommended this blog by way of my cousin. I’m no longer positive whether or not this post is written by way of him as no one else recognize such particular about my difficulty. You’re wonderful! Thank you!

  106. ItchyCrazyMites says:

    Hello. I am sitting in my home depressed and amazed at how one thing can ruin your life as these bastards do. I have cleaned my house until i have run out of energy, drunk myself into a coma just to sleep. I have over a thousand dollars in chemicals i have sprayed in this house killing every living thing in here and nearly myself but these creatures are still terrorizing me. No matter what i do and who i tell this to they do exist and people think i am crazy. At first i thought i was crazy maybe having a nervous breakdown. Now i know they are here, real and there is no information at all as how to destroy them. Same stories each time. Same biting bastards. There are alot of good ideas on here one which is the garlic that i have not tried. Without ever reading this forum i have thought the same thoughts. Aliens, bioterrorism, mold, bedbugs, fleas, mites. They are mites just for the name. They are mighty small with a mighy bite and i am mighty tired of these sons a bitches. I run a great business that i cant hardly operate for fear of spreading this parasite or disease. I dont know what to do because i am loosing touch with reality because of this. I am constantly looking for an explanation or cure online. If i leave home the problem continues but not nearly as bad. The bite marks itch and i can feel them in my pants. little bity things moving and if i sit long enough without scratching i can actually feel their feet moving crawling around. Its not scabies because they burrow into your skin. These are on the outside. Lice medicine will kill them but you are only supposed to leave it on ten minutes. Go sit on the couch, lay in the bed after treatment and all hell breaks loose again. Other than burning my house down and belongings with it what do i do? I can look on my laptop or something with a dark color and see what looks like white flakes that is not dandruff cause i shave my head and use the dandruff shampoo. I believe its them in an egg state. I believe they start out as worm like then they morph into a mite-like creature then they form into a flea-like bastard. Before i blasted this place with chemicals, they would jump onto me but yet i could not see them. I know they can jump as an adult. Tried a lint roller to capture them with no results. I even had the idea they were so smart they knew when you were looking for them hence the alien idea. lol. I would hold my head still and just cut my eyes over and there would be nothing. Hell maybe i am crazy. If someone has had success eliminating this modern day plague, please, please, reply to me with results as i am at my wits end. I know they dont like the cold and with a cold front moving in i may open all windows and doors one night and stay in a motel which is where i believe i contracted this affliction. These things dont discriminate. These things i believe can survive a nuclear explosion. I dont think this is as widespread yet as we think so thats why there is no information. I am going to look for mold and its affect on people. If i read that i have mold symptoms i am just going to loose it because i am at the brink of insanity. Only in a perfect world would someone be able to live in a place without plague and pestilence. Thanks for reading and good luck with your battle on this nuciance.

    • Nancy says:

      I believe I have finally found out what they are. I purchased a microscope and whenever I feel the things moving on me, I rub the area with a Q-Tip & put it under the microscope. I do the same with the little specs on the bed. I finally found exactly what I’m seeing through months of researching on my own – MORGELLON’s Disease. My “things” are exactly what I see online compared to what I have on my microscope. It appears that Oklahom State University is the only one researching these, but no one still knows what to do with them. I will be sending my “videos” and pictures to them. We need to find out what this is! Good luck. You’re not alone (and you’re not crazy!)

      • ItchyCrazyMites says:

        I ate the garlic and a lot of it yesterday. Now i woke up with a ton of raised bumps on my body. The worst yet. I have felt nothing crawling on me at all today. I bought some bedbug and flea killer at Lowes awhile ago and sprayed the entire house with it and had the fans on so it would even get on me. As i type i am sitting where i get the most problem and i feel nothing. Now either i have scabies, which i highly doubt cause i dont look like the pictures i have seen.
        my bites looked like the noseeum bites i get in the summer months. Little bitty bump but itchy way more itchy than a mosquito bite. I wonder if the bites i have arent really bites, just where the things enter and exit my skin. I took my curtains down last night and washed them. When i grabbed them, my hands broke out instantly and have little bite marks on them, which all spots have two marks side by side. I have been too ashamed to go to the doctor about this because i feel like the little boy on Charlie Brown with the flies following him. I know i am not nasty but the doctor dont. Could these things live inside us? Maybe the garlic does work? Its hard to swallow though so i cut them into pill size shapes and held my breath to swallow it. . Maybe all the bumps i had this morning were where they had to leave on account of the garlic. I truly think they do. I have even had the notion of buying a damn flea collar and put it on to see if that works. I can feel them now stirring around on my face. They dont bother anyone else only me. They can go right through my jeans and get on my leg. I do know the others know when one gets on because they all start crawling at once. I cant even function anymore. I am almost immune to the crawling sensation but the thought is pushing me over the edge. How do i get rid of these bastards? Can someone tell me what to use to kill a mite? If i could sray this house with mite spray i believe i could control these fuckers. I read dermitend will get rid of scabies mites. Has anyone tried that?

    • excalibur2 says:

      My friend I am not a doctor but can advise you of three things, taken together, which has worked to eliminate this problem: Loratadine 10 mg tablets daily. (This is a strong anti-histimine). At the same time a course of Flucloxacillin 500mg. (This is a strong anti-biotic). I would advise you to see your doctor for this – hopefully he is the helpful kind and will prescribe the doses – because the fact is the doctors are as confused about this as we are. The third thing is prayer. Even if you are an atheist – I would suggest that you try this. If you are a practical man look at it as a chemical reaction – because distress can cause the brain to produce chemicals that we do not yet understand – and which may exacerbate the problem. Real prayer to the Almighty will give you the inner calm and acceptance to help bring about your full recovery. A brilliant website that helps to explain what may be happening is here:


    • Suzy says:

      Read my post under s. wells. I know how you feel. I’ve gotten rid of them – but you have to follow what I said. You may have to throw tings away, but its worth it. You can’t be lazy about it. You have to follow even when your tired. You can get rid of them.

  107. excalibur2 says:

    Dear Moderator, I notice that you have removed/censored some of my comments. My I therefore respectfully ask that you remove ALL of my comments from this site. Many thanks.

  108. Mary says:

    I’ve had “invisible bug bites” for about 1.5 years now. At first my husband didn’t believe me because he is NOT getting bit. Then I had “evidence.” The bites feel like pin pricks and I can see (showed him) a very tine red/blood dot immediately after the bite. Here are some details that are unusual: many times I feel a bite in the same spot and sometimes I’ll scratch and find a tiny white dot under the skin. (the bugs are sometimes white dots sometimes black dots res and rarely red) These bugs are on the bed, couch AND around my computer!! I can’t use it for too long becauase they start on my hads leaving tiny itchy bumps. Sometimes they bite my ankles when I am in the living room near the carpet (throw rug) and in the kitchen when I am cooking.
    By now my (once good looking) legs have scabs and red/brown spots all over some of them quite big, which is when the pin prick is quite painful. When I am away from home, visiting others THEY GO AWAY. They are not contagious and I seem to be free during the day for the most part. At night, I am afraid to go to bed and have lost so much sleep. Sometimes I go for one, two, or a few days and NOTHING I can sleep. They bite anywhere any part of my body and I mean ANYWHERE (I might as well have crabs). I used to be able to sleep when I layerd lots of clothing, but recently its as if thay are inside my body cause the clothes don’t help. I am miserable.

  109. Andree Darling says:

    Behold guys and girls all is not lost…particularly your sanity!!

    I too have experienced this vile problem! I’m in WA and first became aware of the problem back in 2006 when the Southern Train Line went it…all the wild mice migrated to homes located nearest the tracks! Took me a long time to triumph over them simply because there was very little info available by which to identify them AND our public hospitals seem to have tunnel vision when it comes to ‘bugs’! Someone needs to educated our medical professionals that not all bugs indicate amphetamine abuse!! Rodent mites have been in existance long before surburban drug labs came into being! However Im not one to admit defeat despite whatever ‘label’ I might’ve had to endure from those ignorant and/or lucky enough never to have been afflicted. None-the-less I have pretty much identified these nasty little buggers AND found a remedy (for the most part). To start – these menacing invisible monsters are indeed rodent mite. ( Plenty of websites describe them in some form or another – so Google away!). They go thru a couple of life-stage changes whilst in ‘your company’ which is why they’re hard to ‘pin down’ so to speak! These include tiny opaque/tan coloured cigar shaped larva; black specks & even ‘roaming dust balls’. They are nocturnal in the main…but arent averse to a nibble during day light hours should they get the opportunity! They dont live on we humans but they do like how we taste – hence the insanity they cause us at night! They go thru their entire lifecycle within about a 21 day period whilst breeding in plague proportions! Chances are you got them thru contaminated furniture or clothing or were already present in the dwelling prior to your living there. Unfortunately you could have also had a guest stay who’s been an unwitting mobile vector!

    How to deal with them….

    1. Bomb your living space (with an aerosol NOT explosives!!!) 🙂
    2. Wash all your clothing and linen in a HOT wash then allow each load to soak for a few hours in fabric softener. The active ingredinent of fabric softener “Quartonium compound” is lethal to them.
    3.Dry every load in the dryer just to finish any stragglers off! Those dryer pads are also excellent – and you’ll smell wonderful too!
    4. Make those sticky rollers your best friend and companion. Ikea ones are great as they’re inexpensive and their adhesive is very tacky! You’ll be surprised how many ‘dots’ will appear on the sticky roll that werent visible to you on even the cleanest article!
    5.Treat your domestic pets. I have found Revolution to be the absolute best for this.
    6. In the first instance, before bed liberally smear yourself with Canesten cream or a generic equivalent…they hate it – acts like a repellant to them.

    Check your seams and hidden areas of clothing too…you’ll be surprised how they ‘know’ to hide in there!

    Because it will take a few weeks to totally get ontop of them, religiously sticky-roll your sheets before you get into bed every night . And if you can switch to white bed linen – makes it a lot easier on tired eyes!. If you feel that familiar tickle on your legs in bed immediately zap them again with the sticky stuff…that will rid you of them in the immediate term! It goes without saying to keep on top of your vacuming…
    Whilst the above may sound exhaustive you’ll be greatly rewarded if you follow this regimen.

    Hope this helps – Good luck and Good Sanity!!

    • sam says:

      Hey Andree, thanks heaps. We have the same problem. Its been doing our heads in. Going shopping, new vaccume cleaner and dryer. We had the problem in our last house, washed everything in hot water 58 c problem went away. New house just bought a new bed, they have come again, bad this time. Lavender and eucalytus helps. And have been using canesten on our daughter, no wonder she hasn’t been affected. Im buying shares in it.
      Thanks mate.

  110. Andree Darling says:

    Ummm blonde moment…I should have mentioned I live in Perth, Western Australia. For our American cousins or for anyone not lucky enough to live Down Under you’ll need to source an equivalent brand for your pet treatment – as for Canesten cream I believe its sold over the counter as anti-fungal cream / thrush cream.

  111. Ligia Ruby Gonzalez says:

    Dear friends:
    I think I have found the name of the microscopic insects and the natural cure or healing.
    Their name is sarcoptes scabiei and they have been inside your skin. These mites are transmitted by skin, contact with carriers or clothes or furnish contaminated. These mites are very, very easily spread. However, not everybody gets infected. I do not the reason why; I will go on my own research.
    Doctors never diagnose these symptoms well.
    The natural cure is: self body massages with olive oil, from head to toes, early in the morning, before the sun rises, because these types of mites are especially active at night. There are other medicines that must be prescribed by a doctor, like permethrin or others. When you are strong massaging your skin with oil you can see and feel the mites like a grain of sand.
    You have to clean all your house and places you go frequently either with chemical products or with a natural option. The problem with products is that these mites quickly become very resistant to chemicals; they are a real plague, too difficult to eliminate. The natural way is using a steam device for a long period of time to eliminate the problem. The virtues, to success this battle are: enthusiasm, strength, patience and persistence. Surely you will succeed but in more than six months of continuous job by those natural ways. The chemical ones are not effective enough at the moment, because of the resistance mentioned above, and besides they are too expensive. It is your choice.
    The good thing is that through the olive oil treatment you are going to have beautiful body and face skin and be very relaxed as well, all they long while treatment lapse.
    Abundant blessings,

    • Chacha says:

      Have you rid yourself of these scabies yet? Let me know. i had them for months, didn’t go any where for fear of indecting anyone else. Finally found a dermatologist who prescribed Pemetherin, still had it, used it a few more times. Finally another Doctor gave me steroids, Prednisone, knocked it out, but I still have the risidule under skin, he has me use cream and steroids for my skin, it will take a long time to get rif of that…but take the prenisone carefully, only under Doctor’s instruction, it’s not to be toyed with. I have been mite free since June 2012!! Don’t try to find your own remedy’s, you are wasting your money and infecting many other people, this is the part that makes me so angry with others…

  112. tom says:

    I feel like my story is similar, but I don’t experience heavy biting at all. I feel itchy and my skin crawling. Its hard to describe what I see. The bugs I see on my comforter and bedding and carpeting and couches and such are teenie tiny, most of the time I never see them. I swear I can sometimes see these tiny bugs and my friends are making me feel like I’m seeing things and I’m going crazy. I have used diautamaceous earth powder and I’m going to see if that works this weekend. In terms of seeing the bugs, sometimes I can see some moving around somewhat quickly that are light colored, almost off-white. Sometimes I feel like I see small little spider looking things crawling in and out of the sewing on the comforter. Its very strange. Am I going crazy? Or are my eyes being true to me and my skin crawling sensations? Also, in the area of Florida where I live, there’s lots of moss and big trees like you would see in Savaanah, GA that cover my neighborhood, making it very damp and moist around all of the typical southern, Florida ranch type homes. Is anyone experiencing something similar to this?

    • YES says:

      If they are pale pale in color, they are definitely bird mites, sometimes considered rodent mites too. Like you, I rarely see any leftover mark on my body,but they do try to bite & it’s a sudden sting. They also go through life cycles & seem to just disappear at times. If things are feeling bad, on my skin, I wash myself with the original stinky Selsan Blue antidandruff shampoo & that seems to help. Also dust my skin with Gold Bond medicated body power (the original smelly one). What has been working for us household wise, is a contraption I bought to combat dust mites. It plugs in & emits somekind of wave that interferes with the mite reproductive cycle. It takes a couple of weeks to work, but you need one in every room or be ready to move it from room to room in order to get them in furniture.

      Whenever I do a cleaning of areas I don’t clean everyday, like milling around in the attic or top shelves of closets, the problem surfaces for a few days. I guess I stir them up & out they come. I live in NJ & the problem is much much worse when the temp outside is above 40 degrees.

  113. Jason says:

    Help, I am losing it. It itches so bad at night. I am thinking of replacing my carpeted floors with wood floors. Has anyone tried this?

  114. ItchyCrazyMites says:

    I think its mostly scabies. I have found that the menthol rub they make you can rub it over you and it will destroy them. They are still bothering me, especially when i work and put pressure on my hands with a metal object like a wrench or something. I am scratching myself like crazy. Try some loratadine, and if the itching gets less, then i think thats what we have. I tried that lotion and paid a pretty penny for it but it dont work. I want to try Bengay and see will it burn those bastards out of my skin.

    • Chacha says:

      Did you go to a doctor get permetherin. For Lord’s sake don’t pass this around to others…If you let it go too long as i did you need more than one or two doses, and apply it correctly. I finally had to have predisone tablets, later a shot of predisone from a dermatologist. It’s gone, I’m no longer infected. But I do need to use steroid creams to clean up the dried scabies under my skin now, work with it diligently and yours will be gone also. i went through hell, for months. Some of these people are sufferring for years, and spreading it everywhere!! Trying to find their own cures..that’s crazy!!

  115. FLMomma says:

    Hello itchy people,

    I just had a bout with these little creatures today when I was walking my son and dog. Frequently when the oak trees start to bloom in late winter/ early spring (in FL) THRIPS fall from the trees and land on people. Thrips are about the 3/8 of a millimeter in length and yellowish to beige in color. You will often notice them in pollen if you pick a flower from your yard. They are really harmless and live and feed on plants and are meerly transfered to or fall onto humans. They bite you see if you are a plant. I generally take a shower and am fine after that. For more info, google ‘thrips’. Hope this helps.

  116. Mary says:

    Here’s another thing I forgot to mention– I used to think bugs were biting in the same spot because I would feel the bite, then hours or a day lated felt like I was beiing bitten on the very same spot. Then I discoverd that if I scratches to benerath the skin, a tiny, usually white speck, i.e,. bug came out on my finget tip and that would stop the burning/itching/pin pricking on THAT spot. Hence, it seems that the d—- things, literally, get under your skin and continue eating or sucking blood. UGH! This does leave tiny scaars, but the alternative is too painful/bothersome for too long a time.

  117. Ruby says:

    Dear all,

    I totally agree with Dr Hulda Regehr Clark (18 October 1928 – 3 September 2009) a naturopath, author, and practitioner of alternative medicine. Clark claimed that all human disease was related to parasitic infection, and also claimed to be able to cure all diseases, including cancer and HIV/AIDS, by destroying these parasites. After months of research I dare to say that there are no autoimmune diseases, they are produced by parasites, their microscopic eggs and larvae that invade the different body organs. I have observed people suffering from vitiligo who has been cured through taking small amounts of Chenopodium ambrosioides for a long period. As I am not a doctor I cannot do anything with my knowledge but telling my friends about it to help them. The fact is that I have never seen a doctor watching through a microscope his patient’s skin, not even when he is a dermatologist. I myself took my godson to see the doctor for the microscopic biting bugs and this doctor with the highest credentials in dermatology told me with sense of humor that was not an issue he could solve and afterwards I found that he, my godson had at least three kinds of mites inside his skin.The origin of these could be a dog with scabies with no treatment and a lot of domestic animals at home. Other source could be the PET fabrics imported from China, I have noticed that these kind of fabrics leave a type of mites inside the skin. Respect to the differences among people, the ones who are not infected and the others I think is more a lack of sensitivity than inmunity to the mites infestation. The treatment can be found in the different approaches of parasite cures.

    Thank you for paying attention to this.



    • Shar57 says:

      Just so you all know and don’t have to take the time to look it up, chenopodium ambrosisoidest is also called Mexican tea also called wormseed , it’s good for intestinal worms. But you kind of want to know what your doing with this tea as it can be quite toxic I’d YOU take to much. But I guess ” too much” is different for each person. Anyway just wanted to let u all know.
      Take care all.

  118. Arsena McIntire says:

    i was in the living room today and felt what was sharp pain like a flea bite on the back of my lower calf . i looked but nothing. it happened several more times with me looking directly at the spot when it happened. so i took a shower. happened three times in the shower and several times after ward . no visible evidence of critters. glad a saw your board. thought i was going crazy.

    • NEO1959 says:

      If you feel it again, take a wet Q-tip and swab the spot where you felt it. Then look at the Q-tip closely under a magnifying glass. If you see a black speck on it, post it here and I’ll submit a little more information. I don’t want to say too much if it’s something different.

  119. Marguerite Kuhn says:

    To All: I have tried it ALL and zillion dollars later, new apartments, new cars, new clothes , battled this on all ends, multipronged, internal, external, environmental, read the micro myasis, read Hulda, contacted Hilde. and on and on ……..and the band played on !
    I am tired.
    glad to connect with fellow sufferes for a spell,
    Will gear up again to detail my story soon and fight for answers, solutions and sharing.

    M in san francisco

    • NEO1959 says:

      Wow. That’s overwhelming. I’ve thought of doing the same thing (everything new). That would mean EVERYTHING – every bit of clothing, furniture, cars, homes, electronics – all at the same time. Please tell your story when you’re up to it. It’ll help those of us who are ready to do the same. Thank you.

  120. M in SF says:

    My story has been told to so many forums and related boards that I have become warry. Needless to say, any sharing with the professional community, my daughter, my family in europe, my coworkers is no longe possible as I can simply not expose myself to the ridicule, fear of ‘catching something’, stigmatism etc. it hurts to much in addition to the heck of living ,if one can call it that.
    I identify myself mostly with the first post from the australian guy and a few others that describe exactly what I am enduring.
    but here it goes and I keep it structured and chronical as possible:
    In 2006 I moved in one of those not bad looking Art Deco Apartment building in San Francisco, high up on the hill and the top apartment, overlooking the city with partial view of the GGB. I was so enarmored with the unique shape of this studio flat, even found the air shaft outside the bathroom charming, I have choosen to overlook the poor condition of the kitchen tiles, the grout got a good scrubbing before I placed anything in the kitchen (bad sign and against my previous principals) same in bathroom, dark brown water at first from the bathtub pipes, the tub got a good scrubbing too. There was a little rain during the first few months and noticed a small leak from a ceiling crack in the bathroom, that same ceiling that totally collapsed 6 months later during a heavy rainstorm lasting for about three weeks, I remember that morning forever, I heard a muffled rumbling, ominous and all I knew head out of the door, had to work that day and at night all the rubbles on the floor and tub and there was a chicken wire connecting me to the open sky and it rained. management kept mumm, they quietly dispatched some workers to remove the rubbles, I took images prior to this. I called the city inspector, he cited the management. Repair could only take place after the rain stopped, so there went another three weeks (me staying put because tired of moving, hoping all will be well), BIG MISTAKE, a couple of weeks later, I wondered why I felt stuff on me, my eyes, ears, sinuses, etc..then I noticed THEM, tiny and gzillion little airborne things following me wherever I go, in all my food, in my bed in all my clothing, EVERYWHERE, soon I noticed them in my car, electronics. I stopped sleeping in my bed, I started feverishly looking for answer, the resident Pest control guy shrugged it off, I found on my search for answer an outwardly gleaming antique stove totally with a sewage type content, pics as well, there was a huge pipe connected to the roof, again, management quietly removed this filthy contraption.
    I went to urgent care and went along with the scabbies thing, confusing them when I insisted that I can see them and they are airborne and very quick moving and the ‘blend’ into everything, wispy, beige and later i found out in the confines of my car and in bright light, they move in cluster and trailing long stringy things, either totally extended or curled up, at times appearing as a bubbly mesh, a cross of aphids and spiders with a serious lice like behaviour and clearly attracted to me exclusivly. I searched the internet, all those images of springtails, gnats do not match with my things. I started to laundry everyday, fog, clean, scrub, bomb, searched the internet, found a forum and took any advise into account because I was bewildered and very tired, have not slept and felt miserable, thousands of dollars spent for personal remedies and environmental battle.
    I stopped my staying in my usual marathon shape (8 of them in 2 years and was on top of my game before all this), my work suffered and I work in a fast paced intense clinical niche with lots of travel. I started to reek of all kind of remedies, including my surroundings, tired of all the cleaning, got rid of my brand new furnishing, bedding, etc…then finally left the place two months later, pre lease term and not getting my deposit back to boot, I went on a string of new apartments, new computers, new over and over again this and that, now I am down to a car’s trunk full of belongins and do not care anymore, I do anything to get rid of these things after 6 years of torture every minute every second, awake and asleep, no, they do not hurt but there is an activity and reactive to certain stimuli that is unbearable, every body part inside and out, there is biofilm, I spit them out and see them rise, I scratch/rub my skin wiith or without the hairy part and the rise/float up, I get bites and stings occasionally, a pinpoint x2 spot, then there are spontaneous scratches, the go for my veins, they leave brown spots all over, like scattered freckles of sort, there constant presence is mindboggling, people sneeze or scratch around me, some of my patients and during quiet time and undisturbed and bright light, actually noticed their presence but do not make the connection, several said: ‘where is this gnat coming from ?’, I need a fly swatter “, I see this flying thing on your RIGHT Shoulder”………..I keep quiet and just want to die yet wish it would be public knowledge to finally get help and belief but I know what would happened: in work related incidences that would garner me immediate job loss , either for being crazy or contageous ( thus loss of income to continue battle), in a private setting immediate shunning and ridicule , if they do not see it themselves (which is the case as everyone is so pre occupied and no time to stand still long enough to notice their presence as well. I live isolated now. I am in despair mostly, basic comfort of living long gone, what kind of life is this. I will continue my story later, in case anyone cares.

    • NEO1959 says:

      The only way we seem to be able to somewhat control it is by taking a pet roller (found in the cleaning section of major stores) and roll our clothes before we put them on (inside & out). You have to constantly roll your car, your sheets etc. It’s such a pain to do it, but if you don’t keep it up it gets worse. I wish we had the hugest vacuum in the world to suck these up all at once.

      • M in SF says:

        Thank you, I will check this roller out, then this amazing quick ness of these mostly airborne things are amazing, that is what makes it so hard to capture. I heard there is the ‘rainbow’ vacuum that actually works in similar fashion as you suggest, maybe not all at once but at it is worth a try. Do you see your things and how would you describe them ?

      • NEO1959 says:

        They just look like dust in the air, but if you roll your floors or clothes and put the tape under a microscope (I bought one and it was well worth it), you’ll see what looks like a black or red string. This could tell you where they’re concentrated. It controls them but doesn’t eliminate them.

      • YES says:

        We have a Rainbow vac (20 yrs) it helps somewhat, but when they’re active, not much. However, the Rainbow is great for keeping dust levels & allergens at bay since everything is captured in water then dumped. They are not cheap ($1000 or more), but last a long time. What I’m finding helps is De-Mite laundry additive. Labeled for dust mites, but seems to be working on these guys as well

    • Jill Adame says:

      You never used the cream Permethrin? I’ve had three treatments of it, now only see a few live ones. But they are real tiny. i did the same thing, someone wrote to you about and scotch tape the buggers everytime i see a live one, I detect them with a good microscope. You know what, I can understand critics who are not physicans, but I get the quacks for Doctors, and dermatologists, who look at me like I’m crazy, I told them they climb up from my computer onto my keys…the doctor said,”how can that be, they don’t move…” if they don’t move, how and the heck do they get on the bedding, and our clothes, from one part of our body to another? The articles I read say we never will have more than ten mites at a time on our bodys, well I’ve killed many already, The little ones are already grown, and I see mostly the little ones, and they bite under my fingernails, and skin at times, after Ive scratched sores. I dig them out with a tweezer, and it takes a long time, i know when they are in there because I feel them biting me…The Doctor looked as if I’m crazy at me..boy he should have a try at this inf5estation. I do this a few times a day, then wash my nails with a toothbrush and dawn detergent. if they don’t move, why put clothing items outside in aa closed plastic bag? I am bewildered. But after 5 different dermatolgists and one other Doctor I’m tired of this, and all the cleaning. I do the permetherin for now. I have no finances to cover other things. I’ve been also locked in my home since last November, scared to give it to my kids and grandchildren, now I just started visiting again, because the doctor says I don’t have scabies. But he gave me creams for my body, for the sores and debris.

  121. Sarai Barajas says:

    I also have the same problem. At first I thought I might of had scabbies because I would get really itchy especially at night. Then my partner became itchy a month later. A little after that my 9 month old daughter seemed to be itchy too. We all got treated for scabies and it did not seem to work we also tried anti itch creams and nothing works. Sometimes I feel as if there was a tiny insects inside my body running from one place to another makin me itchy. Whenever I’m around people they seem to get itchy but not forl long. The weird thing is that not even a skin specialist can identify what we have . I need help because this has been going on for nine months now and I don’t know what to do..

    • M in SF says:

      I am sorry Sarai, I am sorry for all of us to suffer from something that can barely be seen, not understood by those who potentially could help us. This problem is so multi-level, multipronged one can hardly explain it to one self let alone to others. Then there is the stigma attached, pre concieved motion to overcome by the sheer mentioning of anything with infestation. Then there is the constant danger of hurting oneself with all the multitude of remedies tried in desperation.
      Truly futile.
      I did not take it to serious the first two or so years, attempted to tell my ‘story’ and then learned to shut up more and more, live in this hell alone, no help no hope. Isolated.
      I am 6 years deep into this, they live, breed and feed off me, period. I am their host, period. All quality of life is gone. No, not attacked by a huge wild animal, no not suffering from cancer or other devastating disease, worse, this constant grueling presence, tactile and visual and within the immediate environment is more then anyone can bear. Do they kill us, no not right away, but eventually we are ‘consumed’ like a cadaver, sort of a mutant decomposition process, pre-mortem.

      • Jill Adame says:

        Please explain your symptoms, the person who replied to this womans post. Why are you giving up? I’d like to understand. I also am not getting quality care, but not giving up…I think I had scabies, now have the tiny one’s only and I see small live critters on my, I itch, have bites, thus sores, but it was worse months ago. But I’m getting no cooperation from dermatologists. I feel they sare just taking advantage of people for their pay, and don’t want to find out what’s wrong, look at me as if I need a psychiatrist, one told me in fact I do.

  122. Kent says:

    I was researching the bites when I discovered your website. I have been telling my family now for 6 months that there are microscopic insects biting that leave bite marks like midge bites. I have been getting bitten by these mites or whatever they are. Your story is exactly the same as mine. Now this is where it gets interesting – I was dragged off shopping last week by my wife and we where in a store on the gold coast, I wont name the store because it is irrelevant. I walked past a rack of clothes and my arm brushed the clothes within minutes I was infected with the exactly the same bites that I received weeks prior while working at my computer. These microscopic bugs where on the clothes in the shop. I went back and looked at the clothes on the rack and could not see anything. These clothes where made in china, I am not saying this to be racists I am telling it how it is. These bugs are coming in via shipping containers on clothes produced in china, that is my investigation so far on the matter. Look in China for the symptoms and I think we will find the answer.

    • Anthony says:

      Smart comment, this came across my mind as well some time ago, Eventually we will have everything from everywhere. This country is a melting pot so where ever they come from they’ll drag along whatever is in or with them, Nice huh, we have to deal with our own corrupt country and take on the illnesses of our and other countries…

  123. kathleen kirkham says:

    Went camping @ Lake san antonio, CA fri nite and 3 of 4 kids have bug bites really bad , my son on his feet and legs, his friend on his back, and daughters friend has them up and down her arms..i took my boy to er to find out whats up thinking maybe it was something else like biting ants because we had some in house but other kids didnt and symptoms appeared like day after we got home on monday really bad..dr says they are NO SEE EMS..whatever that is..guess you can see them , my son seems to think they are chiggers.weve been camping there for years and have never had this problem anyways i have itchy skin ..my daughter is fine too but think i just have the willeys anyway just thought you might want to know , its driving us buggy lol why cant drs figure it out? what a waste of time going to er…

    • Jill Adame says:

      After I’ve been to one Doctor, five different Dermatologist’s I’ve arrived at my deduction, they are only using us for their salary. If they take a scratch test they can dfind out where they come from, but not all scratch tests, I had a biopsy and it still said it was a regular sore, which what was inside the sore is what I needed. They are wasting my money and time. Now if they were paid by the result of their work, that’s a different story and we should be fighting for this, all of us.

  124. kathleen kirkham says:

    meant cant see the bugs but they leave the worst bug bits almost blistery and its not poison oak like 30 40 bites..we were swimming in lake next too alot of mustard seed weeds..

  125. Anthony - Anti says:

    Everyone please keep in mind that everyone reacts differently to different allergens. My MOLD story above. I lost my store, car, success, and a lot more. The OZONE generator killed the mold but it still affects me even dead. My life is completely ruined because a landlord didn’t want to fix his building. I did a biological test to find that deep in the ceiling was something called witches broom mold. I read up on it since i knew it was mold an wow i wouldn’t believe how strong it was.

    Everything i have left is quarantined in the next room or on the porch. Yup my drum set, brand new stage equipment, and pretty much most things i need to fix a computer, laptop, or TV are in there. Of course the rich landlord says he had a company test it and there was nothing. HAHA, he shrugged his shoulders at me and i did not owe him a dime… He’s lucky he’s around 80…

    CAMPING EQUIPMENT can have mold in it and or bugs if not dried properly before being put away.

    My friend is an exterminator and he SAID “Any kind of bug or mite you will see on the bug glue traps”… Some you may need a magnifying glass. He led me to the mold. I told him all about what was happening and the bugs I’ve researched.. He reassured me that even if it were a mite, no see ums, or midge you’d see it on one of the many glue traps he put out, and i stepped on a million times..I looked and looked and sure enough one day i found the black mold over my head on a steam heater and sure felt like bugs to me.

    My best defense is to keep a fan running and make the house like a vacuum. Sealed a fan in the quarantined room and bedroom to suck it out, to keep a solid air flow. Best advice i read. So when i move things around any spores get sucked out the window and away. A MOLD SPORE is really microscopic!! We also have a couple critters from when i check in on my Memerre’, or memea’ / grandmother..or from the sandy parking lot. I get em with my fingers though.

    SENSITIZING – is the act of becoming sensitive. THE MOLD was already in my store and getting in my stuff the day i got the keys…. It took my bodies immune system a year and a half to give in to the mold spores.and then i blew up like a balloon everywhere and i have permanent SEIZURES now too. Making it harder for me to travel on the highway as driver or passenger.

  126. M in SF says:

    Let me say it again: How can one fight something with EVERYTHING possible and they can not be killed, deterred at best that is all, How can one explain over and over again that these wispy almost spider like airborne ‘whatever they are ‘ mostly are into EVERYTHING, yes, EVERYTHING, every tiniest nook and cranny of the immediate environment, as well as the body, my body that is, every body cavity, every pore of my skin, along the veins, their translucency are not easily seen in passing by, however, if I could get someones attention to stand still for a minute or two that person would notice too, it has been noticed and I could not say anything as my job would be on the line, my place of living if I get neighbors involved etc……..no one wants to hear of infestation, bugs and no one would believe my six years of enduring these things on a visual and tactile basis, every second of the day,to think twice before eating anything as they easily go for any open food container, drink, as well as toiletries, grooming stuff, I think twice before sitting down on anything, before sleeping, knowing full well they will go for my mouth and nose and else where, luxury of bed and bedding and cotton towels are long gone, can barely tolerate using the computer too long, how can anyone live like this, a host to gzillion of these things, yey LIVE< BREED. and Feed off me, period, I have bites occasionaly and I take pictures, the sensation is unbearable, I can no longer talk about mold, it may have started with a mold infested place six years ago, then I also think I was exposed to pigeon and other roof or attic pests when that ceiling collapsed then and I was exposed way before the collapse with t
    he preceeding crack in the ceiling. Someone help me please, I have done all, I can no longer destroy apartments that are not mine, how can I tarp all my belongings and nuke them all, CO2 tank, vikane, Ozone shock treatments , destructions will be inevitable and not just of the those nasty things invading me constantly. How can anyone enjoy life and battling these things constantly, seeking solutions, remedies, reeking of stuff, placing clothing in zip lock, specialty laundry, and on and on………………until when?

    • NEO1959 says:

      This was very well written! Don’t beat yourself up over mold, roof, etc. I think ours came from a brand new couch (which is long gone), but we’ll never really know.

      • MK in SF says:

        for neo1959, thanks for your reply and previous sharing, no I do not even care that much where these things came from, I may have harbored ‘stuff’ (fungi) way before the described events that may have envited the onslought of these nasty hings. I was trying to make a point, how anyone can live with the fact of being infested, of being used as a living host, they live and breed and feed off me, took me a while to figure this out. I literally inhale, ingest and assimilate them…….bitter of not getting the professional community to help us as it is apparent that there are MANY of us sufferes from all around the globe.
        I find the dead sea salt bath soaks best, nothing ELSE can be added, I dunk my head and face and actually my skin looks so much better the next day, all those dark ‘freckles’ they leave behind on the skin or the active bite sites are healing, that is not be verified of the non visual sites, such as the body cavities, there one can only tell of the abscence of activity that something deterred them.
        In the past I interpreted the abscence of ‘activity’ of being in the clear, that was not the case, they just comfortably ‘rested’ and when you work with remedies you actually activate them quite fierce at times.
        In any event, currently, I follow my Dead Sea salt soaks with a Apple Cider Vinegar rub from top to bottom and wear clean high quality non cotton athletic wear to sleep, I clean my guts with ACV as well, lots of lemons , it does break up biofilm inside and out courtesy of ‘them’. It took me a while to figure this out and thanks to others at various forums.
        For example, the first thing in the morning, suck on a lemon, their reflexes can be felt instantly at other body sites , same with ACV for example.
        I do Epsom salt as well, but I switch the remedies around strategically or random in desperation, Take lots of high dose Vit C, MSM, Pro biotics and Enzymes , my guts are totally messed up, so are my lungs and sinuses etc..its is mind boggling.

      • Jill Adame says:

        Have you not gone to a doctor? Why are you friends with them? Sounds like your’e quite comfortable with them now. Why don’t you have a doctor do his job? Tell us how you got rid of them not your remedies that don’t work, please, this is a waste of your time and ours reading. I know you understand my frustration.

    • Kay says:

      Can you tell me your symptoms? I have been battling this since December 2011. I never can see the bugs, if you have never been able to see the bugs and you feel them crawling and biting then you could be suffering from the same thing I am. This goes for everyone on this site! They are too small and microscopic. It took my bf a couple months before he started feeling them bite and crawl around. I have tried everything under the roof. My bf and I keep quiet about it, hoping we can get rid of these suckers one day. Well, recently I noticed my dog’s had white stuff on their backs like dandruff. It was always there and I thought they just needed a bath, and I would just give them a bath. They too were always itching and nibbling on themselves, but they didn’t have any bald spots anywhere. I was using Frontline Plus and Advantage on them so I figured it was just regular dandruff. Then as I was washing my black dog I noticed after rinsing him the dandruff kept resurfacing. It was creepy. It looked like normal dandruff, but it wouldn’t wash off. It kept resurfacing right after I poured water over his back, it resurfaced. So I checked online and found this symptom to be cheyletiella mites also known as “walking dandruff”. Holy cow, all this biting and crawling on me are these mites. So now I have tried so many things and nothing worked. So I googled these mites and what works to get rid of them. I found that pets need to be treated with Revolution flea spot-on. It is prescription, but I got it online without a prescription! Just google it! When I received Revolution, I washed my dogs with Head and Shoulders and when they dried, I applied Revolution on them as directed. The next day, I noticed the dandruff was gone! I kept my eye on their backs daily and notice the dandruff did not reappear. Then I found that benzyl benzoate works on them. I googled any products with it and surprisingly, Glade carpet powder has it. So I bought a bottle of Glade Hawaiian Breeze carpet powder and sprinkled it on my carpets and inside my couches and let it sit for 2 days, then I vacuumed and reapplied. I will keep doing this for every 2 days. Wow what a difference! My bf and I would try not to complain about the bugs, but I know he was suffering as much as I was. Some days I would get depressed I’d cry in the bathtub because I didn’t want to get out of the bath where they didn’t crawl and bite me. What pisses me off the most is I cannot see these darn vermin! I started this regimen last Thursday (5/10), and today (5/18), things are so much better! Last night, I stood outside on the porch where my dogs hang out and I felt the bugs crawling up my foot. I realize the bugs were hanging out there so I grabbed the Glade carpet powder and sprinkled it all over the porch and stood there again and I didn’t feel the bugs crawling on my foot so I know this powder works and it’s cheap too! My only problem is they are in my clothes and do not wash out. I am ordering “De-Mite” laundry additive to see if it will work. I know the bugs are in my clothing, because I will wear something and feel the bugs crawling then see bites on me. As soon as I take all my clothing off, I do not feel any crawling or biting. If you do not have any pets then you caught the bugs from someone’s pets or from somewhere else and they have multiplied in your home and feed off of you to survive. Research says these mites cannot live off humans but they are WRONG! I recently went on vacation and these mites traveled in my clean clothing with me! By the end of the week of my vacation they were crawling/biting me as if I was at home. Do not give up. We can all win this war against these vermin! I will keep everyone posted on my fight 😉

      • sam says:

        Hey Kay, use hot water in your wash over 58 * celcius ( Australian ). Get all your cloths out, sort through them, keep out what you wear, Bag the rest to wash later.
        Bugs dont like lavender, eucalyptus oil. Place these in rinse cycle along with fabric softener. Dryer then put in containers with lids. Keep washing like this, dont use flea spray. Sheets blankets, hats. Make a spray with the oils with a bit of white spirit and water, spray everything and vaccume. Its a battle but eventually you will win. Hot water is the winner, hotter the better.
        Good luck

    • Penny says:

      Hi M in SF,

      It’s late at night and I need to sleep but I just read your story and the above, and am so eager to learn whether you used ozone shock treatments for your living place.

      I wasn’t certain from reading what you stated I guess very plainly but my tired brain may
      not be able to pick it up.

      If you did use the ozone, if you would be so kind as to share more concerning that I would so appreciate it!

      thank you!

      Penny in So. FL

      • Gail says:

        Where in S FL are you? I’m in Royal Palm beach and find the spring the worst. Also, the closer to the ocean I get, the better that I feel. We are moving soon and home it will help. Are you in the woods? Thanks.

      • Penny says:

        Hi Gail,

        I am in West Palm 7 miles from the beach. So I’m not in the woods BUT there are A LOT of trees, all kinds of BIG HUGE trees, everywhere around my neighborhood. I am really focusing on doing the ozone to my townhouse. I must say it has helped tremendously but then my ozone plates stop producing after 2 weeks and I am now on my 3rd set of ozone plates for my ozone generator, I have a 14,400 mg/Hr unit . I would love to hear how your move goes.

        Penny 🙂

        so glad to communicate with someone local!!!

      • Gail says:

        We move within the month, hopefully. I’m also seeing a naturopath to make me less likable to these insects. There is an improvement but I’d love to be like every one else. I keep windows and doors closed, cats don’t go out and I shower when I come in the house to rid myself of bringing them in. I’ll keep you in the loop. Take care.

      • Penny says:

        Hey Gail,

        It’s very curious to me. I had been on a very low carb diet for a year, no canned or boxed food, no sugar or grains, no fruit, no flour, just protein, mainly eggs, high saturated fat, lots of coconut oil and butter personally, some cooked greens and supplements and my health improving tremendously when I started to feel invisible biting something when the ants came.


  127. Ruby says:

    Hello Everybody!
    Yes, plagues hate peppermint, lavender and a lot of species of aromatic plants; you can make your own scented oils to use on your skin through heating olive oil in a T pan and putting inside the leaves of these plants.
    I think that this is a real plague. According to my experience to cope with this, the good treatments are the ones used by natural medicine, because as all you know, the other pesticides, or whatever poison you use, make the bites become resistant to them. Besides, all the treatments in/on the skin, because the mites are inside the skin pores, are the ones related to furniture and clothes: If we own furniture covered by any type of fabric I think that we have to isolate it covering the whole furniture and mattresses with a plastic linen but being very careful of doing it hermetically with adhesive tape and for a long period of time, at least a month or 40 days, for being biblical. We have to do the same thing with those expensive garments that we want to keep, putting them into thick plastic bags and closing them hermetically, too. The main problem, I have found, is with the people we know are contaminated but who do not want to do anything because they use the negation mechanism of defense, may be because it is a shame to recognize we have a plague. A natural way of preventing this kind of contamination is eating raw garlic daily, this helps prevent cancer and other diseases. Maybe this plague is a blessing instead, because fighting against it we are not going to suffer of cancer that is a real devastating illness, very common these days.
    I am doing a test with my friends and acquaintances; I suggest them to strongly rub their neck with any type of heavy oil like the olive one and notice if they feel something like sand grains after ten minutes or more of rubbing… this is the first step of my research, because I am suspecting that this is a generalized problem but ignored/negated by almost everybody.
    Please, do not forget to iron your clothes everyday, something unsustainable and unfriendly with the environment but necessary to overcome this plague.
    Blessings and success in our commitment!

    • Anthony - Anti says:

      Makes sure there is good air flow over the ozone plates or they will burn out. It could also be the ballast that powers the ozone plates. I put the ballast before the plates so the front fan cools the ballast and that air goes over the plates as well. Then 3 fans on the rare. Mine have work for over a year now. I built it into a computer case which has a direct air current front to back. I just have to paint mine due to the oxydation it causes to the rear of the case thats unpainted.

  128. Anthony - Anti says:

    Mud bath may help also, it exfoliates and especially if you did it when you real sweaty. This should suffocate the mites if you stay in a while. Salt water or salted bath. I usually do a better job at healing myself using my own immune system. If i had bugs burrowing in my skin i’d sweat them out for days with NO SHOWER. Sounds crazy but i’d imagine they would move on.

    If you shower too much it just opens your pours and allows for whatever bugs they are to burrow in you open pours. When i had the toxic mold i went swimming daily in all my clothes/shoes and it got it out of my skin and clothes. Swim for a while till your all pruned up in preferably chlorine pool or the ocean. A clean pond and direct sun worked for me.

    OZONE MACHINES:Makes sure there is good air flow over the ozone plates or they will burn out. It could also be the ballast that powers the ozone plates. I put the ballast before the plates so the front fan cools the ballast and that air goes over the plates as well. Then 3 fans on the rare. Mine have work for over a year now. I built it into a computer case which has a direct air current front to back. I just have to paint mine due to the oxidation it causes to the rear of the case that,s unpainted

  129. Mary JM says:

    It’s Springtails!!!!!!!! Borax, epsom salts, non-chlorine bleach, and castor oil baths have become my best friend. I thoroughly cleaned my laptop with rubbing alcohol and my skin no longer crawls when I use it. Dusted diatomous earth all over my place using a sifter. I let it sit for 3 days, and then vacuumed and mopped. Use 50/50 rubbing alcohol to water in a spray bottle to spray everything!!!! Use a lint roller constantly to pick up all the fuzzies etc. Finally starting to feel normal again after 2 months and wasted visits to doctors. There are 2 very good articles regarding these evil things and how people are made to believe it’s all in their head, at my personal website: heyjade.com/healthmatters

  130. Ruby says:

    Hello everybody:

    I have just found an amazing medicine for all type of mites or lice under our skin, polyvinylpyrrolidone iodine solution 10/100 or at 10%. Please,after a short shower, dry your body, then rub all your body from head to toes and genital and anal area with this solution, and then wash all your body from head to toes with abundant water and soap, if you have iodine foam, it is better. The results are amazing and extraordinary fast.


    • Chacha says:

      Where can we purchase this? How much is the cost? Does this kill the eggs also? Or just bring relief? How did you find out about it?

      • Ruby says:

        Hi Chacha,

        I know that almost all of us have suffered a lot, fighting against this problem. If you are in USA, I found a site where you can buy it: http://www.jefferspet.com/product.asp?pn=11803&crcat=Direct&crsource=PriceGrab&crkw=Povidone+Iodine,+quart+solution
        This is a vet medicine for skin, but their effects are amazing, I think you have to make a trial to know if you are allergic or it is better to ask your doctor about its use. I know that this external solution is frequently used by surgeons and paramedical staff to wash their hands for aseptic infection protection. But it is really amazing the result, you can see the lots of dead mites leaving your skin with the first rubbing. I have not noticed any secondary effect but I advice you to be very careful about the rate of iodine (only the 10%). I think that I am going to clean everything with this solution with the steam device and quarantine all my fomites. I bought new clothes and lined mattresses and furniture. We have a lot of work to do.
        I know that it is better to use natural products, but this is really effective and I think that I was beginning to feel tired and disappointed and the solution arrived. Respect to the eggs, I really do not know anything about it. But I think that if this is an effective microbicide, it is probable that this kills the eggs, larvae and nymphs that are microscopic, I guess.
        If you dare, try it, but look for advice, my two brothers are doctors and they are supervising my experiments. Until now everything is going right. I think that this a great discovery. However, we have to be very careful.

        Blessings, Chacha.

  131. Penny says:

    Has anybody used ozone treatments in their place other than Anthony? He used it for mold. I’m wondering if anyone has used shock ozone treatments for their home at all for the invisible biting bugs, creepy crawling feelings, pinpricks feelings ? So far I’ve not seen one person use it.

    I have but I think the one I purchased is not working properly or I’ve gotten used to the ozone smell and I can barely smell any ozone at all when I use my generator.

  132. TryingToHelp says:

    So many of these stories sound like my 4+ year battle. Long story short, my “mites” turned out to be thrips. At the worst, my animals and kids all looked like they had severe dandruff. I lost the most amazing canine friend ever – long term thrip exposure slowly killed him. Thousands spent on brain dead vet were totally wasted. Our hair fell out – at it’s worst about 40% loss.
    These bugs were coming directly into my house through multiple small breeches. I spent months caulking my house – inside and out – and I currently have to spray the eves of the house daily. We all believed they were breeding on us. They traveled with us, although extended stays away from home relieved all symptoms. They infested our vehicles and our pets.
    My daughter’s face was covered with “acne” for 4 years. The bugs were coming in through an uncaulked phone wire, and the jack was about a foot from her face when she slept. When I pulled her out of that room, her acne quickly receded. This was terrible red swelling with multiple pimple heads and severe blackheads on her nose. At a lower infestation, you may have blotches that come and go.
    These bugs are nearly invisible, although when grown they will alternately look like a tiny ant (when walking), a tiny gnat (sometimes appear to be floating dust), a baby flea (when biting your ankle) or tiny clear little dots stuck to your lower outside wall – when you run a paintbrush over their (eggs?), they drag and cause little lines in your paint job. Since they appear differently in some stages, and are virtually invisible in others, it can be very difficult to pinpoint the cause. I believed we had mites for nearly 2 years.
    They are attracted to heat, just like mites. They are more active at night, just like mites. They move quickly, unlike mites. If I “clear” an area (vacuum and spray with Ecosmart), it won’t be more than an hour before they are attacking me again.
    There is very little written on this problem – especially as it pertains to pets. All the animals in my neighborhood are suffering from these things. The vet alternately dx’s “super fleas”, “yard mites”, or “nothing there”. Skin scrapings won’t produce squat. Toxic medicines do not control them – weekly ivermectin coupled with a compete herbal protocol only made them more active. No matter how many I killed, they were multiplying like crazy in the yard. It took 4 years to finally figure out that there was a bug attacking people and pets alike, and they were breeding in the yard, and getting into the house on their own.
    They are diligent. The more I caulk, the more determined they get. It gets better for a couple days, and then they find a new breech. At this time, they are still entering the house through the eaves. Those little holes that are supposed to let your attic “breathe” are their latest doorway to the inside.
    I have completely stopped them in one of the rooms by caulking everything inside. I had to pull up all flooring so I could completely seal the walls to the concrete floor, as they were entering the room from behind the baseboard.
    I’m in concrete filled block, so I would not think it would be so easy to enter. Wrong.
    I visit many of these mite/bug/misery threads on the internet, and always see some participants who sound like they are really dealing with thrips.
    I have collected these bugs, viewed them with a 60 zoom, and located their eggs in numerous locations. I’m 100% certain that mine are thrips.
    I spent thousands trying to kill demodex and scabies (the only 2 mites I could locate that were said to infest humans and canines/felines) with little to no improvement. Permethrin will kill them on your body and even keep them off for a couple days or longer, but if they’re coming from your environment, multiplying every few days, the Perm will only offer short-term relief.
    If you have not identified your bugs 100%, and you are not seeing the classic morgellons symptoms or the red, white or black mites, please take a moment to consider thrips. Thrip poop are little black dots, easily seen scattered on your house’s exterior walls.
    They like it hot. They like it wet. They are active in the rain. They like the bathroom – a lot. My bathroom toilet posts (the ones sticking up from the floor) would condensate when someone showered. The thrips were attracted to them, and thrip poop was obvious once I knew what to look for.
    They move fast. 1 or 2 can make you quite uncomfortable. They like the scalp. Shampoo does not wash them out. If you use apple cider vinegar and water 50/50 as a soaking rinse, it will remove every thrip. However, if the thrips are already in your bathroom, they will be attracted to your humid body and reenter your scalp before you get yourself dry. That’s what we experienced when they located a breech in the bathroom window frame.
    Hope this helps someone.

    • Chacha says:

      Have you gotten rid of the thrips, how, I’ve been plagued with something, and they are under my shin, Dermaltologists are telling me I don’t have scabies, six different ones, I’ve been going through hell…

      • Ruby says:

        Hello everybody,

        I was scared about my discovery of the use of iodine for this type of problem and I found this sitehttp://iodine4health.com/overviews/uses/uses.htm

        Have a good night!

      • TryingToHelp says:

        I’m still fighting the thrips. I have a large magnolia tree in the yard, and have to get that cut down, as thrips are attracted to them. They also love citrus trees, and will eat the new growing tips.
        I’m spraying the house and yard every few days, so they are very active right now. This is a whole neighborhood problem, so I don’t know if I’ll ever get them erradicated from my property. Still trying to figure out how to block their entry through the soffit(sp?) under my eaves, without cutting off house’s ability to “breathe”.
        Doing all I can to make my property inhospitable, but it’s really hard to determine my progress. They are always super active shortly after spraying, and I’m spraying frequently.
        To see if critters) with 50/50 apple cider vinegar and water. If you get relief – consider thrips. Look for thrip activity on lower portion of exterior walls, especially near water sources, like above ground a/c drains. Do you have a lot of foliage against/near your exterior walls? They eat a lot of different plants.
        The stages during which they are most attracted to people, they are super-hard to see.
        During severe infestation, the scalp of pets and people will exhibit symptoms of cheytiella (sp?) mites – flaking and severe dandruff. I didn’t have a scope back then, so I couldn’t verify them, so this is only a theory.
        Since we began using the acv/water, those symptoms are 100% gone.
        Good luck to all.

  133. Ruby says:

    Dear All:

    Let us pray and try the iodine:

    Please, play together the following prayer:

    Prayer in time of Plague

    Almighty God, who in thy wrath did send a plague upon thine own people in the wilderness, for their obstinate rebellion against Moses and Aaron; and also, in the time of king David, didst slay with the plague of Pestilence threescore and ten thousand, and yet remembering thy mercy didst save the rest; Have pity upon us miserable sinners, who now are visited with great sickness and mortality; that like as thou didst then accept of an atonement, and didst command the destroying Angel to cease from punishing, so it may now please thee to withdraw from us this plague and grievous sickness; through Jesus Christ our Lord.


    • Chacha says:

      Have you rid yourself of this scabies yet? I am mite free. I had Permetherin creams I used a few times, because I went from Doctor to Doctor they were misdignosing me, giving me meds I didn’t need. Have been since June, thank God. The Doctor gave me tablets of prednisone. In a month they were gone. But the residule under my skin now where they are all dried up, dead, still must be delt with, to this day I use a steroid cream he has given me, he said it will take a while to get rid of this, because i had it for months. Let me know. He also gave me a shot of prednisone two months later. When using the prednisone be careful use as directed only, it’s not a med to fool around with. But it’s a wonder drug for me.

      • Mary says:

        Response to Chacha: First of all, how do you know how it’s spread? My relief is sleeping elsewhere and it has never “spread”? Second, doctors, inlcuding dermatologists do not know what is going on, how to treat it or even believe there is a problem— some will say it’s psychological– read– all in your head. You got lucky-consider its so and don’t be so judgemental of us others- Just how many doctors do you think any one of us has been to??? Many just don’t know

      • Chacha says:

        It’s spread through touch with others, washing your clothes at the laundrymat. It’s spread through your sitting in a chair in a public place and your home, your mites stay in the chair, and another person picks it up. These are just a few ways. I went through six Doctors, I was given the same answers you recieved, it made me angry and itchier as time passed, I went from one-to another. I just told you what to ask for in medication…please don’t give up, it will take longer to get rid of the risidule dried up dead scabies under the skin after they are eliminated, which make you itch also, but it’s not the same as when those buggers were alive!!
        I’m trying to help you…what are you on here for, people are telling you false information to waste your money on products that don’t work, I’m proof it goes away…if I forgot to mention to you specifically how, write me…gosh I just love getting slapped in the face for helping the right way..

  134. Anne Stephens says:

    I have the same problem but there is 5 in the family and I am the only one whose legs looks like I have a disease. My lade itches and I itch it and then it seems more bites come out of no where. from my knee down I have so many bites in which some I have itched until the did bleed. My husband sleeps in the same bed as me but he has no bite marks of any kind just me. It is driving me crazy. Yes I thought maybe we had scabies too. I am going to the doctor so i am going to ask them to test for scabies. It is crazy i am the only one who is itching and have so many bites. my family thinks i am going insane hahaha.

    • Kara says:

      Anne, I know how you feel, my family feels the same about me. I really dont know if I have bite marks, I really dont see any, however the sensation feeling of this crawling on me, the itching that is non stop, and me thinking we have bugs…. makes my family laugh at me. My husband also will go to bed at night really early & say ok well going to bed to let the bugs eat me and laugh… cause I dont sleep at night cause this bothers me so. yet he seems not to have any problems. When I sit on my couch I cant stop from feeling something is going all over my body, I itch all the time & cant stop. If you find out anything at the Dr please post for others to keep up dated, as in myself. Thanks

      • NEO1959 says:

        You need to check Morgellon’s. Even if it isn’t under your skin, it’s on all fabrics (clothes, couches, sheets, blankets) as well as electronics and in the dust. If you have fabric in your car, it’s there as well. You need to get the pet hair roller (it’s masking tape reversed on a roller) and roll your clothes before you put them on. Vacuum your cars and then roll. You have to stay on top of them or they multiply even more. You can’t get rid of them. To check this, when you feel the bite (or sting), get a wet Q-tip and swab really hard around the area. Put it under a strong microscope or magnifying glass and look for an obvious black speck on the Q-tip. I’ll bet this is what it is.

      • Chacha says:

        I know..my family thinks I’ve lost it too, and it’s been a year now…It’s only certain times during the day or night and then certain parts of my body at other times, like right now, my hands are itching like terrible, I’m rubbing them on my arm of the desk chair, it will go away, but until it does I go crazy!! I’m retired now so I’m up sometimes all night, or other days all day, so they bother me when they are in that area of my body, I think. It’s been getting better since the fourth time I did a treatment in May of 2012, but just when I think it’s gone, I start seeing live ones again, and could just crunch up and die…

      • Chacha says:

        The bite marks…look like pimples, they itch and hurt…it’s not like a dog bite!! A few times my children came over, and grandchildren, they never got it either, my boyfriend? I finally let hin come too, after he swore i was avoiding him because I didn’t want to see him anymore (after 17) years…he didn’t get it either, or else he lied, because I saw bites on him later. I think out of pride he didn’t tell me the truth and he had the cure done as I did, but he had it caught right away. By that time i had been cured with the Permetherin and later Prednisone. Prednisone is a steroid. Be careful with it, can’t be used more than directed.I still have residual dead scabies under my skin and some itching, it’s getting better. But still irritating as all get out. but I don’t feel crazy out of my mind any more. I continue to use steroid creams as directed.Let me know how you fair? Wash your sheets everyday. Clean and vacuum. I thought I’d go crazy with all the cleaning I had to do, and for months!! Good luck to you…

  135. Kara says:

    I have read all the comments, and each one sounds like that I am going through. I just dont know what it is. I sit on the couch & I am itching in seconds, I feel like something is all over me, I feel a crawling sensation feeling, yet when I dont move & just look at the spot that feels like something is on it, I dont see anything. I get it on all parts of my body. was on teh couch, then went downstairs to clean & all day my arms were itchy, warm feeling, had a reddness to them. When I take a shower, it gets better then once I am out for about 20 min. it is back to the same thing. I did think I had bed bugs, I had 2 companies come to the house, both said we dont have them. Yet I think think we do, every night I have a hard time going to bed. One of the companies that came said maybe I have myself so worked up I just think there is things on me, at 1st I was thinking maybe he is correct. I tried to stop thinking about bugs, it worked for little while, however within about a week I could not stop thinking about it again & now it is worse than ever. I didnt have the problem of sitting on the couch before. Now there is not 1 time I dont sit on the couch with out feeling things crawling on me, or just itching the whole time. Yet I watch other family members sit on couch & dont seem to itch. Then when I do see someone itch I think (oh, they are feeling what I am now)…. I get so scared as in what is going on. I dont understand what this is I dont see anything, I really dont see bite makes on me per say. I do see a lot of scares from me itching, I see alot of red marks, form the itching, however dont see anything that I can say this is why this is happening. I can have my leg up in the air, cause my legs are crossed on the couch & I still get that feeling at the tip of my toe or my leg. Which then I think how is it possible when it is not near the couch, I dont see a thing on me. As I am writing this I was on couch, my back would not stop itching. I moved away from the couch (my back) and my back stop itching as much, now it just hurts from itching it so much. I just need to know if this is all in my head or what is wrong. I dont have health insurance at the momment, therefore I cant go to the DR. I cant keep living with this, I cant sleep at night. I cant do much during the day cause I am so tired from being up all night. I changed my life around to have a healthly life a while back, and now I feel it is going all down hill due to I get depressed, I cant sleep, I have no enegry, I am so upset, I dont want anyone to come over & get whatever it is, yet I dont know if it is anything. I try to think maybe in my head due to I read all this on line & I know that can always play games with peoples minds. however I dont think I would even be on these websites if it was not happened. Before this became an issue with me , I never knew most of this existed. Now, I became a freak, and worry about everything I touch, everyone I go near, it is not a good way to live at all. Besides the itching & feeling like something is on me, I all sudden will get this shooting pain or a very sharpe pain that I cant ingore, however when I touch that spot, itch that spot, it goes away. When I am at work all day or not home much, I dont think of any of this or even get this itching. I have been staying out more, working more just cause I hate going home. This is not me at all, I love home, I use to want to stay home more than anything else. I was happy to spend time at home, watch movies, just hang at home… I need to find some answers so I can go back to having a better quality of life, being happy, loving my home, and being able to sit down on my couch. Right now I hate even thinking of sitting down. We have a dog, when this 1st all started I thought it was because of him, we had him all shaved and Dr said dont see anything on him. He would itch all the time his ears, I thought maybe from the dog. Now when I go to bed at night, I dont feel the need to itch as much as when I am on the couch, however by that time I do feel it is in my head. I have been going to bed so late just cause I think something is crawling all over me. I also sleep with a flash light thinking each time if I feel anything I will turn the flash light on and catch whatever it maybe. However I dont see a thing when I itch all day, when sitting on couch. I only have the feelings of things crawling…. and I can feel it up & down my back when I have back against the couch. What is going on, please someone help!!!!!! I am just so uphappy. When I bring it up to my family members they really just dont listen, they think it is all in my head. Then we have been getting these bugs in the house. They hardly move, most of them act like they are dead or are dead when I pick them up. Not many of them really move & if they do not fast enough to even get away from me. They are oval in shape, hard backs, most are a dark color, really cant tell you how many legs, or what they have on them, cause hard to see. they are on kitchen floor the most. Sometimes the bathroom floor. I have found couple on bed room floor, and I did find 1 in the bed… which really scared me. I would keep in baggies, yet when I had companies come look at them, they would say dont see much in the bags or not bed bugs, however not one could say this is what it is.
    So I still dont know what they are. Some are black/brown…. I can tell hard shell to them. I also find these little black things all over the houlet however when you pick it up, you cant really squeeze it, it dont roll up, it is just very weird. I live in Milwaukee WI, that way when people read this, maybe they know what most people around this area have. Please let anyone let me know what you think my issues are. I cant stand this itching, I cant stand that I dont enjoy my couch at all. Yet I dont see anything on the couch, I dont see anything on me when I get that sensation or itching. Sometimes I will be just standing on carpet & feel like something just walked across my feet or in my toes, yet I dont see anything there when I look. Ideas on what it is, Ideas on what I need to do, and please help me get rid of this all.
    Thank you to anyone that responds, and thank you for making this web site & people for sharing, this is the way the world needs to work for everything….TOGETHER so that we can beat everything & anything.

    • Chacha says:

      Girl you need to contact me, I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin also. I don’t know if I have what you do, because you need to explain more to me than I’ve just read. But I’ve been plagued with this for more than a year now. I did a fourth tratment in may of 2012, and it’s a little better, no, much better, but I’ve been to so many dematologists who don’t talk to me decent and just tell me I have dry skin, or folliculitis, and my main Doctor says i need a psychraitrist..You believe that? But they refuse to see the films I took and the photos. It’s like they know what is wrong, but damned if they’re going to tell me or admit it. Do you smoke cigarettes? Mayne it’s from this or our diets? Too much sugar? I don’t know, One good thing has happened from it tho I’ve lost alot of weight…call me at 763.3633 in Milwaukee.

      • Chacha says:

        763.2622, I’m sorry!! Chacha

      • Chacha says:

        Well you didn’t call, so apparently you have a cure now also? I’ve finally been cured since June, after a month after the Prednisone I had used four treatments of the Permetherine first. I only have dead scabies left under my skin because I had it for so many months, went from Dermatologist to Dermatologist, six of them, they gave me such a hard time, misdignosed me, made me use meds I didn’t need, one told me I needed a psychiatrist..he needed one…Let me know how you are fairing now. Call me…

  136. Becky says:

    I recently moved to Lehigh, and I’m going nuts with the itching/burning. My skin feels like its on fire sometimes. It seems to happen more when it’s dark. I get bit outside on my ankles really bad in the am when I take my dog out. Whatever these are it is not noseeums, you can see those actually, and they’re black. I think these things may be white, or almost translucent. I’ve seen something that almost looks like a tiny dust particle, but was going up not falling down like a dust particle wood be. When I start itching I can’t stop, and I end up with welts all over. It almost feels like quick little pin pricks all over my body. The welts are in a line like whatever it is moves in a line biting as it goes. I also know this is definately not bed bugs.

    • TryingToHelp says:

      Check out thrips. They’re everywhere, and they’re really good at entering your house through breeches. If one finds a way in, you can bet all his friends are on their way. The flying dust specks – adult thrips. Some have wings, some do not. If you’ve ever found a bug that looks like a baby flea – adult thrips, also. They look black to the naked eye, but mine were actually orangish when scoped. They eat people, plants and pets.
      Symptoms we experienced – random itching with no bite marks, more activity at night, attracted to heat, love to feast on your scalp and will cause hair loss (people and pets) with more active infestations. If you’ve got a serious case, you can expect pinprick sensations. They will seem like the actual bites, but they respond to benadryl and a medical intuitive told me it was an allergic reaction.
      At the stage where they are most likely to attack humans, they are somewhat opaque – they do not look black in those stages and are almost impossible to see. They move really fast and are hard to catch on your body. I used cotton balls with alcohol to quickly swipe areas where I felt movement – then I scoped them.
      Look around your yard – they are attracted to many common plants. Citrus is a huge culprit in my case, and azaleas and magnolias are also on their food list. Diligent spraying of foliage surrounding your house will help. Consider the possibility that they are finding their own way in. We are now conquering this problem by caulking every window. Not caulking around the window, but caulking it closed and caulking every possible breech within the structure. They were coming through tightly locked windows – there was no obvious sign, other than the thrip poop. Look for little black dots on your windows and walls (exterior) – that’s a clue.
      At my house, they were breeding at the top of the outside walls. There were some bubbled out areas at the very top of the wall/paint, were it meets the soffitt. I don’t know if the bugs caused the bubbling, or just took advantage of it. We scraped the bubbled paint off, and there was clear evidence they had been breeding there for a long time.
      Apple cider vinegar (mixed 50/50 with water) will wash them off people and pets. Soap and shampoo were not effective. Long term, unresolved infestations will cause severe hair loss, accelerated aging of skin, bleeding gums, acne (severe in my dd’s case) and blackheads.
      Long term exposure of my dog (it took 4 years for me to fully understand what was happening and deal with it effectively), caused him to die a drawn out, slowly getting worse and worse type of death way before his time. Thirteen visits to 4 different vets led me to despise all vets. Not one of them could tell me what was wrong, but they were plenty happy to sell me expensive, useless crap.
      There are probably more clues/details I can provide, after I get some sleep.

      • Becky says:

        What kind of symptoms did your dog have? I have a dog, a cat, and a husband that don’t seem to be affected by what ever this is. It’s driving me nuts, ive been puting tea tree oil on the itchy patches. Seems to help a little, but I want something that will kill what ever this is. I itch the skin right off sometimes, looks kind of like a hicky when I get done itching. I also read a person can try sulpher products like soap, and creams with sulpher in it. I haven’t tried it yet because I can’t find it yet, the tea tree oil stinks so I want to try something else.

      • Infested says:

        Thanks Trying to help!! your post is very helpful. I seem to be narrowing down my bug to Thrips or some other almost unknown microscopic flying bug.. I have found some fuzzy white cocoons in my clothing, about 1/16th of inch long. Have you seen those? After 2 months I finally saw something flying in strong sunlight looking in the reflection of a 2x makeup mirror. They barely rose above the carpet and darted out of view quickly. Looks like flying dust. About the size of the period on this sentence. I can feel them lighting on me but never see them. Must be opaque.
        I’ve ordred a 60x power usb scope. I’ll check the outside of my house. I thought I picked these up in a hospital waiting room. But, also left my screen door open a lot during the nice cools Spring.

      • MJ says:


      • TryingToHelp says:

        The symptoms my dog had were mild hair loss, then fatigue, then just slowly getting weaker, slower, sicker. I tried a multitude of herbs, mainstream toxic crap (ivermectin based), all kinds of baths. Back then, I thought I was dealing with a dog issue – that the bugs came from the dogs and were getting on us. So I was bathing both dogs in stuff that would kill dog mites (borax, h202, water) which I think ultimately made my male’s skin hurt.
        Lots of guilt over his death, still really painful 2 years later. I have a dog that visits me now, and twice weekly rinses with acv/water (along with a monthly dose of ivermectin for fleas) keeps him comfortable. We can’t bathe any less than that, or they build up and he starts to itch.
        My daughter was affected long before others were, because a main entry point for the bastards was a phone line behind her bed, very close to her face. Missing caulk on the outside was all they needed.
        In actuality, everyone had symptoms, but the rest of us were so mild. Like I had itchy ankles. Since that’s also a symptom of mercury poisoning, I assumed that’s what it was. Now that we’ve made great progress with caulking breeches, my ankles don’t itch. My back used to itch sometimes, but I thought it was a reaction to wheat. There were never any obvious bite marks, just little sores where I had scratched.
        I had some success with sulfur and ivermecton, because these bugs will succumb to anything. They’re actually easy to kill, but they are plentiful. In fact, in my previous post I said that shampoo didn’t work. I’ve since found that shampoo works fine, but if it smells good the thrips will be attracted to your head especially when it’s still wet. There was an overlooked breech in my bathroom window that I just found recently. Before I found it, the bugs were coming through the window – attracted to heat and humidity. Then I’d step out of the shower with my vanilla scented shampoo (a particular favorite for thrips) and they would jump right back on me. Since I put about 2 pounds of caulk on that window, shampooing removes the bugs just fine. We switched to an organic, unscented shampoo, as well.
        After lots of time, money and energy spent on killing these things, I now know that the only way to have any peace is to secure the house exterior before you try to kill them in the yard. Spraying the exterior will cause the bugs to swarm and if there is ANY minute breech anywhere, they will find it. Until I figured that out, every time I sprayed we had about 2 days of hell.
        Re: Becky and the cocoons, I have seen those things many times outside my house, a couple inside windows, but none in my clothes. I have bad eyes, so maybe I missed them there. I can tell you that thrips do love to crawl between layers of fabric. They will target you when you are on the computer, as well. They are attracted to yellow and white, and my house has white trim, soffitt and doors, along with white blinds in the windows.
        They like smokers a little less. When I quit a couple years back, my symtpoms went through the roof. Now I’m smoking again, and they are bothering me less. So if a wife doesn’t smoke and stays home all day, and a husband smokes and spends many hours at work, and the bugs are outside the house, the wife will have far more symptoms than her husband. Family members who were bothered less were quick to deny that there was a bug issue, so I can see that happening to others, as well.
        My doctor said I was nuts (in nicer words), my daugher (I have 2) wasn’t bothered for quite a while, and also believed I was nuts. (She gets a lot less for Christmas now, lol.)
        They are small enough to come through the screens on your windows or doors. They are attracted to vanilla and almond, and I’ve read that you can soak cotton balls in one of those 2 extracts and thrips will bury themselves inside the balls trying to get to the source of the smell. So if I was trying to figure out whether my itching problem was from thrips, I would probably get those 2 extracts, soak cotton balls and place them in plates near windows and doors in every room, and then check them the next day to see. I never did it myself, because I had already figured out my problem before I read that.
        I was affected for many months before I saw the first thrip on my ankle. It looked exactly like a baby flea to the naked eye. I finally realized that it didn’t make sense that I was only seeing baby size fleas here and there, but never an adult.
        Re: Mary J below number 2. At their worst, my dog and youngest daughter both had walking dandruff. One parasite attracts another, and a thrip infestation will attract the dandruff mites…or something that looks exactly like it. I never scoped the flakes, so only seen with the naked eye. Also, sprintails number 3. The year before I finally realized that my dog and kid were being attacked by a bug, we experienced a springtail infestation. They were coming through an open window, and stopped as soon as I found that it was cracked. I later wondered if the sprintails were attracted for the same reason that the dandruff mites were – the existing thrip infestation. Also, the borax recipe posted below (Mary J) is the one that caused my dog’s skin to be painful. It will also cause a lot of damage to your hair – bleaching and weakening it. Apple cider vinegar is far less damaging and (for thrips, at least) way more effective.
        I hope everyone here gets their answers. Most important – know your enemy. Buy a handheld zoom and make sure you know what bug you’re dealing with. Keep in mind that one bug/parasite will attract another. We dealt with a total of 3, and I believe #2 and #3 were simply attracted by an abundant supply of #1.
        There is evidence that these things were breeding on my house 6+ years back, so we were probably affected to some degree long before the obvious symptoms.

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  138. Mary J says:

    Sorry this is so long….but hopefully it’s helpful….
    I’m not an expert but there’s a good chance it’s one of 3 things:
    1) Let’s get this first one out of the way; Morgellons. If you have fibers literally coming out of your skin, Morgellons seems likely. But, medical professionals (and I use this term very loosely) immediately in all of their arrogant wisdom think you’re crazy and imagining things, and since it’s not something they regularly see or have never seen, they can’t imagine it’s real. So, instead of making an honest effort to get to the root of the problem, they send you home with a sleep aid and lotion hoping to never see your crazy ass again.
    I believe in Morgellons, but there are other things, similar to Morgellons many people are experiencing and a lot of the symptoms seem to overlap.
    2) If you have a pet and there’s obvious hair loss and tons of dandruff in your pet’s coat, and you both are itching like a mofo it’s probably this: Walking Dandruff (Cheyletiellosis): dermatitis caused by mites. It’s known as walking dandruff due to skin scales being carried by the mites. It’s highly contagious and transmission is by direct contact with an affected animal. Symptoms in animals vary from no signs to intense itching, scales on the skin, and hair loss. Symptoms in humans include multiple red, itchy bumps on the arms, trunk, and buttocks. Because humans are an irregular host for the mite, the symptoms usually go away in about three weeks. If your vet determines it’s not Walking Dandruff and you are still miserable with symptoms worse than just red itchy dots, such as sores that take forever to heal and when they do leave scars….it could be:
    3) Springtails (Collembola) a hexapod
    I’ll try to make this brief, but informative. Collembola come in different colors, some can emit a little spark, they are tiny, super fast so they seem to disappear into thin air, and can jump using their tail.
    You are probably experiencing symptoms that you couldn’t even make up if you tried such as:
    • the feeling of something crawling on you but you can’t see anything
    • something lightly brushing against the skin. For me when I felt a brushing against my skin it was an actual Springtail. I took a piece of clear tape and pressed it to the floor where I had been standing even though I couldn’t really see anything specific, had the sample identified…it was a springtail.
    • a pin pricking sensation, which feels like biting which actually isn’t biting. It’s believed to be caused by the fungus they spread on the skin and feed on. I’ve also read the pin pricking sensation is their pointy tail they use to propel themselves (off your body) but that doesn’t explain the sores…..so I’m not buying it.
    • sores that look like an infected white head that never heal
    • bumps that recess into the skin as if encysted into the skin
    What’s really special is they are extremely difficult to eradicate due to the fungus appearing to come out of the body, spread in the environment, and then from the environment re-infect the body!!!!
    So, if you see a lot of similarly shaped lint, and I mean a lot in your home attached to clothes, blankets, etc. this is from their molting. Both fungus and Collembola seem to use natural fibers as part of their cycle and appear to live and breed in paper. Some lint is so entwined in towels and clothes, a lint roller won’t be strong enough to remove them. If looking at this lint using a microscope and it’s not strong enough, this lint will look like a bunch of hairs entwined, and to the naked eye it just looks like lint but very suspicious looking lint.
    I personally don’t think there is help to be obtained from any medical professional and this is why:
    There are 2 thoughts on scrapings or biopsies.
    1) Results are negative for an insect because it’s actually a fungus
    2) Results are negative for a fungus because the biopsy sample taken is not deep enough; it needs to be deeper than an average run-of-the-mill biopsy. But try and tell this to your doctor …good luck…and get ready for plan b because it will come back negative
    My understanding from all my research is with Springtails the bottom line is to find the source of moisture which is attracting them and keeping them in your environment.
    My experience with 5 arrogant doctors is that they are a waste of time. Thank God I have great insurance or I would have gone postal when the ‘specialist’ diagnosed me with dermatitis. Imagine that! I already self-diagnosed with that, I was hoping for something a little more enlightening…..so I had to help myself.
    …and every day is different but improving …..mattress went into plastic bag, I only wear clothes once, wash them with borax, rinse twice, dry thoroughly in the dryer. I started using a dryer sheet bar that you stick in your dryer and noticed a huge reduction in lint stuck to my clothes when coming out of the dryer, all clean clothes go into plastic tubs which have been wiped out with bleach or rubbing alcohol, was sheets every day all other bedding goes in the dryer for 30 minutes, I lint-roll all bedding before getting into bed, I even lint roll by dog and his stuffed animal toys, I only have 2 small rugs which I lint roll, I even lint roll myself if I feel anything…sometimes what I see on the tape after doing that is just my own or my dog’s hair and sometimes it’s tiny black dots or flesh colored ‘things’ but they are getting less and less, I spray my feel with 50/50 rubbing alcohol and water before getting into bed, I bath my dog often and he’s improved to about 95%. I used this shampoo and when things were really bad in the beginning bathed in it myself.
    3 TB. borax
    8 oz. hydrogen peroxide
    16 oz. water
    Heat the water until hot and then stir in the borax until it dissolves.
    Add the hydrogen peroxide. Once the water has warmed, apply to your dog as you would a shampoo.

    I also give my dog a teaspoon full of organic cold pressed coconut oil every day (which he devours) and spray him with 50/50 organic apple cider vinegar and water.
    When I was really miserable I took borax, peroxide, epsom salts, and castor oil baths (all together) and was helped tremendously.

    The 5 things I do that I feel have given me the best results (least sensations) and will continue doing for the rest of my life are adding borax to my drinking water every day, adding borax to my bath water every day, eating organic raw garlic every day (garlic must be organic, raw, chopped or crushed and allowed to site for at least 5 minutes but nor more than 10 before eating to get all the antifungal benefits –tip: put a small slit in a few grape of cherry tomatoes, stick in the garlic, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and pop in your mouth….painless! and drinking organic ACV with water every day. Oh and 1 last thing….shred 2 raw carrots, sprinkle with a little ACV or rice vinegar, and eat first thing in the morning – must be on an empty stomach…..drink water throughout the day….you might be afraid of what you see in the toilet after your next bm…..this is a natural way to rid the body of parasites and so good for you….carrots provide calcium too!

    • Marguerite Kuhn says:

      Thank you Mary J,
      Your reporting aligns most with my experience as well, in regards to identifying the ‘culprit’ and associated behavior and I have been fine tuning on similar ‘battle- approaches’ after six-seven years of hit and misses, studies, exploring multiple forums. and on and on…..thousands and thousands of dollars and mostly the wear and tear physical and emotional, no dollar amount on this one, given the horrendous task of keeping face in public, keeping up a fast paced, high intensity and clarity required work pace. I DARE ANYONE TO re live my experience on this daily, second to second, minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day , years and years now hell of an existence. I have wished for cancer , HIV just to get an accepted ‘label’ and much sympathy thus from the general public, and mostly from the arrogant and ridiculing medical community, however, how can one explain this HELL ?
      I wished I had more energy right now to ‘detail’, I do would like to tell you how much I appreciate your post and also on some fine tuning tips coming from you.
      Please stay in touch.
      mk in SF

    • Chacha says:

      Read my posts as I’ve been cured, just have to use strroid creams for the dead residules under my skin now, and this has been months already!! Doctor says it takes a long time to get rid of that…

      • Ruby says:

        Chacha massage your body from head to toes with olive oil, the massage should be very strong in order to push the dead residules out of your skin pores.

  139. Kahla says:

    Hi my name is Kahla. I live in Cincinnati OH. Today my fiance and I were walking through the woods with our dogs, and we were attacked at the same time. Started itching, then burning. When we got out of there and back to the vehicle, I had small bites on my thigh. They disappeared after about 30 mins. I have walked a lot in wooded areas, never experienced this in my life. The dogs seemed unaffected. They are not bit, and did not itch.

  140. Christine says:

    I live in a different country so I don’t know if its the same species of mites that have bothered me before. But this worked. I turned the aircon to as cold as possible, placed everything that the mites had spread too (soft furnishing, clothes, etc) into the room for a few hours. Took a cold shower and washed my hair thoroughly too. Itchiness was gone after that. I’ve been attacked by these mites 2-3 times coz of sitting on cinema seats and this method has always worked. No harm giving it a try? I hope this helps! : )

  141. Aisha says:

    I an experiencing the same thing. Except I eve I have caught one on a piece of tape and I’ can’t find the bug on google yet. My family thinks I’m crazy even though I can show then the red spots and even welts sometimes. If I don’t figure it out soon I may go check myself in at a mental hospital just to get away com these bugs from hell

  142. I am suffering from the same factor. Except I eve I have found one on a item of record and I’ cannot look for the bug on search engines yet. My household believes I’m insane even though I can display then the red areas and even welts sometimes. If I do not determine it out soon I may go examine myself in at a psychological medical center just to get away com these insects from hell.

  143. Isa says:

    I was looking up another blog, where they were talking about windex and borax or Listerine.
    I got in the shower and sprayed myself with windex, rinse and followed with Listerine. Amen to that… I am feeling much better after months of suffering with invisible creatures, I feel good… I am going to get some detergent with borax and some unscented bounce sheets and put my clothes in plastic bags… I am tired of running around like a dog with flees. I am fighting this problem once and for all…

  144. Isa says:

    Ok today I did the ultimate! I got some coconut oil and mixed it with some tree tea Oil and spread it all over left it on for about 5 minutes and rinse it off! yes! This really worked to rid those creatures. They come out like blackheads all over your body. Make sure you wash everything with borax right after you shower… Amen and Amen.

  145. Deborah amato says:

    To Everyone; Now I am terrified I am having a bit of a bug problem myself.I am going to try something that kept mosquitoes and West Nile Virus off my 2 horses and I never got bit either and there were a lot of mosquitoes BIG ones Try skin so soft Oil by Avon I am going to try it for these it smells a bit but better than bit only time I got bit is when i would forget. put it in a spray bottle and water it down it lasts forever and works for a lot of things I will let you know if it works for these!! Good Luck Deborah in AZ 114 all month.

  146. john says:


    Trying to identify the bug, I came across this page. I have also found mixing pet flea shampoo with the mop bucket water helps in keeping them down along with tumble drying clothing.

  147. Infested says:

    Great post John! I don’t think it is my pest though. Mine fly and are about 1/80- 1/100 of inch in size. I can’t catch them they are so small and hard to see. An entomologist recommended thrip traps, those sticky boards. How in the world is he or I going to remove an insect that small from the glue?? Ugh!!
    Currently spraying the house with Talstar pesticide. It’s having some effect. I had almost 2 days of no bugs, their numbers are reduced, but eggs seem to be hatching. I’m on my second spraying, 5 days apart. Probably do a third one too.

    I’m going to try the apple cider vinegar to get them out of my hair.
    Almost my fourth month with these pests. The cleaning and pesticides is beginning to take a toll on me.

  148. Kamini Dixit says:

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    Exceptional blog and outstanding design and style.

  149. Suzy says:






    I went to the dermatologist many times and they did not know, one thought we were imagining it. As you know this is serious. I got rid of them through trial and error, since the Doctors were unable to diagnose. I even had tissue taken from my are and tested. I hope this information will save you the time, expense and suffering, that we went through. You need to use bug defoggers and bomb your house at least every two weeks about 3 to 4 times to kill all of them. You will need to do the same thing to your cars. Mark your calendars. You can get the medicine from the doctor used for scabies, even though that is not what this is. Under your fingernails and all over your body. Do this after you have bombed your house, furniture, car, shoes, office. You have to do your body as soon as you get back in your house, or at a hotel. So that everything is taken care of.
    if you can get plastic bags big enough for your furniture, including your mattresses you will have to do the same with them. Seal the plastic bag air tight with tape. I would leave it sealed for two weeks and repeat at least one more time in two weeks, then leave them sealed for a month. I would also spray the inside of shoes with a lice spray killer. Lather up with a soap, I used what I had, Oil Of Olay, and leave it on for five minutes at least in the shower (including your hair). Then lather up again and let it dry on your body and leave it on overnight. Shower in the morning and you may want to do the same thing for the day until you get rid of them. If you feel an itch after that, lather that spot with the soap and leave it on. You have to wipe down everything with bleach. I threw away good mattresses, rugs, furniture, pillows, some clothing. It is worth it in the end, otherwise you will continue to suffer. You have to put your shoes in a plastic bag and spray the bug bomb in there and leave them there for a few weeks. Seal all plastic bags completely or they can get out. You have to wash everything and bleach it, colored clothing use non-chlorine bleach. You should clean your carpets too adding non-chlorine bleach in the water. I rented a machine from the Safeway. It is an unbelieavable amount of work. I learned through trial and error, but finally have relief. We even ripped out the carpet in a bedroom. I am switching out my rooms to wood, or tile as I can out of fear of them returning. But it is actually healthier anyway. Think of what can be living in your carpet and what people carry in on their feet. We don’t wear shoes in our house and were extremely clean even before this happened. I still only wear things once and wash out of the fear they will return. I don’t know where they came from. I got rid of my one year old new cloth furniture at the dump, and all of jearly new mattresses and when I bought the new ones I keep them covered in plastic zipper cases. Pillows too. Some may think this is extreme, but if you have experienced it, you will do anything to get rid and ensure not getting them again. Wipe down the bedframe. I had to spray my chair at work. I bombed my office. It was an awful experience I would not wish on anyone. No shortcuts and you can’t be lazy. You have to bomb everything. They even live in paper. I got them back when we were looking through some save papers in boxes. So you have to do it all to ensure you get them. Showers morning and night. But lathering and leaving the soap on the skin is what stopped them. Even if you feel a little bite after you do all this, I recommend taking off the clothes washing them and lathering and leaving it on the site overnight or throughout the day. So make sure you do your workspace as well. or you will get them back. I wore clothing I could wash and dry in a hot dryer to kill them. Even after washing some comforters, I finally threw them away as it seemed I couldn’t get rid of them in some fabrics. Dry clean whatever clothes that require that. I washed everything in the drawers, and even clean clothes in my closet, as I don’t know if they move everywhere. It’s better to do everything once and be safe than have to do EVERYTHING over again. Keep wiping things down and washing your clothes after one wear until you know they are gone. You can get a natural soap from a Health Store if you don’t want to use regular soap for health reasons, and especially on children. But I know that is what finally helped to get rid and keep them away. I had to do it even after all of the other things I did. Whenever I felt an itch I would lather that spot and leave it for hours. Best of luck to you.

  150. Infested says:

    Since the entomology and pest control professionals are not motivated enough to really help, we have to help ourselves. I told one of the big mail order pesticide firms this could be a tremendous sales opportunity to sell more product if they could help us figure out what pest this is. Blah Blah Blah. We must work together to share ideas, success, pictures etc. One of the things that we really need is to get a good picture of these flying white specs of dust. That would help a lot. If you know of anyone in the DC metro area that might have a macro camera, micro recorder, lets talk.

    I still have not been able to see them. I bought a 60.00 usb scope from amazon which does a nice job when working. It seems to have a short circuited cord or something. I thought once I had that scope it would be a piece of cake to see them. It’s like 30-120x power. This just shows you how elusive they are. They dart about for an instant and you can’t see them unless they are flying.

    I sprayed more talstar with Nylar added to it yesterday. Nylar is supposed stall the growth of the eggs. I think these things hatch out every day. So, the talstar kills the live ones, but not the eggs that keep hatching. I’m going to keep a sprayer filled with Sterifab in the living room and spot spray them. Sterifab will kill live ones, but not the eggs. The sterifab evaporates in about 30 min. It’s good for mattresses, sofas, etc.

    • TryingToHelp says:

      Haven’t visited here in a while, but noticed your reference to flying white dust. Have you tried the cotton ball with vanilla or almond extract to catch some of them? My dust specks looked white, but were really an orange-yellow type of color when scoped. They like heat, and I once found one dead on top of the bulb in a lamp. I’ve also been able to catch them by watching the outside walls. They live in the top soil of dirt, and if I stir up a dirt area up against an exterior wall, I will usually get at least a couple that head up the wall. Dip a cotton ball in alcohol, and capture the bug on the cotton and scope. They are really fragile, so it’s easy to damage them and then they look like debri instead of a bug. I’ve used the alcohol/cotton to collect them from my skin, as well. You have to move fast, but it can be done.

      There are hundreds of thrip varieties, so yours might be a different color. Have you seen any baby fleas? They are the same as the flying ones, but look so different when sitting still. I have seen the baby thrips on a white envelope when they got in my mailbox, and they would be impossible to see on your skin. That’s the stage that is most aggressive toward people/pets.

      The effects of thrips are pretty easy to dismiss, unless they get aggressive on your scalp. It also seems like once you’ve been bitten a lot, they are more attracted to you. I know that seems crazy, but my grown daughter felt unaffected for a long time and now she feels them everywhere. I can tell almost immediately if I happen upon a thrip-y area, but others won’t be bothered at all. If my daughters are with me, they will also be immediately aware. I don’t know if that is because they are now more attracted to us, or we are now very sensitive to the effects.

      We are working on making our property less attractive to them, and seeing positive results. No matter how secure the house is, you can’t stay inside forever. If the yard is full of them, you’ll bring a few back in with you, and that’s all it takes to start suffering. Since they live under the dirt, spraying won’t take care of it. We’re dumping loads of bug crystals in yard, and (crazy or not) we’re digging a little moat around the house so we can fill that with crystals too.

      Expensive sprays seem a waste, as they are easily killed. It’s not that they’re resistant to bug killers, but that they are so numerous. I read that it can take a year to see improvement in a thrip infestation, due to their ability to propogate quickly, their habitat, and the sheer number of bugs.

      This experience has cost us many thousands (we tore up floors, replaced an outside wall, stayed in hotels, ordered countless products) at this point, but we finally have the upper hand. I hope everyone here finds their answers and regains their peace of mind.

      • Gail says:

        How do I stop them from biting me when I’m outside. It’s worst on cloudy, windy days and near trees. I have to immediately shower when I get home and throw my clothes in the dryer. I’m in South FL so the weather never gets cold enough outside to kill these things. I’ve gotten worse over the years. It started as something that was for a few weeks in the spring. Now, eight years later I’ve been suffering for about the past year and a half. Why do they bite me and no one else? Doctors seem to have no answers. Do any of you in cooler climates get relief in the Winter? Maybe living in a city would help.

      • TryingToHelp says:

        Gail – I don’t know how to keep them away when I’m outside. I went to a green market, and was attacked as soon as I got there. Everyone else was fine, I was scratching like crazy. These things are everywhere, and seem to target those who have already experienced long-term exposure.
        I’m trying to figure out if the exposure has changed something in my body, which then makes me susceptible to attack, or whether I get attacked when I have carried one with me. I read that they have some kind of sensory system that allows them to find each other.
        Even if I shower, bomb the car, wear sanitary clothes…I still have to go outside to get to the car. I’ve watched them land on other’s heads, at the hairline, and head into their scalp. I don’t think I can guarantee that I haven’t brought one along, no matter what precautions I take.
        I like Eric’s suggestion below, to use No Pest Strips in the house. Not sure what those are, but if they attract thrips, they’d be worth buying.

      • Isa says:

        If you see them land on other people’s hair. Most likely, they are not mites, but lice. Mites are not visible to the naked eye. Further more, if you keep using all these different products, like some other person suggested, you are going to end up having a reaction to that, and itching and feeling something crawl on you. Invest in some lice shampoo and clean all your linens with hot water. This will stop that. As far as mites biting and all these other posts, I am becoming more and more skeptical to the reasoning and results…

      • TryingToHelp says:

        Isa (below) – These are not lice, they are thrips. I have magnified them and verified they are thrips. They are common and they love to hang out on your scalp (and on furry animals). They sometimes invade a residence, and the pupal stages are so small that you will only see them with a bright white or glass background. The full grown thrips are easily visible to the naked eye, but not easy to catch/scope.
        They are not mites either. I’m familiar with mites, and mistakenly believed them to be mites some years back. Once I actually saw mites (and they were visible to the naked eye, although small) which were abundant in someone else’s yard due to squirrel and bird feeders, I knew that was not the culprit in my case.
        I raised 2 kids in Florida, and they both went to daycare, so I’m extremely familiar with lice.
        As Gail states (below), they attack aggressively when it’s cloudy/rainy, they eat all kinds of plants (as well as people and pets), are abundant in trees, in grass, under the dirt (where they spend part of their lives), in wet areas (like your a/c drain if it’s above ground), and on the south side of your house.
        As far as you’re being skeptical, it’s kind of irrelevant. We can get that attitude at any doctor’s office, because they are also naive to the truth. There are multiple small insects/parasites that are destroying people’s lives, and thrips are one of them.

  151. Excellent website you have here but I was wondering if you knew of any user discussion forums that cover the same topics
    discussed in this article? I’d really like to be a part of group where I can get comments from other experienced people that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Appreciate it!

  152. David says:

    I hope you guys who posted monitor the site so I can thank you for your courage. It is comforting to read these ideas and try them and have some hope. I am on month number two and I am just getting my mind around the fight at hand. WOW. I am remaining optimistic although I have no new solutions to offer you only a word of thanks. I will say that menthol crystals, tea tree oil has shown very little rersults thus far. It sort of gets them mad and they bite worse. I have a brand new mattress that cost around 2700.00 any way of saving that? I was hoping those crystals would drive them out but didn’t work. I have been pondering Ozone shock but there is no solid info that it will work. I have also read elsewhere that tenting the house doesn’t work either. Any feedback on this? Maybe cook the mattress? I heard these things dye in high heat. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks again,


    • Pam says:

      Hi David,

      I have very good news regarding shock ozone!!! It has worked in my townhouse totally. I needed to get rid of all paper and cotton exposed – old couch and love seat, old carpeting and all books off six bookcases and stored in huge plastic bags. I don’t know if I’ll ever put the books back!

      And to give credit where credit is due, I am unashamedly a born again, Holy Spirit filled strongly into Jesus and His Word Christian and I believe Jesus is the one Who has given me the Wisdsom for my situation :-). He loves each and every one of us in His own special way! I would respectfully urge everyone to go to Him first for everything in life, including the afterlife!

      Pam, So. FL 🙂

    • Infested says:

      Hi David,

      Glad to hear that ozone worked for Pam. I tried ozone, and it did kill them for 2-4 days. But, they came back. I have a $ 600 ozone machine that is about 8 years old. I did it room by room; it was a lot of work. Her machine may be more effective. Not sure if mine is strong enough. I think it killed the live bugs, but not the eggs. I’ve realized that eggs are hatching every day. Several products will kill the live ones. It’s the eggs that you need to kill. Sterifab kills the live ones on the mattresses and sofas. But you must kill all the eggs in the room too, or they will hatch and come back.

      What kind of ozone machine do you have? How long did you leave it running in your town home? Where is the best place to set it up in the house? How high was the setting?


      • Pam says:

        My ozone machine is me taking one I bought for about $200 and then got new and better transformers and ozone plates. Mine is 14,000 mg/hr. for my 1362 sq ft. townhouse. I understand it would be better to have 2,000 mg/hr. for each sq. ft. I did my whole house by placing my generator directly under my central AC air handler and leave it on for one hour with the AC running as cold as it will get. Also keeping humidity at 50% or lower. And several fans going all throughout the townhouse close to vents.

        If anyone would like more details, if you leave an email address, I will email you back. I don’t want to go into much detail because I don’t think many are interested in shock ozone.

  153. David says:

    I have had no luck with sterifab at all. I sprayed it everywhere in my bedroom an hour after it dried I went to bed and they were waiting…

  154. eric says:

    I would feel a bite like from a mosquito but never find anything on my skin. The bites are tiny, only itch for minutes then disappear. Bites are on average once a day. I purchased No Pest Strips for each room I spend time in. The bites stopped immediately. It’s three weeks later and I am starting to feel occasional bites again. The strips are starting to wear out and I will eventually have to replace them.

  155. shelby says:

    Me n my boyfriend have been experiencing itching for several months now. We’ve been to many different doctors saying we have shingles scabies eczema and the list goes on. Needless to say we have had no help. My boyfriend just has red pimple like bumps on his upper legs n buttocks. But he itches all over. I also had bumps on my butt n legs but only for a few days n then they were gone. But I still itch all over. Especially r faces r itchy. Everytime we r round people they seem to itch their nose or face first as soon as we r even n the same room. We can’t even have fun n go out we dnt want to make others itch or for them to think less of us. There is no visible bug that we can see. My boyfriend even had an interview the other day and believes he didn’t get the job cuz the guy was all itchy during the interview.We need help!

    • TryingToHelp says:

      Both my daughters had bumps like that, but on their arms, sometimes cheeks. In our case, thrips were causing all kinds of skin afflictions before we battled them back. We’ve been fighting them for 2 years, bothered by them much longer. Our whole neighborhood is full of them, and you rarely see one of them on you because they are so tiny during the stages they are aggressive toward humans. I did see the adults on my dog, but they look like baby fleas at that stage and I dismissed them and gave him some ivermectin (which doesn’t work against them).
      I don’t know if your bugs are the same, but in our case they were coming into the house through every window. Even though the windows were fully functional, closed and locked….they were able to get in. I had to caulk them all (not as easy as it sounds), inside and out, everywhere except the actual glass. We have them completely blocked from most rooms, but I’m still working on the last one.
      It took us years to figure out what was going on, and we’ve spent thousands. Doctors just wanted to send me to a shrink – they’re totally uneducated on this type of thing. Elimite will put a stop to the attack, but if they’re in your environment, they’ll come right back. If you have thrips, you’ll have thrip poop stuck to your house. Little black dots, pretty easy to spot when you’re up close.
      They attacked my daughter’s head and scalp, and seem to really love those areas, as well as ankles and women’s backs in the area of their bra. One daughter is attacked on her upper arms every time she goes outside. There is very little information available on this problem, although I did see a few random reports of towns being infested by thrips.
      One thing you can try is rinsing in apple cider vinegar/water 50/50 before you soap and shampoo. This is what we do after spending time outside. We douse ourselves from the head down, leave the acv on for a minute or so, then shampoo. Works until we come in contact with them again. If you don’t get relief, they’re not thrips and at least you can eliminate one of the possibilities.

      • Chacha says:

        My Doctor gave me prednisone, finally got rid of the critters but left dry debris from them under my skin until I can get rid of it. Have you used medication for scabies, I did four times, didn’t help, I still itch but it’s because my skin is so dry from the meds I believe. He also gave me a steroid creme mixed with a skin cream. It takes a long time to get rid of the itching and sores because I went to so many different dermatologists and they gave me so many different cures for different diagnoses. They don’t deserve their licnses…I swear…

    • Chacha says:

      Have you used the medication for scabies> I think that has something to do with this also. Have a dermatologist give you prednisone for a month, it will take a month to see the results. I still have pimples and itching but use a steroid cream mixed with a skin cream. prednosone is a steroid. You can’t use it for very long, and be sure to take it as instructed. My critters are gone but the debris, dried up under my skin still is the problem. Good luck and let me be informed.

    • Chacha says:

      Read my posts and replies, some are before I was cured alot after…if you have scabies as I did, and had it for months because other Doctors told me I had something else…you need the permetherin, then if it doesn’t go away, Prednisone tablets, and steroid creams. Mine are dead, byt dried up under the skin yet, still causing pimples, but the critters are different, they are dried up and dead, it’s very different. it will take me months to get rid of this residule, but I’m happy again, it’s still a nocense though. let me know how you fair..

  156. Odelia Villanueva says:

    Expat living in Merida, Mexico here. Have the problem and am successfully managing it. Have never experienced any problems like I have encountered here in the tropics. Same description: invisible or I suspect microscopic black dots. Feel them jumping on my extremeties, around my neck if laying down. I suspect always on most people who live here but cannot be seen. When I inquired of fellow expats, others thought I was just sensitive and making more out of it all than needed. My husband also thought so as we sleep together and he never got bit. Eventually, my husband saw first hand how my legs especially would look necroptic (meaning they were turning red,brown, black as if the skin were dying) in very large areas where in the center were raised red bumps. When I asked locals about it, they said, “Oh yea. These are everywhere. You will get used to them.” This is why people in tropics thoroughly clean their homes once a day and why everything here is white (bldgs, clothing, etc.) Just no one taks about this. Initially, we used bug spray plug ins that go into the light sockets. These have a one or two day life of helping if you have already cleaned (swept, moped, etc.) All my bites were at night and atributable to the bugs riding into the bed on our cats. Local folk wisdom says these invisible bugs love anything black, especially animal fur & dark clothing, generally love fabric. Solutions we have tried and are working now are: taking half a odorless GNC triple garlic pill a day, sweeping & mopping daily, every night wiping the bed with my hand as I can feel them so I sweep them onto the floor and sweep again, then using a pet roller on the same bed sheets. Be sure to use roller on both sides of bedsheets. Either wear no clothes to bed or right before entering bed change to clothes that have been gone over by pet/lint roller. Do not wear same clothes to sit down elsewhere even for a moment. I also go over my own body with the lint roller. Sounds nuts but hey, it works. In addition to all that, the cats are banned from the bed. We also have now rented a home where the entire property is covered in a fine mesh wire. Keeps out most bugs and really cuts down on these things. I now consider that I am allergic to these bugs. I consider my allergic reaction to be moderate. So sorry for those of you with more severe reactions. When I get bit now which is pretty infrequent (once or twice a week,) it only itches for a few minutes. I do have more breathing problems here and know i swallow them at night as I snore and inhale alot. Have to continue experimenting to control respritory affects. Hope this helps someone.

  157. Roosterrooster says:

    Did u ever find out what this was?

    • Isa says:

      Yes, it was a combination of Urticaria and scabies. bad combination! Both are almost under control.

      • Chacha says:

        I too have mine under control, the criteers are dead, but continue to use steroid creams for the dead dried up scabies under my skin, still get pimples too. but nothing like before… What did your Doctor give you? Mine gave me permetherin and then Prednisone tablets, later a shot of Prednisone. I wish it would clear up now altogether…
        You wrote me once…

  158. Fight the bugs says:

    Are you going to posts again? West coast USA here. Infested for about 5months. Will post more details later.

  159. Badly Bitten says:

    Thought this story was interesting: http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/3245837.htm

    Maybe we should contact the ABC TV Catalyst program and get them to persuade Dr John Gerrard to investigate our problem too?

  160. Ida R says:

    Take all your bed clothes and wash them with a detergent named ALL the one that says dermatologist tested it has no chemicals, when washing them dropped in it some clorox depending in the amount of clothes and some Lysol too, do this every time you wash your clothes incuding your underware and everything you wear that is washable and this will help kill any insect in the clothes, I do not have rugs but I mopped with lysol and clorox. Buy a spray that is call Gooid Night this is a spray you can use safely on clothes that you ware, spray anything you are going to ware inside out from a distance let it dry before you wear it, you can spray your carpet until wet, let it dry and then vacum to collect everything. I bouth a mop tape it has a long bar that I use for my ceilings and when every time is full you can tear the peace and a new one shows, you can use that for your walls and ceilings, I do this every other day and have almost nothing to worry about. My problem is not that bad anymore but at one point some years back it was terrible and I know what you all are going through. I bouth those very good mattress covers, they are very expensive but they are worth it because nothing goes through them, get them from the people who manufacture them the real ones, not those cheap ones, I bought for my pillows too. The soap I told here ALL comes in a white bottle in different syzes. For my hair once or twice a week to prevent anything I open my roots and put some Apple cider vinegar, you can mix it with water or use it like it is, leave it in for about an hour or sleep with it and then wash your hair very good and rinse, you can also open your roots and put some vaseline in it or mentholatum, not vick but mentholatum in the roos, and in your feet and legs, they do not come close when you have that on your skeen. Every time i shower I put vaseline in my skeen mixed with aveno cream, and in the legs some mentholatum, here for the legs and feet you can also use vick. My head was itching and I started the appele cidar vinegar and the itching is almost gone at night come your hair in front of the tube with your head down to get out anything in your head.

    I really hope all this will help you. Good luck.

  161. Ida R says:

    I am sorry for all the grammar mistakes that I am aware of I was in a hurry like bought, comb, wear but I hope you understood everything I posted here but if I can help write to me with any questions.

    • Chacha says:

      Mine is all gone except srill some died eggs and scabies under my skin, also from having to use the permetherin four times that did damage to my skin, so i’m still using the steroid cream a few times a week, I’ve also used Witch Hazel striaght from the bottle. My skin looks much smoother. I went through nightmares so long with those mites, I never want that back again, it was a horrible experience, i thank God for the 6th docter I went to he used prednisone tablets, after two months a shot of Prednisone steroid to get rid of this, it’s took a month, then I still had some itching, but not the same, and now I have dried stuff that comes out of sores, I’m still seing the doctor, and still using the steroid cream. But it’s very mild my sores, and much different thanbefore, because they are dead, what I have left is dead tissues of the scabies. This is what doctor thinks it was. I have my life back, I am not cantagious since last june of 2012.

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  163. clare says:

    Hi- I am suffering with this issue too… for the past 3 days I have been itching like crazy and I noticed it all started when I sat on my sofa.. my sofa is 3 years old and I have had bites before that I thought were mosquito bites but nothing like this they are terrible. I live in the middle east and I also suffered with cockroaches from the sewer but I have gotten this under control. now this may seem weird but I noticed that when the gel for the cockroaches worked and it took 3 weeks to finally get rid of them and we still get the little small ones dead but I noticed that when they left the itching started! so after reading your blog I have concluded that perhaps they used to feed off the roaches and now they are eating me?? 😦 anyway I have 3 kids and not one of them has the same problem- nor does my husband. I have taken the sofa apart and put all the covers in the wash tonight. I also got a spray called flee and sprayed it all before going to bed as I simply cannot bear this itching. I am not dirty but the area we live is very old and the whole of the neighbourhood suffer with cockroaches. I had had issues with them forever until I ordered some meds on eBay and had them shipped out to Oman. These things are so annoying though I am up now at 1am itching and like most ppl say they are like mossi bites but they are smaller and basically everywhere. my back is itching on Saturday I am going to the drs to check this out but I am hoping it will go when the sofa covers have been cleaned. I have spent the past 3 days taking the house apart- sweeping mopping jiffing dettoling and its not working! Coincidentally I also just took my daughter to the doctors and I am starting to wonder if it may have something to do with the chairs we sat on there and it could have passed to our chairs in the house. I don’t know but I am happy to have found this site as everyone things I am nuts!!!

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  165. Mohini says:

    Hi there me and my family have been experiencing the same problem last few months.

    We live in New Zealand.

  166. Trent Kammel says:

    Itch is an irritation in the skin that elicits an urge to scratch. Itches are a common problem and can be localized (limited to one area of the body) or generalized (occurring all over the body or in several different areas). In some cases, itching may be worse at night. The medical term for itching is pruritus.’

    Current short article from our own web page

  167. Dan says:

    Hi my name is Dan I live in Ontario Canada. I have the same crawling, itching, biting prob as most here. It”s been about a year and a half now I went through all the sprays and bombs with NO luck today I am trying organic garlic I am hopeful as I”m so tired exhausted from this invisible little monster. I will post my results for the garlic in a few days or sooner if it works.

    Sleeps with the light on Dan

    • Leanne says:

      Hi Dan

      Don’t worry, I don’t want any money from you. I think I can help with some things that work and have helped a group of people with these issues. Feel free to send me an email and I can send you some ideas. I work in the holistic health industry and have seen this before.
      Ok, stay well…
      Ps: I am in Ontario as well.
      Go to http://www.arecipeforlife.ca

  168. Dan. says:

    “” WOW”” the Garlic seems to have worked i have only had minimal times and very little creepy crawly bites and its only been 3 days of taking one whole clove chopped up organic garlic. Taking it every second day. Remember you have to eat it within one hour of chopping it up. I eat it on toast and lots water. I really hope this helps. If you try it pls keep me posted here on how it goes!! thanks you for this great site. Dan.

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  172. ivelesse says:

    Although I have always suffered from skin problems such as ezsema; I have never experienced the discomfort of present symptoms that began in 1994 and have continued till this very moment.
    It began with what appeared as a simple bug bite. It was very itchy. The skin surrounding it began to raise and became very dry and scaly. Visited derm who took a biopsy and never quite concluded what it was. It finally subsided leaving my skin stained till today. Years came and went and in 2007 I began to experience skin problems once again. This time it was worst. My entire torso broke out in hives. It felt like I was on a stake being roasted just in that area. The itching was so intense but I was unable to scratch because it felt as if my skin would literally peel off. I treated with prescriptions, but I believe they had nothing to do with it going away. It was like having the flu. I was able to feel comfortable while it took its course until it began to heal on its own.
    Towards the end of last year around October one again skin issues returned. This time with a vengance. I began experiencing all previous symptoms along with new ones. These start like bug bites. They appeared as if a bug bit me. They itch as such and from scratching I spread it to sirrounding areas. It’s a living hell. I have been to every doctor from primary to allergist. I have endured every skin test they have requested and still no diagnosis. I have been out of work due to this prblem for four months. It is awful. I feel as if no one is able to treat me or the least whats causing it.
    I have always been a secured individual and I now feel debilitated. I am constantly itching. Breaking out with hive and bite like marks that have basically ruined the texture of my skin. I am embarrassed to expose it.

    • Chacha says:

      I have the same problem, gave up going to the dermatologist’s, they are playing a game with me to get paid, for too many visits and not doing enough or giving me answers…please tell me if you find a Doctor who helps…mine also appear to be bug bites…and I scratch like crazy…

    • Chacha says:

      Can you explain your bites more extensively to me? I may be able to help…Chacha

  173. Chacha says:

    I’m a smoker, do you smoke by any chance..I’m wondering if this has anything to do with my sores and horrible appearance of my skin…but it’s much better than it used to be,,,I have lot’s of scars from scratching…

  174. Jacqueline Harp says:

    oh my gosh, thank everyone. last year when i called my landlord, which is dads secretary, she said be by next week. I bombed twice before that, & when she came with pest man, of course they saw nothing, so due to my past drug use, she told everyone i was on dope again, & imagining bugs crawling on me. Havent called for anything since. And now they are back due to hot humid. Not sure i can go thru this crap again, cause cant tell anyone, they thinlk im nuts. ignorant asses! Again THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! JH N Arkansas

    • Anti says:

      CHECK FOR MOLD !!!!! I thought it was bugs also, on me. What happen was the mold was very toxic and my immune system eventually broke down after a couple years. By then it was in my clothes and everything cloth. Of course it was on everything else too, it was torture. Remember an A/C can induce mold.
      So check for leaks everywhere and especially around the toilet. Out of all the things i did the best thing that worked was to seal a fan blowing out or sucking the air out of the house. The fan had to be sealed to the window with another window open on the cleaner side of the house. So when the spores float around they would be sucked out by the fan. You have to find the source eventually though. The fan must stay on high sucking out or maybe two fans sealed blowing out on the same side of the house. The open window should be on the side with more sun and dry. Try Benedryll and getting out of the house for the day to see if i’m accurate. Trying these things will tell you if its bugs or mold allergy. It really felt like bugs to me, i spent tons on bug repellents. turned out to be mold and other people were not around it everyday all day so they are not allergic to it. There is also a mold testing kit at Lowe’s or Home Depot. Good luck.

  175. Anti says:

    The mold was in my store growing on toilet water leaking from above, but i tracked it home too. Replaced all my clothes and bedding a half dozen times. but you can just wash everything a few times with just water. I didn’t know at first that would work. I hung a lot of items outside so the wind would carry the spores away.
    What happen is there was no circulation in my computer store and at first it felt like bugs till my immune system broke down completely and i start getting full body swells and now i have seizure disorder. It was in my blood stream and when i went off a cliff in my car having a seizure the doctor told me i should be dead ten times over because the mold was 10x as toxic as real black mold. Covered head to toe in blood i walked out of the hospital with a policeman watching over me for the day. It still freaks me out till this day!

    FOR MORE TIPS YOU CAN EMAIL ME logician79@hotmail.com

    I battled it for years and finally I got it under control…. you may have to move…but I can give you some steps to take and help you build a strategy. Some pictures of this event on my Face book…Anthony Giguere in RI…I’m holding an electric guitar with a white shirt on.

  176. Dave says:

    Well saw dermatologist (twice) prescribed some hair wash and a skin spot ointment. She said it was from sweating, I said it increases in winter, she said well you sweat when you have too many clothes on. Obviously baffled and didn’t know what to say ,other then fob off and waste my time.
    I’ve found a glue rat trap helps under the PC tower. Again, tumble drying clothes, also tumbling them before they go into the wash helps as I’m sure anything under 60 deg doesn’t really effect them.
    Still hoovering the bed, have bedbug covers for all duvets and mattress. Mattress is also a memory foam, so no chance of colonising to any great extent.
    Still have lumps and bumps all over. Pinhead spot to 1/2 cm welts which have been occupied for a while. Still trying to get over this, it seems they leave me in the summer and when the winter comes in, they tend to ‘hone in’ on warm bodies. So itching and crawling sensations become more apparent.

    All the best,


  177. Norma H. says:

    So glad to have found this forum. I have been suffering for almost 5 years now. I also need help and support.

  178. Carmen says:

    Ok, I started with this 3 weeks ago and have done everything suggested on the blog. I’m going nuts. I have a one and two year old and I don’t want them to get it. I have gone to the doctor, allergist and going to the dermatologist next week. The only thing that makes it better is the steroid shots and Diatomaceous Earth on my skin. I even sleep with it on the bed. Today is June 21, 2013. If anyone has advice, please email me at carmenperez_us@yahoo.com.

    • Anti says:

      If steroids help then it’s not bugs…steroids boost your immune system. Allergy to mold more or less. Problem is it’s still mold season and it’s just in the air. I got it out of everything but sometime i just touch the wrong thing or someone will have it on them. The mold count is actually in the weather forecasts online…It’s a very touchy thing but airflow throught the house with a fan sealed in window sucking the air out of the house (negative air flow) with windows open on the dryer sunny side of the house…helped me tremendously….

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  181. George C. Baker says:

    i have just read the past seven years of my life. i am from middletown, ohio (u.s.a.)
    i have been going nuts, ive lost my job, cant hold one i itch terribly bad. gave up the computer, it helps, but now that i am on it again my face is itching and burning, every time use our new energy afficient washing machine i start itching when it switches cycle, ive stopped sitting on our couch and chairs, every time heat kicks on or air conditioner, in the car, when i go from dark to bright light and i am a welder so that is not cool, it is real bad in the winter time when you get cold they dig in your skin then when you heat up they come with advegance.
    one place they stay is in clothe, some material i cant rid them and the energy aficient washer does not drown them. they seem to be dorment for about two days after a rain. then they hunt you down for dinner. i wash my clothing in hot then wash again in cold then after they dry for extra time i put them directly in a plastic bag, this helps if i leave quickly so they dont get on me again. if i dont tuck in my shirt i get bit on the belly
    i have been trying to catch one for the last 3 years, i think i did it looks like a transparent piece of small insulation 2 or 3 times thinner than thread i had it in a baggy and my wife has thrown it away. basically IT LOOKS LIKE YOU HAIR thats why you cant really see it
    it looks like hair and since it is transparent it TAKES THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN
    i dont have much hair on my legs, when i felt the itch i focused in and watch my hair crawl on my leg i had my daughter look at it so some one else would see it
    i am 46 and literately losing my sanity. affraid to seek help

  182. Anti says:

    DID anyone on here consider and ALLERGY to laundry soap. Apparently a lot of people are allergic to it because of the additives and it drives them nuts. Try switching to hypo allergenic soap. Allergies get so bad that your skin actually crawls. Just the last two days mine has been crawling because of the MOLD coming out of the A/C. I get one spore on me and all of my skin starts crawling because it’s all one organ. I really lost it for a while and thought it was bugs a few years ago when it all started. I’M SERIOUS, you guys need to look into an allergies. Check all your plumbing for leaks, and check air conditioning units etc…. Most bugs will die off in your home in the winter once it hits freezing. If you put a high end piece CLEAR TAPE or glue trap near you and see nothing in it after a few hours then there is no bugs. If no one around you is getting bit then chances are it’s an allergy. Allergies can just start out of nowhere and develop over time. My allergy was new so I assumed it was bugs.

    • George C. Baker says:

      Middletown oh usa
      funny you should mention that.
      I have tried a wide variety of detergents, the only one that helps or I can tolerate to use All Free and Clear. mostly because it has no scent and doesn’t effect my breathing.
      If you would read more clearly, I stated that as long as I put them in a trash bag directly afterward
      i have not the problem verses taking them from the dresser.
      if i ware my shirt loose and not tucked in i get bit on the belly, if i tuck in my shirt i do NOT get bit on my belly.
      if this was an allergy i would think bagging them (keeping them from airing out) and confining my belly so it gets no fresh air
      would make it extremely worse, why doesn’t affect all parts that are covered, and some parts (face, hands, ankle, and in and out of the ear ) that are exposed to air. and mainly at the nose to 3 inches to each side and ocasionally in the nose.

    • princess says:

      Everyone is talking about what they can feel,but what if you can feel them jumping and can hold them in your hand and squash them,this is what is happening with me,pest control don’t want to help and my whole house is infested,there could be 20 people in a room and i’m the only one that gets attacked,this is making me suicidal,cause all year ive tried different ways to et rid of them and its not working,i don’t understand why they are attracted to me,this is not what i exoected from life,i feel like i’m going insane

  183. Tammy Goodwin says:

    We have the same problem in our office for years now. I’ve alerted officials and nothing is ever done because not everyone is getting bit. The biting only takes place in the summertime. Its so unbearable! These microscopic bugs even get in your underclothes and hair!

  184. dave says:

    ……Just a tip. I’ve found that whole garlic cloves help, how I don’t know, but it seems to stop the bites from increasing. To avoid smelling of garlic all day, I bite one,so it has split ,then swallow. If you chew it up ,the oil really hangs about for ages.
    Another thing is the lumps on your head. Having tried to squeeze them with little success, I then pushed them against my skull . A clear ‘popping’ sound can be felt when doing this. I think its egg cases I’m killing, not sure, but it seems to reduce a new bite site considerably.
    Another point is, I think UV kills them off. I’ve noticed a drop in numbers in summer, I thought they went elsewhere, but we had some bad weather recently and found they seemed to make a resurgence in the bed. Our bed is in a bay window, so gets plenty of light. I found pulling back the sheet and blasting the bed with UV really reduced the numbers. Might play about with a UV lamp come winter and the annual skin invasion.

    • Anti says:

      CAREFUL WITH UV LAMPS! I had two of them in my store and they mess up your eyes bad to where your eyes tear up uncontrollably for hours on end. But yes the stronger bulb should kill bugs..so maybe try a tanning salon on your body and the lamps for inanimate objects….

  185. Michelle says:

    Hi everyone. I want to say WHAT is this bug??????? I was on my computer, it was 11:30 AM on a Monday and all of a sudden these tiny tiny black flying bugs start landing on my computer screen.All of a sudden Im getting this itchy stinging feeling all over my body. From my ankles to my shoulders.Like something is biting me. What are they? I live in Sparks Nevada.Their about the size of the tip of a pencil. Dose anyone know what their called? Bye and thank you for reading my comment, now Im going to take a shower and spray myself with bug spray.

    • Pam says:

      I’m sure you know bug spray is poison and anything you put on your skin gets into your bloodstream. One time I guess won’t kill you but I would not want to do it regularly.
      If it was me I would try spraying white vinegar or apple cider vinegar is healthier or even alcohol on all my skin.

    • Darla Starkey says:

      I have left messages here before, but thought I’d try once again. The small black, flying bugs might be the same as what we have here….thrips. The adults look like little black flying things, sometimes mistaken for fruit flies. They are attracted to heat and if you have a lot of them, they will flock to you when you are on the computer. The ones you can see are adults, and are NOT attracted to people, but the nymphs are. They multiple rapidly (numbers doubled in North Florida/South Georgia in 11 years time) and there are hundreds (some sources say thousands) of varieties. They are attracted to everything growing. Plants, flowers, weeds, trees. If you don’t treat it, the thrips will eat it.
      At a low level of infestation, you would experience a mild itch. Ankles, backs and scalp seem to be their favorites over here. More infested? Welts, hair loss, pinpricks, soft tissue deterioration in the form of bleeding gums and accelerated aging. Seriously infested? Crazy itchy head, severe acne and god knows what else.
      These bugs are fragile, and easily killed, but they are multiplying faster than you can kill them. I’ve spent thousands on bug sprays, powders, etc. I covered everything in my house with DE. I poured 50 bags of bug crystals onto my 1/2 acre property in one month. It wasn’t enough.
      I identified our bugs 15 months ago, and we have made a lot of progress. We have caulked all windows closed, which helped a lot. Yes, it sucked. But it was worthwhile. We’ve caulked every breach in the house. I spray bug spray on the outside of the house twice a day, especially the soffits. This is a huge help.
      After caulking everything, and still being attacked (although only about 10% as much as the previous year), we found that they were living/breeding in the soffits and entering the house through the walls and coming out from behind the baseboards. Not an easy fix, but we’re working on it now.
      Want to know if they’re coming in through your soffits? Easy enough to tell. If your exterior wires (cable, phone, etc….) are exposed, check them to see if they are covered in black gunk (thrip debris). We have watched them walk those wires and follow them into the soffits. We pulled off soffits and found more black thrip debris as well as predator bugs. I have found thrips at every home I’ve checked. Every rest area from here to Atlanta was loaded with them. Old neighborhoods with big untreated trees are full of these bastards.
      My daughter recently traveled to Tennessee to visit a friend. That friend has horrible acne, and his mother and dog have severe hair loss. When my daughter entered the house, she was attacked right away and came home (after 5 days) with a lot of acne and hair loss. Did I mention they will cause hair loss? At our worst, dd and I lost 50-60% of our hair. My older daughter just rented her first apartment last month. She’s spent every spare minute and every spare dollar trying to stop the severe infestation over there. This is NOT a rare occurrence. These nasty f’ers are everywhere. Weak immune system? They will eat you first/most/worst. Your healthy husband sleeping next to you may feel nothing.
      When I tell someone they have thrips, they usually think I’m crazy. Until I start asking questions. Are you losing hair? Do your ankles ever itch, with no obvious bite mark? Do your gums bleed? Anyone in your house have acne? (For some reason, that symptom is more common in those about 30 or less. So far, none of the older victims have dealt with facial welting/acne/itching in a chronic manner.
      The nymphs AND adults are attracted to your pets and ivermectin does NOT stop them. If you have a dog that is itching (not like they have fleas, but milder than that) and losing hair, there is an easy way to check for thrips. Lay a white or light colored sheet on the floor. Put your dog in the middle. Get a thickly bristled dog brush (bristles close together) and vigorously brush the dog’s butt hump. The area at the tail end of their back, right in front of their tail. Brush, brush, brush and then take a good look at that sheet. Look for teeny moving bits that range from translucent to black (to the naked eye).

      Another way to check if you have a thrip problem. I read this online after I had already identified my bugs. Take cotton balls and dip them in almond or vanilla extract. I read that they will bury themselves in the balls looking for the “good stuff” and you can collect and scope them.

      Another way. Get a cotton ball and bottle of alcohol and set it near a place where you feel attacked. As soon as a you feel an itch or pinprick, quickly swipe the area with an alcohol soaked cotton ball. They move fast, so you must move fast as well. Have your cotton soaked and ready. It took me about 8 tries before I caught one, and that was the first one I scoped.

      Another way. Do you have any lamps in your house with exposed bulbs pointing upwards? I found an adult specimen on top of my one exposed bulb. At a less clean home, I found 7 samples on one exposed bulb.

      They are most active in the evening, and you might not feel any activity at all from early morning to late afternoon. I know I’m forgetting a lot of good info for you folks, but fireworks are going off all through the neighborhood and making it hard to focus….lol.

    • Darla Starkey says:

      Sounds just like thrips. They love the computer screen. The stinging is an allergic reaction, and only happens when you are being bitten many times in a short period of time. At a lower level, you don’t feel the bite; you only feel the itch.
      Try 50/50 apple cider vinegar/water. Saturate yourself in with the mixture while in the shower. We don’t know if it kills and repels them, but it will remove every one of them from your body. A simple shower (shampoo and soap) did not effectively remove them from our bodies and especially not from our scalps.
      Good luck.

  186. Aliza T. says:

    A few years ago (2008) I had lived in An older apartment n out if no where one night I was up all night itching this went on for more than a month. I bought every n ant kind of sprays creams n bug bombs. I was so bothered by these bugs that are so small u could barely see anything but a super small seed looking thing. I had exterminators come n everyone thought I was nuts n this was just psychological from stress. I went on a trip for a few weeks n I didn’t really have any problems after that……until a few days ago I’m in a different apartment n I just stArted to have them show up again! But this time I figured out what they are, I just got a brand new white car, n when I was wiping I down car I saw on the white the small bugs I think it s the kind of small spider that lives in the grass when jAS when I got out my car I felt the little things jumping or biting from the weeds close to the car when I was A I was able to recognize those little things. It put my mind to rest some… Just keep it cold inside the place u live cause they tend to not show up as much like when we are in the heat they are nonstop n really out of control

  187. EJ Ector says:

    Sane problem here. it seems to me as though all of the symtoms as e identical and dthat these bugs have a preference in blood types, Possibly, I am a diabetic, so the sugar levels in my blood is admittedly a little higher than my girlfriends. I only get relief when i take a shower and have washed and dried my sheets then sprayed the bedding area with flea killer spray. Admittedly, I am certain that the issue is not a flea one since fleas re macro scopic and visible to the naked eye. I remember, prior to moving, that i could not lay down on my moms carpet or sit on her living room sofa less i would be showered with bites and pagues by itchiness in under 30 seconds. it was not until she moved and picked up her living room carpet that we realized that even though she vacumed three times a week, signigificant and copious amounts of dust remained undder the rug. this is why i am convinced that the problen is of a mite origin. Microscopic, skin dwelling and burrowing, biting, all point to mites. the apartment also had a rodent issue for a while and the biting only began after the exterminators got rifd of the rodent issue (no more rodent hosts for the mites so they resorted to the next best thing, humans).
    If anyone has a solution for mites, PLEEEEEESE share it. I think this is our solution..

    • Pam says:

      ozone through ozone UV light under air handler or a ozone generator. It emits oxygen and bugs are anaerobic, they can’t stand oxygen rich environments..

      • Anti says:

        The OZONE GENERATOR produces O3 which kills everything…everything..it’s the ozone layer. If you read above my problem was a nasty toxic mold but. If i had these BUGS then i would have a different plan. WHAT I WOULD DO. We have winter here so no matter where i am i just let in the cold air when it’s below freezing. Some of you don’t have that option. I would first check every square inch of the house for nests of any kind and eliminate them. Second I’d Ozone all the rooms one at a time for 8 hours with 7000/mg/hr ozone-room sealed-don’t breath it in-40 minutes the O3 turns back into O2. Next i would actually have to break down and get a pet. Give the bugs their INITIAL HOST back. Maybe get a cat or two, or maybe two pet rats. One in each cage on each side of the house. I wouldn’t want pets but in this case you have to do something. If you get cats you can put that Advantage stuff on em and it will kill a lot of bugs. As they move around the house the bugs will jump on them and die or they’ll go into the rat/rabbit/guinea pig cages…etc..catch the idea? It’s sounds strange but it works for fleas. We put the Advantage on the cats and no flea bites…no advantage on the cats and some fleas remain in the house. If you put Advantage on a cat and then have it sit on something white for a while you will see hundreds of dead fleas and bugs within 20-30 minutes. If the cat with advantage near you then the bugs should jump on the cat or onto you new pets…DON”T GET THE WALMART BRAND…get the stronger of ADVANTAGE or FRONTLINE…I thing Advantage is stronger.

        Funny someone says they look like the fruit flies. In my last apartment I was convinced the flies growing in the sink drain were landing on me and biting me…like a mosquito. Real clean place and all but one person said yea they do bite. I know i watched a couple of them start feasting on me. I have great vision so…they were and I don’t give two shtts about what anyone thinks.They GROW IN THE DRAIN OF EVEN A CLEAN SINK, IN ONLY AN HOUR OR SO.. I watched them fly out of the drain a lil less then an hour after running the water, check to see if you can see them coming from there also. Eliminating moisture areas in and outside around the house.

        One strange idea that comes to mind is to put a lot of vinegar on your food and such. I drench my french fries in of course i’m French. Why i do this is cause it flushes your system and does come out in the pours of you skin. I feel this after two minutes of eating my vinegar soaked fries, even my eye sockets sweat. This mite give the a bitter taste when they bite you and help ward em off. I didn’t think of it when i thought i had bugs but…I had a mold allergy. The VINEGAR just may help with the bugs, it will help with getting toxins out of your body for sure.

        If you need any ideas or have questions…. logician79@hotmail.com

    • Darla Starkey says:

      Mites are visible to the naked eye. My father feeds birds and squirrels, which attracts several varieties of mites and they are easily visible to the naked eye. Is there some type of microscopic mite attracted to people?
      Reference my post above, as thrips are a very common problem and certainly do hang out in carpet. We removed all carpet from our home, which helped a great deal. As far as the flea spray killing them, we have found that thrips are VERY fragile and easily killed by every spray we have used. Sadly, they multiply so quickly that bug sprays will never be enough to overcome the problem.

      • Aliza T. says:

        I’m replying again only because I checked the other replys, in the 2007 or 2008 Attack I had I sprayed bombed delouced me n my one year old then n I sprayed the deloucing spray made especially made for furniture beds or any soft material in homes, one reply mention lifting old carpeting who k is true cause I had really old cheap carpeting n that was the first thing I thought, these little micro bugs I think can live everywhere. Anyways when I did all the spraying I packed a bag n went to my grandmothers house to stay for two to three weeks cause I swore it was lice or so other micro bug n I read that they couldn’t live in an environment for more than ten to 14 days without a warm body. When I went to my g’s house I still felt itchy I bought more stuff to spray I figured they came in my bag when I left after a week I stopped itching bad. When I went home after awhile the itching nearly ceased. Everyone said see u where just stressed but I also mover a few weeks later. Anyways the next YEAR my g complained she couldn’t sleep n was itching n up all night for weeks. It’s really crazy she went to doc n he told her it was stress. I had moved again n didn’t become under attack again until this year. I noticed the other day getting into my new car the same biting on my calves but really really bad like thousands coming from the weeds I think in my parking spot that grow tall next to a the spot. Them I could see them on my white car. They are small as a speck in a very light beige almost translucent. After experimenting n squashing them n saw small legs. It helped put my brain at ease not all the way I still get itchy but I can sleep at night now. There R the same bugs I uses to feel when I was a little girl playing soccer softball and any other grass game. Keep it cool n they seem to stay at bay longer hope this helps y’all a little

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  189. llil says:

    im having same problem but it feels like bedbugs but I have no bed bugs… I cant stop scratching & it hurts……… spending money like crazy buying allergy pills & all dif creams &nothing works…. please help..

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  191. Melcina Blanton says:

    I am having the same problem. I.live in Chicago

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  193. CaptGizmo says:

    The same thing has been happening to me since 2001. I hate it. I also get it worse when sitting at my computer and at night in bed. These are microscopic. You can see them if you have a dark room with only a small desk light on near the Computer or bed. The will fly through the light. Best to check at night though. That’s when they seem to be most active for me at least. It never goes away, but you can alleviate the symptoms and biting by using a simple over the counter cream. Just use some Gold Bond lotion you can get at pretty much any drugstore. This stuff has been around for a long time.

  194. Me says:

    Amazing, magnificent blog page design! The way long are you currently blogging and site-building with regard to? you’ve made blogs appearance simple. The complete search of this web-site is fantastic, much less the information material!

  195. AKay says:

    I’ve been being biten a few times it started about 2 months ago, there red bumps that itch like all get out and the bites r starting to kind of hurt. I swear I can feel them crawling on me and jumping off my hand when I specailly itch my head . I look when I feel the itching and special when bit, but I never see anything. I did notice something but I’m not sure if it is related when my computer is on and by the hamster cage I tend to see very tiny bugs crawling on my screen and the itching is worst at night. Doctor says scabies but I’m not so sure sense my husband and my daughter who sleeps in the same bed as me have nothing. Going to go to a dermatologist and see what she can find cause so far all the scabies treaments have done nothing but made it worst it seems. I feel like I’m losing my mind, and wondering if it’s all in my head and there isn’t any bugs on me, cause I do have a bug phobia and it started a about two month after I treated for lice that my nephew who is in middle school gave me.

    • Darla Starkey says:

      Your symptoms match a thrip infestation. This is much more common than you might think. These are not adult thrips, but the nymphs. You can barely see them, and they range in color from almost clear to brownish at the nymph stage. As they get older, they are usually mistaken for tiny black ants. If you scope them, you will see that they range in color from light yellow to brown, rather than black. At their adult stage, they are usually mistaken for fruit flies. They are attracted to your computer screen, other lights, and heat.
      These bugs regularly infest houses. They build a population in your soffits and enter your house whenever they want. We have now ripped the soffits off our house, and are in the process of repairing all breeches in that area.
      The babies are very hungry and very attracted to humans (and pets). Your vet does not understand this, your doctor will not understand this, and most resources on thrips do not understand this. You will not see them on your skin, because the nymphs blend right into your skin and are almost impossible to see on your body.
      They can live off plant tissue, fungal spores, your dog and you. I have verified these bugs in many houses, and most people are totally unaware that their house is infested.
      I had to provide nymph samples to my vet and doctor, so they would quit telling me I was delusional.
      If you have thrips, this is what you will experience:
      Itching, initially of a mild nature. Easy to disregard or explain away until your infestation has progressed further. We had the most itching around our ankles (from the bugs that enter your house through windows & un-caulked breeches in your house), our backs (from the bugs that enter your house through overhead lights and fans), and ultimately our scalps.
      They do not make individual bite marks, but if you are being seriously attacked you may develop welts or even pimplish bumps. Teens are prone to thrip-acne, which looks just like severe teen acne. If your acne itches, consider thrips.
      Once they find your head, and you start to itch on your scalp, you are a couple weeks away from hair loss. At our worst, we lost a good 60% of our hair. Skin scrapings will not help, as the bugs are ON your scalp but not under your skin. Don’t waste your time letting people scrape you. At the height of our symptoms, before we figured out what was attacking us, we all had bleeding gums.
      If you are fighting an unknown bug, take the time to consider thrips. You will have a very hard time finding the babies (I gather mine from chamomile flowers, which they love), but you will have a very easy time finding the older samples and adults.
      Do you have fruit flies that don’t seem to be specifically attracted to fruit? Catch one and scope it. I have found this problem in 2 homes where the owners thought they had a fruit fly problem but really had thrips.
      Is your head itchy? Is your hair falling out? The problem will only get worse if you don’t address it. Here’s what we had to do, in order to stop the infestation. If you get desperate enough, you’ll have to do the same.
      Go outside and look for little breeches. Caulk around every wire. Look at your window casings. If you were minute, could you get through? I have yet to look closely at a window casing that I couldn’t breech at the size of thrip nymphs. If you don’t want to spray bug stuff on your windows twice a day, you’ll need to caulk them. Yes, it sucks. But I couldn’t win the battle unless I caulked the hell out of every window.
      Do you have soffits? You’re gonna’ have to take them off. Soffits are thrip heaven. They breed inside the soffits, and then go through your vent hole, entering the house through overhead lights and fans. They are attracted to the heat, just like with your computer and monitor. Inside your soffits, you will not readily see hundreds of bugs. You will see their debris, which will look like very dark dust. Most people just think it’s dirt. If you really look at this “dirt” you’ll see it’s surprisingly sparse in some areas, and plentiful in others. Is the paint inside your eaves peeling? These bastards cause your paint to peel. My soffits had been up at least 15 years (when I bought the house), and every bit of paint inside my soffits was raised and peeling. I’ve seen the same thing at the very top of my exterior walls (right below the soffits), always with thrip debris behind the peeled area.
      Use 50/50 apple cider vinegar/water in a squeeze bottle. Saturate yourself (scalp included) when you shower. You should have 100% reduction in scalp itching immediately following the shower, unless your bathroom has a bad thrip problem. If so, they will be attracted to your body heat and the moisture in your hair right away. If you use flowery smelling shampoo and soap, they will be very attracted to you. They love vanilla, which we used to use all the time.
      Remove all weeds and unnecessary foliage. Spray everything growing with any bug killer. Thrips are delicate and die easily. They also breed and multiply fast, and spraying will not be enough. Cover sandy areas with mulch, which will lower the infestation in the soil surrounding your house. Grass is better than dirt, but mulch is best.
      I keep coming here, trying to help people realize that they have a thrip problem. Many of the posters above sound like our experience. This is a widespread problem. I have personally verified thrip infestation in 3 states and about 20 houses. Nice, newer houses are not immune.
      Even if you don’t have soffits, the bugs will hang out where they are protected from overhead. They like the eaves just fine. Until you get all breeches caulked, and find a way to deter them from your vent holes, a lack of soffit won’t protect you from thrips.
      We are using vaseline mixed with sevin dust to put around the inside of our vent holes, and hoping this will be enough to end the last bit of trouble we are still having.
      Good luck with your bug problems, and don’t disregard this post. I know it’s hard to accept and hard to tackle, but ignoring this post will just delay the inevitable.

  196. Michael says:

    Can these bugs make wallpaper ripple on the wall and make a quite heavy table move I’m not seeing this but my little boys mum is and I’m worried she’s going mad please get back ASAP pls
    Thanks michael

  197. dar says:

    We just moved into an (expensive) apartment. On the first morning we started seeing bites on my daughter, but there is no evidence of fleas, roaches or bed bugs. A few days later we were getting bitten while sitting on the couch.Still no signs of bugs. The apartment exterminator came and did a treatment, and fogged the whole place. The next day, there were new bites. We went to the store and bought more and more produts. Nothing is working. What kind of invisible bug can live through all of the sprays we have used. Im thinking of using malathion like my dad did back in the day!

    • Charlotte says:

      My bugs came from a neighbors dog. Bug bombing worked temporarily but the bugs could retreat into the walls and return. After almost 2 years of agony, it turned out that there were pin hole leaks in my plumbing and shortly after the repairs, no more bugs in the house. Now they are just in my hair and scalp. In a large crowd, they will come alive and attack other people. Usually, after 3 pm they become more active. It is cheyletiella. It is an epidemic in the wild. I saw a movie someone had taken of foxes with mange and they couldn’t identify the animal. Our winters have lost their teeth and these mites are reproducing out of control. If you think it’s just you, think again. These are the original cooties, guys carry them but they don’t bother them. They attack older women. The best treatment is lots of UV light, moisture control, and hydrogen peroxide for cleaning fabric. They can colonize your nosal cavities which you can rinse out with peroxide and a q tip. You can rub it on your body and get rid of them there, too. Mostly they itch but occasionally I get bit and it is painful. The bite looks like a spider bit you. They can spin a web like a spider and travel on air currents. If you find fluff in your hair it may be the egg nest. They eat mold and fungus and will populate your world with it too. I got mange on my head from them. I first had to heal the wounds with ointment used for MRSA, then relieve the itching with steroid cream, then the permethrin cream to kill them. Except they come back the next day from eggs. Once you remove the source and clean your house with bleach or peroxide, I find steam actually kills them. Steaming your hair is not so easy. I have an autoimmune condition, celiac’s disease, so I started taking probiotics and vitamins. This has helped. I cut down on sugar (to stop the march towards diabetes)and started to exercise (thyroid starter). I still have some but not like before. They used to run all over my body. Now just a few on my crown. Bug spray did not work. I used diatomaceous earth in my house and it kills everything. Anything you touch can get infested like your computer or credit card. They love paper. I put anything I valued into plastic bags. I’ll report back if I figure out what to do about removing them from hair.

    • princess Braithwiate says:

      They are called demotrix mites and they live on the skin,they are responsible for skin problems,black heads,acne,they also live in the hair and eat the hair,they can get through floor tiles,wooden flooring and walls,steam cleaning everything,washing clothes in hot temperature and drying it at hot temperatures will help,hoovering the house everyday and emptying the bag/cylinder outside,rubbing alcohol on your body and hair will kill them,you can spray it on your sofas,beds,carpets,floors and carpets,ive had this problem for 3 years on and off,but i will have to move,cause i can’t take it anymore,you may also notice that they are attracted to black clothes and lay eggs on them and also attracted to laptops when they are on,pest control cant help with this problem,they are not trained for this sort of parasites and they are attracted to a person with oily skin,there could be many people in the house and they go for just that one person,i know cause im the victim and others think you’re mad cause you’re seeing things and getting bitten and its not happening to them,they like to bite your bottom and private areas,but tend to crawl towards your hair,my hair has been damaged by them,also tea tree oil helps,shampoo,facial wash and oil to rub over your body,hope this helps

  198. momomomomom says:

    ChaCha Shut the Fuck Up. Seriously. YOU HAD SCABIES and this is VERY VERY DIFFERENT. Lucky you.

    • Chacha says:

      Don’t be rude and vulgar…dermatologist told me I did not have scabies, another doctor said I did…after using the permitherine i still had the mites or whatever they were..thing is I’m cured..and gave the suggestions. I’m here to help and being rude.

      • princess Braithwiate says:

        The bites from these demotrix mites can cause scabies and permitherine does helps to get them out of the skin and rubbing alcohol does the job as well,you can use it on your face,eye lashes and all over your body,it will kill them when they bite,it is poisonous to them,but its a hard job to get them out of the house,once they get in

  199. Jody says:

    It is an inability to transmit nerve impulses because compression has damaged nerve fibers either directly,
    or indirectly byy restrricting their supply of oxygen. Often, x-Rays may be necessary too
    evaluate tthe bones, joints, and soft tissues. Thhe anatomical relationship between tthe
    sciatic nerve and the piriformis muscle is subject to some variation
    in individuals, with the sciatic nerve commonly
    passing in front of the muscle but in others the nerve can pierce the muscle or pass between two bellies.

  200. My wife and I started getting bit. I would wake up and have a bite on me. Then one dahy I felft a burn on my wrist. I looked and nothing was there. I tried lysal all day and it simed to go away in two days rather than the 3 or 4 days.I remember having gotten red spider mitesl These are are microscopic . They get in to the poors of your skin. They make a scab and hatch new red spider mites in your poors .I got rid of them b scrached scab open and put bleach on them and they went away. I am using bleach atibiotic s0aps and lisal on this microscopic parasite . My wife and I have same complaint we are bit and then red welt. very itchy and swells. I noticed that one person in spain said that he only got bit at night .
    This is true for us except one time. I felt a burn on my skin once when I was awake. Then by the end the day the red welt appeared and itched . On my arms the bights and swelling makes my arms acke I now have one that got me on my area where I had a hurnea operation It is numb from the operation so it doesn’t hurt like on my arms but it itches and feels like something is crawling on me there. I have started getting releaf from lisal . antibacteria soap that you put on your skin and lt it dry with out rensing. also bleach. Any sudgestions let me know.


  201. Pat Williams says:

    My Name is Pat and I live in Middle Tennessee. I have been having this biting problem for almost two years. After four Dermatologists and an Infectious Disease Specialist, no one seems to have an answer because is isn’t in their text books. My Shih Tsu also has a problem. I have been using a product called Kleen Green Naturally, emzyme cleaner. I use it in my laundry along with 20 Mule Team Borax. The mite or what ever I have seems to attach its self to dust, string, hair and whatever it can also the seams inside my clothes. The places on my skin take forever to heal and when they do, it’s only the top layers of skin. The ?? is still under my skin and is dormant for a while. If I try to wear clothing that hasn’t been washed with this product, I can feel these “mites” trying to get in my skin. I use it for everything, including cleaning floors to bathing my dog. It really helps, however, you have to find out the origin. So far I haven’t found that, but I don’t give up easily. I recently noticed tiny White Flies flying around my Condo. I live across the street from a lake. Also several ornamental trees and shrubs have dead areas and webs with these tiny flies on them. When you walk thru the grass it looks like flying dandruff. I also have a microscope and use clear tape to see the mites. Several times I have found an oval almost clear egg or nymph from the bed furniture or on my skin. I looked up White Fly eggs or nymphs this morning and they are almost indentical. In order to stop the inside problem, I will have to eliminate the outside infestation. My theory is my dog walks through the grass and picks up the eggs and brings them into the house. I believe they are in air conditioning ducts also. If anyone is interested in checking out Kleen Green, their webb site is http://www.naturalginesis.com.

    • anne says:

      Freeze your clothes when they are still wet from the washing machine for 4 days and then dry as normal and this is how you get it out of your clothes. You can do this with any object to get rid of bugs.

  202. Granni Clark says:

    Several years ago, my mother would talk about something biting her. Describing tiny little biting bugs, leaving red rash . Now, that I have become her age, at that time “70”, I have same problem. Mine are mostly tiny black .. One that I looked at under magnifying glass, was shaped like a tiny wasp like . But most loose their shape, after being smashed:) ,, But I have seen pink/orange color. They don’t bother me until afternoon, outside… They are small enough to come through screen, but so far , have not had in house. I know what fleas look like, & this something entirely different.

  203. Sinia says:

    Yes. I went to Lowe’s today and picked up some fall planters I planted them in a bigger pot with my bare hands and ended up with this prickly feeling my hand. I hate it!!! Put alcohol and calamine. Still have the prickly sensation. What else can I do.

    • princess Braithwiate says:

      These bugs are called demotrix mites,they can come through walls and floor tiles,they burrow into the skin and lay eggs,in your face,head,eye lashes,arms,sometimes they shine at night,which looks like glitter,they are the cause of acne and spots and also hair loss,cause they eat the hair as well,anywhere you are they will be,i know all this cause ive had this problem for 3 years,you can use rubbing alcohol or skin toner for your face,eye brows and eye lashes,you can also spray it in your hair and all over your body,it is poisonous to them,so if they bite you they will die,you can also use a jet carpet steamer,over 100 degrees,use it on the carpets,sofas,beds,ironing your clothes helps to kill the eggs layed on your clothes and washing your clothes at the hottest temperature and put it in the dryer as well,if you look at nay black clothes you will notice the eggs on them,they seem to be attracted to black,wash your floors with hot water and bleach and you can also spray the rubbing alcohol on sofas,beds and carpets and wooden flooring and floor tiles,they can also get in the gaps between the wooden flooring,this will helps to control them,but it will still be an ongoing battle,my only choice is to try and move from my property,otherwise i will never get any peace,i have to take sleeping tablets to be able to sleep through the biting,its been and still is a nightmare,they have eaten one side of my hair already and using Epsom salts whilst showering,makes me realise how much they bite me,cause it stings like mad,but rubbing the salts in helps to get rid of the parasites,pest control cant help,cause they are not trained to deal with this sort of thing,all this is making me very depressed and they also pick who to bite as well,there could be others in the room and they will just bite the one they want and having oily skin seems to attract them,thats why using alcohol is important to use on the face,hope this helps

      • Chacha says:

        Yes…I HAD the silver glitter also…had my eye lashes eaten, my hair eaten…my hair also moved arounf when I ripped it off my scalp to examine it. It lashed around dancing as if it was alive, I put it under the microscope, yes it had critters in it and a strange looking liquid like something flowing through it…it scared me half to death…it might have come from the permetherine I’d put through my scalp twice along with the rest of my body though…it might have been a side effect. This no longer bothers me since having Prendesone treatment…please do something about yourself, you don’t have to move…you have to learn to do THE TREATMENT…then tell others what to do.

      • Chacha says:

        I forgot…the black clothes you can see them on because it’s black they’re white, they are on all clothes…but they can’t survive, they die in three days…girl…

  204. moe says:

    your not alone I hàd this for 10 yr mostly where every there’s hair like head

  205. Jennifer says:

    Glad to have come across this blog post. I too am experiencing bites from some microscopic flying insect that I cannot see. I have had my returns and A/C ducts cleaned and my carpet cleaned. I keep my house fairly clean but will have maids come in within the next few days to do some serious cleaning. But from what I’m reading, none of this will get rid of the little creatures. I do have an appointment with a dermatologist soon. I just thank God my primary care doctor didn’t think I was crazy when I told him I felt like something was eating me alive. What I did think was odd is that I only feel these bites when I am home and mostly on my computer. I work from home so I cannot avoid the computer. However, my couch (where I’m bit the most) has micro-fiber type covering and regardless of how often I dust, the house is constantly dusty. So, I thought maybe it’s dust mites. And my office has a lot of papers I need to shred,

    I do see bumps and black moles in my skin which I have never had before. I’ve also noticed small pimples on my face which I’ve never gotten before. I itch from head to toe but mostly my scalp (which I’m surprised I still have hair because I scratch like crazy), my back, my forehead, eyelids, and my legs. I actually laugh at myself sometimes because I look like a crazy person fanning my hands around my head, swatting at things I cannot see, slapping my face and ears because I feel something on me, jerking my body because my back itch, and scratching my head and legs like a mad person. Like so many others, I called Terminix but they have no clue.

    I currently live in AZ where it is dry and dusty (the desert). However, my issue first started after I deployed to the Middle East. I was fine while I was there (as far as I can remember). But about 1-2 years afterwards, my skin because extremely dry (no moisture). I developed some type of goose-bump like pimps mainly on my legs, thighs, and back of arms. Lotion after a bath or bath oil in my bath water did not and has not helped. The only way to get my skin somewhat smooth was to scrap / sand them down and when doing so it was white scaly dry skin. When I went to the doctor, he told me the they were just hair bumps. Of course I didn’t believe him and should have gotten a second opinion. About a year later a dermatologist told me I had psoriasis, but he was just interested in trying to sell some homemade cream he had mixed up and only had available in his office.

    Through the years I continue to have these bumps and now more itching, crawling, biting from something. I do see microscopic flying insects if I stand in the light near a window or if I’m staring in one direction for a long period of time. I’ve never been able to kill or catch anything. I am going to try the scotch tape method and eat organic garlic. And I’m going to beg my dermatologist for prednisone tablets and triamcinolone cream. I really need relief. But I can say that I do not feel biting when I go to bed. This could be because I sleep in a really cool room with the ceiling fan on. But a good question was raised as to whether these creatures are external or internal.

    I do hope others find relief as well. But I am glad to know I’m not the only one being bitten by something we cannot see.

    • Chacha says:

      Keep me notified…I feel for you…and hope you can get rid of this also…it sounds different than what i had, can you explain more of the symptoms?

      • Jennifer says:

        Something is biting me but I don’t see anything on me. Some of the itchy areas become black specs that look like a mole. I often see tiny (barely visual) flying insects when I’m near the computer (in light) or near a window (in light).

      • Darla Starkey says:

        Recent posters — Are your gums bleeding? This is a symptom I have seen over and over with serious thrip infestations. Bugs that fly around your computer are the adults. The nymphs (the stage where they do bite people and pets) are almost impossible to see on your skin. If you want to verify that they are on you, get a cotton ball and soak it in alcohol, and set in near you (in the evening, when they become active). When you feel movement or a pin prick (an allergic reaction experienced with high levels of infestation), quickly swipe that area with the soaked cotton ball. Then get one of those handheld magnifiers from radio shack (about 12.00) and examine the speck on the cotton ball. It might take a few tries to get one, because they move so fast. There are scoped examples of thrips online (as well as other parasites, I’m sure) that you can compare them to.
        Step one to solving the problem is identifying your bug. We identified ours a ways back, and we have gone from constant suffering, extreme hair loss, brutal acne and hundreds of pin pricks daily to zero pin pricks, a LOT less hair loss, and very little itching. These things are everywhere, there are many varieties, they are doubling their numbers each decade (pulled from a study in the florida entemology journal), and are not being addressed by anyone. Due to bullshit data, repeated relentlessly from one website to another, people consistently read that thrips do NOT bite people. That is only true of the adult thrips – the ones you see flying to your computer screen. The very tiny, nearly impossible to see nymphs are very hungry and they love to bite you and your pets. Read my posts above to get more info, as this tablet keyboard is really sucking over here.
        We have verified this exact same problem in many houses here in Florida (regardless of age or building material), two in Tennessee and one in North Carolina. They are freaking everywhere.
        Stop trying to prevent the bites, and work on preventing them from entering your home. That is the ONLY thing that helped.
        My daughter is on a strict recovery diet – pure monosaccharides- made no difference. ONLY PREVENTING THEIR ENTRY HELPED – AFTER WE BLEW THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TRYING OTHER METHODS.

        Please – identify your bug. The more people who realize the true nature of the problem, the quicker it can get some media attention. Vets and doctors cannot help you or your pets. They can only repeat the bullshit they are taught, and will believe you are crazy.

    • stealhorse says:

      Like i was saying in my last post,i believe its bio w-fare.
      I was traveling Canada 16 months agoe and i over hear from hotel staff there were 50 people in the hotel from the middle east a week prior to that..
      I hope your still on here,i have a keen interest in this subject.
      Please contact me.Thanks.

      • Jennifer says:

        I don’t know what it is but didn’t consider it to be anything intentional. However, I do think it has to do with exposure to dry, dusty areas. I do think some type of parasites was in the dust and unfortunately, I was exposed to this for months. I will see another dermatologist in the next few days. So hopefully they can do a skin scrape and provide some solutions. If the microscopic flying insects are in the air, I sure would like to know how to get rid of them. After coming across this site, I’m just starting a new regime of cleaning my house every day (even if it’s not dirty) and bathing several times a day. The only downfall is bathing too much strips the body of needed oils.

      • GG says:

        I went into a store that had middle eastern people in it and that’s where I got it.

  206. stealhorse says:

    Where to begin ?

    I have been suffering for 14 months.
    Same effects as everyone else.
    Have been researching for the past year.What ever this is i believe its some form of paracite that has been introduced into Usa and Can either by mistake or on purpose.
    Im going with bio w-fare to weaken our population.
    Other thing is people talk of it being microscopic,then a few posts later they can see a white or a black bug.
    Has anyone ever wondered why they cant get rid of it,but everyone has ways of reducing its numbers or effects ?
    Or why the doctors wont say what it is,think about it ..who are they employed by?
    I bet there are vacines to protect the workers (them the army ants).
    I also believe in the first stages of this they are no more dust particle floating in the air.
    This is man made,same as aids were in 1963,excepts the intro to the public of aids was accidentle,from a lab that was testing immune systems on monkeys and one escaped into the public.(research that)
    Anyway where ever and what ever country has brought this upon us,it was with intent for a reason.
    Ive read all the postings on this site.Like the guy thats convinced hes rid of them by taking a medication but still has the itching.( I believe that will become common among people as all of the doctors are told to use that “new” line on the people)
    So thnk about this,this is a problem of epidemic levels,why are there no health boards out there in the public trying to do something ? Alerting the public or comming up with vacines to give us?
    This thing is not living in your grass or eves of your home,its in the air you breath.
    You could dip your self in pure gasoline and inhale the fumes,run away completly naked from every thing you own,and you still will not escape it,,,, its desined to attack the weak with a lower immune system to decrease the world P.O.P
    I leave you with that,as i suffer this out myself.

    • Marguerite Kuhn says:

      Stealhorse, I am with you, a 8 year sufferer and a huge sceptic. however after $$$$$ spent later , my health now at a advanced stage of cancer ( all the chemicals I have tried), meaning I will die first before these things will die, as matter of fact, my immune system was lousy before the 5 month frontline chemo, now it is shut to heck and these things are intensified in activity,, I refer to activity, as using terms of itching, bites, is no longer an issue,, what is that such a phenomena exist as infesting people before they are in a state of decomposition . I can see them too, my eyes are quite trained, at first was only the tactile, but once you see one, you will see them all the time and all the millions of them. I close my eyes to get some rest in full awareness that I will have them go into every orifice while asleep. I tried all remedies, yes, some will deter and keep the activity down a while. but nothing will kill them, unless I burn myself and all of these …uckers with me. the end !

  207. Joseph Lee says:

    This started for me 2 months ago…i have never experienced anything like it before. At first I thought it was bedbugs but after reading your blog think otherwise. Ive used multiple bedbug bombs to no effect, a veterinary bug treatment thats supposed to kill many bugs for 4 months to no effect, thought the rash-like end result was the hiv rash, but the effects are exactly as you’ve described them down to the computer or electrical problem…im a computer nerd and spend a lot of time near my computer, the monitor, and a large sub-woofer and have noticed the increased “activity”. Help! Nothing works, I’m on disability for depression, anxiety, and bi-polar disorder and after reading this page am now frightened of approaching my Doctor or Psychiatrist with this problem!

    • stealhorse says:

      We are all here cause we dont know what to do and are looking for answers/cures.
      The dust we see in the air is the root cause,it must first be imobilized,i realized this after reading thousands of postings over the past year.
      I would like to point out this,we need to team up and start acting as one if we are to beat this.
      Heres what im doing now,and i think it make sense based on all the readings.
      Number one we know this thing has become chemical resistant,so dont even try those on your skin.
      Number 2,3 and four,They thrive well in dry areas,but got for moist warm areas such as nasal,eyes,ears and anus areas ,however they do live on the entire body and inside the body causing an alergic reaction on the skin.I also believe that the ones internal become worms and infest our insides.
      So in all of the past postings i have read,ive looked to combine a number of things that has helped different people.
      Heres what im doing and i do believe its helping and killing them off big time.
      Im eating 4 large cloves of raw garlic per day.Im drinking lots of spring water.Im taking MSM Caps like its going out of style 1500 mg per day.
      Im showering and washing my hair with the green colored Dawn dish soap daily.
      I purchased a chem grade spray bottle and im now spraying the entire house daily with a mixture of two ounce Dawn to 24 ounce water in the bottle,when spraying all surfaces i also spray the air and ceilings,my laptop is not spared i spray it as well.
      Spray your bed,spray your pillows,spray your kleen clothing inside and out before you put them on.In short,spray absolutly everthing,this stuff Dawn dose kill it.
      Please do this,and let us all know how its worked for you.
      P.s Dont forget to spray inside your boots gloves wallet ect… kleen your belly button,under your finger nails toenails ect.
      If you follow me in this,i believe we can beat this thing.Keep in touch please.

    • stealhorse says:

      It has nothing to do with a computer.This is a paracite.It Bio Warfare.
      So to frankly speak,get your head out of your ass,all bugs are attracted to light.What school did you attend?
      And on to the next thing,unless you readers and posters are Microscopic,do not say these things are.The biting and itching your feeling is a alergic reaction in your system,we put out histamines that causes the itch,and increases the rash..
      What you can do daily is to take an Anti Histimine tab daily to eliminate the disscomfort.

      I tell you this,there is only one way to rid yourself of this shit and im going to do it as drastic as it is.
      Anything and every thing you own is infestested,its all junk.
      You must leave it all including the car your going to burn on exit.
      Im going to leave everything,im going to get 100 gallons of 99% isopropyl alcohol,im going to three different motel rooms,changing my clothing with new clothing i will have delivered there by size.
      After im rid of these fckers im going to dissapear into the bush,and stay the hell away from any taxi or mankind.
      Good Luck to those who cant out run it.

      • anne says:

        I don’t think its that because it is affecting so many people around the world. I think it is because we don’t use as many pestasides now and bugs can really get going and the natural balance of bugs is all to cock, also the wet warm winters here in england are perfect for them. Try the sulphur soap for showering I suggested in my other post and freezing your clothes like I have suggested it does really help, doctors are a waste of bloody time they don,t know what it is or how to get rid of it, we are on our own with this so we have to pass on to each other tips that work.

  208. Cassie says:

    hey guys… so treating bites and skin is fine but that doesn’t solve the actual problem… in fact putting antihistamines and meds in place will prevent you from knowing if the treatment you are trying is working and eliminating the lil’ buggers. I’m surprised that people haven’t mentioned something that farmers have known and used for centuries – FOOD GRADE DE or (food grade diatomaceous earth). Super cheap and is safer than any pesticides because it comes from fossilized algae… it totally dehydrates bugs and is safe to use… People can use it on animals and family to deworm or eliminate internal parasites. in fact, lots of people use it to detox from metals or everyday toxic overloads by taking a Tablespoon internally. Look it up and hopefully this will help… Ps you don’t have to use a lot inside the house… a light dusting is all that is needed or required… it has to come in contact with the buggers and it work to dehydrate so it doesn’t work if it gets wet (mention this regarding outdoor mist on lawns… works after the de dries tho’) Good luck everybody!

    • Darla Starkey says:

      I tried DE years ago – coated everything in my house. Since the thrips are entering my attic through the vent holes and entering the interior through overhead lights and fans, DE on the floors and counters won’t do it.
      Then again, there are more than one type of bug being discussed above. We don’t all have the same thing. My bugs are attracted to light and heat. The adults are visible, and most people explain them away as fruit flies. I have seen very few of the adults in my house, but plenty outside. The teenagers are also visible, abundant in the top few inches of soil and all foliage. They are usually taken for small, black ants. The nymphs are much harder to see, nearly impossible to locate on your skin. If you happen to see the nymphs on a glossy white background, you can see that they range from white to tan, the size of a pinprick. ONLY THE NYMPHS ARE BITING US. The adults do not bite people on purpose, but the babies do. I have captured and scoped the adults and they are thrips.
      The symptoms range from mild itching with no obvious bite to constant itching with a rash or even pimple-looking eruptions. The younger the victim, the more likely they will be to have itchy acne on their face.
      When you’ve been bitten for a while, you will start getting the allergic reaction with bites – feels like a pinprick. If you have fine hair (I don’t know about other types of hair), you will begin dropping hair. At out worst, 2 of us had lost more than half of our hair. Ultimately, we experienced bleeding gums.
      We have been making progress for the last 2 years – ever since I realized the problem wasn’t US, it was OUR HOUSE.
      The thrip population doubled (in my area) from 1996 to 2007. Somewhere way up this page, someone gave a description of thrips, nearly 2 years ago. We have been working on our house since then, and have made a lot of progress. We are down to eaves and ventilation, having prevented their entry from every other inch of my home.
      They are not computer bugs (although they are certainly attracted to their light and heat), and they are not demodex mites (although they will cause hair loss like demodex). They are not scabies, nor any type of bird mite, nor do I have Morgellon’s.
      This problem is everywhere, and I don’t know if it’s a natural phenomenon or part of a depopulation agenda. I do know that the approach that has made a difference has been caulking my house, spraying my eaves (after removing soffitts) with bug spray daily, and keeping my property sprayed.
      Bombing works, but they will be back in a few weeks, after the residual is gone. I have watched these bugs climb from the power pole to my house, on the cable attached to my roof. My neighbors saw the same thing at their house.
      If you have the bugs I have (and I know a number of people who do), you cannot get relief by treating your body. You have to treat your house. If your house is white (like my roof) they are 7 times more attracted to you than to your neighbors.
      One of their favorite breeding places is under the crevice between your drip edge and the wood under it. Get a pump sprayer and spray 50/50 bleach/water into that crevice. If a bunch of black crap runs out, ask yourself how it got there. They leave residue that other thrips are attracted to. If you leave your house with some of your thrip population, and go to a friend’s house (who also has a thrip problem), those thrips will smell you and be attracted to you. Hence the belief that YOU have a bug problem.
      Everything posted is based on 7 years of increasing suffering and 2 years of improvement.
      My next goal is to purchase a variety of electronic bug repellers, since I’ve been unsuccessful blocking their entry via ventillation holes. I saw a review on Home Depot from someone who said it got rid of her “fruit flies” that were attracted to her instead of fruit. I’ll report back if they work.

      • bobsing says:

        I have found these comments most interesting. We recently had a major wildfire close to the house and the problem has started since then. The thought that it’s the nymphs doing the bighting sounds probable, as nothing to be seen, just that horrid ‘sting’ and then the itch. I do seem to find it worse when I am in front of the computer, and as I work with the computer, this is all day. Will try some of the many hints in this blog and see what I can come up with.

      • bobsing says:

        I have just replied but meant to add that I am in Australia

  209. Frank Matera says:

    I recently found out how to photograph whatever this is. I am very sick now. I have gone to numerous hospitals! They even threw me in a phych ward against my will, now i can prove there is something there. Take your smartphone and use the “Negative” exposure setting on your camera. Zoom in & let me know what you see!!!

  210. Sabrina says:

    Hello, My name is Sabrina my other half and i have been itching for 5 months already and we cant find out what it is i think after i read this i may have found my answer i had tooken out the carpet and bomb the room but its only me and her that have this itching problem and thats cause 10 people live with us. Ive tried the itching creams everything and it still returns so how didi you get rid of the itching with the mirco bugs?

    • Frank Matera says:

      still haven’t figured it out drop a little suckers on video using a negative exposure settings on my smartphone camera have to go to dermatologist next week this is driving me crazy as well. I have black mold in my apartment toxic black mold

      • Sabrina says:

        I know its very hard I thought It was the carpet in the room. SO I decided to take the carpet out of the room and mob the floor afterwards thinking it would solve my issue . I even used the (Simple Green -bacteria cleaner ) everywhere do you think these Mirco bugs sinked into the skin ?

    • Cassie says:

      Sabrina… Go out and get DE… Ditomous Earth FOOD GRADE… Sprinkle/dust the entire place… Everywhere… It will be dusty like you won’t believe. Even put it on wherever itches on your body… The lil suckers die in a couple hours and you might get some relief. Greatest thing… Nothing seems to be able to live in this and everything dries out. Mine started with my in door cat having prob after I had eves of my house insulated… Vet, dermatologist everyone said oooh cats just have a lot of unknown skin probs BUT we started being affected also. Not fleas, not this, not that…. Turned out micro mites can cause prob and others might be affected but they just aren’t saying because lots of times they head towards hair areas like scalp, eyebrows, and more private areas that people won’t even admit to. Hair and skin will be dry like anything but…. The cycle of these critters go in 28 day cycles… So even if you treat today, treat every few days and then vac… I did evenings when people went to bed… Woke up and vacuumed… After years of prob all disappeared…. Yea! Good luck… If not this could be allergy even to dust mites???

      • Sabrina says:

        Thank You Cassie,
        Do you know where I can Find this DE… Ditomous Earth Food.. ? & The private are problem I can admit to that and so can my other half were just so tired of going through this . But My Other half had went to the doctor saying it was an allergic reaction the medicine only got her drowsie but it had become even more worse but my brother had a duck inside the house not knowing why do you think they can have the same thing that cats do ?
        By the way again thank you so much for the advice with the DE

  211. Daniel says:

    Hi I’m in nsw Australia and am experiencing something similar. My closest conclusion is that it is a bird mite not lice also my dog birds and myself are the only ones affected my 10and11yr olds and wife are not? I’m not positive what they are but would love any advice to eliminate these critters

  212. Clara Jones says:

    Thanks so much. It was Cheyletiellosis, or walking dandruff for me as well. Almost went crazy. I’m picking up Fipronil tomorrow and new cat beds. Maybe new pillows too.

  213. GG says:

    Steam & neems oil helps to slow them down. ‘Haven’t found a way to eliminate them.

  214. Hi there, after reading this awesome paragraph i am as well happy to share my experience here with colleagues.

  215. Marisa l says:

    Hi everyone
    I live in Phoenix Arizona I recently seen a few spots dots on my chest after taking a shower I thought nothing of it just may be a skin you know I don’t know weirdpigmentation. ‘ve been working at home for a month now which I received a laptop in a box from my work with everything I needed to work from home I set everything up everything was fine it’s now January I came back from vacation and I started to get more of the red dot and started to feel the itching sensation all throughout my body especially while I’m sitting working when it’s worth the most

  216. heaven&godarereal says:

    Hi all all I can say is never clean your house without cleaning glove be careful of things you see that look on like dropping some an animal or bug.

  217. heaven&godarereal says:

    I believe I found the answer to our prayers and it is zest buddy soap scrub yourself from head to toe and take a bath in it then clean your spray your home close everything with fabric softener

  218. heaven&godarereal says:

    Best thing I read on here was that they were from nats something that they leave behindin the home near the window seal I recall cleaning my house about a few weeks ago prior to this situation and I cleaned those little tiny black things on the windowsill that look like bugs or something bugs leave behind and I cleaned it without gloves from then on I started to get sick me and my son we’re both being attacked.

  219. teenyweeny says:

    Hi,this is teenyweeny from Germany. I stumbled over your blog a few months ago while I was searching for help about our problem.
    First I will give you some informations about our life and animals.
    We live in the country and own an old farmers house with a little stable.
    We have a lot of animals: Two horses, dairy goats, meat rabbits, chicken and a cat.
    With the dairy goats, the meat rabbits and the chicken we produce milk, meat and eggs for ourselves.
    The problems started in spring 2011.One of our goats, which was pregnant, began scratching her ears and face. She scratches all her fur away and her skin became red and like pergament, she was also hyperactive.Because of her pregnancy we decided not to treat her with heavy chemicals and sprayed only some Neem oil over her. That helps nothing, but after she had given birth to her lambs it gets better, and in the end of summer all was gone.
    Simultaneously we get our first impacts. After our daily work in the evening we began to scratch, and sometimes we felt a tickling at our noses so we have to grab and rub.
    My husband wasn’t bitten, but I had pimples under my breasts and where the sun never shines, and it was very itchy.
    At the same time our chicken got bird mites so we thought we have chicken mites.
    Because we are from the organic frontier, we treated the chicken with Neem oil, nothing happened, their stable with orange oil, nothing happened, put silicat powder in their sandbath, nothing. Then after the massive pressure from my husband we use
    Permethrin-spray, nothing…..Ultimatly we use Organophosphat-spray in the stable and it works for the chicken. Then the summer was over and our symptoms get away.

    In the early summer 2012 the symptoms on us and our goats get back stronger as ever before. This time not one of our goats began scratching, all of them. One of our old goats began loosing her fur in tufts. And in addition our rabbits began to hop in their stables and scratching their ears like they were crazy. The weird thing was, that we could not see any clinical signs at our rabbits. Our cat was scratching her ears like nuts too. That was as we started treating our goats and rabbits with Permethrin, nothing…
    At ourselves we suffered from tickling at our noses and on my body the itchy pimples. But what was new, I weak up in the night because of intense itching all over my body. It feels like I was wearing a scratchy woolen pyjama.
    But at the end of summer all got away by itself.

    Soon after new years eve 2013 I noticed that one of our pregnant goats has lost fur at her ears back and her bridge of the nose, and her skin was red. I see her rubbing her head and nose at everything available.
    In the middle of February it was like hell.
    Two of our dairy goats were highly pregnant and scratching like they were crazy, but the others were doing not much better.Our oldest goat looked like she has get a chemical treatment for cancer.
    Our little baby rabbits, which we have put in the stable where the goats are, because of the temperatures, were running like nuts in their stables up and down.We noticed, that it gets worst in the evening and at night. In the morning, when we were milking, all of them looked, as they have danced the night away, and they were very tired.
    Our cats scratched their ears like hell.
    At the same time we have all our symptoms back :
    – tickling at and in our noses
    – itching all over our bodys
    – itchy bumps at our private area….
    That was when we begin to treat out animals with avermectins which were:
    Cydectin (active agent Moxidectin)
    Eprinomectin (active agent Eprinomectin)
    Decoma (active agent Doramectin)
    And last but not least
    Eraquell (active agent Ivermectin)
    I will say, we tortured them, but we don’t know better at that time, and we had used an atomic bomb if we had thought it would help…..
    We do this treatments not only of our own, but by advices of three
    Vets and one vet clinic, because we thought, we have some zoonosis.
    We thought we had all a mite that calls cheyletiella mite, but after these treatments they must have all been killed.
    No vet found any mite on our animals, but they treated them because of the symptoms they had……
    I must say nothing of these treatments worked and we were psychically on the basement.
    In the midst of summer we have new symptoms:
    – nausea
    – pain in our stomaches
    – and only me suffered from pain in my back.

    That was that we begun to observe our and the behaviour of our animals methodically.
    We see that
    – at daytime especially when you are in action the critters (I will call them) are calm.
    – since you calm down, like sitting on the sofa the critters became active.
    – in our stables the horrible time begun soon after the afternoon feeding.
    – showering soon after the day work in the stables early in the evening won’t do anything.The critters seem to need out calmness to leave their hiding places and to spread out all over our bodies. We begun to shower before going to bed and it helps, not 100 percent but enough to get some sleep.
    – we noticed that the critters hide in our noses and ears, and everywhere on our bodies where it is humid.

    Parallel I make a lot of internet research and I stumbled over an article: “is your hay biting you”, that was my first contact with the family of Pyemotidae.
    These are mites which feed on other insects, their larvae and eggs. That sounds not much harmful for humans, but it is.
    If you do research about these mites you will found, that there is few information, and I think the reason is, that there has not been so much of studying about this mite.
    But there are some informations that make me think, that we have an invasion of these mites all over the world.
    These mites are feeding for example on grain moths, or clothing moths, or furniture beetles……
    In Germany there is a very carelessness manner of storing grain or firewood for example, and therefore the doors are wide open for all sorts of pests…..
    Perhaps it’s the global warming that increases these pests, who knows.

    If there is for example in our case a mass increase of grain moths and pyemotes tritici is in the environment, they will kill the moths larvae and mass increase themselves.
    And voila we have our critters.
    Pyemotes tritici is for example 0,15-0,2 mm large, and therefore you cannot see them on your body. These mites are the cause of grain itch or hay itch, they reach by chance our bodies and bite and crawl over them.
    Long speech short sense.
    We have to do everything that eradicates the insects where these Pyemotidae are feeding of, and we are getting rid of them.
    A direct treatment of the Pyemotidae mites in our direct environment and homes is the fumigation with sulphur. All other treatments will also kill the Pyemotidae mites and their hosts, but the other mites in the environment will find the dead mites and hosts and will increase their population again. If you use sulphur the dead ones are toxic to the mites in the environment, and they will die also.

    But his treatment have to be the last choice.

    One have to think careful where could be an increase of insect population, which can be a host for Pyemotidae mites, and fight against these insects. As a result the Pyemotidae mites will go away also.
    In our case we have done this so far:
    – throw all our hay and straw away.
    – feed our goats, horses and rabbits with hay pellets and oats.
    – the bedding of our horses, rabbits and goats is of wood pellets.
    – we don’t use our firewood, because of the wood pests in it…..
    – we put all our grain in plastic barrels which we can shut tightly.
    And what should I say, our symptoms are decreasing. Our goats have furs like icebears, our rabbits are calm and increase rapidly their weights.
    I think in warmer regions of the world one have to consider about other insects like termites,cicada or other moths…..
    In our country the oaks in the forest are very sick. One don’t know why….perhaps the global warming, who knows. Because the oaks are suffering they are weak for pests of all kind. I think the gall midge population is exploding, and therefore the population of Pyemotes herfsi (which feeds on the midges)is exploding too. As the mite population increases they become airborne in search of new hosts. When we are making a walk in the forest we wondered why we are feeling weak, itchy and nauseous afterwards. Pyemotes herfsi is the reason, so we don’t go in the forest where are much oaks nowadays…

    I hope this will help a little

    • Pam says:

      The super wealthy powers that be are spraying much of America’s skies with their unknown-to-us chemicals so they possibly are doing that in other countries. I’m talking about chemtrails and also geo engineering. I believe that is the ultimate cause of all these infestations of mites.

    • MK says:

      HI there, with great interest I have read your posting above and would like to connect further with you, especially since I just arrived from USA to Germany for a long visit with my family.

      • teenyweeny says:

        Hi MK, sorry for my late answer, but I wasn’t following this blog regularly and do not expect an answer anymore. Are you a sufferer too? If you want further information please tell me how we can get into contact …

  220. gg says:

    Pymethrin 10% solution, dilute, get a spray bottle, wipe everything & spray everything with it AND Veterinary Formula Antiparasitic & Antiseborrheic Medicated Shampoo, use as directed. Do the Pymethrin everyday and shampoo for your body everyday. You’ll see a difference soon. Wash your sheets & everything you wear everyday. You’ll see a big difference. Be careful around cats with the Pymethrin. Amazon has it or order direct from the country. Don’t bother with the other treatments.

  221. Donna says:

    Lately I have been itching horribly and then tonight I walked from my car and drop grocery bags on the table before I could get my coat off good, I felt my top lip like itching, looked in the mirror and my top lip had about three tiny bites. They stayed for less than an hour and went away. It’s too much. Then I looked down at my legs and they were covered in hives. I am going to scratch myself into another life if this keeps up.

  222. gg says:

    check out “midge”

  223. riotgyrrl says:

    I haven’t read any of the comments thoroughly so sorry if I’m being repetitive, but have any of you gotten checked for the scabies mite?

  224. Brandon says:

    I am experiencing identical symptoms to yourself..
    I live in Australia in NSW.
    Have been experiencing this for about 5 years now..
    I found it most remarkable when you said it doesn’t effect everyone.
    I find ice packs to help the most & also Telfast antihistamine tablets.
    It only effects my arms atm so I’m lucky I guess…
    I have alot more to share if you want to talk sometime….

  225. Marisa L says:


    How an Herbal Parasite Cleanse Changed My Life
    Herbs Alone Cannot Kill This Dangerous Parasite
    Deborah Aldridge, Yahoo Contributor Network
    Oct 29, 2012 “Share your voice on Yahoo websites. Start Here.”
    .FlagCloseAccording to Dr. Oz, 90 percent of humans will have parasite infestation during their lifetime. Parasites are everywhere; in the air, in the soil, in and on your food, even in your water. It’s impossible to avoid them, so you should assume you have one of the thousands of different kinds lurking somewhere. I always thought parasites were something I could never contract. In 2010, I discovered I was wrong.
    It Started with Itchy Arms

    In 1991, I moved onto five acres in rural South Carolina. It had been a small farm, with hogs, goats and fowl, as well as dogs and cats. In 1992, I developed an intense itching on my left forearm. Doctors could not diagnose it. Over the years, it spread to my right forearm, and doctors finally gave up and decided I was imagining it. I lived with a tube of extra-strength lidocaine cream in my pocket or purse at all times. The itch was so bad at night I was forced to put ice packs on my arms to get to sleep. In desperation, I started applying anything and everything to my arms, even lice medication. When I mixed the lice medication with coconut oil, suddenly the itching stopped, and I thought the nightmare was over. I was so wrong.

    A Watery Eye Causes a Frightening Discovery

    In 2010, with my itchy arms finally cured, I suddenly developed a problem in my right eye. It wasn’t pink eye but more like what my mother used to call “a cold in my eye.” It was constantly running, but not burning or red. There was, however, a feeling that something was crawling around in it, so I searched online for “something crawling in my eye.” I discovered the parasite forums on Curezone , and after reading, I started to believe I had a parasite.

    My First Herbal Parasite Cleanse

    I thought doing an herbal parasite cleanse wouldn’t hurt, so I ordered one with a good reputation. What happened during the first and second 30-day cleanses changed everything. I discovered I had not one, not two, but several different parasites, the most dangerous being something I was stuck with for life.

    The Worm That Never Dies

    During the second round of the herbal cleanse, I had unexplained scratches show up on my arms and legs and small black and white “things” seemingly coming out of my pores and sometimes painfully tearing through my skin. I finally found a doctor who would take my fears seriously, and had an ELISA test. The test showed that I was hyperinfected with a dangerous parasitic worm, Strongyloides stercoralis. It seems that I had had this worm for many years, probably got it while gardening without gloves or shoes, and it was concentrated on the right side of my body. The hyperinfection was evidently caused by steroids prescribed for a torn rotator cuff, which compromised my immune system. My chronic immune disorder, lupus, didn’t help.

    Being Eaten Alive for Life

    I will be fighting this tiny parasite, less than 1/5 of an inch long, the rest of my life, because it can never be totally eliminated from your body. It is one of the only nematodes that can live its entire life cycle and reproduce while inside your tissues. It feeds on your tissues and internal organs, and 70 percent of those who get a hyperinfection will die from it.

    I’ve taken several rounds of pharmaceuticals, and have to repeat them about once a year. I’m on a constant alternative medicine protocol of anti-parasitic herbs and foods between treatments. This worm encysts itself and can stay dormant for years, reappearing when conditions are favorable.

    You can learn more about Strongyloides stercoralis from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) site. Cleanliness will not keep you safe from parasites. My advice is that if you de-worm your animals twice a year, you should do a parasite cleanse on yourself at the same time.

  226. Deb says:

    I expercied a bitting sensation and begain to check my bed and thought it must be bed bugs. Called a exterminator got my house sprayed but continually felt something biting. The exterminator guy said i had a infestation of moth, now I see a over shape seed on the floor, and next to it sometime I see a white pin head seed. And they are every where in my shoes car all over, and when i brush my clothes it looks like dust and everywhere I go I leave them behind, what is this please somebody help. I am seeing a psycologist,because I am afraid of any kind of bug, but I am afraid it is something else It attach to anything cotton. Excuse spelling. When I show people some of the phases they say oh that’s cotton, it looks like it, and I don’t know which phase that it is, but I can say, it has about 4 or 5 phases unless it is more than one problem.

    • stealhorse says:

      I have had the exact same problem for almost two years.And i see several phases with this bug what ever it is (parasite).
      It gets worse.They begin laying the eggs in your eyes,ears and nose.http://members.shaw.ca/rolfwitzsche/canada/morgellons_fibre_disease.html This is a must read for everyone that has this problem.It will realy open your eyes and give you a far better understanding of what we are dealing with.Do not ignore this,its a MUST read.
      It will explain its connection to cotton clothing ect.
      Its the best explanation i have read on the net.Also i believe that in three to five years everyone on ths earth will be dealing with this.
      Ive tryed absolutly everything to get rid of it.All you can do is control the population of this infestation by cleaning.They do not dye in the washer or dryer.They do not die in sub zero temps,ive try this by puting my clothing out side at -25 C for 24 hours and then into the dryer on high heat for two hours.
      In this article you will read that the author believes you would need to boil the clothing for 13 hours,and still it may not kill them all off.
      What ever name anyone wants to give this,its a super bug that is pretty much indestructable.Its here to stay.
      Good luck to all that suffer with this desease.

  227. Alicia says:

    I have been experiencing the same thing. Today, when I was outside, close to the woods on my bench, I felt a little itch then another and another. They were flying in a circular rotation on top of my head and all over my jacket. I was itching everywhere so I ran like a jacka** until they were gone. They were really tiny, black, biting bugs (unidentifyed). I can se nothing on my skin but it itches. Help!!! They attack me almost every time I go outside. What are they and why are they attacking me???

  228. Idk what is happening to me and not my fiance. I am getting itchy red welts some are big and they go away by next day and then i get more very quickly (is like a bit and run) they appear on my arms legs and honestly alot on my breasts which normally I would never get so personal but i can’t take this and it’s only been 3 days. Any help on this Would be great. There’s no fleas I don’t see any kind of evidence of bugs. Plz help.

    • Pam says:

      spray your whole body with some type of alcohol, isopropyl will do or vodka if you don’t want any added chemicals to the alcohol. alcohol kills them. make sure your place is not over 50 percent humidity.

    • Nichole says:

      Thank you Pam I’m getting nervousnot only am I getting the welts and itching on my body now my eyes started to itch and they are now swelling up. Idk what to me is happening to me, this is crazy. I’m gonna try that spray works on my body tho. Thank you again.

  229. Carolanne says:

    Please help!! My daughter and I r dealing with almost the exact same thing! I don’t know what to do!!!!!

    • Darla Starkey says:

      Carolanne – scroll this page and read my posts. I think I started as TryingToHelp, then posted my real name on other posts. I’ve posted several times in the last couple of years. See if your bugs resemble mine. I can relate to being a mom and having a child suffer with this. My dd is a 9 year sufferer, who is just now regaining clear skin and regrowing some of her lost hair. She developed “acne” at age 9, and began losing her hair at 11. She’s now 19 and finally recovering.
      Good luck.

  230. Carolanne says:

    I just need some answers, we have cleaned like crazy, had pest control spray and everything

    • Darla Starkey says:

      The thrip problem we have battled for years (and made great progress in recent years) will cause welting when you’re being bitten a lot. If you are also experiencing pinprick sensations, you are heavily infested. The pinpricks are an allergic reaction. Younger victims (more oil in skin maybe?) will sometimes develop what looks like severe acne. No acne medication will help (we ordered everything and spent thousands with no results).
      You will not see these bugs on your skin. The nymphs bite humans. The adults do not. The nymphs are the size of a pinprick, in a range of neutral colors. The adults look like little fruit flies (when they are flying) or small black ants (when they are walking). At a heavy level of infestation, these bastards can totally destroy your peace of mind. If I had not (finally) identified my bugs and found methods of fighting them, I surely would have off’d myself by now.
      They do swarm, especially in the area of ornamental trees, which are never treated for bugs.
      Cleaning won’t do it, neither will pest control. Sealing your house from the outside is the ONLY THING that has led to overall improvement, and we have tried many things over the years and spent many thousands of dollars.
      Don’t put alcohol on your skin, it’s not necessary. Mix apple cider vinegar (any cheap brand will work) with plain old water. Put it in a squeeze bottle and douse your head and body with the mixture. This will rinse all thrips off your body. They will come right back if you shower in an infested bathroom, but you will get a reset. A regular shower and shampoo does not remove the bugs in any notable way.
      Flowery smelling body products (shampoo, soap, lotion) will ATTRACT them to you. Their natural habitat is flowers and foliage. If you shampoo in lavender, vanilla, almond scent, they will flock to you.
      Recently, I found that a very cold blast of water at the end of a shower (head to toe) seems to work as well as the vinegar water. Since frequent vinegar rinse will cause hair breakage (it did for us), you might prefer freezing the bugs off. Not fun, but very effective.
      Have you had land cleared near your home in recent years (flood, fire, development)? This is a common denominator in the homes we have found to be heavily infested. Thanks to a previous poster (above) we were finally able to determine the catalyst for infestation.
      Heavy infestation will also invite predator bugs, such as walking dandruff mites, leaf footed bugs and springtails (in my area). At our worst, we went through a gallon of (inside) bug spray every day. We now go through a gallon in a month. They are active from evening until morning, with some relief from about 10am to 4 or 5pm.
      You may be infested for quite some time before they attack your head, but once they start the scalp problems will be ongoing.
      They seem to be instinctually attracted to crevices of any sort. A small crevice in your eaves will see a lot of activity, while a sizable vent hole right next to the crevice does not seem to attract them.
      They move very fast, and are able to walk, jump and fly. I can clear an area with bug spray and have relief for 15-20 minutes, but as soon as the spray is dried the little bastards will be back.
      If you saturate your house with bug bombs, and spray the shit out of your home’s exterior, you can get a reset. You MUST open your attic and place bombs up there as well. They are in your attic, and entering your living space through overhead fixtures as well as other breeches.
      For those who are affected, with family members who seem to NOT be affected….give it time. We were all affected at different times in my house, sometimes separated by years.
      If you have dogs and cats, they ARE being affected. We got one of those Sorrento collars for my dog (last October) and she has been bug free ever since – no fleas or thrips, well worth the $30 I paid on Ebay.
      I’m tempted to wear a collar myself, as they really seem to work…lol. I feel for all those suffering, and hope you follow some of my tips. I would have done anything to get this kind of information 4 years ago. I wasted a lot of time believing my dogs had some kind of mite and we were being affected. Then I believed the people were carriers. When I figured out this was an environmental problem, we began making progress.
      If nothing else, maybe you can eliminate thrips as a possibility.
      I keep hoping I will come back to this forum and see others who have found their answers. As a many-year sufferer, I am grateful every day that we’ve made as much progress as we have.
      On a sidenote, has anyone tried the plug-in electronic bug repellers? I’ve been wanting to order some, but there are so many choices and many are pricey.

      • Carolanne says:

        Darla starlet, if I move will this fix the problem???? I am renting and we r constantly itchy, my little girl is what kills me 😦 I have had pest control come, I have cleaned like crazy and no relief. It’s like a nightmare. I may just move if they won’t fallow to ruin our lives again. This is affecting everything!!!! 😁👎

      • Darla Starkey says:

        To Carolanne (below) –
        My grown daughter moved from her heavily infested apartment to an older home across town. There has been no development in that area for many years, and she is NOT being troubled by thrips any longer.
        If you are living in an infested multi-apartment building, the only option I can imagine is moving. If you are living in a rental home, it would probably cost a lot less (money and time) to move than it will to turn your home into a fortress. Look for a place with NO recent development (or any other form of land clearing), check the window sills for tiny bug carcasses, and spend some time in the house before you sign a lease.
        A treeless lot is going to have a lot less thrips than a yard full of trees.
        The only thing I might try before moving would be some of the electrical bug repellers. Some of them have pretty good reviews. Based on some reviews I read last year, I think they may work. I’m just confused about which ones to buy and try.
        Good luck.

      • anne says:

        Freeze your clothes when they are still wet from the washing machine for 4 days and then dry as normal and this is how you get it out of your clothes. You can do this with any object to get rid of bugs. Shoes need to be done also. Swimming helps a lot but they stay in your clothes and car you need to hoover the car and take clean clothes that have been frozen to get rid of them. Steam ironing is ok but it puts moisture in the house so they breed more. Encase your mattress and pillows with protecta bed type zippy casements the same as they use for bed bugs and either wash and freeze duvets and sheets or wash at 90c with a glug of bleach. Dry in dryer.

  231. Carolanne says:

    There r so many options. I do not see them, my entire body is itchy as well as my hair and eyes. At night they get worse but really it’s always itchy. Some bites on my bottom for sure. They bites don’t last long often. My daughter has them all over and doesn’t know not to scratch. If I move will they go away??? Idk what to do on going

    • Chacha says:

      My Doctor gave me Prednesone, it finally took it away, but still had to use creams for a long time…

      • Carolanne says:

        Does moving hell???!!!!!

      • Pam says:

        I would think it would since when I had the biting out of control and I would spend time away for the weekend I would not get any bites.

        But I have resolved my issue by purchasing a dehumidifier and keep the humidity in my place lower than 50 percent. It’s been about a month now and within 2 days I felt they were almost gone.

        It is now almost a month and have run the dehumi. 24/7 and felt them trying to come back but I feel they are just some eggs hatching or something like that. I will just keep the dehumi going for at least 3 to 6 months but will probably have to keep it on for as long as I live here because the central AC unit, keeps the humidity at 60 or above.

        This biting problem started soon after I replaced my central AC with a new Rheem 16 SEER central AC three years ago. I think it is too large for my place and always keeps the humidity level at 60 or above, too high. I live in So. Fl.

      • Chacha says:

        I don’t understand your comment, can you explain…If it’s thrips you have then it might not help…

      • Carolanne says:

        I am thinking about moving bc of how miserable this is for myself and my baby but I have an amazing home and landlord. I don’t know if it is thrips or not, they are not able to be seen and we itch all over ….. Sometimes there aren’t even any bites or anything. Besides that I washed everything and had my home sprayed 2 times by pest control. I am at a loss of what to do…. I need to know what they are before I can treat them but who do I call when even the pest control company doesn’t know or see anythjng…. Lol this is awful. I am I San Diego if that makes any dofference

      • Chacha says:

        Have you seen a dermatologist? You all might need Prednisone…it worked for me…

  232. Tanya says:

    Ive had this problem with tiny black bugs that are living on my scalp tgey bite realy bad i had a massive spot on my leg it had a hole in it have the ugs come out of this spot
    These bugs jump nothing i e tred
    To kill them nothings working pleas help
    Will seabuckthorn oil kills them ?
    How doit alppy to my head how do this treatment work

    • Darla Starkey says:

      Tanya – We spent a lot of money on sea buckthorn products with no notable results. The tiny black bugs are thrips. These bugs are infesting houses, often following land clearing in the area. Most sources will tell you they do not bite people, but that is bull. The nymphs absolutely do bite, as well as causing hair loss, bleeding gums, and a seeming acceleration of tissue degeneration. In some younger people, “acne” is also a symptom. I had chronic hives right after an apartment complex sprung up on my property line, so they do cause welts in some people. Many people report teeny red bite marks, which I always thought was a result of scratching my skin so violently. Once they found my scalp, it took about 2 weeks before I started losing hair. When we were infested, we experienced pinprick sensations, which we now know to be an allergic reaction.
      It took me years to figure out what was happening, but I have scoped these bugs and they are definitely thrips. I have given a lot of advice and relayed much of my experience in posts above, going back about 2 years, under my real name and also under TryingToHelp.
      Please read my posts and see if you can i.d. your bugs. YOU are not infested, but your home is. If you scope your bugs, I suspect you will find that they are actually clearish to tan/orange. You can buy an inexpensive scope from Radio Shack, less than $20. You should be able to find samples on light bulbs pointing upward (like in a lamp) or on your windowsills.
      To get some relief, douse yourself (head to toe) in 50/50 apple cider vinegar and water. Don’t use pleasant scents, as their natural habitat are flowers and they will be attracted to you.
      Good luck, and don’t give up. You’re not crazy, and you can solve this problem. It takes time and determination, but we have made a ton of progress over here.
      My dd no longer has acne, we have regained most of our hair, and I haven’t felt a pinprick in a long time. Our gums don’t bleed anymore, and my skin is no longer aging at an accelerated rate.

      • Darla Starkey says:

        For those considering moving, you will need to bomb the crap out of your belongings or the bugs will just move with you. Early on, when I was nearly suicidal, I rented a hotel room in an effort to escape the torment. As it turned out, we just took the problem with us. Our “foreign” thrips apparently smelled really good to the thrips that lived near the hotel, and we were actually attacked WORSE in the hotel room than at our house.
        We have taken dozens of supplements in an effort to change the way we taste to the bugs, with zero results. I doused myself in dozens of concoctions (including turpentine – really bad idea) before finally figuring out that acv would knock them off our bodies.
        We are 9-year sufferers over here, and I am trying to post everything we’ve learned, because I know how this horrific experience can totally destroy a person’s life and sanity.

      • Carolanne says:

        The thing is I don’t see any black bugs or flying things at all…. I see nothing. 😦

      • Chacha says:

        Ididn’t see anything either, but I did with a magnifying glass, look like pieces of rice…and different colors of dots…red, beige, brown and black…

      • Carolanne says:

        Okay so I just saw a couple little gnat looking things!!! I can’t catch them tho. 😦 my windows r really really old, a lot gets in, I’m getting new ones next month from my landlord. What spray or bomb do I use for my clothes and hiuse?!! Martha and chacha? Thank u so much for being here for me!!

      • Carolanne says:

        so I just saw a couple little gnat looking things!!! I can’t catch them tho. 😦 my windows r really really old, a lot gets in, I’m getting new ones next month from my landlord. What spray or bomb do I use for my clothes and hiuse?!! Martha and chacha? Thank u so much for being here for me!! What area of the world r u in?????

  233. I Actually fairly recently installed our steam shower unit,
    finest item I have bought for some time, kids and friends and
    family like it so much, can’t see myself returning to normal showers again

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    • Carolanne says:

      Okay so my daughters roof of her mouth is sore, i don’t know if it’s bc if whatever is itching us but I’m freak in. Out. How does it start in the mouth ? She bit a taquito and her gum started bleeding. Now it’s sore to brush her teeth

  235. freightliner1 says:

    Hi Martha

    I would say your daughter has just scraped her pallet with the taco.Not to worry,just give it a few days to heal up.
    I have been suffering with this for two years,have tryed everything to rid myself of this.
    The first six months i scrached my body untill i was raw,then i discovered REACTINE 10 mg,and buy taking half of one pill every 24 hrs i have reliefe from the constant itching.
    I had mentioned this before on here,some guy responed and said not a good idea because it will mask it and you wont know if your treatments are working.
    By stopping the med for 28hrs you soon find out what the hellish itch feels like,so hense you can test to see if your treatments are working.
    Or you can suffer daily while trying to combat this bug,personal choice i guess.
    I remember a while back one guy said he went to the ocean and soaked in there untill his skin was like a prune.
    So im going to try buying about 10 lbs of natural sea salt and dong the same in the bath tub.If that fails to work,im goung to get a other 10 lbs of sea salt and 12 or 15 gallons of natural vinegar add it all to a bath,soak in it for two hours.
    Heres the problem though.Even if you manage to kill the bug on your skin,there are still eggs in your nose,ears,eyes and mouth.So you need to flush these out with the solution.Of course the eyes will need to be done with a cloth to avoid burning the eye ball.

    Now heres what i think a big problem is.Gettting REINFECTED by your surroundings.
    I am going to toss all away that is made of material and keeping in mind that anything that is made of cotten is thier fav nesting place.Clean entire house.The 100 % synthedic things can be kept and washed in very hot water,as they are not attracted to this material.
    Carpets need to be removed and sent to dump.
    Then once this is all complete i will spray the entire house,interior of car with vinegar.
    I believe they can build a resistance to chemical,but not to natural products such as salt and vinegar.
    When your spraying the house and car start with the ceilings and then all air space,then all walls ect ect.
    I would also like to thank the person that came up with the idea of the ACV Apple cider vinegar,i cannot not at this time remember all screen names to reflect my thanks.
    I put two and two together,if by spraying it on body then waithing ten mins and having a shower helps,then it would make sense to expand on that.Get in a bath of it where it will soak into skin and open pours to allow it to kill off the deeper bugs.Then the guy who said he soaked in the ocean…. so we can now all think this over.

    One point i would like to make s you need to do this to 100 percent of body,scalp face ect ect…
    Also one person said these eggs from these hatch in 3 to 4 days.I believe they hatch within a 24 period.
    So if we were to do this daily for about a week,then progress might be made.
    The house will stink,the car will stink of vinegar,who cares not me.

    Theres some input,my next battle again this bug.Hope this helps.Again thanks to all here on this site who inject opinions and possible solutions.
    Over and out for now. P/S im located in Northern Canada where its sub zero temps and very dry in the winter.This bug survives here.

  236. freightliner1 says:

    And a few more things i would like to say.
    Im not going to use a mix of water and vinegar.By mixing it downt thats like saying,i will make it cost effective,no thanks i realy dont care of the cost,im going to hit it hard,real hard.
    Also after having the bath,do not shower it of.Leave it on your skin.
    ( Im going to need to fill the tub with very hot water to melt all the salt down,then let it cool off some to a good hot bath temp before getting in)
    As far as cost goes,buy it from a place that sells in bulk.Here we have Costco and The Great Canadian Warehouse.
    Two years agoe i stayed at a Holiday Inn,when i first arrived at the desk the clerk to me i was in luck as 40 people from the Middle East had just checked out… so there were rooms to be had.
    I guess somes luck just turns around and corn holes a person.

    Take care and best wishes…..

    • Darla Starkey says:

      freightliner1 – I was the one who posted the 50/50 vinegar. I originally used straight vinegar, but experienced a lot of hair breakage. Since I had already lost a lot of hair at that time, I diluted the vinegar. I had less breakage, and the bugs were removed just as effectively. For those who are not losing hair, dilution may not be helpful.
      On another note, we use Ecosmart to spray in the house. When someone showers, we change their sheets and spray down their bed and pillow, and spray down the furniture daily. It’s made from essential oils, kills them on contact, smells good and the scent dissipates quickly.
      On another note, I bought a 4 pack of Bell and Howell ultrasonic bug repellers at Walmart 2 days ago. Very inexpensive, only cost $20 and I believe I’m seeing improvement. I only have one half of my house “covered” so far, so I need another 4 pack before I can be sure.

      • freightliner1 says:

        Hi Darla
        What i was meaning in terms of using the vinegar straight is when spraying the house,car ect.
        Ive been taking Reactine 10 mg antihistimine for a long time.Last week while on days off work i was at the store and made the mistake of grabbing the 5mg tabs.( I work in remote areas in the oil fields) so opportunity to shop is seldom.
        So this morn i had some horrible itching going on.With reading your posting on vinegar i swabed the area with regular white vinegar.The itching stopped right away and has not returned,that was 8 hours agoe.
        Also the other day i made some home made greek salad dressing with 50/50 of oil and vinegar.I like to use lots on my salad so the veggies are almost floating in it.
        About 20 mins after eating it the itching started all over me.So it tells me it realy disturbed the bugs.( Was that you that said you were going to try drinking the vinegar) Well anyway what im going to do is drink the vinegar and eat approx 4 cloves of raw garlic per day.

        There is no use in using any chem treatments,they are immune to everything man made.
        The other thing is read up on MSM natural suppliment.The benifits are amazing.It will help build the immune system that we need to combat this problem.
        One thing i am going to do at the same time is a deworming.

        I believe there are many different ailments people on this site are suffering with,we should not all assume its Morgellons,mine is not or may be. Rhttp://members.shaw.ca/rolfwitzsche/canada/morgellons_fibre_disease.html

      • Carolanne says:

        Darla, could you possibly email me? carolannetiffany@yahoo.com I just noticed my daughters hair is coming out a lot 😦 I dont know what to do.

  237. freightliner1 says:

    I made some typing errors,oh well ,im sure you get my picture.

    • Darla Starkey says:

      Updating on my previous post regarding the Bell and Howell repellers. They are not effective for this problem, as they only treat the room’s interior. Since the thrips are traveling and breeding in your walls and attic, the Bell and Howell don’t reach them. We are now trying some Pest Offence repellers that work in the home’s wiring. We had improvement right away, that persisted for more than 48 hours.
      At that time, we got on the roof and sealed off an old chimney that was an obvious entry point, and the bugs started pouring in through the roof vent over my kitchen light. They have apparently called their whole damned posse to my house, and they are very angry. It has been well over 2 years since we’ve experienced this kind of activity.
      We’ll be back on the roof tomorrow, planning the next step of this (seemingly) never-ending battle.

      I notice that a number of people in this thread are talking about “black mold”. Have people been testing this mold to verify it’s nature, or judging by eyesight? Thrips leave poop behind that looks like little dots of black mold. When you find a high-traffic entry point, there will be so much poop that it looks like a moldy area. If you get a wet paper towel and scrub this “mold”, you can see the bloody tinge, as it is actually thrip crap.
      My chimney had a lot of black moldy looking stuff on and in it – It consistently contained the color of blood. Other, previously located entry points have also had this “mold”. Today I looked at all the other chimneys on my street, and every single one of them has noticeable thrip shit all over them. Why do some households suffer while others are seemingly unaware?

      I have wondered for a long time if these things have a hive mind, like bees. Based on today’s experience, I think they do. It’s known that they have some kind of sensory system that attracts them to each other, but I think there’s more to it than that. My bugs are waging an aggressive attack, unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.
      I’m beginning to wonder if I will ever win this war. Has anyone on this blog successfully recovered 100% from this problem? No more itching, no more skin issues, no more hair loss, no more bleeding gums, no more pinpricks, no more “dandruff” – that kind of 100%.

      • anne says:

        i would get the house looking it’s best and move, because as you say some people are not bothered by them and you have tried your best there.

      • anne says:

        yes I know someone who has completely got rid of it. We moved but it has come with us in our things even though we tried not too it is hard, it is no where near as bad though.

  238. LP says:

    Hey guys, here’s a few suggestions for parasite cleaning, holistically.

    1. Soak affected area in apple cider vinegar mixed with water, as strong as you can stand for 20 minutes (it’ll burn and pull the mites’ burrowed areas to the surface) ($5)

    Apply unrefined organic coconut oil mixed with neem oil (neem impaires mite reproduction) as a body lotion, this is also safe for kids. ($10)

    2. Soak daily in a hot bath infused with an ounce or two of organic dried wormwood ($4)
    and a lot of Dead Sea Salt (or other sea salt bath quality in 10 pound bags)

    3. Use diomataceous earth – food grade DE – topically & internally, mix medium amt. to liquid form in water and spray everywhere and drink it, put in laundry as well. ($10)

    4. Ivermectin pills cost about 70 for 2 rounds. They can be bought online. Take ivermectin for humans- the oral pills (light and heat sensitive due to Ivermectin being a live probiotic), do not use horse paste ivermectin! I count Ivermectin as safe because it is a miracle substance which comes from an astonishingly rare Japanese soil probiotic live culture)

  239. LP says:

    It also helps to enhance your immune system with echinacea pills and cut out sugar.


  240. LP says:

    Sulphur products and permethrin can SEVERELY DAMAGE your skins natural oil content, allowing a blood feast for mites through small scratches in worn down skin. Do not, ever, give them blood to feed on by scratching your bites or drying your skin to the point of cracking. I would advise avoiding ANY of those sulphur soaps and permethrin creams.

  241. LP says:

    You can, however as one user above has smartly stated, use MSM food grade sulphur powder internally without issues.

  242. steelhorse says:

    You have some good advice we all can use.
    I would like to make one injecture.The lumps (pimples) are nests of the paracite.It will be advisable to claw them away and then use Polysporin to coat and heal the area.
    Keep your finger nails clean with a nail brush.

  243. steelhorse says:

    We are making such progress here with all of our staments,one of the last the women asked: Is their anyone whom has beat this problem.
    We are ALL tired of all the shit of BRIANY ideas.
    I think it needs to go much higher like letters to the Minister Of Health/CC To your local main news paper.Are you willing to get out there and expose this ” I am for ONE ”
    Tell me of all you readers will you back me up in this,IM CANADIAN im USA same ground,do we not back each other in all matters.
    I went to the Doctor three days agoe.I told him i have had a horrible cough for 18 months and my body is itchy ,ive been taking Reactine every day since 2009
    He perscribed 500 mill of Azithromycin and an inhaler of Abuterol Sulfate.
    Its like he ignored me,treated me like a cock roach.
    They all know,they must have had a vacine.Its time to bring this SERIOUS issuse up with MAJOR News Papers.

    • anne says:

      it would be a good idea to get news papers involved and higher medical help and yes I think they must know about it but don’t want a panic on their hands, I am willing to back you with this I live in England which proves it will spread every where soon. Something has got to be done about this.

  244. steelhorse says:

    We want to connect .There has been nothing done.We need to make a STAND.
    Who is in ?
    When i was a kid a teen,like 21 i was a rough guy real tough,rock and roll hair cut to my belt.No convictions,no history….When they got me an took me to the gates an put me in a room( jail ) with a horny little fag ass doctor that was and had intent of inserting his finger up my ass,I made a stand.
    So i pulled my pants down and bent over,i turned and looked him right in the eye.I said ? You can do this,to me.But if you do ” I will hunt you down an come to your home in return ” He slipped his glove off.
    I made a stand.Can you ?

  245. LP says:

    NO please don’t claw your skin away, it slows down healing, gives mites a place to hide even deeper in your skin, and can easily give you a staph infection because that is common within the body of mites. It isn’t a nest that reacts to the vinegar soak, it is the excrement and pus within. This is not a new problem or epidemic to report to the health dept, it is quite common for hundreds of years in Brazil and also Norway, and it’s also very common in farming (my occupation). Mite issues really do show how immensely stupid your average doctor is, and how they only rely on what they are told to say to you. Tell that to the gov’t. Promising they will not listen, that issue of BIG PHARMA goes deeper than anyone can even know. With permethrin, they are probably funded by jergens, because it gives you chronic dry skin. FOREVER.

    A lot of people are diagnosed as having bug psychosis, when it is really a dust mite allergy. Don’t listen to doctors about any of this. Get ivermectin if you want meds, don’t even need a doc for it. They are only going to prescribe permethrin which doesn’t work. Listen to my advice above for holistic remedies and you will feel better soon.

  246. LP says:

    I am immune to scabies now, so yes, I beat it. Most people are immune due to having a strong immune system. It took me over 2 years though to beat the random breakouts back. That’s how I learned so many tricks. They kept coming back on the same spot on my finger, never spreading, and never getting on my husband or baby. I put vinegar in my kids bath from day one of her life, luckily. I think, the key was to boost my immune system. I got scabies while pregnant and immune impaired. Many people with bad diet or old age have scabies due to low immune reaction. I take echinacea every day along with a very powerful ppm of colloidal silver. I wash my house with food grade DE with a pesticide sprayer, walls and floors, and in laundry. All bugs, mites, ants, even flies, leave me and my home alone now, they freaking hate DE because it tears their exoskeletons apart…

    • Pam says:

      Thank you so much for all your very valuable information!!! Please do tell me, how do you wash with DE? I have sprayed it dry around my place but to wash, you mix it with water? What ratio of water to DE do you use?

      • LP says:

        DE (make sure it is food grade) is really great for bug problems of any kind! It is not water soluable so it makes a great fine spray and keeps its sharp edges even when in water, used as a pesticide on plants, and you can use food grade DE on skin and even drink it. It provides dietary silica which is a nutrient that regenerates skin.

      • LP says:

        for the ratio of De to water it is about 1/4 DE powder to water by volume. I also add a small amt of neem oil to my mix since it is great for killing and imparing mites from reproducing because they are hormonally stunted by neem

      • Pam says:

        LP, thanks so much!

    • Pam says:

      LP, I was re-reading your very informative posts here and I was wondering if you followed a certain way of eating to boost your immune system in addition to your use of the colloidal silver and the DE.

  247. LP says:

    Kind of unrelated to biting bugs but IF you have a splotchy rash on groin area, do the wormwood bath, or take a cloth with wormwood/hot water infusion and sleep with the wet cloth on the effected area. It will disappear like magic.

  248. LP says:

    Also cayenne pepper – Works well in a sea salt & DE soak/bath

  249. Joan Hudak says:

    this is now 2014 March it has been exactly a year I think I have been experiencing the same problems unknown bugs fighting there in everything I own. I don’t think I know the sad thing is family is treating me like I am crazy especially my 17 year old daughter.her blanket during the day is covered in white round eggs in long reddish light brown things,I never really see them moles once in awhile you grab the fuzz that there are some of them are all wrapped up in and it seems like they jumped out of your hand I had a friend stay the same thing my best friend had her place exterminated she’s already contracted them from me going over there this past year she’s getting bitten and sees things that look like little black pieces of dirt.everyday I wear myself out cleaning and I can’t seem to get to the major cleaning because the basic things always need re doing. I had working here yesterday first he thought I was nuts he tried to call another technician to need him here and then I begin to show him I the more substantial specimens I had and I had to tell him I think it mites. these so called professional exterminators seem to know nothing about bug identification.I have two cats which creates 10 times more headache because they’re spreading things from the floor up on the bed and they now have problems with their ears I treated them for might I myself had one going to the internal error and had infection. I’m afraid to go to a doctor because I know they’re just gonna look at me like I’m crazy like everybody else has I’m so frustrated I need support

    • In The CTGarden says:

      Will pick up this morning. 🙂

      Sent from In The Garden


    • LP says:

      food grade DE repels and kills all types of bugs, even microscopic ones. wash everything you own with a cup of the DE in the wash water… use a mist nozzled sprayer to spray the DE mixed in water & AC vinegar (optional but useful additions are cayenne pepper and cinnamon, oregano essential oil, patchouli essential oil, orange oil, pine or cypress essential oil) spray on your floors, walls, beds, and everywhere else too (computer keyboard, tables, chairs, everything should have a layer of the DE covering it). DE tears up their exoskeletons. For your body, take a sea salt bath with the DE in the bath water. I also use neem oil in the bath and sprayer because mites reproductive systems are impared by neem. It really is a long and difficult process to remove mites completely so be vigilant with your sprayer, spray multiple times a day, and get rid of anything you don’t need into storage for a month.

  250. Ann levell says:

    What is living in my hair! Itchy but bites aswel! Seem to live in the root of my hair I think? They stick like glue & make nests! Been told my lots of doctors they are not nits! My partner doesnt have them but shaves his head! He shaved my head 2weeks ago to a number 1! Since then I have found like silk cotton fibres! Must be crawling in this way, but they stick in my head spin the silk like to a spot close to my head & are white like hairs but that’s how they are traveliing-stick then fire out the web! Before this I was pulling all my hair out with tweezers,but next was worse because must interfering in their nest, warm move to some else! I’m sure they are the root! They make like a clicking noise! I’m sure they are eyes & ears! When pulling out from the root there is horrid strange smell! Like a wet smelly dog! Can feel them crawling all the time! But docs think I’m going mad as I thought nits,but they are not! Noted as move along hair it’s in a continued in a formation of loops back & forward,back & forwards! They live where any hair is! But worse on my head! They spread as I shower or bath by sticking to your hair,now I’ve knocked the nests with tweezers & nail file(to get to my as they stick in your hair where the nests & so hard to get rid of because they stick like superglue & reproduce all the time! As they hair is growing back they are still in the turfs of my hair!& seems even tougher & stronger now!Seem to go into my hair a strange angle! Sideways! They are microscope! Don’t know what to do about this-I scream in temper & no-one will listen to me,crying & all my time is spend trying to get them out of my hair! Don’t know what to do about it! As I don’t know if a mite or parasite of some kind can anyone tell me what it is! As I know I’m not mad but I’ve now
    Gowchin my hair out as I can’t stand it no longer,been going through this for 6years & still no better! HELP PLEASE!
    With many kind regards Ann

    • anne says:

      Go to a different doctor until someone listens to you. Try coating your hair with olive oil and leaving overnight to kill them, hairspray may stick them up. Treat your hair for lice it may work. You could try permanent hair colour that may kill them off. Good luck.

  251. LP says:

    If I was you I’d do a round of ivermectin oral human pills (1 microgram per 10 pounds of weight, so each dose at 150 pounds would be 15mg per dose of ivermectin – can be a little expensive for a full treatment) you can get Ivermectin from canadian pharmacy shops online, then do 3 rounds nonstop of a herbal parasite cleanse pills, by a reputable vendor (Vitacost is a good co). Topical treatments would work in addition to those meds – a heavy sea salt daily bath with food grade DE and neem oil in the water really helps with any body bug problems…

    did you try a lice treatment?

  252. Patrick says:

    Hi I am experiencing the same EXACT issues. This has followed me to work, all over my home, and affected my poor puppy who’s 3 different vet exams have said she is just having an allergic reaction but does not have fleas!

    Please, PLEASE let me know if you have found out what this bug is called!

    • Darla Starkey says: